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Long Time, No See

Lord Shag


Well its been quite sometime since I posted a blog so i must apologise for the absence. So whats been going on? Where is the damned book? Well Rodney's been busy in the last few weeks working on some of the chapters. He has proofed up to chapter 8 with 9, 10 and the equipment annexure left to go. I haven't hassled him yet for the rest because I've just finished my amendments and I'm still incorporating his suggestions which at the moment are nearing completion. At the moment I am confident I'll have his last lot of changes complete in about one week. After that if Rod gets the remainder of his work back to me around that time (no firm plans yet) we could be looking at an up-loadable version by the end of the first week in June. So for the time being I'm going to return to the final edits and the rest of my university course and hope the next blog I post is the announcement of its impending release!


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