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  1. Congratulations. Art for the ages. The expression on her face is beautifully subtle, really a magnificent piece that has IMO graduated from "game inspired art" to really just pure "art". Thank you for the beautiful work.
  2. This was something I'd set myself to back in the 1990s, all loaded up with Access programming skills. And then I thought, well, I need to develop a rutter that covers the Gloranthan coastline so I can figure out what ports/stops are available and what they sell. So then of course one would need to know sailing speeds to figure out trade routes...and to do that OF COURSE one would need to write a program that would reasonably simulate Gloranthan weather (at least in Genertela) and voila! 25 years have passed and I've completed precisely..none.
  3. Oh absolutely traveller does.
  4. Iirc rune-wise, I believe water has an advantage over fire, I'd probably have the water elemental do +1 dmg vs fire, and take -1 from fire.
  5. "Bother," thought Broo Bear. "I think I'm stuck." "Well, if it isn't Pooh Bear?" "Oh hallo Owl." "Splendid day... to be up and about one's business... Oh, I say, are you stuck?" "No, no, just resting and thinking and humming to myself." "You, sir, are stuck. A wedged bear in a great tightness. In a word, irremovable. Now obviously this situation calls for an expert."
  6. Not sure how you got that from what I said? There was the burst of creativity that birthed RQ1/2. Then a big gap (chronologically), a slight creative bump from RQ3...a span of nothing...then a HUGE bump (comparable to the first) of latter RQ3 (whence we get the vast bulk of explanation of non Dragon-Pass stuff, sorcery, etc) then nothing for while, etc. My point being that the root (many) of the inconsistencies that have cropped up over 50 years or lore are the result of people still playing the game through these official interregnums and having to creatively try to fill the lore-g
  7. Or, it could be that Greg was a fantastically creative stoner when he started making this shit up, and remembering the details of Harmast's left elbow years later when he drifted past it again was neither easy, nor much of a priority, setting a standard of incoherence emulated if not outright celebrated by the legions of people forced (by lack of any alternative) trying themselves to fill the gaps however made sense to them. Or put otherwise: "Consistency," as they say, "is the hobgoblin of little minds." You choose.
  8. Of course, he's even more impressive when you give him some Dead Captains of Blood, Plague, or Frost to ...engage... players who feel that The Swamp is someplace to ply their adventuring trade.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Liberally copied from World of Warcraft Death Knights, I've employed these as abilities available to Delecti's Dead Captains, powerful undead leaders of his forces. IMG there were 4: one Captain each of Blood, Frost, and Plague, and a General with all of them. Each logically had access to their 'school' of abilities as well as general ones. They each had a handful of Lieutenants whoe were mostly generalists with maybe one or two category abilities. Note to GMs: there's a fair amount of 'tracking stuff going on' with a lot of their abilities that happen over ticks of time, or happen
  10. Well yes, but whatever is presented in the rules as "the way" is going to have heavy weight in a new GM's mind as the "right" way, even if there's flubbly-wubbly 'you can always make up your own' text buried in there somewhere. Rather than force the body of players to abandon the rules that early in the process, I'd agree with Crel that a point buy would make more sense (and would reflect the desires of most of the players today anyway). The 'roll 'em straight up' is a relic of the 1970s and 1980s that we didn't even REALLY use much back then in reality EITHER. I can't be arsed
  11. I don't disagree that good Sorcery requires good INT. But let's remember, if you don't have the strength to use that great sword YOU CAN STILL USE IT, just badly. Sometimes you don't have a choice. They don't just say "whups, you have a STR 8, can't use it at all."
  12. Not to mention the brutalist breakpoint of the 13 INT. Very retro? 13 INT you can learn this stuff, 12 = nope, sorry, you're too stupid to even grasp the basics. Far better to have INT either cap your manipulation, or even better, something like a memory check (d20 vs INT or an INTx5 roll if you're wedded to d100s) to 'remember' how to cast that spell. That's not a bad fantasy trope, the brilliant greyhair wizard absent-mindedly trying to recall the spell while the party is desperately holding back the beasties. "Oh, what was that spell again?"
  13. Actually, a Russian. I thought at this point it's pretty much soot. In re the point of the thread is that RQ Sorcery is at the very least troubled. There were NO Sorcery mechanics in RQ2, leaving our 'impressions' of what sorcery should be in Glorantha at best anecdotal "I remember Greg saying...". That said, it was obviously fundamental to Greg's imagining of the world; after all the story of Prince Snodal & Zzabur was IIRC the very first story he wrote down long before the idea of it ever being a game was even a twinkle in his eye. RQ3 posit
  14. Oh. Ick. Never been fond of the "show the players how awesome they aren't" style of story. (cf Guild Wars 2). Damn I hope that's stickied somewhere here or on the Chaosium pages for the majority of non forum-lurking players to find. Thanks
  15. I wish I could upvote this more. Well put. I haven't read TSR so I don't know about the items this particular Rokari has, but I think one of the first lessons a GM learns is: "never give an NPC magic items that would be unbalancing in in the hands of characters". Simultaneously, I've always found the "this magic item can only be used by this bad guy and nobody else"* to be a cheesy way to essentially cheat players of rewards. Particularly when the game has a penchant for magic items that are otherwise essentially rule-breaking or there's no conceivable way to make them given the ga
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