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About this blog

Welcome to the Aendel’s story blog. A tale about fate, disillusion, truth, death, and love.

This takes place in Glorantha, and starts in 1594 ST with his first cry.

That is not a real roleplay campaign log, as there is only one person involved. But you can find in the Runequest forum my comment about rules and other things in RQG, as each episode will be “played” to test some rules.


Entries in this blog

Friends, women, and inconvenience

Nochet, The sStuffed Boat Tavern, 1612ST, late Sea season. Hendrostos and Irillo were watching their friend with concern. Two days ago, at last! They found him in so poor a condition that they did not recognize him immediately. He seemed to be in better condition now, although his too-thin face showed them how hard his time in the streets was. “I can’t believe what happened.” said Irillo. “How weird it is! Are you sure you did not miss something?” agreed Hendrostos. “How coul

The shadow company

Nochet, 1612ST, early Sea season. The night is fresh and wet. Only rats should be found in this dead end. And a young and dirty man, in the midst of stinking garbage piles and mud puddles. No sounds except his loud snoring. Until two shapes, quickly followed by one massive one, approached. The bigger shakes the wreck spread on the ground with his foot. No reaction. Or maybe something, a tiny sound. “The huge individual slowly leaned over Aendel’s head, seemingly not disturbed


Nochet, 1616ST, Fire season. “My… My lady…. What can I do for your pleasure ?” “That’s not for me, scribe, but for my mistress… I want to know everything about… about… What’s his name, Mirava? “Aendel, my lady.” “What an absurd name, isn’t it Mirava? So tell me what you know about this student, scribe.” “For sure, ma lady, may I ask the reasons for your request?” “That is not your business, scribe. Do what I order, don’t think.” “Yes, yes, madame, of course. Pl


Here and now "I was placed in a little cell, with only one chair, one table, a closed book, and a poor black candle. They told me I had to find the truth. When they closed the door, a draught blew out the light. Fortunately, I managed to remember where the furniture was and sat down. Opening the book was probably a mistake, a kind of test, something like “see beyond the evidence” exercise, so I just thought and didn’t move. I tried to figure out what was the truth, what could be the an

Wise advice

Here and now “When they announced to me the loss of my mother, I didn’t cry. I saw them… tired, wounded. I heard the yelling and the pleas of the fighters. I smelt their blood filling the air.  There were shit and piss too, of course, but that is the fragrance of any war, isn’t it? I asked for a sword and a shield. I asked for revenge. I asked for murder. But the warriors refused. They said I was too young. Too young? As I moved toward them, my rightful ire against their enemies in m

Kingship and Kinship.

Here and now “What do you want to know? My name? Which one? You already know all of them. My friends and my family call me Aendel, so let’s use that. Where to start? The beginning? My mother, Jareen Londrosdottr, gave birth to me during the fourth year of Dangmet’s reign, the wWild day of the Truth week, during the great Umath season. My clan was the Taraling. Here, my kin count lots of kings, such as Leika my lovely cousin, Kangharl the shameful, unfortunate Kallay
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