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  1. Yes, the $1.50 or whatever for a pdf is certainly fair.
  2. "Pledge $38 - the full set of models for the Broken Tower Adventure, this is a 25% savings over the full price." So...full price for the figures for Broken Tower (a "free" adventure) is basically $50? Er. OK. They're damned pretty, but no wonder I don't buy figures. FWIW standups for Broken Tower print beautifully on cardstock (I use the big binder paper clips as bases) https://basicroleplaying.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=1557
  3. Runequest Quickstart

    It's called RQG (for RuneQuest Glorantha). In a sort of Byzantine (or Lancastrian, depending on your preference) set of twists, while is it in fact the SEVENTH recognized descendant of the family line, MRQ, MRQ2, and RQ6 have all been declared ignoble bastards not eligible to inherit the throne, and thus the new Runequest has been baptised as "the Fourth," RQ4 or, due to a fair amount of grumbling about nomenclature and de jure rules of succession, settled on RQG. The rules you link to there for the quickstart will give you a taste, but were a rather quickly-cobbled presentation of the rules AS THEY EXISTED IN BETA FORM around Jan 2017. They are supposed to be released Nov 2017 as pdf, Dec as book (we all fervently hope) in a likely significantly-polished form with some relatively substantial changes from the January version, I expect. But it will give you a feel for where they're going, the role of passions and runes, and a taste of some of the truly outstanding artwork being deployed to make this RQ a solid reconnection with Glorantha the Setting.
  4. RuneQuest Glorantha Gen Con 50 Preview edition

    Different settings, different systems. Makes perfect sense to me. It's just a different tack than the trail Chaosium used to blaze. The former Chaosium paradigm was that BRP was a simplified version of RQ, and the other systems (CoC, Stormbringer, Superworld, etc.) then were outgrowths from that but obviously effort was spent trying to keep them relatively close to the root system. The intent, evidently, was to have as common a set of rules as possible. Commercially, it doesn't seem a bad idea to give your customers a very low barrier-to-entry to your other product lines, I'd guess? Then again, while it sounded logical, maybe that was fundamentally a stupid idea - after all, capitalism didn't smile Darwinistically on former-Chaosium? The license-your-rules-out ecosystem did work pretty well for WoTC and d20. Hell, that alone could arguably be the seed-idea (their doing it, not Chaosium's) for the entire modern RPG Renaissance. Curious, that.
  5. whip as melee weapon

    Aside from the fact that whips really were never used as an actual weapon, of course. Sure, they're used in crowd control, as an intimidation tool, and maybe occasionally (mainly due to nothing else being available) as a tangler attack on limbs - but actual weapon? Really, never. Take a guy with a knife and a guy with a bullwhip 50' apart, and I'd lay 100:1 that the knife guy destroys the whip guy, almost regardless of expertise. Sure, the knife guy might get some nasty whip-cracks and 'burns' but that's hardly even lethal damage unless on the odd chance he happens to catch an eye.
  6. Agreed about the disparity, but GENERALLY RQ has disregarded the inherent variation in vulnerabilities for wood vs metal weapons, or wood-hafted. It has pretty much completely disregarded type of weapon too - for that matter, a thrusting weapon parrying ANYTHING shouldn't really do much of any damage to the attacker, ever. RQ2 *did* recognize and account for it, but since then it's been largely ignored.
  7. QuickStart 2 attacks in one round?

    That's the sort of thing that's ripe for houseruling to-taste, frankly, but could lead to additional complication for a rule set for groups that don't really want that crunch. For example, one might houserule that simply wielding a weapon (vs fists) is about enough distinction up to 33%. I mean, at that level there's no finesse, no art, it's just the basics of swinging something at a target that doesn't want to be hit. From 34-66%% that skill might perhaps be narrowed to a specific family of weapons - 1h swords, 2h blunt, etc. From 67%+ that skill might be narrowed further to a specific type of weapon - 1h gladius, or 2h long spear. Thus if you were 76% in 2h greatsword and picked up a 2h katana, being of the same family, that katana skill would start at 67%. If you knew no other weapons and picked up a 1h mace, you'd be at 33% to start instead.
  8. RuneQuest Glorantha Gen Con 50 Preview edition

    As much as I look forward to this and would be/have been the first to fight for mechanics I like, imo this is a big issue with RQG, and with the primary goal of a "new rule set" being 90% Rq2 (or rq3, or any previous version). I know the goal was to not invalidate old stuff, but then again any really new rules set requires that, we live with it and move on. But to firmly set one's stance as looking backward instead of forward (and meanwhile missing an opportunity to harmonize as much as possible with other brp-family rules) will, eventually, be a cause for regret.
  9. Lots of groups do this. For a while we did it by character INT order: statement of intent was from stupidest character to smartest.
  10. RuneQuest Glorantha Gen Con 50 Preview edition

    (shrug) I personally will miss it, and will likely HR it back. I happen to already have tools that make generating NPC/Monsters with different HL tables for melee missile easy to use. That system will be what I tweak to work with whatever RQG ends up being, most of the HR probably being anti-reversions to the new rules. That said, for new players who aren't those of us committed to decades-old habits and practices, I doubt they'll miss that particular baby thrown out with other RQ3 bathwater. Hell, CoC is a successful game system and doesn't even have hit locations at all. D&D5e players will be stunned enough at just HAVING hit locations.
  11. ^ fair point. I stand corrected. Given the number of people that play a game, and the % that actually comment on message boards or feedback to devs, if MMOs are any measure, 100 in the wild = maybe 4 generating comments. :|
  12. IIRC what, 50 copies of the rules isn't much of a cross section of samples? There was a fair amount pretty fundamentally amiss with the QS rules, to the point that Jason delurked in here to mention that it was based on January-beta text and had much changed even by the point of release of the QS....
  13. Curiously, the link on his page to SPQR is a 404 error. IIRC SPQR simply used DEX as your initiative (or if you preferred it randomized, 2d6+DEX). You counted down from that. Doing "something" generally took 10 Dex, so you could act again at your Dex-10. For spell casting Sorcery cost 1 point per mp, spirit magic 3 points per, and divine 5 points per. That's about all I recall. I didn't ever buy it myself.
  14. Let's be clear, I'd pay my $ right now in advance for a published copy, if that means getting on a list to get the draft ones as pdfs until the final one is printed and shipped. Pretty sure nearly everyone here would do that.
  15. RuneQuest Glorantha Gen Con 50 Preview edition

    Oh I'd entirely disagree. There was a rather significant difference in results possible. We used that hit loc table for missiles, thrusting weapons, and spells (where needed) making the choice of such weapons/attacks a more tactically interesting one... /unsurprised it was dropped, however.