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  1. styopa

    Malkioni Sorcery

    I've found great richness and character in using Sandy's Tekumel sorcery rules as well, considering how spotty the various Malkioni source material's been. Sure there's be ample (excessive?) verbiage about the lore, but in practical terms not much for game-players. http://www.tekumel.com/downloads/RQtekumel.pdf For example, the spell Tremulation: Tremulation (Karakan) (2) Creates a deep vibration which deafens all within the circle of effect and prevents orders from being given or understood. Affects a circle 1/10 the spell's Range (so a 10m range spell is 1m across). Intensity increases the effect. 2 as above 4 area is so shaken that those within it cannot fight, cast spells, or do any actions requiring dexterity. They can leave, though. 6 as above, but all items of glass, pottery, etc., are shattered 8 shatters bones and kills those within the circle if they cannot leave within 5 combat rounds
  2. styopa

    Do Ostrich riders still exist officially?

    Except that poison darts in RQ mechanics are pretty sucky - basically, they do so little damage with no particular method of aiming for anything more granular than a whole hit location zone, even something with trivial armor is essentially immune (attackers HAVE to crit to do anything). I mean, IRL poison darts suck badly enough that nobody above stone age tribes use them aside from "fantasy" ninjas. IRL blowguns have a limited range and their light dart means the slightest puff of wind makes hitting beyond 1m impossible.
  3. styopa

    Do Ostrich riders still exist officially?

    Well, Ostriches pretty much run around on their tippy-toes.
  4. styopa

    RQG 3 Book Slipcase Pre-sale?

    Thanks Rick. Any chance for those of us who bought the first printing, that there might be a "1st-to-2nd" PDF that (for example) might offer printable, formatted pages to 'drop into' our current books to carry the changes? I realize formatting, etc likely all cascaded through the book so it's not as simple as gluing a new page 75 atop the old page 75, but I'm thinking of maybe a "print both sides of this page to drop into your book between pages 75-76, as it carries errata for the previous chapter" or something? Obviously, my point is to try to get all the fixes between 1st and 2nd cogently and usefully into my book. If you don't have the time/editing resources for this, if you even have a single clear PDF that says "here are the specific updates from 1.ed to 2.ed" I'd be happy to put something like I'm suggesting together for you. Thanks!
  5. styopa

    New to RuneQuest-Glorantha

    Call me a quibbler, but IMO RQG has overcomplicated this. If you have a 155 vs a 50, in the various interpretations it would be played out as: RQG RAW: 100 vs 0% RQG Amended(better): 110 vs 05 or really 95 (with special of 22/crit of 6) vs 05. RQ3 results in 95 (with special of 31, crit of 8 I think) vs 50 While I agree that #2 is way better than #1, it seems like 3 is simpler, still gives the lower-skill the full 'value' of the skill they have and likewise acknowledges a diminishing return on super-high levels of skill - essentially you're just a) better able to cope with disadvantages, but b) mainly (slowly) increasing your special/crit chances...
  6. styopa

    Khopesh stats

    The more I've thought about it I rather suspect (at least part of it is) a variation of the left-handed swordsman problem, written into the distribution of primitive weapons. In any population, you have an overwhelming number of right-handed swordsmen, and a small few lefties. Any right-handed swordsman fighting a lefty is at a slight disadvantage, just because they're unfamiliar with them. But a left-hander facing a lefty is the worst-off; statistically they're vanishingly unlikely to meet and when they do they're BOTH likely perplexed at the dynamic. Now replace "right handed" with spearmen and left-handed with swordsmen - I rather believe the astonishing majority of weaponusers (particularly in the Bronze Era) were spearmen. (And if you want to carry the metaphor further, add another tier - that the vast majority of swordsmen used shields for their parries, never would have considered wrecking their weapon to do so.) In the narrow context of my question, it starts to make sense - a crossguard would be nearly valueless on a sword vs a spearman, and would add no significant value to fighting if you already carried a shield. Only in the scarce sort of one on one with blades (only) might it have been useful, and who'd be crazy enough to seek THAT out?
  7. styopa

    Khopesh stats

    @M Helsdon thanks for that. Curious that none of the examples bear more than a vestigial crossguard, suggesting to me that (considering how trivial it would have been for even primitive sword smiths to add) a blade parry was basically never even considered.
  8. styopa

