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  1. Also, Episode 8 is missing from the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJNnec52PzjM1aCrSCR0zKHjqKtfo7jDI
  2. Just catching up on the last few episodes. Loving it. Nisk is kicking ass! It's a minor nitpick, but I seem to remember something about Extension only being usable with "Stackable" spells. That would preclude using Charisma and Extension together. I can't find it now, I thought it was in the official Q&A, but it's not there. I think it must have been something Jason or Jeff said on Facebook during the discussion on Sword Trance. Looking back at the wording, Extension never mentions "stacking", just "any temporal Rune spell" and that the spells are cast simultaneously. So I think
  3. It's definitely a thing in Glorantha that ancestors, like all spirits, maintain their identity through reinforcement. You take on a pact with a spirit, and it wants you to do something in the middle world that cements their identity - eat the same food, hare the same people, wear the same perfume. Ancestors want you to hate trolls, raid the Red Oaks, and take thralls because that's what they did.
  4. ...and complain that your food is rubbish, you aren't keeping up the old traditions, you married someone from an enemy clan (that was an enemy back in their day, they don't keep up to date with current affairs), your kids are not respecting their elders...
  5. Technically slightly better than that as everyone gets a rune bouns, but yes, it's difficult to be everything.
  6. I'm not sure that building up an element from zero is a good idea. It's going to be a long slog before it's useful, and in a more Gloranthan sense, your runes are really fundamentally what you are. It should be as daunting to raise a rune from zero to 75% as it should be to raise your DEX from 3 to 15. Changing occupation, easy. If you've got the skills, you can do the job. Changing cult, harder, if it's not a natural progression then that's what Spirits of Reprisal are for. Raising runes from zero? That's fundamentally changing what you are. It's like me wanting to change my ey
  7. Same here on Chrome. Templates need some love I think.
  8. It doesn't. Spirit Combat used to use POW vs POW or MP vs MP on the resistance table, but that is no longer the case. It's possible that there might be some legacy language somewhere, something overlooked either in the rules or a scenario, but I haven't spotted any.
  9. Excellent news, looking forward to updating my character creation tool's German language support.
  10. I'm just waiting for Judges Guild to resurrect themselves now. (does a quick google) aww, crap.
  11. In my game Vasana got cut in half in the first round of the first combat.
  12. Again, on the "nothing is ever as straightforward and simple as it should be" principle, of course these relatively benign religions are frequently persecuted unfairly as being Rebellus Terminus sympathisers at heart. If your scenario needs them to be, and not if it needs them not to be.
  13. Sounds like a great idea for a Jonstown Compendium product. It's not high on my list of priorities so I'd rather the core Chaosium creatives worked on other stuff, but I'd probably pick up a decent JC effort in this direction.
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