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  1. Honestly I consider that whorship roll is more or less a formality. The true challenge is what level of success during minor day or things like that (so special, critical, etc..). And another point about MP : yes it is only one day to regain, but what about the trolls you GM decide they attacks this evening, just after the ceremony, well just after the pc are drunk and without magic .. hu.. there will be 3 fests this day, one for the god, one for the pc and one for the trolls ?
  2. In order to use Spirit Combat, I agree with this. (You can also get yourself into spirit combat by casting Distraction on the spirit and pulling its attack to you.) I consider you can, if you have the good shaman : If engaged, to attack the spirit with weapons, , the shaman would need to have Show Spirit 2, All spirits easily and clearly visible. Unengaged, it would need a search roll with level 1. so the shaman shows the spirit, the gang sees it and that's ok : bladesharp or better and let's make a carnage
  3. I don't know for the reason (pow pow) but I like your hypothetical system . (but again, if you don't add subrules like "fanatism bonus apply only to physical oponent")
  4. argh reading after reading, I think the spirit combat with weapons is too complex. Am I alone ? would it be better to say (sorry for my frenchglish) 1) all spirit combat are solved in SR12 2) you can use a magic weapon to attack a spirit, but then you replace (one of) your corporal attack by this spiritual attack : if you can attack once, you have to choose between attack at your SR corporal entity or at SR 12 spirit entity if you can attack twice, you can choose to attack twice corporal (your SR) OR one corporal (your SR) and one spiritual (SR 12) OR twice spirit
  5. Hi Scotty, thanks a lot to clarify everithing here A question about the shamanic hability "Show Spirit" (p361) Does it allow a corporeal being to attack the spirit, once the spirit is "showed" ? or is it just a kind of picture and not a materialization of the spirit ?
  6. could be but what about another sorcer who has a better skill than our sorcerer in this spell ? I think : Could be a good idea : you study the amulet, you understand that you can use a sorcery spell even if you don't know sorcery (the spell, the runes or just sorcery mechanic, warning for orlanthi and others 😛 ) but of course as any tool you need to gain experience to use it better and better. From my perspective it is more I know how to use the item (all spells with the same %) Then we have sorcerer who already knows the spell and wants to use the amulet. I would say use the
  7. there are for me three things to define any rule about that - who is able to manipulate the amulet ? (a sorcerer, anyone, anyone studying the amulet, anyone knowing the runes used for the spell, knowing at least one rune, etc...) - how many time you can use the amulet ? (is there a notion of "charge", or you can use it indefinitely) - what is (if there is) the roll to launch the spell ? (a dedicated skill, the true spell skill, the "who" question is a question of background, and can be stored in the 'your glorantha' section (well unless a canon is defined about th
  8. ah, bonne idée but in this case, is it good (a question, I have no answer) to put ashes in an urn and not directly on the ground. May it consider that you jail the ashes and not let them return to the Earth ?
  9. I would say there is no urn, the wind takes them to their next destination. (but just my imagination)
  10. Command (Species) Rune depends on cult 2 Points Ranged, Temporal, Nonstackable While it endures, this spell allows the caster to take over the actions and will of an unintelligent creature so I would say no : Redeye is too .... smart I would say it is possible to cast command a spirit cult but as @Joerg the difficulty should be great. What I understood is Ernalda would be pleased" if adventurers kill it (get back to her), I m not sure that she will be happy seeing one of her monsters enslaved by mortals (maybe some bab's would be happy to free the beast)
  11. I always knew that malkioni were hunshen with metal weapons. Their most famous metal worker is known as willsmith
  12. the question here is most "does the guy's ransom" include the "armor+weapon+..." ransom for example : Leika's ransom is 4000L. Seeing what she owns, I consider that 4000L is not enough to pay the iron armor, the harp, the ballista and the black spear. Of course a smart guy will probably generously give back the black spear to reduce the rancor but will expect more that just the nude queen's body price. So maybe define the price of each material and consider it as a ransom (if you can evaluate it)
  13. that depends on what treasure is for you : - you just want to manage a "pool" to allow hiring mercenaries, buying cows, etc...Yes they find something they "add" to their pool and that is done - you want more simulation, each treasure has its value, etc... then several things (or not, that just ideas, some may be avoid, for example the merchant evaluation) : 0) What is this worth ? the value they expect to sell to a merchant or the value they expect to buy if they wanted it 1) they don't know the worth, because there is not One worth. There is no fixed prices so nobody can b
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