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vBulletin 4.0.1 weekend



This weekend has been two full days of binary agony. After lots of work and several restored databases the forum is now finally transitioned to version 4.0.1. Lots of work left, getting the CMS to work, upgrading the download software so it can be opened again, fixing the design back to something resembling the way it was before and much more.

But it's getting late and I have a 29 hrs shift at the hospital tomorrow, so I won't get it done right now. I'll keep working on it throughout the week when I'm able, but I will try to keep the forums open, even if the default design is a bit lame.

2 weeks of posts was the required sacrifice needed to avoid the end of the world. Blame Atgxtg, not me. At least we're safe for now (at least until he reached the 4000 mark!).




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