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  1. Adventure awaits in today's #NewGmMonth instalment... and maybe rock lizards too: https://newgamemastermonth.com/2019/01/22/encounters-meat-adventure
  2. Saddle up! A new release for Call of Cthulhu's DOWN DARKER TRAILS... SHADOWS OVER STILLWATER is a three-part campaign, plus an additional adventure that can be played standalone or as a continuation, and adventure seeds. Also features a new and fully realized town in which to base adventures. PDF out now, hardback book in a few months. As always, get the PDF now, get the full price of the PDF off the physical book when it is released. https://www.chaosium.com/shadows-over-stillwater-pdf
  3. The Vintage RPG Podcast talk about "the passing of a legend" - their episode is devoted to a remembrance of Greg Stafford:https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/the-vintage-rpg-podcast/e/58294330 #GregStafford
  4. New for the King Arthur Pendragon rpg - THE BOOK OF SIRES. Honor thy forefathers …The Book of Sires radically expands the Family History system first presented in the King Arthur Pendragon core rulebook to encompass knights from any of the nine realms: from Auitaine to Cornwall to Cumbria, and many points in between! Available in PDF from Chaosium: http://bit.ly/2W8NMra Available in PDF and Hardcover from DTRPG: http://bit.ly/2FH9zRD
  5. Yes, if they'll have you, you can sign up for the Sun Dome Templars and can serve for two years before being required to apply to be an initiate of Yelmalio, or leaving. That would explain assorted foreigners (including Humatki etc) in the ranks. A bit like joining the French Foreign Legion. This is in fact the career path Rurik the Restless followed.
  6. MOB

    What was the Sun Dragon?

    As described in The Great Winter and Time of Two Counts, Windwhistler is one of the allies that comes, at the moment of crisis in the Windstop, the Sun Domers enact the 'Last Light' heroquest. The myth speaks of the 'false friend', but Lord Belvani was able to convince Count Solanthos that the wyrm was indeed a true ally. Lord Belvani later proclaims himself Count at Moonbroth 2 and embraces the Sun Dragon: Proclaiming himself the new Count there-and-then, Belvani immediately announced the Sun Domers would make a pact with Argrath White Bull, also known as the Dragonlord, leader of the Praxians. Proof of their fidelity would be shown in front of the walls of Pavis, he said, sealing the alliance. Furthermore, veneration of the Sun Dragon would resume, an aspect of the Yelmalio cult that had been suppressed for centuries. Windwhistler gave a rapturous flyby over the battlefield, trailing the Sun Dome banner, now stitched with a golden dragon. The wyrm then flew away towards Vulture’s Country... ... Several days after their victory at Second Moonbroth the nomads arrived at New Pavis, immediately laying a siege. The Sun Dome contingent appeared too, silently watching from the other side of the river (though vrok hawks were seen to pass back and forth from the Suntown enclave inside the city). Pavis’ defenses had been stiffened by the fabled Watchdog, brought up by the Lunars from Corflu. But on the very first morning it was destroyed by a gigantic golden wyrm that suddenly swooped in from the west. At this, the Sun Domers marched off downriver, and the wyrm was seen flying into the Rubble. The siege was finally broken a week later and the nomads poured into the city, intent on destruction, bloodshed and plunder. This was when the great wyrm appeared again, this time with a golden warrior perched on its back. The wyrm curled itself around the Sun Dome temple in Suntown. Its presence helped spare that quarter of the city from excessive violence or damage, although it tore the roof off the fortified Lunar headquarters (formerly the palace of Count Varthanis) to root out those taking refuge inside. The golden warrior was none other than Rurik Runespear, the famous Light Son of Pavis. After his mysterious disappearance at the time of the Cradle three years before he had been feared dead. Unknown to the Sun Dome authorities, he’d instead been one of the heroic defenders of the Cradle and then became one of Argrath’s boon companions, sharing incredible adventures across the world. Leading a mixed band of nomads and Suntowners, Rurik led the charge into the Lunar Headquarters. He personally killed the hated governor Halcyon var Enkorth, who he found hiding in a privy. On being rebuffed by most of the temple hierarchy on his triumphant return to the Sun Dome Temple, Belvani sets up shop in the Old Sun Dome. With the Dragonrise, it once again becomes a place of magical potentcy: The great dragon continued to fly in great spirals around Dragon Pass, circling Kero Fin and obscuring the Red Moon. As it did so, strange draconic energies revived that had been quiet since the days of the Empire of the Wyrms Friends. In Prax, the Old Sun Dome temple again became a true place of power, and its once-cracked dome now glistened as if covered in scales.
