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  1. Spoilers for Last Will and Testament of Professor McTavish below. . . . . . . . I signed up to run "Last Will and Testament..." at GenCon online, but frankly found the scenario really lackluster. It's just a "just enter this crypt and fight a zombie", and it's the kind of thing that drove me away from D&D. I know it's supposed to be an introductory, under 2 hour scenario, but just having the investigators enter a room and be attacked by a mindless zombie is not my idea of what a first-time experience of CoC should be. My first and simplest idea was just to make McTavish more of a lych than a mindless zombie, give him some dialogue while he's still sitting on his wheelchair with the mask on, and maybe give him a Wither Limb spell to horrify the players with. But maybe someone has made some more interesting changes to the scenario while still keeping it short, and wouldn't mind sharing it? Thanks!
  2. @Joe Kenobi thank you for pointing out that thread, that would probably work fine for my purposes.
  3. I kinda have the opposite question... what happens if an investigator takes the deal. How are people handling the need to kill a Deep One every 2 months? Tracking them down would probably be a full-time job, unless you lived in Innsmouth.
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