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  1. I ran the Rattling Wind for a group of new players and two characters were dying/dead before they could act. Any advice for making it less lethal? Maybe a better introductory adventure?
  2. Ah, okay, thanks all. I must have missed or misplaced the premade characters then. I'll look around for them.
  3. Just checking, I noticed the handouts PDF listed for the game was supposed to include premade investigators, but I didn't see any. Was that an error or am I only supposed to get those if I buy the PDF version? It will change if I get it through the store or my FLGS.
  4. I was looking for some premade characters to introduce people to Runequest. I know that the Quick start has some, but I was hoping to find characters I could use for the Gamemaster Adventures or the recent scenario packs. The Gamemaster Adventures book says it has premade adventurers, but I was unclear which of the NPCs were appropriate for them, if any, or if the scenarios have characters to give to newer players.
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