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  1. Now I'm back to working on your NPCs!
  2. This conversation is worthy of its own topic in Alastor's Skull Inn, if there isn't one already. Very interesting stuff. BRP finally getting Open License with a little freedom would be sweet.
  3. I love this story but indeed it will mostly take place outside of Tindale. I have another members NPC that will be added to your story as well. I actually can't wait to make this side-trek adventure! I'm kinda working on it on the side as I don't really wanna add anymore outside areas to the Tindale book just yet
  4. Having a lot of fun incorporating your NPCs into Tindale
  5. And by the way it's good to see some familiar faces again 😉
  6. I've never sold any of my MW/BRP materials. I've even turned down "donations" and asked them to buy something from Chaos in the MW line instead 😎 I'm not likely to ever buy a license to publish. I'd have to up my game quite a bit to match the quality needed to use the Chaosium name on my stuff. That's a lot of work. 😀 Also I havent been doing all this work for a profit on my end. I only ever wanted to make the game more enjoyable for my players and help make new and veteran MW players/chroniclers jobs a little easier. Who doesnt like a plethora of new options in their games? Well, at least to have the material in place if an option is desired. Whatever, you know what I mean 😀
  7. In case theres anybody out there: Of course then comes proofreading, correcting errors, putting it in PDF format, fixing things when my conversion program inevitably moves them around on me, then placing about 500 bookmarks for easy reference....
  8. Ok well it wasnt quite 5 years... This may be a bit premature but I think I'm done with the mapping of the town. This includes homes, shops, temples, market vendors, government buildings, ect with generated NPCs to fill them. Even mapped a farmstead hamlet, a roadside inn, and a couple small side trek adventure areas outside town and along the White River. I've got to finish a few quests, tie up some loose ends, and implement some of the NPCs you guys created here:(always room for more!)
  9. https://www.newsarama.com/47933-michael-moorcock-s-elric-headed-to-tv.html
  10. Still chugging along. I finish at least 1 detailed store/temple/residence/misc building with NPCs, maps, furniture, contents, every day. With a sprinkling of side quests and hooks. This is gonna be huge. Might split it up into separate books.
  11. I'm really cruising along on Tindale. Havent had hardly any "burn out breaks" in the last couple months. Tons of NPCs Side quests Dozens of shops, homes, apartments, temples, guilds, taverns, inns. All mapped, described in detail, and 3d rendered. Figure in another 5 years it will be complete, then comes the editing 😀😀😀
  12. I like to think demons in MW are spirits of shadow, perhaps even Fey, that are given material form through the summoning spell and fashioned to the will of the sorcerer by the amount of magic spent in their manifestation. I do, however, really like the cosmology of old school D&D devils and demons. The hierarchy and ladder of ascension. Even among the chaotic fey there is a lord.
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