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  1. tooley1chris


    This kinda has me thinking about the Dark Crystal for some reason.... What if, like in the movie, you could sacrifice others....drain their spirit (POW). Siphon that energy to fuel the POW costs of the undead? That would give you the needed corpses and the needed POW yet still require time and sacrifice. How long before the local villagers suspect their missing loved ones were taken to the black tower and raise torches & pitchforks? Maybe you could supplement the cost of POW by requiring an equivalent value in gems or some such. Say 100% more coin per skeleton than a hireling might cost.
  2. tooley1chris

    Tooleys Underwhelming Projects

    Good Read. Thanks
  3. tooley1chris

    Tooleys Underwhelming Projects

    I'm honestly not too familiar with Celtic tradition druids so I'll have to do some home work. My idea was indeed the shape shifting druid, with abilities based on allegiance to balance. A lot of the abilities in my Feats book were based on Allegiance Scores, which I really liked. Gave Allegiance a little more meaningful impact on the game besides more POW or earning a plot of land at certain levels of %. Am interested in what others think would be a good addition tho
  4. tooley1chris

    Tooleys Underwhelming Projects

    OK. I think I posted this elsewhere, but all of my current campaign and A LOT of the custom work I was doing for it was tied around my rendition of The Southern Reaches town of Tindale. I had created a fully 3d map of the town using Neverwinter Nights 2 toolset but I lost a tablet and the work with it. Gone. No dropbox copies, no copies in file section here, nothing on external hard drives...nothing. I'm not even sure how that's possible but...well... here we are. I've been working to redraw the town as re-creating the entire town based on my previous maps and screen shots would have never made a proper duplicate so..... I'm redrawing the whole damn thing. This is gonna take quite awhile. What it will mean is that other works I've published that included Tindale will no longer be accurate depictions of THIS new material. On the good side, the more I play with the toolset, the better I get so the new Tindale will hopefully be much better. I've pretty much tapped out on adding new resource to the Magic World system via mechanics so I'm probably going to be increasing my "Side-Treks" or little mini-adventures. (Some of which are in the files section here.) That being said, if there is a mechanic someone would like to see, I wouldn't mind some inspiration. Been toying with the idea of making a Druid Handbook ever since I did Religions in the Southern Reaches. I may play with that as well.
  5. Wow dude. You just made my week, Warlock! For those that don't know this guy is da man
  6. tooley1chris

    Return of the Homely Pilgrim

    MORE CREATURES???????!!!!! I was actually looking through my fan-made MW books last night and found a Necronomicon of sorts, I made for one of my players wanting to play a necromancer type. 40+ pages of all the more vile spells from most of the other BRP-style books and some custom stuff. I almost put it in the downloads section until I remembered it had so many published (copyright) spells in it Not sure what my next project might be. I may redo Tindale since I lost it but man is that gonna be a pain. I'd like to map out all the tagged towns in the Southern Reaches and make a giant Essentials guide but WOW what a project
  7. tooley1chris

    Return of the Homely Pilgrim

    I had a buddy who started CF back in the day (yes 2 years ago) I wonder what he thinks of the new transition. (Feel free to message me) YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE
  8. tooley1chris

    Return of the Homely Pilgrim

    Thanks g33k! i can't imagine porting MW over to another genre.... I think BGB and Cthulhu handles this wonderfully by itself. (And honestly BGB handles just about EVERYTHING wonderfully as is. IMO) I dunno. Maybe I'll just move my game and attention to BGB... I still love MW but... if I'm not helping one I'm just hurting the other and that is NOT my intention. I've ALWAYS been about increasing Chaosium sales/attention, even when I don't think they are (No offense to staff) Gotta follow the $. I get it but it still hurts so bad, like Firefly getting cancelled ((WELL SORTA)) ) I am Curious if Chaosium has reached out to Lone Wolf at all for their character generator. I havent seen any action since Cthulhu way back when... If you're not growing, you're dying.
  9. tooley1chris

    Return of the Homely Pilgrim

    Yeah, rendition isn't the proper word more than...replacements? I don't know. I remember Classic Fantasy was getting revamped. Glorantha (sp). Rune Quest was redone? There was rumors of some older system getting redone, was it the Melbourn stuff? I don't remember... Guess my question is did MW people make the move to a "supported" system or is MW still the shizzile? I've been trying to think today what new MW project I might work on but I think I've tapped out additional resources for the game. Maybe make modules...?
  10. tooley1chris

    Return of the Homely Pilgrim

    Been awhile since I've really been active in this community. With the fall of my beloved Magic World I became disheartened and packed my bags for other adventures. For the last year or so (two years maybe?) I've been playing the new improved D&D 5th edition, which is SO much better than some previous editions IMO, but I still feel the same things nagging me. Level creep, early and weak end caps, ect... some things never change. It's good to see some familiar faces are still active here. Some who have years if not decades of experience with the system. You know who you are I've been toying with the idea of putting my energies back into BRP MW and maybe some of you good people can help me with a short cut. What's everyone's opinions on the newer renditions of the system? Maybe some of you veterans can save me A LOT of catching up in the forums.
  11. tooley1chris

    Character Generator

  12. Hi Chris! The link to your Folio of Fiends seems to be down. I love your other bestiaries. Don't want to miss this one! :)

    1. tooley1chris


      Actually everything in Fiend is in THE BIG DAMN BOOK OF MONSTERS :)

  13. tooley1chris

    Experience Checks

    As always, play your game how you want. I WAS going to reply I don't like ticks based on INT but the more I think about it the more sense it makes. I wracked my brain trying to think of a functional character who was a great fighter but dumb as a rock. I came up with Groo the Wanderer 😀 but you could easily say he placed all his earned tics in fighting skills and lacked in anything else which would explain his full intellect. We have some real d100 geniuses here. Maybe someone else will have a better opinion.
  14. tooley1chris

    Please explain how summoning/binding demons work

    Found it!
  15. tooley1chris

    Please explain how summoning/binding demons work

    Seems I remember errata concerning this...