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Enchantment Ritual 1

About This File

My campaign is run from mostly DnD 1E converted modules, so I've created a system that would account for the majority of the items found within those modules, but with a BRP twist and plenty of room for customization. Note that I use Magic World Sorcery rules alongside Classic Fantasy rules in my fantasy campaign that has a slight steampunk-ish twist.

This file replaces the Ritual (Enchantment) skill used in my own Rel'Pek campaign, which is an INT - based skill (bonus of half INT) and is one of those skills that has no base score.

As is usual, your feedback is welcome,

John P Meyers

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This is ripe with neat ideas! Thanks for sharing!

I'm actually working on something similiar and would like to use some of these ideas in it, with your permission?

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I am also working on some magic items creation house rules for my CF campaign.  I intend to partially base them on your enchantment ritual rules.


Here are a few of my initial ideas:


Enchanting an item requires a spell lore skill of at least 120%, and the permanency spell is required for most permanent items.  MUs cannot create cleric specific items and vice versa.  Creation of race specific items, like a cloak of even kind, requires the creator to be of that race.  Certain very powerful magic items (artifacts and quasi-artifacts) are beyond the capabilities of mortals to create.


Also, clerics can only create cleric specific items and those within the sphere of their deity. For example, incense of meditation, necklace of prayer beads, holy avenger sword.  A cleric of Thor could also create magical hammers.

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