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Fast Experience Gain



Remember the good old days™ when you would get together with your buddies and game for eight to twelve hours a couple of times a week? Back then the BRP experience system worked great; you would get a bunch of checks and some of them would improve each adventure. Over the course of a few real months characters would be getting better at the skills they used often, and not so much for the rarely used ones. But now days, for a lot of us, family, work, and Real Life™ get in the way, we might be lucky to get three to four hours of game time a week. But, we would still like a character to improve in commonly used skills faster than rarely used ones, and faster if the character has a low percentage, slower for higher skill levels. And, we would like to see noticeable improvement in the characters over the course of a few months of play.

To this end, the group I game with has been testing the following system for the last few weeks.

Characters accumulate check in skills as usual, but when it is time for skills to improve, there is no roll to see if the skill goes up, instead all skills with checks improve, but the amount is determined by the skills current percent chance of success.

If the current skill level is:

1-30%, the skill improves by 1D8,

31-60%, the skill improves by 1D6,

61-90%, the skill improves by 1D4,

91% + , the skill improves by 1

Thus, after ten game sessions a PC who started with 90% in his or her main weapon will have likely improved to 100%, while a skill that is used (successfully) every other game and started at 25% will be around 46% or 47%. This gives noticeable improvement over the course of a ten week story arc, but not earth-shattering skill gains.

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Nice. My troupe plays about 6 hrs every 4-6 weeks, so experience gain is a slow event. My rules have been to allow standard skill checks for successful skill use under 55%, with skill checks above this only yielding +1% gain (as opposed to +1d6% gain). Special successes yield the standard +1d6% gain, with Criticals yielding a +1d8% gain. Each additional Special or Crit within the same story arc yields a +1% to the dice gain dice roll. It's not bad, but a bit slow going at times - I think when/if we start another campaign I may try out your scale here for quicker progression.

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