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  1. Yep, looks like a mistake to me. A new errata for a 43 year old game!
  2. Broken Tower, Dragon of Thunder Hills
  3. There are two RuneQuest scenarios knocking around that involve gods manifesting apparently of their own volition. Not a worshipper manifesting their god's powers, but it is presented as the god awakening and talking to folks and persuading them to resume worship. How is this not a violation of the compromise? Or is that exactly what it is, a manifestation of the straining of Arachne Solara's web?
  4. You can't use Extension with a ritual like Sanctify that has no duration. There are no rules for how long Sanctify lasts, I think once nobody is maintaining the site then it ceases to be sacred in a few days at most.
  5. I know a guy at poly (mid '80s) who used a home computer to randomly roll characteristics sets and print them out all day on a dot matrix printer and manually looked through them for the best ones, and claimed that it was legitimate.
  6. I think that would be valid, we've already seen a subcult that is ok with killing chaos creatures, so training with a shield, with specific focus on not hurting the attacker on a special or critical, I think is an entirely believable fringe CA heresy.
  7. Something that seeks out undead and engages them in spirit combat maybe. Although that wouldn't work for skeletons that have no MP, but zombies and everything upwards from there do.
  8. I think the concern is over the word, not the existence of a similar philosophy. Since Glorantha has intelligent plants, then "vegetarian" is no longer a safe term to refer to people with ethical objections to eating creatures that have sensations of pain and distress (yes, I know plants can feel distress by some definitions in the real world). The trite way to phrase this is "if you are a vegetarian then you would eat elves because they are plants therefore your philosophy sucks". Personally I'm more forgiving of the use of the phrase "vegetarian" to mean "someone who won't eat animals, or plants that have similar faculties to animals in the real world".
  9. I would say so. There's no real difference between hiding behind a shield and hiding behind a table. It's just an object to put between harm and harm's target. Where it would become tricky is if the attacker misses with a natural weapon and you critical your shield parry and end up breaking their arm. But these corner cases are where the great stories are. I'm glad that it isn't 100% nailed down, because uncertainty allows for more drama. Sure, all the cultures get some kind of shield skill. You could even put extra points into it, if you decide that you learned a bit more as a kid watching the warriors practicing.
  10. Sentience is "the capacity to be aware of feelings and sensations", yes it's often used in science fiction as a synonym of "sapience" but the strict definition includes basically anything with a nervous system. Which is why we so loosely use the word "vegetarian" without intending to include eating Gloranthan elves. Nobody has written it yet. I'm sure there is one, there are thousands of Gloranthan myths for all aspects of everyday life that aren't written up by us yet. Something to do with discovering that it is in the nature of plants to need to travel through a digestive system as part of their life journey maybe, and that eating for plants doesn't mean the same as killing does for animals. Why does that not include elves? Sure, something probably eats elves, and that's probably ok, but it isn't humans or similar species so it's not something most Chalana Arroy should do. Not many Uz worship Chalana Arroy, and if one does, then it's up to the player to come up with their Aldryamivorous philosophical stance.
  11. And I think that's what most people mean by "vegetarian", especially when it's used in a casual context like "Chalana Arroy are vegetarians". In our world, it's a philosophy that is about avoiding eating sentient life, and that pretty much is synonymous with plant life. It should be obvious to us that people that we would think of as vegetarans in Glorantha wouldn't kill and eat Aldryami.
  12. RBoM p.65, RQG p.335: The term "proper temple" here is open to interpretation.
  13. CMIIW but you don't use RP to cast a spell with a matrix. The matrix has the spell stored in it, you roll POWx5 to cast it, and that empties the matrix (you may be able to use part of the capacity). You then need to re-fill the matrix at a worship ceremony, and as I understand it it has to be the deity that granted the spell. So if an Orlanthi makes a Shield matrix, then it has to be an Orlanth worship ceremony to re-fill it. This restriction may only be for cult special spells, e.g. Heal Body at an Ernalda ceremony. More common spells might be re-fillable anywhere that the spell is available. I'd probably play it that way even if that isn't official.
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