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  1. PhilHibbs

    Calculating Strike Ranks for S/MR missle weapons

    Does it say that you lose 5 SR if you don't have an arrow prepared at the start, or is that just for firing more than one arrow in a round? For spells, according to my reading, it is just for subsequent spells in the round, so with DEX 21 you can cast on 1, 6, 11 and then on 1 again the next round.
  2. PhilHibbs

    Lhankor Mhy Sorcery and Meldeks

    That's because the magical laws of this world don't work that way. Glorantha's nagical laws clearly do. A Humakti's religion prevents resurrection, for example.
  3. PhilHibbs

    RQG Character Sheet Fillable PDF ver 1.2

    Mine is a bit... boxy, I admit. The problem with making Google sheets pretty is you can't paste in vectors. You can paste in bitmaps, but I got the runes in by pasting them in to a LibreOffice workbook, uploading it, then fixing the bits that broke.
  4. PhilHibbs

    Moonrise Over Karse

    I think Jeff once said that Uz will not use man/darkness as an opposed pair. Unless the preview says otherwise? I don't have it to hand.
  5. PhilHibbs

    RQG Character Sheet Fillable PDF ver 1.2

    Now I just need to get my Google spreadsheet to automatically fill in one of these... 🤔
  6. PhilHibbs

    Making Sorcerers

    For Seven Mothers, yes. Not for every lunar cult.
  7. PhilHibbs

    Magic Points and SR

    I agree - and if you wanted DEX 21 to be able to cast 3 spells a round then you just make the prep 4 SR instead of 5.
  8. PhilHibbs

    Making Sorcerers

    He's a knowledge God, so elemental summoning would not be his primary focus.
  9. PhilHibbs

    RQG Preview - more of the Bestiary

    MOB said they are the same thing. That's the last official statement that I have seen.
  10. PhilHibbs

    Magic Points and SR

    But the fact that, by a literal reading, a DEX 21 character casting a 1 point spell casts it on strike rank zero does not mean that the spell literally takes zero time to cast.
  11. PhilHibbs

    Magic Points and SR

    Strike ranks are not time. If you have a DEX of 16+ then you can cast a 1-point spell on SR 1. If you have 21+ then you can cast it again on SR 6, then 11. Quite an incentive, being able to cast 3 spells a round.
  12. PhilHibbs

    Doubling sorcery costs

    The 1-point cost for each rune/technique is doubled. The additional point per intensity is doubled twice. He knows Truth, so that is 1 point. He doesn't know Dispel, so that is doubled. So by my reckoning it's 3 base plus 2 per extra intensity. Clearly the example is muddled, maybe they changed Logical Clarity from Illusion to Truth and didn't fix the example. For a 1 rune 1 technique spell that you don't know both of, the cost would be 4 base (2 for the rune, 2 for the technique) and 4 per intensity (1 point doubled twice).
  13. PhilHibbs

    Magic Points and SR

    Clearly one of them is wrong. I'm waiting for the fixed PDF but I suspect it is the latter.
  14. PhilHibbs

    Doubling sorcery costs

    Double once for not knowing the rune, and doubled again for not knowing the technique, so x4?
  15. PhilHibbs

    Splitting attacks in RQG

    So long as they do it before the session starts, I don't mind. Indecision paralysis (were we even discussing that?) means you aren't attacking. Of course if it's an inexperienced player who is just a bit overwhelmed by the situation then that's different, but the kind of player who is capable of figuring all this out can take responsibility for their dithering. Sure, there are options. Sure, those options have numerical consequences. If someone wants to get hung up on the minimaxing of the numbers then fine, some people enjoy that, including me sometimes. Although I played MRQ2 and enjoyed the combat effects, I don't miss them. I'd rather have a rich set of flexible mechanics than a bullet list that nearly always boiled down to "called shot to the head".