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Terminator basic brp stats are up!!



Terminator basic brp stats are up!!

t400 up to t850 endos,infiltraitors:D

if you have questions feel free to ask me.

coming soon hk tanks,ariel hk, hk centurian, trilobytes and more terminator stats t-900,t-1000, tx terminatrix

also techcom solidier rank types Alpha threw Omega. as well as common equipment carried by each type or sub type.

sometime in the future i will be working on stats and stuff from the new terminator movie

Ever wonder why in the first movie the hk tanks weapons caused targets to steam explode or be nearly vaporized, but in the second movie the hk tanks only seem to kill the soldiers, but not vaporize them!

my two possible therories are that when skynet was losing the war it opted out of equiping the plasma weapons and simply used the targetting lasers as skynets resources dwindled. or the other possibility is that those soldiers had anti plasma plating however only good for glancing shots and the plating absorbed enough damage that the soldier died,but was not hit with enough plasma to vaporize the soldier. what do you think?


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