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  1. That's an interesting idea, some forms might involve more runes or techniques, where a more fitting version requires only one of each.
  2. Indeed, there may be cults whose SoR are more legalistic and rulebound than others.
  3. I imagine that where a spell can be described by more than one technique-runes combinaton, a sorcerer will learn one combination and that's it. The combination will be the one taught by their cult, school, or scroll. They might be able to figure out a different way of achieving the same effect, using techniques or runes that they have easier access to.
  4. I imagine there will be some cases where the same effect can be achieved by both combinging one rune and by separating its opposite rune, such as "Calm Water" could be "Combine-Water-Stasis" or "Separate-Water-Movement". *Edit* Except that that should be Combine-Water-Harmony....
  5. Hm, you're right: Command 23 Combine 19 Dispel 9 Separate 0 Summon 11 Tap 2 Actually I should check that list as it may well have been based on an early version of the rules.
  6. Sure, it says that on the leaflet...
  7. Not a "major cult rule". Sure, we say simple things like "you have to attend major worship ceremonies", but the actual rules in the world are more subtle than that. Like Kosher rules, there's an exemption that you can eat what you need to eat to survive.
  8. Oh, and on the original question, I take it literally as "+10 to attack", not "+10 to skill". The skill remains unchanged and so goes up through experience more easily if it's under 100 (but what kind of crappy Humakti doesn't start with 100% sword skill, eh).
  9. It's a nice thing to add to an existing magic weapon, but you might never get one. The Humakti in my game got an heirloom sword with a Strength matrix and +1 HP, and put "+50% HP" and "double damage" on it.
  10. If not, there's always the SVG versions: https://runequest-glorantha.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Runes I did a bit of work on some of the other runes as well, adding detail to some perfectly straight edges.
  11. I do not think that word means what you think it means.
  12. Hsunchen shapechanging has been Rune Magic since RQ3. Magic is natural.
  13. Who speaks Aramaic nowadays? Surely no more offensive than raiding Old Norse. Perhaps you are right, invented terms might be better. Aramaic is a little odd sounding to the modern western ear anyway, words like Khaoba and Akara don't really work for me in Dragon Pass. I don't think that using Saxon, Old English, or Old Norse is a problem anyway. These are words that we know from our history and literature, but that doesn't mean that the culture is a transplant of that historic culture. It's just an ancient term that is familiar or resonant to English speakers. It's easy to figure out what cottar, thrall, and serf mean.
  14. The stat block is a broo, the illustration is a different guy. They hate each other.
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