    New to RuneQuest-Glorantha

    I think such is the work of ages. I'd contemplated trying to modularize the RQG system - using that sort of approach, but without the constraining "grandpa must have been born on year X" that RQG is stuck with...I don't think it's impossible, but it would be a prodigious amount of lore-crunching. What I'd postulated was essentially going BACKWARDS (Feynman says we can go either direction), starting from the character's immediate family - basically building an ancestry tree from there up into the past. Anyone peripheral to the direct lines backwards would be generated but not really 'played out' beyond sex, birth year, death year; maybe children/spouse. There are some terrific FRPG resources already out there for much of the mechanics of it: http://rollforfantasy.com/tools/family-tree-creator.php for example The kicker for lore would be essentially a chance for each individual of at least one "something interesting" happening in their lives. If that flags, then you'd check against a massive table of 'generic but interesting' events - fought/won/lost vs monster, house burned down, drafted into military, found a treasure, etc. A sort of 'downtime random event' chart. Finally, for those who have something interesting, and then hit the small% chance of 'unique event', one would have to have a massive db of Gloranthan events, and who (generally) participated; if it happened during the person's majority, and they're one of the participating groups, they'd have a chance of being a participant; if not, they might only be a witness. There could be some sort of metric for "involvedness" (if it matters), which wouldn't precisely tell the player SPECIFICALLY what happened, but that could be left more to the creative juices of the player/GM to embroider. But yeah, that's a hella big job.
  9. styopa

    New to RuneQuest-Glorantha

    I'd say Glorantha is less materially oriented ...certainly, there are ample magic items but far less focus on items particularly. Think less "King Arthur and Excalibur" and more Gilgamesh. It's less about the stuff, and more about the individuals, the "hero's journey", and now with RQG, the society and their place in it.
  10. Pure game-mechanics wise, I've enjoyed presenting Pamaltela generally as a graduated challenge 'tougher' than Genertela - in ways that aren't exportable (otherwise Pamaltelans would have taken over the world). My players have a party that needs challenges and even a slight tweak like halving the mp recovery rates is having a cumulative effect on how they approach problems.
  11. styopa

    Too Far?

    There's a famous bardic epic about the Lunar invasion of Sartar, where a primadonna Lunar General Mon-tee, angry because he was relegated to the left shoulder of the Lunar advance, devised a daring (some would say ridiculous) plan using a picked force of Lunar Legionaries to drop from Moon Boats and seize an important river crossing at the Hem of Arn. The original assault failed when the relief force of the Lunar Army couldn't quite reach them in time, but those Legionaries' heroism in defeat was even recognized by the Sartar forces that eventually overwhelmed them.
  12. styopa

    Javelin - 1H Spear or Thrown?

    While I agree with you for modern bows, I'd disagree with you for this-era: - every arrow has to be crafted. This is not a trivial amount of labor. Nobody wants to essentially 'throw away' an hour's work (at least) not to mention the materials. "Disposable" for most of human history only meant "it can't possibly be repaired or used for something else any more" - I think the effect of this flexing is FAR more prevalent with today's compound cam-action throw. An archer needs regular practice and musculature to hold a 40#+ recurve for any length of time, while a 60#+ compound is actually fairly common (ie holding maybe 12# at draw). Not to mention thowing faster, I'm not sure if it's proved but personally I feel like a compound bow is 'snappier' than a recurve...where the recurve has a longer, gentler acceleration on the arrow, a compound is more like a crossbow's forceful short throw. https://sites.google.com/site/technicalarchery/technical-discussions-1/arrow
  13. styopa

    Some Glorantha/RQ Newbie Questions...Forgive Me!

    Aside from all the terrific advice above, I'd only add for the D&D-experienced: strongly recommend humans only for pc's to start. Everything available for RQG is currently *very* humanicentric (despite this, understand that RQ generally is a great system for letting characters be pretty much anything!)...and imo this lets you as a gm really make sure the non humans come off as alien as they really are...a nice shortcut to a "we're not in Kansas anymore" moment for your players. Later, once they get the sense that character race selection can really be a much more meaningful choice in RQ than other systems, then freely let them splash around in that richer/deeper end of the pool... Personally I hope you check in occasionally and let us know how it's going. I think longtime RQ fans can occasionally (myself included) be a little insular and even misanthropic, scarred by our decades in the wilderness having to zealously carry a torch for this occasionally-moribund rules system that we nevertheless love. I personally am DELIGHTED to see posts like yours and am invigorated to see the enthusiasm and energy new fans are bringing to the game. Enjoy!
  14. styopa

    Cost of casting Spirit Magic

    Yeah, for spirit magic, the cost is for knowing it, not casting it. Dunno of the top of my noggin if RQG has caps to spirit magic, but trivial castings (1-3) imho would be essentially free for cultists in good standing or on an errand for the cult. 4-5 are going to be rarer, thus more $, while 6 (thinking of that whole reattach-limb breakpoint which is so...artificial?) would likely be rarer still. Spells above 6 would be like hens teeth, imo...more a matter of finding someone with the spell in the first place.