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  1. I may have misunderstood Is the point about how much must an adventurer pay to live in a house ? In this case, it seems to me easier : use the standard living (p422) for sure it is not only the house, but everything (food, clothes, ..) Then add standard living of your servants if you want any.
  2. for me, don't use any % rate of return: you want a tenant to organize your farm: 1) get the land's right 2) build the house for your tenants (more expensive it is, better is your tenant = manage household / farm / loyalty to the pc ) 3) use the rules = p 423 = 40L / year
  3. based on dorastor campaign, years ago, I would follow @soltakss answer except for one thing: Of course when the clan's ring wants to settle a new area, the clan builds the houses, then, there are empty houses but if there is no empty house (because the ring's priority is not to build), the clan may allow you (if you have good reasons) to find a place, clear it then build an house. Potentially clan individuals may help you but that is their choice. I have absolutly no idea about an orlanthy city, Is it the same rules ? they may have different laws, not clear for me
  4. it is true than in french version scenario I have (like casus belli or tatoo), the herd men were always described as "horse" in human shape (eating herb, with a male stalion, etc...). but I always saw the covenant as : "the beasts are eaten by the people and the people raise and protect the beasts." that's why morokanth can be seen as cheaters. They should be the beast In some perspective we can understand that when humans were challenged by herbivor, humans won easely, but when they were challenged by ominivorous being, like them... they lost. Victory wi
  5. here my note for Aendel's travel, but from Nochet to Clearwine (in 1612) it is based on @Joerg proposal when I asked so here my conclusion: using the data I found (rqg for road travel, google for see travel) Nochet Karse 160 km = mirrorsea bay = 1 week (ship). I used google trirem to find a possible speed Karse Smithstone 80km => the issue is how ? with a barge ? I choose by foot because I have no good date about barge speed and it seems slower than foot (my travel is in late sea season, so river should be not very quiet) = 3 days (feet) / 6days (wa
  6. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees "les secrets oubliƩs" thanks for the reminder any data about the journey ? or about the ritual ?
  7. ridiculous question but I am unable to remember where I saw it but it exists: My memory gives me a picture (black & white) where someone jumps, arms in air, with the comment (in french) explaining that orlanthi climb until .... then jump without any magic, to show their devotion to Orlanth. Only the good orlanthi are saved by their god, the others are ... splatch. But I am unable to find the reference in my so old books ("runequest", "genertela", "les dieux de glorantha", i didn't search in dorastor or "les guerriers du soleil") or with google So where is this place ?
  8. So do I. but the issue with the spell is that "costs" 1 CHA for nothing else than background color (or very very rare gameplay occasion) so how many players will have it, although it is moraly mandatory for anyone ? at least with a skill, no one can complain about a unpeaceful cut of CHA
  9. thanks all, but who could be the victims ? volunteers ? "designated" members of the community (job position like sacred king / high priest(ess) ) ? "designated" members of the community (divination, runes roll or just analysis by the hight priest(ess) ) ? slaves ? prisonners ? gladiators ? but is "sacred" gladiator fight a sacrifice or just a sacred ceremony ? (with death at the end, but maybe not a human sacrifice from a human/glonranthan morale perspective) of course all depend on the cult, but if you have any answer about one cult, thatwould be wonderful.
  10. I am not very clear about human sacrifice in Orlanthi communities I know that Ana Gor is called by Humakt, Ty Kora Tek, Babeester Gor, Erantha Gor, or Esrola cults. I know that Babeester Gor cultists sacrifices their male children. I believe -not sure at all- that Sorana Tor sacrifices every 7 years the king of .. Tarsh ? I can understand that Esrola needs sometimes more powerful fertilizer than manure. And that's all. Who is sacrificied and when/why ? For example, how can an humakti sacrifices an unarmed person ? Does that mean the "sacrifice" is the on
  11. of course you're right , another point I have this morning: the customers. In our case: who will be able to buy a 200+ silvers item ? You have to be rich, and "richs" would probably prefer new items (or family item) than a second hand equipment for the same price. So adventurers may be the best target for such items. They don't have time to get a new one, they know they will use it (and not shom it to their friends), etc.. That is not a big market Probably the farmer who sells carrots to the local merchant (who sells himsel every week in the local market the carr
  12. Yes that is exactly the key point: what do you expect from non professionnal defenders ? for me a farmer has to know how to survive and defend on a battle field (at least one weapon and one shield) and to skirmish (one missile weapon). No need to be trained with weapons they will never buy/own. that is the only thing I propose: choice there are two things : - As my favourite english teacher @Shiningbrow said: the ritual to help the animal soul to go back (peaceful cut). - the physical cut to "save" the flesh. I am not hunter at all, but I learnt 2
  13. new episod presenting another part of Aendel background and introducing two other main characters let's talk about skills. I have no issue with the occupation skills. Yes, I know, no peaceful cut for hunter, etc... seem weird but there are so many possibilities for a player to "fix" it, I consider that at the end of the process it is fine. In the same way I don't focus on the difference between homeland and occupation on their total %. The question is more "is a warrior more efficient on fighting than a fisher on fishering." If a player wants to play a fisher, that to play a fi
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