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  1. Early father's day present. Fam got my book covers on 11x16 canvas😎 (QUASAR trivia. Sentience & Sapience was going to be a separate book originally, but I thought that was too greedy😜)
  2. So I came home to another pleasant surprise. DTRPG sent me an email yesterday stating my Standard Color proofs shipped. So I figured I'd get them in like 2 weeks. Nope. Today! QUASAR CORE, STAR SYSTEMS, and STARSHIP CONSTRUCTION books are now available in hardcover Standard Color on DTRPG! The picture color is slightly less vibrant than premium (of course) but the bigger difference is the blacks aren't as dark. Not enough difference, honestly, for the big variation in price between the two from DTRPG but you can decide! Left book in the image is premium color. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/en/publisher/26105/christopher-tooley?keyword=tooley
  3. DTRPG Just notified me all three Hardback proof books in Standard Color Format have just shipped out to me. Hopefully I'll receive them quickly and they look good for release to public!
  4. Just took a gander at their website. They cover a lot of bases! Thanks for the info!
  5. Cyber-Lord of the Chips😎 https://youtu.be/2YXx34uz9AM?si=hUaQuxPYznqTpKMG
  6. I've gotta question...sorta off the record...*WINK WINK* Three days ago my young daughter suggested advertising QUASAR on TikTok. I KNOW BRP is a niche market, though growing. Sci-fi BRP even MORE so. I never thought QUASAR would take off. Everyone loves fantasy. I get it. Me TOOOOO! My First love here will always be MW. I actually miss doing Magic World stuff...sometimes. However, we posted some Tiks 3 days ago, the same silly vids I've posted here and a few other places. BUT my sales went up SIGNIFICANTLY since then. Not even kidding, like 25% in TWO DAYS, as opposed to sales since last November... 25% in TWO DAYS! I got an algorithm break down from tiktok and like 80% of the people that clicked on one of my videos didn't watch more than 5 seconds before backing out. Before the game system was even properly advertised. I get that. It's an Ad. I skip them as well! Every damn day! There's so many that don't pertain to me OR my interests. Whatever. But STILL... that's a pretty BIG coincidence. Not Chaosium, or Piazo, or Kobold, or LASTLY Wizards big (DUH) But a massive increase in sales over a couple days compared to 5 months of sales! The PoD books aren't cheap and I'm NOT making a bunch of $ on the Print on Demand because I want to keep the price affordable ...but.... 25% WHAT??? I'll admit, I'm surprised by the people on FB or other sites that have NEVER even heard of BRP Central! How do you possibly do a BRP search and not find Triafletraxor the ALMIGHTY or BRP CENTRAL? 🤷‍♂️ (I KNOW I've brought a LOT of people here over the last few months because they NEVER even heard of it! 😲 Again, SO weird. The interwebs is a big place, but STILL! BRP Central is THE place to be!) Anyway, I realize a LOT of content creators here have relied on the Chaosium version of "modules" or the most excellent "expansions" for their sales, which isn't even a thing anymore. (Not sure why?) $ is $ 🤷‍♂️. Recognition and content is also is $ 🤷‍♂️. Won't pretend to be an expert in lawfare. They have people much smarter than I involved in such things. 👍 Ugh. I'm ramblimg! My point (or original question is this): What do content creators here use for advertising? I'm Sci-fi, so I'm not much competition as of yet. For anyone. How do I get QUASAR to be the Go-To for BRP Space Opera under this system? How do I bring more people into the BRP fold, where they SHOULD be? Even if it's for fantasy, or Super Powers, or Post Apocalyptic gaming? What are more profitable people doing to bring people HERE? Staff, if you pay attention, what can I do to bring people from the significantly more popular 5.0 D&D system to the superior BRP system? As I've said in all of my free and paid for materials, my intent is ALWAYS to bring more people to BRP. After DECADES of D&D, I can't think of a more worthy goal. I wish I came up with this most worthy system. If someone can find my original post here on this website, I'd love a link. It says it all and I can't find it. As always, I love you all. I hope you find a use for my materials.
  7. I've ordered proofs of QUASAR CORE, STAR SYSTEMS, & STARSHIP CONSTRUCTION Hardback books in Standard Color and they should be sent to me within a few weeks. Kinda miffed I HAVE to order a proof of the SAME file before I can publish it...but its good to make sure it looks good first. Nature of the game. Standard Color is less vibrant and rich, and art will be a little flat, but it's cheaper than the Premium Color the books that they are currently available in. I've had a few requests for this to make then more affordable. As always, I'm all about bringing people to BRP. It's not about the $. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTLGSmovv/ https://www.facebook.com/share/v/cZFNRR2zAqDLiVxx/?mibextid=oFDknk
  8. All three books are now available for Print on Demand on DTRPG! It's been a long long road but I'm pretty excited! Hope you find a use for these. https://legacy.drivethrurpg.com/browse.php?keywords=Tooley&x=0&y=0&author=&artist=&pfrom=&pto= https://www.facebook.com/share/v/6msdZJ5B2oAV3wub/?mibextid=xfxF2i
  9. Just got a very pleasant surprise when returning home. Both Starship Construction & Identification book AND Quasar Core book (2nd draft) came in today! Gotta proof them but on cursory inspection they both look beautiful! So psyched to release these for PoD!
  10. USPS says I'm getting the 1st hardback proof of Starship Construction book today. Hopefully it's good to go and I can publish it to DTRPG for PoD. 2nd proof of Hardback Core book is shipped and should be here in a couple weeks.
  11. This is pretty great. Ben is a better chronicler than me by leaps and bounds! The Presidents Play Call of Cthulhu - "Terror on the Yellow King Flyer" | Chapter 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQ2i3H4V6oU
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