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  1. That's nothing, Wraith Recon had two rivers crossing over each other.
  2. Good point - I know it from Greg speaking at conventions in the 90s, but I'm not sure if it has been stated in print.
  3. There are other methods of managing the transition. Currently we tax wages, if wage labour are replaced by robot labour then you just change the way taxes are structured so that the economic activity still results in an appropriate contribution to the funding of society. At present I'm in favour of high personal taxation and low corporate taxation based on the simple pragmatic approach that companies are good at avoiding tax so the effort of pursuing them is not cost effective. A transition to increased AI automation would lead to that approach needing some reconsideration.
  4. I doubt that there is a consistent numerical proportion, I'd say it's more likely to be a geographic distribution.
  5. We have no idea whether communism is a bad idea since it's never been tried. Marx himself said that Marxism could not be imposed, but was inevitable in the long term. Star Trek's Federation is largely communist. Cue heated debate! 🤪
  6. Ideally the GM should stay out of it. The group might need help if they are inexperienced, with the GM suggesting his things are typically done in the culture. Or if one player is in danger if being bullied or hoodwinked by another, intervening can be necessary to avoid what should be in-world drama becoming something that spoils real friendships.
  7. Yes, it's just a restriction of the mobile site, or maybe mobile Chrome browser. Maybe it's just that the mobile keyboard had no Delete button.
  8. I'm having problems editing posts on a mobile device. Specifically, it seems impossible to delete a quote once you've inserted it. You can remove content from within the quote, to the point where it is empty, but that box is there for ever, or until you remember to get back to it on a regular browser. Same seems to apply to emojis and URL preview boxes. Does anyone know of a workaround? I think I have a login on the forum software producer's site, I might ask there when I get back from my hols.
  9. When I saw that URL I thought "What have the publishers of MERP and Rolemaster done to upset RPGNet?" 🤣
  10. I think that it is now clear that there always was a reason to change!
  11. I thought Yahoo Groups had died a long time ago...😁
  12. I got dragged into MC by a friend pretty much as soon as I hut 60 so I only did the vanilla level 60 instances once or twice each. I'm very much looking forward to spending more time in Strat, Scholo, and the Blackrock instances this time around. I did Wailing Caverns about 7 times on three different characters. Cleared Uldaman the other night, yay! I check the guild on every gnome I see, not seen any <Gnome Sweet Gnome> yet...
  13. If it's ridiculous that it works that way, then why do you claim that it works that way? I guess that any spell that requires a resistance roll can be used to check for Ife.
  14. Clearly not. The Viking tradition that I always assumed that this was based on was, if I recall correctly, that you had to report the killing at one of the first three houses that you walk past after the deed, so with foreigners it is more about admitting it to your community (who might bear the consequences of revenge killings) than to the relatives of the deceased. Of course the custom doubtless varied and was subject to interpretation, and is muddied by fictional presentations, but there's enough flexibility on what counts as "secret murder" to create a narrative that supports the scenario.
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