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  1. right, with the fact that the light illumination archetype is Arkat the troll, la boucle est bouclée
  2. I understand that but it depends on players you have. I don't want to "block" a player who (is afraid / refuse / anything ) to play. Some enjoy to act, some don't. rp games with stats allow people to play someone else that they are. It is easier (or not ?) to an exuberant player to play a shy character than a shy player to play an exuberant character. Sometimes we have surprise, sometimes the shy will try something. I give the opportunity, I don't force, I don't focus the player. And that for poetry, but what about celestial lore, forge, music, jump, ... fight ? but
  3. I think that is the best way not me, I make the distinction for many reasons : - a mute person can create a poem, but cannot recite it - a good creator can be a bad singer - poetry / song / text are repeated (oral tradition for example) - not sure it is canon or not but Solinthor (sun county) is a famous poet and people are looking for his verses. And these verses should be repeated, in any civilized courts I believe But yes, of course a reciter would change some words, names or situation "on live" that's for me part of the reciter skill (fit wit
  4. I consider that anyone can love someone BUT anyone is not able to create a good poem about love. Gloranthan have talents, but all gloranthan cannot be the best one, isn't it ? I consider passion as improvement for that , but it is not a skill. And it is exactly how passions works in rqg
  5. I ask myself to define a good poet in RQG I see several possibilities and may understand wrongly the rules so I would like some advice. i split it in 2 options: recite a poem to people create a poem that others can learn and recite Maybe several skills can be used for the same use, I don’t know 1) recite orate / sing / craft-poetry 2) create craft-poetry / art / speak language / write language (pretty sure not write only, as civilization without writing can have poets but it can be a skill among others) Do you think it is diff
  6. And you are right to be scared 😛 you will facea lot of issues : - as I said previously, hate, fear, etc... - but also language : hown many of them can speak sartarite and or trade talk ? with a chance to be understood and to understand (10% is not enough to be confident) the indigenous. They must all get a 40-50% in a common language for the group too - and discretion... Impossible to not be identified. If there is investigation, everyone will remember a troll, a baboon, etc... no need of int%, scan%, ... even the dumber sartarite will recognize them May I sugg
  7. yes there is something to explain fall but it cannot be our world physic there is no gravity in glorantha as glorantha is not spheric at all so there is someting else I asked what replace gravity few weeks ago. Of course I m not able to find my post in the forum but @Jeff answered (sorry if I misremember, i m too old, sorry if I misunderstood, I m too french) that earth attracts things/beings with earth rune elements. So in my opinion, you are a pure light being you never fall. But if you can burn, you have at least a portion of earth in you (the ashes) Tha
  8. no bow, just sling as described in bestiary. probably stone resists better than arrow when winds are strong. but I think windchild's fights are mainly against flying creatures (hipogriff, harpies, birds ...) and not battle, just few people engaged except lunars (and they have probably others priorities, maybe a slave merchant, or a solar looking for notoriety, or something like that) I don't see who on ground would be interested to fight them where they are located. They are friend with beastmen, sacred (or about) by orlanthis ....
  9. Alesia ? never heard that Oh yeah wait a minute, it is a belgian joke, like waterloo, isn't it ? Belgium is the great land of jokes.. the truth is both battles never existed. don't spread fake news pleaaase
  10. each group is different so recipes are different if the members are really different (even more than yours) the joker is "slavery", they are all slaves (I found years ago a french campaign like that : first scenario, the pc wake up in a morokhant camp in prax, and discover prax from their perspective, then they are sold to a sable group who escorted them until a lunar farm) another possibility is to build some relaltionship between participants before starting For example lunar and sartarite are mercenaries for a merchant for a long time now. they first disliked but after some h
  11. good that was my idea before I googled it yes... of course, i didn't.. now I understand why that's only for esrolian fashionista thanks a lot ! another question, should swordstick be included in which category ? (sword ? spear ? pole ? none ? )
  12. I have few questions about windchild weapons - Is a swordstick the same that described in wikipedia or is it something else ? and what ? - When I visited Scotland, I saw some medieval rapiers. What I understood was rapier were stronger and more efficient than earlier swords. Was it an error (I m not specialist at all) ? Or Rapier in glorantha is different than scotish rapier ?
  13. I didn't forget, i never know it ^^ (except for Chalana) so thanks for that.Does that mean there is no restriction for these cults in lunar empire & dominions (like more tax for Issaries or no priority for Lhankor Mhy) I saw this kind of issues in previous material a century ago.(don't know if it is canonical now or at this time or not)
  14. I would say it depends if lunars have power they probably order to create a shrine in any issaries temple, in this case yes, it is how I understand this rule : in another hand, if you are in an hostile land, under the domination of lunar haters. I would say you will not find a shrine in issaries temple so you will not be able to (in my view you have to pray your god to replenish your pool, not pray the temple's owner) and all the other situations may be possible,depending local agreements, opporunities, experiences.
  15. My interpretation is "if nobody (or a book) tells you something, the only way to know something is skill roll" then of course if another merchant, or traveller, told you that you can find blablabla in Teshnos, you can imagine (evaluate or something else) but if no one tells you what is from Teshnos or what is expected in Tehsnos, you have to discover it same IRL, I am not sure that a mayan merchant was able to know the polynesian market without external information or experience. and same for the origin : let's say a viking learned that Ivory is from Africa... It s ok b
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