  7. MOB

    Guided Teleportation destnations

    I wrote a story about this very topic a long time ago. I hope it is illuminating... http://rpgreview.net/mob/ahardlanding.htm A Hard Landing First published in Tales of the Reaching Moon issue #9 Copyright © 1990 by Michael O'Brien "Come on Murph old pal, you gotta sponsor me in. I can handle a blade as good as anyone, and I've always wanted to be a Humakti... ...So why've I been an Orlanthi all these years? Sucked me in with all that 'call of adventure' crap didn't they? Look, I realize I'm a hell of an ugly bastard right now, but no-one ever got blackballed from Humakt for havin' pimples. Besides, they reckon the rash'll be gone by Windsday next... ...How'd I know that? Bloody priests sent the Impests against me didn't they. That's why I want out of Orlanth. Pull up a pew Murph and I'll give you the full story... ...Nah, I won't sit down meself, they gave me piles too. "You know how we Orlanthi gotta do our annual six weeks workin' for the priests, well, last year I found meself fightin' Thanatari broo - got laid up with the border sneakin' food an' stuff into Whitewall. This is back when there was talk that the Crimson Bat was comin' down to finish off them Volsaxi rebels. The most terrifyin' six weeks I ever spent in me life, Bat or no Bat. Well, the rebels are still there, and your priest's always got some broo to kill someplace, so this year I think to meself, there's gotta be some soft option I can take for me cult service where I don't have to put meself at risk. "That's how I line meself up for this job standin' guard in the Landing Room at the temple. "What could be easier?", thinks I. Standin' around all day watchin' out for the odd Storm Voice or Wind Lord teleport in. Six weeks hobnobbin' with the gentry, never findin' meself on the wrong end of a broo, what a breeze! "Started out all right, didn't it? Bein' holy week an' all, all of them Lords or priests were too busy makin' the winds blow to get themselves into trouble. I just stood around all day lookin' at the murals. Bloody nice paintin's they was too. Come Freezeday though, and the runies are off. It's only then that it dawns on me that the only time your priest or lord's gonna beam in s'when he's got more trouble than he can handle: and if a Wind Lord can't handle it, what hope have I? "First back is the Wind Voice Aleous, yeah the guy they burned last Windsday. Well, what was left of 'im. Stupid bastard went to do a deal with the Inhuman King. Beams in blackened to a crisp. Seems ol' snake-face didn't get the gist of what he was on about and torched him. I hollered for the medics of course, but there wasn't much even Chalana Arroy could do. "I'm down on the floor scrapin' up what's left of Aleous (yeah, I forgot to tell ya, I find out then that it's me who's gotta do the cleanin' up), when all of a sudden SPLAT! Thumpin' down next to me I see a great pile of iron, tin, silver an' stuff, spread flat over the floor. I have to look again before I realise there's a guy inside it! So, once more I holler for the meat-wagon, and they rush in, throw him on the stretcher and cart him off quick smart. "I got the full story from one of the medics later. It seems Ignatius Orvost was tryin' to notch up his seasonal quota of elves, when one shoots out his sylph from under him. Problem was, the crazy bugger was half-a-mile up when it happened. "No hassle", thinks Orvost just before he hits the ground, "I'll just Guided Teleport out." Forgot that he was carryin' a heck of a lot of downward velocity didn't he?. Boy he hit that floor awful hard! My medic friend reckons it took the Healers and a tinsmith two hours to cut him out of his armour. Later that week a similar thing happened when Horseface Pandarus beams in at full-tilt on his warhorse. That's how those murals on the west wall got smashed off. "Now, I got great respect for them Healers (fixed me well and good after me run-in with them broo last year), but I wouldn't want to be one of 'em either. You know that party that set off to kill chaos in Snakepipe Hollow? Yeah, the one that I would'a been in if I hadn't lined up the Landing Room job. Well, it seems that they didn't get far into the 'pipe before they run smack into a stinkin' Walktapi. They set about destroyin' the thing, and all but their leader Caspian Vur remembers to hold their breath. Now, this Wind Drake Vur takes a gust o' gas up the beak and decides to bail out, takin' the whole party with him. This is fine I guess, except one of his Storm Bull pals has already cast his Berserk spell and appears in the