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  1. Of course, he's even more impressive when you give him some Dead Captains of Blood, Plague, or Frost to ...engage... players who feel that The Swamp is someplace to ply their adventuring trade.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Liberally copied from World of Warcraft Death Knights, I've employed these as abilities available to Delecti's Dead Captains, powerful undead leaders of his forces. IMG there were 4: one Captain each of Blood, Frost, and Plague, and a General with all of them. Each logically had access to their 'school' of abilities as well as general ones. They each had a handful of Lieutenants whoe were mostly generalists with maybe one or two category abilities. Note to GMs: there's a fair amount of 'tracking stuff going on' with a lot of their abilities that happen over ticks of time, or happen/end when triggers go off, so I *recommend* for your sanity employing small numbers of the abilities or only one of the Captains. Not sure how I would have ever kept track of the General if I'd had to.
  3. Well yes, but whatever is presented in the rules as "the way" is going to have heavy weight in a new GM's mind as the "right" way, even if there's flubbly-wubbly 'you can always make up your own' text buried in there somewhere. Rather than force the body of players to abandon the rules that early in the process, I'd agree with Crel that a point buy would make more sense (and would reflect the desires of most of the players today anyway). The 'roll 'em straight up' is a relic of the 1970s and 1980s that we didn't even REALLY use much back then in reality EITHER. I can't be arsed to look it up but someone has a web page out there where they calculate the odds against being able to roll a paladin's stats legally and it's like 0.0002%.
  4. I don't disagree that good Sorcery requires good INT. But let's remember, if you don't have the strength to use that great sword YOU CAN STILL USE IT, just badly. Sometimes you don't have a choice. They don't just say "whups, you have a STR 8, can't use it at all."
  5. Not to mention the brutalist breakpoint of the 13 INT. Very retro? 13 INT you can learn this stuff, 12 = nope, sorry, you're too stupid to even grasp the basics. Far better to have INT either cap your manipulation, or even better, something like a memory check (d20 vs INT or an INTx5 roll if you're wedded to d100s) to 'remember' how to cast that spell. That's not a bad fantasy trope, the brilliant greyhair wizard absent-mindedly trying to recall the spell while the party is desperately holding back the beasties. "Oh, what was that spell again?"
  6. Actually, a Russian. I thought at this point it's pretty much soot. In re the point of the thread is that RQ Sorcery is at the very least troubled. There were NO Sorcery mechanics in RQ2, leaving our 'impressions' of what sorcery should be in Glorantha at best anecdotal "I remember Greg saying...". That said, it was obviously fundamental to Greg's imagining of the world; after all the story of Prince Snodal & Zzabur was IIRC the very first story he wrote down long before the idea of it ever being a game was even a twinkle in his eye. RQ3 posited a highly mechanical, not-particularly-Gloranthan set of rules that (IMO) could be at best considered a late rough playtest draft. It could be made to work with enough spackle and duct tape (obviously in Glorantha: duck tape), but even when it worked, sorcerers suffered badly from the D&Desque paradigm of "worthless in the early campaign, ridiculously overpowered in the late campaign". It was sterile and flavorless; even with Sandy's excellent TC documentation there were severe balance issues. RQG has a disappointing number of issues, as explained extensively in the previous pages of this thread. IMO what we have today is the barely-viable Broo-spawn of a trifecta of: the ideal of making Sorcery GLORANTHAN and connect it firmly to Runes (to meanwhile connect it to the source material that exists), to try to glean something of value from RQ3 but fix its weaknesses, as well as make it something interesting and playable for PCs (this last being - imo - the concession that's really warped the result). I certainly don't have the answers. I don't know that the goals are reconcilable. What I observe is that the idiomatic presentation of sorcerers in the source material (I bow to better interpretations, if people disagree: my knowledge is nowhere near as extensive as most of the long term Gloranthaphiles, to say nothing of Jeff Richard himself obviously) is more akin to the clade of sages and alchemists than adventurers clambering around tombs or mercenaries in the saddle. So for me, if I were ambitious enough to say "screw backwards compatibility, let's rewrite this from a true tabula rasa" the FIRST task before I write one word on mechanics would be: what are we even trying to create? Following immediately behind that, though, is recognition of MGF: what do players *want*? They have to be in that order because reversed it's unlikely to be Glorantha; but the entire exercise is probably pointless if you ignore the second. I'd speculate that the best way to address the spread of needs here might be to bifurcate sorcery somehow? In the same sense that divine magic might be seen to be a sort of a glorified, grownup spirit magic, maybe sorcery could be addressed the same way. Maybe there's a sort of journeyman-ish level of day-to-day sorcery that everyone can use, but scaling that, as well as employing the sorts of ritualistic, massive, collaborative, knowledge-intensive Zzaburian sorcery justifies the whole caste-concept for those societies because it's really a lifetime of work (or, ideally, more than one lifetime). (Of course, this is premised on my now-obsolescent conception that the worldview needed to use sorcery is anathematic to that which would use spirit or divine magic. So there's that.) Personally, given the basic premises of Gloranthan magic and cultures behind them, I'd find such a comprehensive sorcery system AMAZINGLY interesting. It would probably end up another 400+ page tome though.
