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  1. Please explain how summoning/binding demons work

    Found it!
  2. Please explain how summoning/binding demons work

    Seems I remember errata concerning this...
  3. Alchemy & Artifice

    Simlasa (cover and interior art) got skills!
  4. Magic Worlds Questions

    I think feats are neat for character flavor.
  5. Magic Worlds Questions

    Think of the Mountain vs the Viper.
  6. Magic Worlds Questions

    I'd buy that. You could make it a versatile skill. Player chooses which stat gives Dodge a bonus.
  7. Magic Worlds Questions

    Agreed. I home brewed it this way in my campaigns. Didn't break anything except poor heavy armor wearing tanks who get a penalty anyway.
  8. Magic Worlds Questions

    You got it. Before long you'll have specials and criticals figured out in your head before the roll
  9. Magic Worlds Questions

    This is a book I made for a religion supplement for MW Shields allow to roll a parry via skill with shield against melee attacks
  10. Allegiance points.

    Remind the players that with Allegiance comes nifty upgrades later on. Make it their responsibility to not only play their character accordingly but also to remind you when they should earn points. Nothing wrong with players doing some of the work.
  11. What D100 system to play?

    Check out the MW files section here. While Chaos did away with MW there are some great fan made materials available if its been awhile for ya.
  12. realm works and BRP

    Problem isnt Chaos as much as Wolf. They only spend time polishing the big guns. Pathfinder is their bread & butter
  13. realm works and BRP

    I assume you know Cthhulhu is on HeroLab. That took some begging awhile back. And Basic BRP but these haven't been upgraded in some time.
  14. Fixed or Variable Armour Points?

    I'm a variable guy. I like the thiefy sneak being able to squeeze his little dagger into a weak spot in armor. Some will argue that's what criticals are for and I don't disagree but...on one hand I think it should be hard for a dagger wielder to fight an armor tank but still think he should have a shot... Hit locations are fun but sure does slow down combat a bit and, IMO, produces a bit too much realism. I know many here disagree and that's great. Whatever makes it fun for you.
  15. How many magic potions are too many magic potions?

    I'd allow it. HOWEVER I would also make a chance to bust a potion or two due to jarring, jumping, getting hit, grappled, or strenuous activity. Wonder what happens when a broken potion of agony is mixed with a potion of Itch on the bare skin as the spilled potions run down his back...