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  1. As with previous releases, are we to expect emails with our PDF rebate voucher codes? p.s. Great birthday present thanks! *Update* Ignore me, it's already here!
  2. The down side, of course, is that now that place detects as a trap for ever. You could say that when a trap goes off, then that dissipates the aura. But a failed trap is a failed trap for all time. Despite my computer programmer instincts, I think this is all getting too fiddly and literal. It's magic. A magical cosmos has certain active, quasiconscious properties that a non-magical cosmos does not. Detect spells tap into this, and the specifics of how the spells work are difficult to pin down to hard rules. I'm quite ok with making intuitive calls on issues like this. I think a fail
  3. One potential logic for "detect traps" is that the deliberate setting of the trap leaves a psychic aura in the area, and that's what you're detecting. That leaves open the question, "if the person setting it failed their roll but didn't know it, does it still detect as a trap?"
  4. Those are skills, and the higher your skill the more rare poisons you know about. The GM can impose penalties for super rare or exotic poisons. The spell is an all-or-nothing 100% perfect sensor that can find all poisons that have ever existed. The concepts are entirely different, and I have the same concern over Detect Poison.
  5. A: "Mind if I ask where we're going?" B: "Nochet." A: "Ok." a few minutes later... A: "Mind if I ask where we're going?"
  6. Here's a cleaned up printer friendly version, hope you don't mind:
  7. I think there is either a mistake or misunderstanding in the Q&A Pages. It's possible that this has already been addressed in the past, if so I apologise for bringing it up again, but I do think that it is a valid point. The Well, in the section on The Ordeal: It seems to me that this question was answered as though it referred to the abilities acquired after The Ordeal, not the ones earned during it which was my intention. p.359: The rules here clearly say that the first ability that they gain after The Ordeal is free, and that subsequent ones cost characteristic
  8. So really there's two things going on here - soft places, where the boundary is thin, and spirit vortices, which are on the spirit plane. No doubt some phenomena like The Eternal Battle are both. A single cause that manifests as both a soft place and a spirit vortex. I think I got the term "soft place" from Neil Gaiman's Sandman, but it works in this context. I can't remember if there is a Gloranthan term.
  9. Absolutely not, but my thinking was twofold: firstly, the Orlanthi are more likely to be accepting of a chaos tainted person as it's more of an occupational hazard around there, and secondly, that bonus STR is going to be really handy against some of the horrors there. And thirdly it's a great place to go out in a blaze of glory. And fourthly there's material published there to go play.
  10. Except that prices are still going up... I don't know if creators can do region-specific discounts.
  11. Can't copy on mobile device sorry, but I checked that link works even if not logged in. TL/DR: Printing cost in the UK is NOT going up, but prices are the same everywhere therefore the price IS going up*. So creator, publisher, and DTRPG will enjoy a big bonus on UK sales. As has been noted, creators can adjust their pricing as they wish after the automatic increase, but not by region. Complications!
  12. Interesting post from Rick on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/482578525251485/?multi_permalinks=1977621845747138&hoisted_section_header_type=recently_seen&__cft__[0]=AZXdvMRvCAAfihuaQn3PShryF2OeBZ2ahTCyuPiR6a-IgfjJGM7tT0-cC0FNkWKSR-YHBiFn2nLS5rgsR3QxuhUn_ibIx7RtoszlX_0dIL1wNarDSww0XJrexDfACpj3KlZRhJS29P9r04Spoejrg0EJgstBcyhTStNdd7uSZqCVdPeXfQ1uwntRq9gfdpdi3Sc&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R
  13. Before taint: chop wood, carry water. After taint: chop down entire tree in a single blow, carry huge barrels of water.
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