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  1. Scorpion men are a doddle. Parry their weapon with a shield, and their stinger with a sword. Once the stinger is gone, you are on an even footing.
  2. Could be a long, dangerous journey there and back. I would be reluctant to allow a shaman to easily just discorporate and travel hundreds of miles to communicate with people over great distance. However, they might be able to find a location on the spirit plane that has a strong correspondence to a location sacred to the worship being performed, and participate in the events being celebrated by running a solo worship ceremony. Their relatives back home might see a spirit that resembles Cousin Bob swirling around the fires. Bob might recognize familiar faces looking on or also participating. So, sorta maybe. If the intention is to allow worship and replenishment of RP, yes I'd allow it. That's basically what Vishi Dunn does in my game.
  3. I always thought that an allied spirit's physical form being destroyed was a big deal. And I don't recall "dominant possession" being a common allied spirit power.
  4. The wider question of "what is the wyter of a sorcery community like" is an interesting one though.
  5. So? SR is not time, and in any case I don't see why the Rune rating would become "locked out" while casting, preventing the Allied Spirit from casting with the same rating.
  6. Weapon scale in combination with damage bonus is interesting. In a sense big weapons are double-dippping because they have big damage, but the thing that is big enough to use it also necessarily has a big bonus. I wonder if weapon damage might be better done (almost certainly not but I'll carry on anyway) by primarily basing it on a STR&SIZ damage calculation, maybe with a reduction for weapons that are smaller than the maximum or optimum size for the wielder. So you don't need to figure out what a 15m giant sized broadsword does - it's broadsword-sized for the giant, so it does base giant damage, maybe plus something for being a sharp metal thing. Giant wielding a tree? No need to worry about tree damage. Giant damage covers it. If the damage is a table like the current system, different weapons could just have a bonus or reduction of a number of levels on the table. And the weapons chart doesn't need different damage for different sizes of the same kind of weapon, a big sword does more damage because the wielder is big enough to use it. Sharp, spiky, or solid weapons deserve a bonus, soft or weak weapons like sticks or bare fists might have a penalty.
  7. Well, we know there are groups who can pool their magic. Sartar Magical Union, Crater Makers, Lunar College of Magic, this is something that we know is going on. We know nothing of the "how", either in Gloranthan or RuneQuest terms. So this kind of spell is probably some technique for a group of people all casting magic in a concerted manner. Like, if X people all cast Bludgeon Y on a ram, then it gets +YDX damage. 6 people with Bludgeon 4 gives 4D6. 10 people with Bludgeon 2 gives 2D10. Where the technique comes from, whether it needs a skill, a ritual spell, a Rune spell, a HeroQuest power, a sub-cult membership, I don't know. Does anyone know if group magic is planned for any particular publication? Is it in The Red Book of Magic (which I don't think is destined for publication in the exact same form that it currently exists)?
  8. This is precisely why a human-scale spell should not be usable on a battlefield-scale weapon.
  9. Damn, am I too late to get the highly collectable first edition PDF with all the mistakes? My RQ collection will never be complete now! Digital era goods suck for collectors!
  10. Always bear in mind that the rules have been written for adventurers, and the game system is centered around the human scale. GMs should feel free to adjust or veto anything outside of that.
  11. PhilHibbs


    Indeed, the perfect "blank land", nothing you put there can possibly be contradicted by canon, ever.
  12. PhilHibbs


    Sometimes called "Brigadoorastor"
  13. There's only one Chaosium staffer that I will listen to on this subject.
  14. No, if you want to learn Heal 5, you need to find someone who knows Heal 5. I think that's clear, but I need to check the rules, I'll post back here when I've had a chance to do that. Of course, extra points of spell in character creation does not mean "you can learn 1 point, therefore you can only ever learn 1-point spells". The character creation process is representing the overall accumulation of magic over a course of time. It should not be taken too literally.
  15. I'm sure they do. They are Orlanthi, change is in their nature, so if you don't change, you are going against their traditions. No-one said dealing with the dead was going to be easy.
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