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Delecti - Dead Knight abilities 1.0.0

About This File

Liberally copied from World of Warcraft Death Knights, I've employed these as abilities available to Delecti's Dead Captains, powerful undead leaders of his forces.

IMG there were 4: one Captain each of Blood, Frost, and Plague, and a General with all of them.  Each logically had access to their 'school' of abilities as well as general ones.  They each had a handful of Lieutenants whoe were mostly generalists with maybe one or two category abilities.

Note to GMs: there's a fair amount of 'tracking stuff going on' with a lot of their abilities that happen over ticks of time, or happen/end when triggers go off, so I *recommend* for your sanity employing small numbers of the abilities or only one of the Captains.  Not sure how I would have ever kept track of the General if I'd had to. :)

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Looks good, but is a bit hard to read.

Could you put lines around the cells in the table, please?

it might be useful to all the spirit Magic spells together and the Divine spells together. Ah, you might be doing that but in categories.

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