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  1. All you have to do is assume the first sentence doesn't exist and it's a perfectly fine explanatory post.
  2. I'm pretty sure there's a vast terrain of entertaining play-concepts between "grubby barely-iron-age farmers smelling of cow dung and wielding wicker shields arguing over stead oeconomics" and "Boormanesque permanently-plate-clad paladins murderhobo'ing their way through an improbable maze of rooms each with a random inhabitant and a box of loot".
  3. What? Really? If so, that would sort of a remarkable corner-turn from a Staffordian "rollicking community of fearlessly creative explorers in a shared mythical world" toward something a little more darkly 'dogmatic central committe' thing.
  4. If it's a branding thing about grabbing a unique market niche and calling it your own, I understand the RQG Bronze Age push in that respect. I don't understand why it's so critical that Orlanthi not be viking-like, or that Lunars not be Roman-like, etc. as those shorthands let me convey in well-known and recognized idioms a living world for my players. This lets me spend more time describing the adventure, and less time describing the shape of a house and how much it's NOT like Dark Age European barbarians (that pretty much everyone's assuming anyway). If that's what your players want, though, you be you! Nor will Glorantha for me ever be quite the academic excursus into synthetic primitive achaeocultures that it is for some people, and that's just fine. MGDV. And I hope new GMs understand how malleable this world can be, even withing a more rigidly-defined canon than the chaos of the last 40 years. Make it your own. This is a PnP RPG; there is NO need to hew to what are ultimately fictional standards anyway, if you don't want to. So what if when the published cattle raid adventure from Chaosium comes out, you need to edit a bit, change the name of a tribe from the Colymar to the Jotuns, or whatever? It's still the mechanics of the game and the bones of the world you can work with. Put your OWN personality into it, and you'll find it's far more rewarding than striving to conform to every jot and tittle of canon. Truly.
  5. To answer the OP: actually TEACH as little as possible. - have as MUCH prepared for them as possible; like the pre-gens, have as much on that character sheet in terms of rules as you can. Hell, I'd even have special/critical/fumble % for their main weapons written down. Avoid looking crap up in the book. - YOU have to be crazy-prepared. Avoid looking crap up in the book. Have everything you need at your fingertips (and in your brain) to maximize playing and minimize rules-searching. - let the world and the adventure sell the game. Let playing in the world be interesting, fun and intuitive. Wing it if you have to. Avoid looking crap up in the book. My point, if you haven't already gotten it is that "teaching the game" should be your last motivation. People learn complex things by doing and stay with it because it's fun. Better that they learn almost by accident than in some deliberate pedagogical exercise.
  6. https://www.glorantha.com/docs/heroquest-voices/ They're terrific.
  7. You know sheep don't really stampede like cattle, yes? They're just not big enough, they don't mass tightly when running (they scatter much faster), and (IMO) they're more sure-footed than cattle, so the danger (not to mention the pain) of getting stomped by a 160lb sheep is just so much less than a 1600lb cow. The danger of a 'sheep stampede' is that you get knocked down and then when you're down, you're someone that a ram may feel he can take on. So a "sheep stampede" is basically just a knockdown and then if you're unlucky you'll be fighting an angry ram while you're prone. EDIT: *exactly* like this. LOL
  8. It'd be nice if Rick or someone official could rule on this. I don't know about you guys, but to me fan-talent and willingness to do this sort of stuff quite frequently outstrips the published-caliber content, eventually. https://www.cartographersguild.com/content.php?s=7701ba14c214aa2cbbe068907d1749a1 cf the winner of the 2019 Atlas award; (then again, it's clear that Chaosium are clearly looking in the right place to solicit talent for their products, both from the results and https://www.cartographersguild.com/showthread.php?t=13946&highlight=glorantha) Anyway, to the OP's point I hope that it's possible for people to artistically provide (for example) artistically-produced tactical maps of RQ stuff.
  9. I did see the shows. Again, since I apparently failed to communicate it successfully: I'm certain there are web quasi-celebrities in EU (which are in the same time zone). Or if not, I'm equally certain that there was NO compelling reason for that session to be live, meaning even if they were on the US west coast, EVEN if as youtubers they sleep in until noon, the game could have run at 2pm PST and 11pm CET...which is still a helluva lot more sane than 3am.
  10. You're not paying attention. Why would there be a time zone difference if, as I suggested, they just recorded the session playing during normal hours in their own (EU) timezone? There was no compelling reason iirc that it be done live. That's the only reason you'd need to suffer such a time zone difference.
  11. Off topic: Why make it so brutal on yourselves (I can't imagine GMing at 3am...)? There wasn't any compelling reason this had to be live, was there? (It's not like anyone was really live-answering the comments, IIRC.) I have to imagine there are (relative) legions of english-speaking RPGers within EU zone that would be slavering to either play it at a convenient hour or even make the trek to Berlin to play face to face. Hell, I have to imagine the idea of a face to face game with the devs would practically be something you could auction at a con.
  12. While I get your point, I think the idea of a default hit location wouldn't work in RQ because they are not-gently-graduated in importance....arms/legs (meh), abdomen (nearly critical), chest/head (critical). Why not just instead use an average overall armor, and then players' body hp? Ignore locations and location hp entirely. I think that's how BRP does it by default?
  13. styopa


    Or, disregard ahistorical precision and say a short sword is "about the length of your forearm" and a broad sword is "about the length of your arm". And yes, for a hacking weapon, the damage it does is very much about the length (length = leverage = speed) and weight at the striking end. EDIT: and no, I don't think a lot of mathematical rigor was considered in the damage values; was never a strong point of RQ2 and that baby came with the bathwater into RQG. I.e. their applications of +1s and +2s was not really thought through. The idea that a dagger does more as minimum damage than a shortsword is logically silly. Or eg a shortsword in RQ2 parried 20AP, more than a hoplite shield? (Thankfully mostly corrected in RQG, so a shortsword blocks the same AP as a medium shield...)
  14. styopa

    RQ vs D&D

    I'd only amend that for a set of rules, I believe it's important to have at least one group of playtesters LOOKING for ways to break them. I'm not saying that they need to be airtight, and likely my POV is much informed by my wargaming history, but it's those people who are going to (hopefully) find exploits, breakpoints, and OP interpretations that likely can be fixed with a relatively simple errata before publishing.
  15. styopa

    RQ vs D&D

    Objectively, I agree with you. %ile systems - even with specials and crits and fumbles - are inherently simpler than table-lookups. That was an astonishing innovation for the time (/thanks Steve Perrin) and one of the (several, IMO) things that make RQ an inherently better game system mechanically. UNfortunately....RQG holds onto way, way too much late-70s paradigm cruft of its own in its overriding effort to stay retro-compatible with minimum conversion*. Look at SR - different tables/breakpoints EACH for SIZ and DEX, Spirit Combat damage, healing rate, damage bonus. HP for location - which in RQ3 had been neatly algorithmic 25% of body hp for arms, 40% for chest, 33% for legs, abd, head - is back to a kludgy, inconsistent, linear table that ends up with a 30' giant being surprisingly fragile (only 2x the hp of a normal human)... *which I fundamentally don't get anyway; if you're going to have to spend 5+ mins for each character/creature adding passions, runes, etc is another minute adjusting HP and SR - especially if the conversion is algorithmic and quick - going to be that onerous?
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