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  1. from my perspective the alarm sounds in your head so I think @Kloster is a good temple's security expert (at least in my glorantha :p)
  2. With RQG rune pools, players sacrifice more POW than before, and they use more rune spells. The challenge is not the same, that's sure, there is no "real" sacrifice" of POW (as initiate) However spirit magic is still usefull, when you have 4 or 6 or even 10 point in your rune pool, you may have an issue if you spend everything on the first encounter, so they use spirit magic for "daily" activity (oh a broo, protection 3 !) and runespell for "season" activity (oh a runelord, protection 3 + shield 4 !) Of course it depends on the frequency of replenish: if you allow pc to regain their runepool every week (minor holy day) that may change the decision Same for the frequency of opposition: if there are only 2 or 3 events (aka need magic to improve activity) in a season rune spell would be use always. so that's the job of the GM (or scenario designer) to organize the campaign, give challenge and let runespells be a strategic decision few, dispel magic is not an automatism for me, unfortunately, but I m working on it, I m working on it ....
  3. that is what I believe too, but I hope it will be published to clarify it definitively. that is something I don't understand; what gods could follow (as initiate or more) Talars then ? Not the king of the gods who is (not only) a warrior ? And even if they worship Orlanth, how could they be disallowed to fight ? (you know, no one can tell you blablabla) by the way a great thanks again to share here these posts !
  4. yes that's why priests have extension and rituals 馃槈, you need something warm go visit Lodril/Gusbran/etc.. you want to save your food or anything, give one cow or two and gain "preserve food" or "preserve wealth" (red book p69) etc.. I fully agree there is a need of long term (and flexible) magic in dragon pass. And sorcery is probably the best way for that, other things being equal. but remember that (or maybe it is only in my glorantha ? in that case sorry to the thread pollution) we are in dragon pass, a region where ancestors and gods "satisfaction" are the main points. Your ancestors will reject you if you use sorcery (by yourself or with a supplier) because when they lived they did not use it Your gods (or your priests...) will reject you because you try to bypass their power For sure a local power using sorcery may have a great advantage if it succeed to "negociate" with the tradition. But what I think is there is no official power using sorcery (outside the LM cult boundaries and "protection") because no one expect to succeed this bargain (or want to try, or trust sorcery). That is my main point about the sorcery : not a rule issue, not a gameplay issue, but a background issue: the dragon pass is filled of "scared" barbarians who reject sorcery And that's why playing a sorcerer coul be very interesting, not because the power (at the start at least) but because it is a social challenge: you have no room here, and if you show that you are a sorcerer, you are a weirdo, maybe ridiculous, maybe dangerous Issaries and LM are very close : I would propose a double initiation, allowing your Issaries merchant to use sorcery in the "only good way". Then the only issue is what about spells needed by the merchant but not provided by LM as RAW: create the spell, imagine a sect(ion) in the temple searching for supply support spells, add a loyalty passion to it, and that's good. you are close to my house rule characteristics, how to manage the rune pool (that's said, I did not talk about sorcery POW sacrifice but that's exactly the same way than runespell/ runepool) and gain cult skill when you start with 2 cults
  5. but what would be the tasks of a "professional sorcerer" (if not religious ) ? in dragon pass I see maybe lunar military support ? I would use philosopher for that too (battle lore is a good candidate then). I m not sure you will meet a lot of "sorcerers" selling their art on these barbarians homelands ? The competition with local" magic" market leaders (priests and shamans) is too hard (and too dangerous)
  6. i think like you what i consider is - devotion passion, more devoted you are more you show your cult - status / role, you are a priest or a runelord you should probably show more than a initiate - local acceptance(I mean local as the city, the road, the house you are, or the secret cave where you worship your secret god) you show more if your cult is welcome, less if it is hunted. Of course if you have hate authority (or lunar if you are orlanthi or Argrath if you are lunar) you show more, if you have fear authority (or .... ) you show less but the point is not only cult, you can show runes because you are a merchant (not the god, the job), because you love what represents the rune, etc.. At the end of the day, people cannot be sure of "what" you are only by seeing one rune, more probably they have to watch carefully everything (of course some would decide after one rune or one color or, ... even if they are wrong, don't care, a good stranger is a dead stranger) I like the "what are your markings" in prince of sartar, it is not only the runes, but how you show them http://www.princeofsartar.com/comic/69-adventurers/
