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Beetle Ramblings 08.06.09



Hi all! Just got back from the Tentacles Omega Convention, where I got my hands on my preordered copy of BRP Rome. And man, this is a great supplement. It's truly packed with information, and it's quite obvious that a lot of research went into the making of this book. I had the pleasure of playing a game of BRP Rome with its author Pete Nash at the Tentacles, which was quite fun! (At least the parts I remember. Fabian asked my how I could possibly be able to walk already at the sign-up riot the day after.) The layout is great too.

More products from Alephtar Games for BRP please! RosenMcStern has just announced BRP Mecha, and we're also hoping for a Rome campaigne!

Another release at the Tentacles was Troy Wilhelmson's In Search of the Trollslayer, a heroic level dungeon crawl adventure for BRP that Charlie Krank gamemastered for the lucky horror lottery winners. My friend Remi was lucky enough to be in it, and found it very enjoying.

I also met up with Pedro Ziviani who had brought with him a preview copy of Mythic Iceland. It looked almost finished, but he still had something he wanted to add. After having a look at it, I'm looking even more forward to see this one hit the print. Looks very, very nice!

Sadly this years Tentacles turned out to be the last one, which I'm almost certain had nothing to do with the doubling of drunken norwegian participants this year. A huge thank you to Fabian and the rest of the Tentacles team for their effort it organizing the convention for these last years!

Oh, yes, and thanks to Charlie for feeding the trollkin! ;-)

Cheers, Trifletraxor.



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