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The shadow company

French Desperate WindChild


:20-condition-fate: Nochet, 1612ST, early Sea season. :20-condition-fate:

The night is fresh and wet. Only rats should be found in this dead end. And a young and dirty man, in the midst of stinking garbage piles and mud puddles. No sounds except his loud snoring.

Until two shapes, quickly followed by one massive one, approached. The bigger shakes the wreck spread on the ground with his foot. No reaction. Or maybe something, a tiny sound.

“The huge individual slowly leaned over Aendel’s head, seemingly not disturbed by his fetid breath”

“Statis…Stasis…” the young man mumbled.

The large shadow then straightened himself, listening and sniffing in the night air, before roughly hitting the wretched man.

“Heyyy, wh.. what are… *blurp* …you doing ?!”

:20-element-darkness:Human… You… see :20-element-darkness: enlo ???”, asks a guttural voice.

Arising, trying to clean himself, despite his fresh vomit, Aendel looks around him. Then he presses his head against the troll’s, a little bit disappointed when he realizes that his forehead only reaches up to his opponent’s chin. With a hateful but erratically voice, he answers:

“I’m seeing two of your dege… degene... degenerated broth…ers, just there… Happy now? I’m p.. pretty sure, you find others in your… home, go there and let me be. I’ll spare your life tonight; I need to rest.”

The troll slowly interprets the words and the intention. Slowly the anger rises. Slowly he bends his knees and takes a fighting stance, rumbling.

But he notices a guard patrol is coming. To not lose face, he laughs, then rams Aendel, who spreads out over the ground.

:20-element-darkness: Human, :20-element-darkness: alcohol, not good.”  And tells his fellows to move. With a last look to the slumped man,“:20-element-darkness:I spare your life… :20-power-disorder: tonight; I need to eat.” Then vanishes into the darkness.

 After some time, Aendel, still seated on “his” piles, hears a slight voice.

Thank :20-moon-phase-1-Black:… thank you…

“Again? Who is here? Show your f** face! And why thank you?”

:20-moon-phase-1-Black:Thank you to… protect…:20-moon-phase-1-Black::20-moon-phase-1-Black: us… brother Zaugh and me Zhaugh.”The first enlo approaches with caution, promptly followed by another shy one.

“I didn’t protect you. I didn’t even notice you, which was nice… Now go, leave me alone, let me think.”

no… :20-moon-phase-1-Black:nowhere to go… :20-moon-phase-1-Black:

“nowhere is better than here, nowhere is better than with me… move!”


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