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  1. it can work once except when the leader is greatly smart and moves his followers far away.
  2. birth (or adoption) in a noble family gives you more chance: you gain time to train your orate, fight skill, customs, read and other lore when other have to hunt, harvest or just.. work, high level relationships, money, weapons, armors, ... everything to help you to become a leader when other have to gain it in addition of just their life.
  3. not the same to add % for sword with , I agree,that is "bladesharp-like" /"weapon transe" sorcery i was more thinking about one spell adding % for all combats skill.. but saying that, that is not logician behaviour so I was wrong, thanks
  4. undestood well, for sure I would allow Enhance XXX without any issue (except time to search) but using logician as a "basis" to obtain spells dedicated to other skills categories seems a little bit.... munchkin, doesn't it ? and you have to define the runes to use, not very clear..
  5. smart tusk riders will take the ransom, then sacrifice them later 😉
  6. Thanks @Jeff a point is not clear for me : here we have the rulers with a... "job position" but what about family members without any official roles. Are they considered as "nobles" too (--> they have a title) or just son/daughter of ?
  7. yes, same for me. Then the question is what is the title for nobles who are not thane.. Noble ?
  8. I m very interested by this but i don't see the "path" to obtain a bonus to any skill with logician ?
  9. the ( ) in (substance) are important , I was not talking about the word, but about the rules. detect (metal) and detect (iron) for example. I have not (yet) RBM (so a good point there is a definition) but not sure about the intent: does that mean - there is one detect Earth spell and everything about Earth is detected (earth metal, tree, everything based on Earth rune is highlighted) ? - there is one detect Earth spell and the caster can choose what the spell detects (I m looking for tree, so I use detect Earth and it highlights trees only) ? - the Earth cults can te
  10. i expect an old scholar sorcerer as more % than POW x 5 in read write and in spells he dedicated his life, that is for the age and the major advantage of sorcery is the opposite of spirit magic : you are less limited, in duration, range, power. Spirit magic has it's own advantages but last 2 minutes (and, if shaman, accept to be a weird guy) Rune magic has it's own advantages but needs POW (and others) sacrifices Sorcery magic has it's own advantages but needs to be cautious, prepared, skilled and smart (and accept to be a weird guy) of course if we were talki
  11. I don't consider it is a fail. Of course that means the young sorcerer (a pc for example) is not efficient in fight, at least less efficient than any young warrior. But young sorcerer is more efficient than a warrior to find something, hidden in a 10km area, for sure.
  12. not me I consider detect gold, detect iron, etc... as different spells but that is a good question, I consider "detect tree" for one, no matter the species just because there are difference between gold and iron and other metal inthe rules (magic capabilities for example) when there is nothing for tree that is just a point,could be great to define officialy what is (substance)
  13. I play with "if you are sorcerer you don't get the 3 spirit spell from previous experience, but you can learn as anyone spirit magic if you want during the campaign, just manage your free int"
  14. we have no true/full sorcery rules, only rules to start LM with "weird magic" I would say there is only one conclusion : there is no good answer about sorcery enchantment. People can extrapolate (what is the cost, etc...) reading sorcery inscription and spirit/rune enchantment but there is a risk that extrapolation could be refuted by official rules when they will be published.
  15. As Issaries are designed to deal the agreement, it would surprise me if there was no negociation. Now I think the main point about decision to pay or not is politic reasons: - is the hostage vital for the community, a "lambda", a noble, etc... ? - are the supporters of the hostage easy to convince of any decision (pay, go to war, do nothing) - is the price acceptable ? - is the risk to fight acceptable ? - what is the standard politic ? (for example some countries irl say "we never pay", is it true or false is another question) and that is the same f
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