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Hiya gang,

Back in the hardscrabble days of lil' book D&D and its offshoots, I remember going through Hargrave's "Arduin Grimoire" when it first came out. Packed with mounds of great homebrewed stuff, I *really* liked the several pages of "Special Features Tables" that were included toward the front of the book.

Ever since, I've been a fan of such tables, and have used several such over the years.

So at some point several years back I decided that a *mere* D100 just wasn't enough, and decided to make a D1000 table. How hard could it be?

Well, I'll tell you, trying to generate a *thousand* different features is more difficult than you might think. It was for *me* anyways...

I eventually came to the realization that such a task was going to be kind of difficult.

I started by worked up a list of features cadged from the old Hargrave tables, stuff taken from an accquaintence's Special Feature table I received in the early 80s, and anything out of the ordinary that may have been attributed to a particular NPC or spell, or special cult table, etc which I could find going through my RQ/CoC/DG/Elric/Stormbringer/Elfquest stuff, odd abilities encountered while reading through epics and sagas,bits taken from a set of online RQ Alchemy Rules (Simon Hibbs maybe?),as well as stuff of my own creation or inspired by stuff I'd encountered during game play.

More than a *few* bouts of fine tuning later, and you have my D1000 Special feature Table.



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