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  1. styopa

    Ducking the issue

    I can't imagine how they WOULDN'T be?
  2. styopa

    Lhankor Mhy Sorcery and Meldeks

    Which is why I personally have a hard time conceptualizing sorcery available to Theists at all; I see the magic you use as an embodiment of your worldview. IIRC some probably non-canonical Western source material mentioned that Malkioni see Theists as little more than deluded people bargaining with very powerful spirits, thinking those spirits are gods when "in fact" (to a sorcerer) the universe is filled with impersonal, objective forces (and why their "god" is invisible/unreachable). (It's also why we played that sorcery spells were truly blind - they could hit/hurt anyone, particularly area-effect spells. Divine spells, on the other hand, were guidable even within a confused melee: fire Orlanth's Lightning and it'll cheerfully avoid all your friends....unless one of them was perhaps sacrilegious or something, then it might tingle them a little.) It's also why sorcery is manipulateable and theistic spells really aren't - ones more of a rational result, the other is a gift from some remote being, already wrapped up and ready.
  3. Checkboxes are big to make them easy to see. Edits/comments/suggestions - styopa1@gmail RQG Character Sheet 1.2.pdf
  4. styopa

    Magic Points and SR

    I understand they're ordinal, not cardinal numbers. But in the sense that they represent the time taken to do something, to determine the ORDER in which things are resolved, I'm simply saying that (in my very personal opinion) I see spell casting (even a 1 point spell) as taking a second, at least. Thus it should come after 'releasing a held arrow' which is nearly no time. Edit: Atgxtg said it more succinctly.
  5. styopa

    Magic Points and SR

    I agree with your expectation, but I think it should be the latter. Logically, casting a spell should take SOME time.
  6. styopa

    Are 2H weapons the only way to go?

    Agreed wholeheartedly.
  7. styopa

    Are 2H weapons the only way to go?

    I think his point was more that thoroughly pillaging multiple sources for material means the licensing of such a product for actual publishing would be nearly impossible. "As I've raided every canonical source I can find, it breaches too many copyrights to issue without Chaosium's approval. "
  8. styopa

    Javelin - 1H Spear or Thrown?

    My error, disregard, was reacting based on an earlier version of the rules. To the OP, I'd leave it to the player to decide, either they could take the skill as 'Javelin, thrown' OR as 1h spear. Someone who just got +1h Spear wouldn't have that option. And in use, I'd treat them as related - ie if your higher skill is thrown Javelin, then you'd have 1h spear at half; if the higher one was 1h spear, and your cultural background had offered you javelin, this would give you thrown javelin at half.
  9. styopa

    Javelin - 1H Spear or Thrown?

    edit out error
  10. styopa

    RQG Preview - more of the Bestiary

    Would that be #MeToooooo then?
  11. styopa

    RQG Preview - more of the Bestiary

    Not at all, the intent was that the first 3 critical books at least come out pretty quickly.
  12. styopa

    Hide, wicker and wooden shields.

    A 2 point shield still blocks missiles, which is damned useful.
  13. styopa

    RQG Preview - more of the Bestiary

    Then they should get poison spur attacks! Actually fairly nasty poison.
  14. styopa

    Are 2H weapons the only way to go?

    Yes. The Bastard Sword (or hand-and-a-half sword) isn't really a thing historically. It's more of a 2h-style-used-with-a-longsword than a category of weapon precisely. I can certainly see such a weapon aiming for the midpoint between greatsword and longsword being good at nothing - too heavy to use 1h effectively, yet too light/short to really get the leverage of a 2h.
  15. styopa

    RQG Preview - more of the Bestiary

    BTW MOB & all, the pre-release stuff is terrific. Well played.