  7. Oh. Ick. Never been fond of the "show the players how awesome they aren't" style of story. (cf Guild Wars 2). Damn I hope that's stickied somewhere here or on the Chaosium pages for the majority of non forum-lurking players to find. Thanks
  8. I wish I could upvote this more. Well put. I haven't read TSR so I don't know about the items this particular Rokari has, but I think one of the first lessons a GM learns is: "never give an NPC magic items that would be unbalancing in in the hands of characters". Simultaneously, I've always found the "this magic item can only be used by this bad guy and nobody else"* to be a cheesy way to essentially cheat players of rewards. Particularly when the game has a penchant for magic items that are otherwise essentially rule-breaking or there's no conceivable way to make them given the game mechanics available. *as mentioned, I haven't read it so I don't know if this is even relevant to TSR specifically
  9. Any idea when this will be out as a published dead tree edition?
  10. And Harrek. Really remarkable talent on display, amazing. Edit: Love the use of lego as mold-form. My absolute favorite is Jar-eel vs Harrek, her pose vs his pose says everything about each of them.
  11. That'll certainly sell more copies in Des Moines.
  12. RQG has IMO funky initiative/movement changes based on "if you're in combat" unless that's been errata'd out now. Oh, and re fatigue I tried one out the last session that was fairly successful in my opinion. As my players were slogging through a vast swamp with literally no solid surface to sleep...as the day turned around 4am they all got a 'fatigue' roll: roll a d10. Keep that die atop your character sheet at the number you rolled while we play. Whenever you roll that number on ANY die, roll that die again and take the worse result of the two. (ie if your number is a 4, and you roll a 54, re-roll the 4 giving you a new result of 54-59 - remember you only take the WORSE result). Had they been out a second day, there would be a 2nd d10 roll. Etc. It's SIMPLE as hell. It's a constant reminder "you're tired" just because of the inconvenience of having to move the die every time you want to look at your sheet. It's die rolling. Everyone likes rolling dice. There's a gradient of "suckage" to the result so there's some variable impact between players (rationalizing how well they were rested in the first place, etc). 9 is probably the best roll. If you roll a 9 in a percentile, unlikely any other result will be worse, and as most damage dice are d8s, it doesn't even affect them. 0's are pretty icky, meaning unless you can reroll it again, you're probably not critting anything for a while; same with 1's and specials. 6, 7, 8 are fairly bad as that can be worse in %iles, and definitely hurts damage rolls. It certainly makes it interesting for the players as they try to compare who's gotten the worst result. It's "bad enough" to strongly encourage players to get sufficient rest, but not immediately crippling. I picked 4am because in college I used to work 6pm-6am security shifts and that 3am-4am span was when it always hit the hardest. In the future, if they sleep less than 8 hours in 24, I'll probably have them roll 2d4...if they roll higher than their hours of rest, they get a fatigue die for that day. Still considering that. I do wish I could come up with some sort of tactical fatigue system that wasn't kludgy but in my belief adrenaline makes most of those moot unless we're talking multiple days of grinding combat/lack of sleep...which the thing above basically does.
  13. To be clear, it was 2 separate hit location tables for each creature-type in the game, one for melee attacks (which we also used for falling damage) and the other for missile AND THRUSTING weapons. The latter point might seem nitpicky, but it provides players with an interesting tactical choice when choosing a weapon. A thrusting weapon might do less damage (I never really understood / accepted why longer spears INTRINSICALLY did more damage...nonsensical) BUT got to use the latter table where 11-15 was chest...5x the chance to hit a 'one shot kill' location could be an attractive choice.
  14. Some people dig constant retcons and reimaginings. Some people don't. I will say that if you have any familiarity with Glorantha, none of this should be surprising. Not the SPECIFICS, but that things change constantly. (shrug)
  15. https://acidcow.com/pics/113869-just-try-to-draw-a-duck-32-pics.html Acidcow showed the results of a contest where people were given just the beak and the feet to fill in with a duck drawing (this person added just an eye) But there were a few that were actually fairly interesting inspirational material for Gloranthan ducks, depending on your silliness level: For example: Quisarian now called Dracofriend: a quiet, odd duck who has said for years to his neighbors that he is in fact merely the current form of a Dragonewt soul experimenting with this cycle as a duck. Whether this is how he describes his true form... or if this is the form that the town drunk INSISTS he took when some local toughs tried to rob his Curio Shoppe, is unclear. The toughs apparently fled town as nobody has been able to locate them to corroborate the crazy old man's description. One of the many ducks that came back (sort of) from that regrettable expedition to Snake Pipe Hollow: and another Vath the High Clouddancer - Orlanthi Rune Priest Hooji the Explorer, a famed but mysterious traveler from the east. Reputed to be a Keet but has never answered the question.... Umbra, the implacable demon duck spirit of retribution and vengeance Crux Quicksmash, duck brawler: or Fizzisha, the aging (retired) Ernalda (or maybe Uleria?) priestess who was somewhat of a disappointment to her temple:
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