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Remnant of the Devil

Cacodemon is the secret heart of the Devil, the fragment of his spirit which he kept secreted away while he fought the petty gods of man, troll and beast. When the combined forces of the foolish gods crushed the Devil beneath the last piece of law, Cacodemon awoke, and went forth to carry out his father's goal of destroying Glorantha.
    As the last remnant of the Devil, Cacodemon was cautious, ever aware that if he was destroyed, then the Devil and his duty would go unfulfilled, and so Cacodemon kept to the shadows, around the fringes, for if people recognised it for what it was they would destroy it.
    Cacodemon often went amongst humans in the guise of a man, finding some isolated tribe and sending them into destruction, but his goals changed when he found a small clan of humans, who offered him food and shelter, but then turned on him with their knives.
    Revealing himself in his foul fullness, the humans fell to the ground in worship. They begged his forgiveness, for they thought he was another wandering victim, one of the "food in the shape of men" they fed upon. They showed him they were the last true humans left, and begged him for his aid, and Cacodemon was moved by their abomination, and taught them how to feed on the food-men, and how to survive the coming world.
    When the sun rose once more, the true humans went out as families and as individuals, to live amongst the ignorant masses of the world, and to feed on them in secret as the first ogres.
    Note—Cacodemon is a creature of Chaos, perhaps even the archetypal Chaos creature. His worship has features of both a spirit society and a theistic cult. Worshipers of Cacodemon may learn his affinities (even if they concentrate their spirit magic) or use charms of Cacodemon spirits (even if they concentrate their theistic magic). He does not teach his followers Soul Vision or Spirit Face; rather, his worshipers may learn an ability called Predatory Gaze, which has features of both. It is used by Cacodemon's followers to evaluate the food-men around them, to determine how best to undermine their social structure to reap a harvest from within.

Entry Requirements: Cacodemon accepts worshippers from any race or culture, although he favours the ogres most of all. 
    Note—Followers must take the Crave Human Flesh virtue at 13, if they did not already have it beforehand.
Abilities: Camouflage Self, Impersonate, Intimidate, Lie, Mythology of Cacodemon, Predatory Gaze.
Virtues: Crave Human Flesh, Destructive, Self-Centered.
Affinities and Feats:
[Disorder] Anarchy (Convince Mark, Disrupt Flesh, Encourage Trust, Inflame Passions, Restart Argument, Sow Discord)
[Illusion] Deception (Conceal Bolt Hole, Hide Chaos Feature [D+5 to D+30], Impress with Presence, Lie, Simulate Worship [D+10])
[Chaos] Unclean spirits—Chaos spirits of the Devil’s legions (Eradicate Essence 14, Sever Spirit 18 to 12W2, Sever Soul 16 to 16W, Vomit Acid 15 to 5W)
[Man] Victim spirits—Man spirits of tormented victims (Create Ghost ritual 12 to 6W, Create Skeleton ritual 15 to 8W, Create Zombie ritual 16 to 10W, Impersonate [Person] ritual 18 to 8W2)
Marks: The first charm a worshipper receives is always bound into a tattoo of a severed hand on the worshipper’s breast. Other charms are typically in the form of another tattoo or of some type common to the local area.
Secret Requirements: Crave Human Flesh 1W2, Mythology of Cacodemon 1W2, Predatory Gaze 1W2.
Secret: Summon Fiend (summons a Fiend of Cacodemon. These creatures are many and varied, but each embodies a small part of the essence of Cacodemon. If a worshiper summons Fiends too often, they will be adjudged a risk to the cult, and the Fiend summoned will target them as well.)
Worshippers: Cacodemon's worshippers are mainly ogres but anyone is welcome to spread his anarchy and help the undoing of the world. Only true ogres may dedicate themselves to Cacodemon as devotees.
Manifestations: Cacodemon is depicted as a chaos horror.
Other Side: When a worshiper of Cacodemon dies, the Cacodemon consumes his spirit just as the worshiper consumes the bodies of others on the mundane plane.
Holy Places: There are many holy places for the Cacodemon throughout Glorantha; these are either places where the Cacodemon himself performed some act or, just places where someone else performed an act that the Cacodemon feels sympathy for.
Disadvantages: In order to maintain their lifestyle and their god, worshipers of Cacodemon must live within human society. The ogres worship Cacodemon by killing and eating human beings. This obviously makes them extremely unpopular. Any ogre who makes himself known to humans would be instantly put to death by most cultures. This makes meeting other ogres very difficult and hence the cult is secretive and badly organized.
        When a worshiper of Cacodemon comes within eight kilometers of a place holy to him, his Crave Human Flesh virtue is boosted by 20 points (W). If a follower steps onto the holy ground itself, their Crave Human Flesh virtue is boosted 40 points (W2). These boosts do not qualify the worshiper as far as Secret Requirements.

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