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  1. Now that I'm aware this setting exist and since the Kickstarter is closed, is there another way to pre-purchase it ? Oh and are you going to make a Fantasy Grounds Unity for Revolution d100 available ? I'm really interested in both
  2. Ok, thanks, I understand, I think I will have to go with "ugly Combat cards made by myself" for the time being I hope there will be nice Combat Cards (and a pdf for it 😛 ) with the revised edition and a nice combat Tracker would be sweet too Thanks for your work, I really like Revolution d100 Mechanics, especially the narrative incentive in it
  3. Hello, is ther a way to have the Combat cards in PDF, because through DrivethruRPG the shipping fee is more than the cost of the cards themselves since I live in France (and it take 5-8 weeks to be shipped)...
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