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  1. That duck's parrying weapon or shield isn't going to last very long if they do get a hit in. Also I agree with the other statements that "parry" isn't just a question of put-the-stick-in-the-way-and-pray.
  2. That freedom is made clear in the rules, of course.
  3. I thought possession was a shamanic ability, so apprentices can't do it.
  4. Well, there's this: It's a bit spreadsheety but also a bit charactersheety.
  5. So, if I have Countermagic 4 on me, and Bladesharp 4 on my sword, does it take 10 boosted MP to Crack my sword, or 6? I'd say... that I don't like the mechanic of any spell providing protection against Crack, but putting that aside... 10.
  6. Does the spell have to overcome the target's MP? I think previous versions of this spell did not specify that the holder of the item was in any way a target of the spell, so no MP roll was needed. Now that a person can be "the spell's target", does that change? Can the spell be cast on items that are not being carried or worn?
  7. No, that text is referring to other spells. So if I have Bladesharp 4 on my sword, you need to boost Crack with 4 MP to shatter my sword.
  8. Personally I don't like the errata that removes "...except for weapon skills" from the Air rune augments section. That just leaves Fire/Sky's Perception/Scan as an overlap. And now that you point it out, it bothers me as well... 🥴
  9. And maybe that should affect your SIZ... "To cut down my weight, off came my left leg; I pass the swimming costume test..."
  10. I quite like that. Yes, spending some time in Prax is probably quite good for your Survivial skill. Unless you don't survive.
  11. Wow. We must have missed that one, cos that's the way we always played it! Odd, since we often used the GW editions which had the errata edited in.
  12. Well in previous editions you couldn't attack and parry with the same 1h weapon, so I guess it's ok to have some kind of penalty. There's nothing in the rule for it, though, and I think it's a shame that Jason has "clarified" a new rule into existence.
  13. I assumed it's a "you just do it" thing.
  14. Somebody with 50HP. A giant, for example. A character in my old RQ3 game had 32 general hit points from Strengthening Enchants, that would give him 12 on the chest, and 11 on the head, so if he took a big enough hit then Soltak's crystal could be useful in getting him back on his feet.
  15. There's nothing in the rules to suggest that splitting your attack should affect your shield parry or dodge skill. And it makes no sense - you're splitting your attack because you're good enough to do it. The penalty is the half chance to hit. There should be no further penalty, and there never has been in any previous iteration of the rules.
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