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Benefits of hindsight

Lord Shag


At the moment I've been contemplating the exclusion of the Education characteristic from my "developing" book on BRP Star Wars RPG. At the time I didn't really think about it much and its exclusion was due to oversight and nothing more but I'm beginning to think it was an error. At the time I was also thinking about including a new Willpower characteristic which I ended up dismissing and substituting it for another mechanism which i later discarded. Even though Power in the generic rules reflects the willpower aspect of a character, (which in my version becomes "Force") I was not entirely happy with how this plays out in the context of star wars. Take Han Solo for example. Low force ability but plenty of Willpower. Anakin Skywalker is of course the reverse. This what interested me in a Willpower characteristic as it became a useful way to model a characters temptation to do use the dark side.


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