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  1. Interesting question. No, I've never seen a player do this. It does seem to me that spirit spell matrixes are right at the bottom end of useful things to spend POW on. So the next question begged is, where do they all come from? I think RuneQuest would benefit from an "extreme crafting" mechanic. A system for crafting exceptionally high quality items that are imbued with magic by the crafting process. L5R has a reasonably good system for that, I seem to remember. Maybe something as simple as, if you roll a critical success on the crafting roll, the item is imbued with an appropr
  2. Me too! I love that one even more! WAHAAAAA!
  3. V1.9.7 Beta 1: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AlKinzaEIdaXO_nkM7bYNBGZw7x5rFgWvdvaHuCPUwg Fix critical and special calculations for temporary skills on CharGen tab. Fumble chances now show as 00 instead of 100. Added new column to hold temporary skill bonuses that are added into the temporary skill level, for example for Bladesharp skill increase. The "Copy from old sheet" functionality now supports Family History. Below is the new code to add into the old sheet's Code Editor to support this.
  4. OOPS! Found a new bug! Critical and Special chance calculations in columns BU and BV on the CharGen tab do not take into account temporary bonuses.
  5. V1.9.7 Beta 4: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Q-jETXJlWzZ7Qxem1NRyPJ3TRfctD4GUMUdKiC_5f5M Treat Disease and Treat Poison now show up on the character sheet. Minor improvements to copy-from-old-version functionality. Sorcery spells are now a drop-down list again. If there is a tie for highest rune or second highest rune, the first rune in the list wins in terms of which characteristic gets the bonus. Previously, no bonus was given. You can still break the tie manually by adding an extra 0.1 or 0.2 to the Adds column.
  6. OOPS! Found a new bug! Well not new, it's been in since 1.7! Treat Disease and Treat Poison do not show up on the character sheet. I'm going to fix it by removing a couple of the Lore ( ) entries. It was the change over to a flexible list of lores like this that brought in this bug.
  7. So here's the process for copying a character from an old version, that is layout-identical to V1.9.4: Go to Tools > Script Editor. Paste in this code, in addition to the existing code: Click the Save button . Close the Script Editor tab. In the browser tab that the character sheet is loaded in, click the browser's Refresh button . Wait for it to re-load, then wait a few seconds more until the RuneQuest menu appears after the Help menu, this might take around 20 seconds to happen in my experience. Run the RuneQuest > Create Copy Ranges command a
  8. I have added support for copying from V1.9.4 and layout-compatible versions, I'd need to trace back and forward through the versions to see where the layout changes. If anyone is interested in this feature, and is using a version close to that, please let me know. I am in the process of converting the "canonicals" that I recreated a while back using that version. Here they all are: Vasana Yanioth Harmast Vishi Dunn Vostor Sorala Nathem Vostor was complicated. For some reason I had added an extra language to Vostor, but I don't think it was necessary. This made all the skill
  9. V1.9.7 Alpha 3: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1U9EjuBt1pmyUdAMg8ae76B1WUxdE2HfgmAxfERCXf_g/edit Added copying of characters from one version of the sheet to another. Unfortunately, versions prior to this are not supported as they lack the named ranges that this feature uses. This will allow future versions to import a character from any version from V1.9.7 Alpha 3 onwards. I could, in theory, support older versions but that would require you to paste some code into the code editor of your sheet. Let me know if you need this, and what version you are using! No promises!
  10. V1.9.7 Alpha 1 is badly broken! That's why it's called "Alpha"... V1.9.7 Alpha 2: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1A9RfzOPgKcigkgC54j2AxTpxI2pPABhm18uK6MjMbSs/edit?usp=sharing The Rune Extra column messed up swapping in the race areas (which happens even for Human). I had not added the two extra columns to the alternative sheets that pull in the hit location calculations. In any case, I think I messed up sharing V1.9.7 Alpha 1 and nobody had access to it.
  11. This one? I think that's the new map that has not yet been published, it will be in the Sartar Campaign pack I think. Looks a bit like the map in this shot, so maybe it's in the Starter Set, or part of it is: Another teaser: https://www.facebook.com/jeff.richard.31/posts/10158122581994017 So this is a new work in progress, a HUGE map project, and sections of it will be used in various publications.
  12. New bug found: Translating to another language does not translate the French and English alternative skill value for Sing that Ernalda cultists get. This will remain the "Sing" skill and will not be translated to "Chant", for example, and so Ernalda cultists will not get the changed value. Fixed in v1.9.7 Alpha 1: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nBxpA8nvCItSoyyhd-Npp2UXv2HNLmDfgi_KkjZTVHo/edit?usp=sharing Fixed translation of Sing skill alternative value in French rule set. Added new column for keeping track of changes to Rune values after character creation (valu
  13. Thanks, I'll try it... It's not very intuitive, I sat staring at the "REF!" until I accidentally moused over it and it said "You need to connect these sheets" with a button to click. So maybe... I will play around a little more. There are a lot of ranges that will need importing, but you only need to click that once. IMPORTRANGE is not ideal. The imported data can't be distinguished between a formula result and a literal value. The dice roll results in the Value column might be derived from the random numbers in the Roll column, or they may be manually entered dice rolls. There's no way I
  14. I've been trying to implement a new feature, but I'm struggling with it. I want to be able to copy the data from an old version of the sheet into a new version, but permissions seem to be a problem. Google is, probably quite rightly, making it really hard to do this because it would mean that my code could in theory access any and all of your Google sheets and do anything it wants with your data. So I don't think this feature will be coming any time soon, unless anyone here knows how to get around this and grant my code limited permission to access other specific documents in your Google
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