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  1. This is getting very RuneQuesty, but it does make me wonder if there is a Sartar Magical Union group of Tricksters that can pool their magic. I can think of no ways in which that could end badly.
  2. Not all of the methods proposed involve Rune magic. Topic drift, but I disagree. Rune magic works, and can't be taken away. What you can lose is the right to take part in ceremonies to get the RP back, but that would take a priest to cast a Ban enchantment. So yes, a similar outcome, by a different mechanism.
  3. Actual Lie Spell that I used in a game: "I killed The Crimson Bat three times!" There is, however, a direct causal link from that very lie spell to the character being beheaded for serial murder. And no Detach Head either.
  4. One answer to that it to make it expensive. PCs tend to have large disposable wealth, so those NPCs who have figured it out can charge the PCs for the service. And if the PCs look like they are muscling in on their cushy little number ..
  5. Do you really think that a divination to Yelm, asking "Will the Sun rise in the morning", is ever going to give an answer that isn't "Yes"?
  6. The majority of that family history is marginally usable for elder races, I'd say. Sure, pick and choose a parh through it, but I suspect it will leave a feeling that this elder race is more "just like a human" than I'd like. A few alternative events for different races would be nice. I'm hoping that someone will do some alternative FH sections and publish them in a fanzine. It largely depends, also, on where you Elder Race character is from. Sazdorf trolls, Skyfall Lake trolls, Shadow Plateau trolls, these will all have different FH activities.
  7. I think that's an example in the RQ3 spell writeup, which says that a Divination would resolve the issue.
  8. Everyone at Chaosium is rich as rock stars already, didn't you know?
  9. Nope. Me too. True. Even Countermagic 20 can be knocked down by someone with a modest POW and a bit of extra storage.
  10. That's fine, I asked the question because I'm not sure of the answer! You mean, because the spell ends before it hits a long-range target? I think the problem there is that 50m is an arbitrary simplified game mechanic, rather than a literal, provable-in-the-world spherical bubble if power. Of course the missile hits with the Speedart or Multimissile effect. Another way to put it is, how many break if they don't? The two minute duration eliminates such concerns under normal circumstances, but when you bring in the Spell Extension shamanic power, does that change? Genuine question, as I write this I don't have an answer. Let's see if I can find one. Strength. One of the best spells in the book. Cast it on someone with Spell Extension, and they can go half way around the world keeping that +8 STR bonus. I'm ok with that. Control. "Attack anyone entering this room". Nice. Again, I'm ok with shamans being able to set guardian spirits. Countermagic. Nasty. No healing for you, until you can muster a large Dispel or Dismiss. Ok, I can't think of a world-breaking example. Any suggestions, or should I take this to the munchkinnery thread? 😁 Fair point.
  11. Ok, thanks for that!
  12. ...although opinions seem to vary on whether this is a rule or not.
  13. p255: This is the ambiguity that I mentioned. Do a spell's effects "continue to occur" throughout the duration, or do they occur once and just continue?
  14. The problem with the "beat up a spirit, get a spell" mechanism is that it doesn't explain where the focus comes from. You need a focus. You know the spell. You don't have a focus. Can you cast the spell? Technically, I guess not.
  15. I'd have to go back over the RQ3 rules and see if it's clear or not, because that's where most of my preconceptions stem from. RQG is a little ambiguous on the subject.
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