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The Road Not Traveled

Lord Shag


When I first got my hands on the new BRP rule set a number of vistas opened up that could finally be explored. The first was that my kids now had the capacity to play RPG's that didn't have mind numbing complexity (d20 anyone?) and secondly it was possible to develop a number of games that I had enjoyed over the years into BRP rules. Fantasy was my first port of call and anyone whose had contact with me last year may have been aware that I was working on some fantasy resources which I wanted to upload but never got round to. When I turned my attention to sci-fi last year it was to traveler that I wanted to do a BRP conversion for. I actually got a good way into the process but unfortunately my kids were not that interested. However they were interested in star wars which was OK since i wanted to eventually do a conversion for it as well. In the end a lot of the traveler stuff (starship combat rules) ended in star wars so a kind of cross fertilization occurred which when I finish the star wars book may end up working in the reverse when I go back to doing traveler.

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