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  1. PhilHibbs

    RQG Character creation spreadsheet

    v1.9.3 Alpha 3: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DZHMTtvd87Rc2fzOTJp6u19VteMk07ETwqp-sCYXD10/edit?usp=sharing Better Rules buttons Added translations for the Rules terms (Spanish is just from Google Translate, please let me know if you can do better)
  2. PhilHibbs

    Spell Matrix Question

    If it's a matrix for a spell that most people are familiar with, like Healing or Bladesharp, I'd just straight out tell them. Something more exotic might require some experimentation. I wouldn't give them a matrix for "Self Immolation 10" as a trap. I think the process of casting a spell - whether known or in a matrix - is a deliberate one, you see in your mind's eye the nature of the magic as it forms, targeting or directing it as necessary. It might be possible to construct a booby-trapped matrix that creates the illusion of a beneficial purpose whilst concealing a horrendous effect, but that would be a lot of effort. Maybe chaos can corrupt matrixes in this way, though.
  3. PhilHibbs

    House Rules

    Sandy's sorcery had an Art of Speed for faster casting at an increased MP cost. It was not a specialist Art.
  4. PhilHibbs

    Specific Sorcery Spells

    Neutralize (Rune) So, the sorcerer needs to have mastered, and learned the variant of this spell for, the Rune in question. If I want to defend against Thunderbolt, I need to master Air and learn Neutralize (Air). If I want to defend against Madness, I master Moon and learn Neutralize (Moon). If I want to remove an enemy's Morale spell, I have to master either Death or Truth (or Fertility or Illusion at double cost) and learn the Neutralize variant, and hope that the caster used the rune that I mastered. This seems... unlikely to be of much use. The chances of having mastered and learned the right rune variant for any given instance that this spell would be of use is pretty slim. Maybe if you're going to war with the Lunars, then mastering Moon and learning Neutralize (Moon) would be useful. And vice versa for Lunar sorcerers going up against Orlanthi. Also, if my reading is correct, this and Neutralize Spirit Magic are the only spells that provide ongoing protection against incoming spells, and there is no spell that will provide ongoing protection against incoming sorcery spells. Feel free to post your thoughts on other specific sorcery spells in this thread.
  5. PhilHibbs

    House Rules

    Interesting answer. I don't have a problem with it myself, but it does bring back memories of some of the times I played RQ3 sorcerers - this kind of behaviour was often banned for being "egregious munchkinry". I once pulled a nasty trick on a sorcerer character - he stepped on an adamantium* flagstone, and all his long-duration spells disappeared. Also, this trick only works for spells that are useful at Strength 5 or so, unless you have some pretty expensive inscriptions, as you need at least 10 points of Duration to make it worthwhile. * See The Rainbow Mounds
  6. PhilHibbs

    RQG Character creation spreadsheet

    Are you sure about that? The French translation makes no mention of the 4-point ranges, it looks to me like it is saying that the tranches are 5 points wide. Google says:
  7. PhilHibbs

    RuneQuest Core Rules Questions

    Also Page 52, box top right: So, 21 across the board for humans.
  8. PhilHibbs

    Site News & Feedback

    I've found a problem with the forum - I pasted an image into a post by mistake. and it seems to be impossible to remove it! I can edit the post, delete the image, but it still shows after I have saved. Any suggestions how I can remove the second, big image that is a full desktop screenshot? Or can an admin delete the whole post and I will re-post it? Ah, I found the "delete" option, it was camouflaged against the image. Problem solved, sorry!
  9. PhilHibbs

    Minotaur PCs for RQG

    No Play Instrument (Cowbell) Skill? I'm disappointed. Also, have you seen that the new Bestiary PDF has a section for minotaurs? Bottom of page 34:
  10. PhilHibbs

    House Rules

    Is this why wizards wear pointy hats, to get a bonus on their Law Rune spells?
  11. PhilHibbs


    Splitting off into a new thread in order to avoid topic drift. I wonder if anyone's figured out what is up with Hardral, Balarzak, and Arkat, all of whom went into Dorastor, and then later on we get Ralzakark.
  12. I hope I am wrong about this. It's an amazing thing to do, to donate something so rare and valuable. I'm sure it will go for a lot of money. But, "a lot of money" for an item like this is not "a lot of money" when it comes to running a gaming convention. I'm worried that the high price that this will fetch will be a drop in the ocean when it comes to the next con, and the one after that, or whatever the schedule is. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it will go for such an astronomical price that it will make a real difference to the quality and survival of the down-under con. I hope so (although, that means that I won't win it, I didn't bid THAT high!) I'm sure there will be secondary benefits. The publicity that this has brought, and the encouragement that it will give to others to be generous in their support of the con. Good luck!
  13. PhilHibbs

    RQG Character creation spreadsheet

    v1.9.3 Alpha 2: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/184iocA9xCIvBXc7hYfEvSd8scf9LEIBuQ0usFnR2vL4/edit?usp=sharing Indicates which rule is currently in effect with a checkbox (don't just check the box manually! Let the button do it!)
  14. PhilHibbs

    Site News & Feedback

    This appears to be working now! Whatever comes after the thread ID is ignored, and the link forwards to the latest thread name. Maybe this was fixed by a forum software update after I tried it and found it not working.
  15. PhilHibbs

    House Rules

    Are there any house rules that you would really like to see implemented in my character creation and management spreadsheet? I have just now implemented RQ3 category modifier mechanics, as far as the +/-1 vs +/-5 is concerned. You can swap back and forth between the two mechanics. This is still alpha so see the last post in the thread (v1.9.3 Alpha 1). I have not implemented the RQ3 characteristics that go into each modifier, e.g. just INT for Knowledge. I don't know if there is any demand for that, I doubt it, but it would be easy to do. Species Maximum calculations is one possible candidate, as opinions vary over max+min, max+dice+(1 if adds), max+dice+⌈adds/6⌉, etc. The sheet calculates these maxima in order to cap culture and rune bonuses, so it's rare that it will come into play. At the moment it's max+dice+(1 if adds). If you have any requests, please post them in the dedicated thread: