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  1. A friend and I (sadly Jim died a couple of years ago) created an extension to Sandy's rules to deal with non-Malkioni sorcery that got rid of vows. Sandy hated it. Specifically the idea that as you gain magical power you forego your free will is specifically countered in these rules. http://www.hibbs.me.uk/snarks/meldeksorcerors.html#Top
  2. Same. No group inscriptions, they are creator-only.
  3. Creating rule systems is hard.
  4. http://www.hibbs.me.uk/snarks/chargen.htm
  5. The "house rule" that I think got most use at my table was Nikk Effingham's point-based character creation rules for RQ3.
  6. If anyone here has access to the Deadcrows edition PDFs, PM me and I will give you a link to the beta version of the sheet.
  7. Ummmm.... I don't see that as being a thing.
  8. Problem: Sleep is too powerful. Fix: It's Chalana Arroy only. Problem: Shamans can get it. Fix: Impose some limit or restriction like a taboo. Problem: The rules don't say you have to do that. Fix: So what? Do it anyway, problem solved.
  9. Aha, someone found the Easter egg. That's the upcoming announcement, French edition support. Rumbled!
  10. Anyone that's munchkin enough to find a legit way to break my spreadsheet is a true hero of the community in my books. If you un-hide the Lookups tab, you should be able to extend the tables as far as you need. Oh, you mean a stat roll... ah that's harder. I guess I shiould fix that in case anyone wants to play a 15m tall giant. Where does 22D6 come from?
  11. "Cult" is just another word for "religion", perhaps more accurately "part of a religion". I'd say The Invisible God does have a religion in which sorcery is a big part, and sorcery doesn't happen much outside of that religion.
  12. PhilHibbs


    Both the front-line fighters in my RQG game broke their swords in the first fight they got into.
  13. I don't think Arroin healers think "I'm not allowed to do god magic because Arroin forbids it", isn't it more that "I actually can't because Arroin lost his magic and I follow his path"?
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