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  1. tooley1chris

    Tooleys Underwhelming Projects

    Half tempted to roll this one back to win8 if I dont figure it out soon
  2. tooley1chris

    Tooleys Underwhelming Projects

    @SDLeary I'm kinda holding out partitioning my harddrive for a copy of winXP...might look into emulator but I got it to work on my surface 1 with win 10 a few years ago.
  3. tooley1chris

    Tooleys Underwhelming Projects

    @Nick J. I gotta tell ya buddy, that kinda pisses me off! 😁 I did a straight transfer from both my old surfaces running win8 and win10 neither would work. Then I downloaded the GoG version and still no luck. It's a windows problem for sure or a driver conflict. I got it working on a win10 device b4 but this one is kicking my butt
  4. tooley1chris

    Tooleys Underwhelming Projects

    So I got a new Microsoft Surface yesterday and am having a heck of a time getting neverwinter nights 2 (which I use for 3d mapping) to work on windows 10. UGH. I've done it before on win10 but am not having much luck this time. Might slow down my progress on Tindale somewhat but I'm chugging along on my old surface until then...
  5. tooley1chris

    Fantasy BRP Treasure Generator

    OK I think the file may have gotten messed up transferring from a DOC to IPT file. Here is a dropbox link that should work fine. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3utuirebgjpzewy/BRP_Fantasy_Treasure_Generator.ipt?dl=0
  6. tooley1chris

    Fantasy BRP Treasure Generator

    NBOS has a funny way of messing itself up. I cant say I've had any trouble with my copy but it may be updated. I'll take a look in a bit and fix if needed. Thanks for heads up
  7. tooley1chris

    Let's Build a Town

    Neat idea! Using this as well! 😀
  8. tooley1chris

    Let's Build a Town

    Haven't worked on the exterior politics just yet. Grains, lumber, fish, and tin will be the major exports. There will be pretty expansive wheat fields and farmsteads outside of town. I've been working on mapping and NPCs more than anything so far.
  9. tooley1chris

    Let's Build a Town

    Great stuff! Here's a very zoomed out pic of how I'm probably segregating the districts. The districts names aren't set in stone.
  10. tooley1chris

    Let's Build a Town

    So as you may or may not know, I'm attempting to map & populate the Southern Reaches town of Tindale. Thought it might be fun if I gave others the opportunity to help populate it. Got a colorful, loveable, spiteful, evil, religious, corky, grim NPC you'd like to share? Maybe a neat idea for a craft shop, inn, tavern, smith, vendor, shrine, temple, or merchant? Also wouldn't mind seeing ideas for urban adventures Post it here and I'll find a place for it! 😎
  11. tooley1chris

    ABaB: 5 Things

    My first question would be when did the apocalypse occur? After more modern times? Will there be machines?
  12. tooley1chris

    So I can finally make this official.

    Cant wait to see the end product! Post apocalypse
  13. tooley1chris

    Return of the Homely Pilgrim

    I'm still working on the Southern Reaches town of Tindale. It'll be a sandbox style town with hundreds of detailed NPCs, many of which have hooks for side trek adventures. I've finished most of the Docks District (along the White River) and am working on the Theatre District currently. This isn't (so far) meant to be a full blown adventure but a base of operations for the adventures I make in the future, and maybe a stopping point for other chroniclers adventures who happen to need a city along the way to their next conquest 😀
  14. tooley1chris

    Tooleys Underwhelming Projects

    I'm curious if you think the deities are accurately depicted, as far as statistics and skills anyway
  15. tooley1chris

    Allegiance: how do you define light, balance, & shadow.

    I personally have always liked the allegiance idea but felt it was lacking in some ways, making it less important in the short term of the game. Some of the professions I've written include allegiance as a central factor to gaining special benefits besides Apotheosis. As example there are some feats (in my feats book) that only become available if one is higher than the other rest. Such as a druids ability to shape change might be granted if Balance is a certain % above the others. Adds a little bonus to staying along the perceived morality of the character IMO. No real penalty for NOT playing within the characters personal code or ethics.