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Alternate Aces High Character Sheet

About This File

After we have played a bunch of Aces High adventures intensely last winter and spring. I had noticed that the current Character Sheet wasn't really suiting our needs. Mostly because of formatting issues making it hard to be able to write the necessary information when needed. So I took one of my own sheets and made the necessary changes to make it more compatible for an Aces High campaign. It could of course be used by anyone else who wants a Wild West oriented Character Sheet.


Version 2

  • Experience Checkbox for Religion
  • Removed Attk column under weapons
  • Added Fast Draw to Skill List

Version 3

  • Change spacing on Height & Weight
  • Removed the base chance for Literacy

Version 4

  • Made more room for Equipment

Version 5

  • Removed dodge penalties since it's not normally used in Aces High
  • Just made some very minor cosmetic changes

Version 6

  • Corre9cted some Base Chances

Version 7

  • Changed the format of the text to make more room.
  • Added all Skill Specialities from Aces High
  • Removed Fly, Technical Skills and Projection
  • Added BS% to Fast Draw
  • Corrected some incorrect BS%
  • There is only one specialty of Etiquette and Martial Arts available in Aces High so removed the specialty row of those skills

Version 8

  • Added the missing line after Blasphemous Lore

Version 9

  • Added the missing line after Fine Manipulation
  • Reincorporated the Parry skill
  • Added som empty lines in the Combat Skill Category so you can list the different Melee and Parry skills

Version 10

  • Added Firearms (Shotgun) skill
  • Removed a line between Art (Calligraphy) skill and the skill chance line
  • Removed Parry from Grapple in the Weapon section

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