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  1. Fortunately: Ah the joys of living vicariously! Thanks Scotty.
  2. I have to admit, that was pretty damn awesome!
  3. Bloody hell, @Eff. And there I was thinking that being an illuminated Uroxi worshipper of Primal Chaos must be complicated...! What a great thread this is. And it's great that whether we embrace or flee freedom from social constraints, conflicting views can find confirmation and validation in Gloranthan myth. Surely that is a hallmark of great myths - the old stuff. For the record: a chaotic Stormbull illuminate strikes me as a perfectly valid life choice. Glorantha is our world to explore, experience, and understand the myriad possibilities. In-world dogmas might forbid it. But th
  4. Yes is definitely is a joke of that sort... But do you seriously think that Illumination isn't also Munchkins gaming the rules? Not at all. Illumination can be gamed by munchkins, but that doesn't make it the authors' intention. I suspect (without the slightest evidence) that Illumination was intended by the authors to offer more opportunity for role-playing. It can be monotonous playing your third living embodiment of Orlanth... That's bleak. We have to choose between adopting the inculcated values of our culture and becoming megalomaniac narcissists? I reject both those op
  5. I love the treatment this gets in Six Seasons. During initiation you get to play out your own mini IFWW as part of re-enacting Heort's journey (now a journey into manhood). Really, it's some of the best scenario content I've read. (Shame about the Harry Potter dragon...)
  6. Agreed. If fundamentalism is the absence of doubt, then it's the fundamentalist certainty of illumination that can be seen as it's greatest threat. The moral detachment can be seen as just one aspect of this. Is this actually failed illumination? An inability to situate one's own enlightened perspective as still only one part of the cosmic unity? (Heavy handed irony: how can faith exist without doubt?)
  7. It sounds to me like you have it cracked. Your character is in a bit of existentialist funk: the world is meaningless, how do I behave in a meaningless world? But your pc doesn't seem to find the world totally meaningless - they seem to be profoundly moved by the ultimate connectedness of things on a cosmic scale (Arachne Solara) and a very local scale (pity, community, the modern word would be "empathy") Freed from constraint, perhaps your pc evolves a philosophy where suffering is the only reality and they are drawn into conflict with authorities because reducing suffering become
  8. I think that might be more God Learning than Illumination, potaytoe potaatoe Isn't God Learnerism kind of a joke on munchkins gaming the rules? My intended point is that role-players inhabit the lives of their characters, adopt their motivations, and see the world from the character's perspective. This transcendence of one's own cultural determinism *IS* illumination! Role-playing is a sacred path to enlightment for the players! (Well kind of... Let's not get carried away. I'm just talking about levels of metanarrative, but I suspect Greg thought something like that - and w
  9. I would double down on (a version of) postmodernism, and look for hope in the local. How does the community associated with the PCs struggle to survive the everything It's a great theme for gaming and there is something quietly heroic there. Actually isn't it a little like I Fought We Won? I should go read more because (from what little I know) it sounds like a rare Gloranthan event where the little things win out over great cosmic forces... Now there's grounds for optimism!
  10. Yes. It's helpful you restated the self-identity with the universe. @Eff had it covered, but the philosophical issue is that Glorantha accepts (personifies, mythologises) cultural relativism. Illumination can be seen as a way out of that relativism by adopting some vantage point beyond the competing world views (is not subject to their limitations) but includes all those world views (as objects of understanding) as differentiated parts of itself (so as not to obliterate their differences from each other and itself). So you get the Many is the One and the ultimate (but not proximate)
  11. And role-playing is, of course, the act of peeking *inside* a cultural perspective for a bit - an act of Illumination that I don't think was lost on the authors.
  12. I like in the in-world/real-world dimension which Glorantha is so good at. (Does anyone else think HeroQuesting is a bunch of characters getting a table for a role-playing session?) Good answer. Full of that in-world / real-world ambiguity and well worth quoting in context: "As mentioned above, the next expected appearance of the Devil is in 2277. That is only 77 years away from us now, and with a margin for error, possibly within our lifetimes. What will we do, if it is true, when our children are adults and we have done nothing to prepare them,
  13. There's the optimism we were looking for! Yes!! Kindling the flames of renewal from the pieces already in place. I like this. I like too the links with OOO whose empire was perhaps the least destructive and vainglorious that Glorantha has seen. (And Leika defo has some dark OOO secrets and affiliations... ) But mostly I like that you have created a space (and a place) for Unity. A space from which the blinkered cultural relativism Glorantha can be examined and challenged by it's inhabitants - and for them to overthrow pessimistic fatalism of the authors!
  14. I take it back. Give me tragedy over farce. (It is a pretty good farce though!)
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