  7. I would say that (human) gloranthan people would see cultural ennemies > gargathi > tusk riders > broos from a praxian perspective, I m not sure that gargathi are seen realy differently than a group from any "hostile" tribe ? if there is an opportunity to gain something, attack them if there is a risk to be defeated, avoid them
  8. Note that you roll only if it is needed : That means (in my play) a character who is not familiar with a culture would roll for any situation when a "local" (for at least one year) would roll only for specific reason any praxian would know the greetings ceremony in prax, they don't need any roll to enter a friendly / neutral camp. But if they want to change their relationship with another clan / tribe / local leader / chaman / etc... they may have to roll their custom (or use their custom to improve their orate for example) in the same time, an esrolian may have to roll in any situation, the failure would depends on the company : - if there are any praxians in the group, the failure would just give riduculous joke and some malus for the next relationships - if there are no praxian in the group, ...
  9. personaly, i don't consider there is a need of sorcerer occupation: sorcerer as user of sorcery ==> you can be what you want (scribe, philosopher, ...) of course if you have an occupation without sorcery skill, it would be difficult to improve your sorcery skills. So I consider philosopher occupation as the best one. And if you imagine your character was a student of any school, add some loyalty as described by David sorcerer as "zaburi" (aka religious leader of malkioni) mmm ... I m waiting for some official publication 馃槢 to identify what is a "sorcerer"
  10. Who did exist before Umath 芦 revolution 禄 ? mortal ? No, the death came later so no need to breath as you can not die I don鈥檛 know if air existed before Umath or not but 芦 breath 禄 cannot be used to demonstrate something 馃檪 I would say that in glorantha those who need to breath are mamals and mamals descend from Air gods (so after umath ) ok that exclude birds but are birds breathing in glorantha ?
  11. personaly I consider the page 423 as a reference : so 80L (or 60L depending on the craft) is the income from the crafting activity Of course, if you are a tenant, you get only 50% of that. Of course, if you are a slave, you get only your breath and the hypothetical generosity of your owner for the rest, any character , any occupation, etc... can get hide, or shop, or workshop, or anything in addition of their main activity: they get income from them on the same base than a noble (aka 50% of a hide, a shop, a workshop or anything) with the manage household test. why they get this additional income is a story telling question, of course.
  12. as I m not "dwarf-minded" I always had issue with this concept as they want to repair the machine, that means they want to go "back / before" the machine was broken but as the machine is the world, if you go back it was broken and "reset" what will happen ? the world machine will be broken again, and again and again we have the cycle of ages and now a kind of meta-cycle of world machine ? with only the hope that as chaos (neo?) may not be the same each time, one "god-day" the chaos event would fix for ever the issue ? don't call me morpheus, please
  13. you are right I see Gargath as one choice for severed (?) people, but not the only choice I think that when a character is excluded he may choose an honorable (Humakt) or acceptable (Bab's, Stormbull, and friends...) or despicable (Gargath) way and of course still Orlanth It depends on "what" is the character (perverse, selfish, violent, courageous, etc...) and what were the opportunities : if he met gargarthi first, he may become gargathi, maybe an humakti mentor could show him a "new" path etc... There may exist other reasons to choose Gargath (or be called by him) like family, etc... but following Gargath is following a path of difficulties and pain so rarely without a crisis as origin That's my view of course, Our Glorantha May Vary
  14. two options : you are outlawed by your clan and rejected by Orlanth too because what you did was wrong enough to no be welcomed by your god any more you are victim of an injustice (or you believe you are) and Orlanth did not help you. You lost your devotion to him and now you need a god to seek revenge (and not justice)
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