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The Cult of Indlas Somer



Lord of the Endless Surf

Born the very hour that the Sun first appeared in the Sky at the Dawn, Indlas Somer found a new world of oppressive rules and stifling traditions. He rejected the depressing vision of the dogmatists and the judges of morality, and sought a life of hedonism and enjoyment. He quested mightily, and succeeded in carving his own place out of the world: a place for friends and celebration of the good things Life has to offer.

    Members of the cult enjoy fast chariots, loud music, a festival around a roaring fire on the beach, and all sorts of indulgences. Indlas lived for the moment, never thinking of tomorrow and forgetting yesterday, generally out for a good time, and subject to no rules except his own, and he expects his followers to follow suit.

Entry Requirements: Must be willing to embrace hedonism.

Abilities: Dance, Find Food and Drink, Mythology of Indlas Somer, Ride Chariot or Ride Horse, Sing, Swim.

Virtues: Hedonistic, Musical.


[Life] Live Fast (Comfort Song ritual, Heal Quickly, Instantly Start Fire, Never Stop Moving, Nullify Restraining Magic)

[Water] Rider of Waves (Command Giant Clam, Command Water Daimon, Hold Breath, Never-ending Breaker, Ride Wave, Summon Sharks, Summon Water Daimon ritual)

[Movement] Freedom (Dismiss Daimon, Dismiss Essence, Dismiss Spirit, Escape Capture, Knock Out)

Other Side: Indlas Somer never thought about the future, and his followers follow suit.

Worshippers: Hedonists.

Other Connections: Indlas Somer has fought for and against many gods from many pantheons.

Edited by AlHazred


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