Landing Room all itchin' for a fight. It took six Healers to calm him down, but not before he'd sliced up half his pals, split me shield in two and belted the plaster off the east wall. "T'was 'bout the end of truth week and I'm near half-way through me cult service when I really stuffed things up though. Nothin's happened for near on a week, and I'm bored stiff thinkin' maybe fightin' headhunter broo weren't all that bad, when all of a sudden this Lunar guy teleports in, scimitar in one hand, a severed head in the other. Now, it don't take much nouse to work out that maybe this guy is Thanatar or somethin', and he's snicked off some poor sap of a Storm Voice's head and is usin' his spells to get around. So before he gets his bearin's I hit him, hard, and I hit him again, and again, 'til he stops movin'. Then I yell for the guard. What else could've I done? "Only then do I find out that this guy I've just creamed is an Orlanthi secret agent, who's managed to sneak in disguise into the Lunar camp to kill the commander. That's whose head it was. "Now old Leonidas the High Priest didn't take it too well, me killin' one of his best agents, particularly after the Healers couldn't get him back. Still, me intentions were honest - I'm told the suspicious bastard even went as far as askin' the divine to check me up - so Leonidas can't chuck the Wind Fists at me, thank Luck. Even so, he gave me the Impests... ...yeah, I know its rude to scratch yer arse in public, Murph, I've rubbed it raw this last week... ...and I've still gotta do six more days out at the tin mine before me cult service is up. "Anyway, come next Windsday I want out. Who wants to end up a Wind Lord if the Landing Room's all I got to look forward to? ..."So ya reckon you can get me inta Humakt, huh. Great!... ...Have I heard tell of your Rune Swords and their duellin'? Nah Murph, do tell...
  8. Our friends at Type40 are making a very limited batch of 20 RuneQuest shields. Hand-finished, and made from 3mm spun aluminium, 25 inches in diameter with a 120mm central boss. The shields have a highly detailed solid cast bronze handle, laser-cut dragon fascia, and laser-cut runes to your selection. Each comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. All made in Australia by Type40. For more information: https://type40.com.au/product/official-runequest-shield
  9. Our partners at MetaArcade are launching a closed beta devoted to the Cthulhu Chronicles. With remastered art & enhanced game mechanics, beta players will be able to craft their own adventures, complete with art, audio & game mechanics. The closed beta will launch in mid-February. If you're interested, you can sign up for the closed beta now at: http://www.metaarcade.com (available on iOS and Android).
  10. We are pleased to formally announce the appointment of David Larkins as Line Editor for the King Arthur Pendragon RPG. A longtime fan of the BRP family of games and, through blog posts and actual-play recordings, a vocal booster of KAP in particular, it was David's privilege to connect with Greg Stafford back in 2014 and begin contributing as a writer and editor to the revitalized Pendragon line under Nocturnal Media. David carries forward the game's legacy in the wake of Greg's passing. https://www.chaosium.com/david-larkins
  11. HARLEM UNBOUND creator Chris Spivey recently submitted his finished manuscript for the new edition. As we proceed through the editing and layout process, sign up to our special HU2 preview list and you'll receive author notes, previews, art, release dates, and special surprises: http://eepurl.com/dOa3QX Here's the work-in-progress of the new edition's striking cover, which we recently shared with the preview list. It's by Brennen Reece, who won a Gold ENnie for the cover of HU1.
  12. Coming up on Chaosium Twitch TV in the next few minutes, live play of Call of Cthulhu the official video game, with Jamie Coquillat and David Naylor:https://www.twitch.tv/chaosiuminc
  13. The fourth instalment of New Gamemaster Month is up, looking at the first adventure we'll help you run in February. Ours is 'The Broken Tower' scenario from the RUNEQUEST QUICKSTART, available to download free. https://newgamemastermonth.com/2019/01/17/lets-look-adventure
  14. The next instalment in NEW GAMEMASTER MONTH is up - let's talk setting and rules! https://newgamemastermonth.com/2019/01/15/week-two-lets-talk-setting-rules
  15. The full wrap-around of Loïc Muzy's wonderful cover for our forthcoming #CallOfCthulhu release 'Secrets of Berlin'. PDF will be released in Q2 this year, hardback book in Q3!