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Wanting to Inhale

Lord Shag


Despite the title this has nothing to do with Clinton, dope or Whitney. Its simply been a long week and unfortunately most of it hasn't been about role playing. I've been busy trying to produce three 2500 word law assignments which I can assure you that you do not want to hear about those. Well a quick update on the more interesting stuff is in order.

Version 1.1 was completed last weekend and is now in the hands of Rod. Rod's edits are being worked into 1.2 and a big thanks for that if your reading this. At the moment however nothing appears set to interfere with its release this month but Rod and I have normal lives so timing on this could change if we don't get the opportunity to make the best edits possible.

The reason for this is that I started the project with producing the very best possible book. Homebrew material at times can look and play terrible and in all circumstances i wanted to avoid that. Some have commented to me on the how good the character sheets look and thats a consequence of my approach. So basically it doesn't go out if its crap!

On other fronts I've had one opportunity to run a playtest on starship combat. Generally all ok there are some minor issues with facing and position. Ionization is still a problem which is going to have to be resolved but that is quite a minor issue. i'm just not happy with how it works.

Now in terms of the next project I've not heard from anybody about this so for the moment I'm going to proceed with the sourcebook idea. The GM's guide is as large as the players book at the moment and realistically I couldn't expect getting it out to people until July. A sourcebook though with a simple compilation of ships, droids and other stuff is a bit less of challenge editing and development wise so for thats where things will go for the moment.

So far I've had no requests in people wanting to review the final product. So if you have an interest and you would like to see the rules before anyone else PM me.


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