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  1. Climate change has made our weather here go insane: 30 mins before this video it was 30c (86F) and sunny: https://twitter.com/firewaters/status/1218776149657968640 (apparently it was the birthday of the older lady trying to protect herself under the folding chair) And then this. Locusts are probably due on Thursday: https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/jan/20/huge-dust-storms-hit-central-new-south-wales
  2. MOB


    I think the Sun Towners would have just taken Haloric and his mens' demise with stoic equanimity after the answer to Gaumata's divination is known. They are thankful the Miracle of the Garden saved them from outright starvation at the end of the Great Winter, and honour Haloric's part in that. BTW, in the Argrath era the de facto head of the family in Pavis is the Ernalda Priestess Rana Goldenhair, only child of Haloric Glowbrow. She sits on the Pavis Council as the Suntown representative. From 'The Great Winter and Time of Two Counts': *yeah, another character from RQ2's Rune Masters.
  3. MOB


    Died before then: excerpt from 'The Great Winter and Time of Two Counts'
  4. FIGHT FIRE WITH GAMES: the original TERROR AUSTRALIS is part of DriveThruRPG's 'Modern and Urban Horror' bundle; one of eight genre-themed bundles raising funds for Australian bushfire relief – great value for a worthy cause! Every single penny earned from the sales of these bundles will be divided equally between these two charities: —Disaster Relief and Recovery - Australia Red Cross —Bushfire Emergency - World Wildlife Fund of Australia
  5. Friday Jan 18, 2020: On the eve of Arcanacon, Call of Cthulhu's Reign of Terror wins the inaugural Australian Roleplaying Industry Award for BEST SCENARIO. Congratulations to Australian Call of Cthulhu authors Mark Morrison, Penelope Love, Darren Watson, and Chaosium's own Jamie Coquillat. And all the creative team behind this book! The Australian Roleplaying Industry Awards (ARPIA) "recognise and encourage Australian involvement in the role-playing industry". Awards presented include Game of the Year, Best Artwork, Best Scenario, Best Rule System, Best Cartography, Best Electronic Product (Best Aid or Accessory – Digital), Best PDF only Product. Chaosium vice president Michael O'Brien, who gave the keynote address at the awards ceremony in Melbourne, Australia on Friday evening said: "It was a pleasure and an honour to give the keynote speech at the inaugural Australian Roleplaying Industry Awards tonight. As I said in my address, the ARPIA awards are a further recognition of the depth and richness of the Australian RPG scene and its contribution to the industry on the world stage. It’s a great community to be part of – so rich, so diverse, so creative, and so welcoming. Last year RPG designer and publisher Sarah Newton was the guest speaker at the inaugural ARPIA meeting announcing the awards, having just flown in from her home in France. Something Sarah said in her speech sticks with me: although she was from a long, long way away and meeting people for the first time, she said she quickly knew everyone there shared something special - being part of the RPG tribe. The ARPIA awards are a recognition and celebration of many of the wonderful things being created by the Australian branch of that tribe, to be shared with the booming RPG community around the world."
  6. So, the PETERSEN GUIDE TO LOVECRAFTIAN HORRORS is a new addition to DriveThruFiction, and to mark the occasion, it is the Deal of the Day and 50% off.
  7. Our friends from AcqInc doing their bit to aid Australian bushfire relief! Starts on Wednesday at Penny Arcade on Twitch TV:
  8. Many thanks to the 2200 people who downloaded a 'Pay-What-You-Want' copy of the RuneQuest Glorantha Bestiary over the past seven days and made a donation to Australian bushfire relief. Based on messages and feedback from supporters of this initiative, we estimate more than USD$20,000 has been raised for the Australian fire-fighting and recovery effort!
  9. In fact, there are three Michaels, we go by Mike, MOB, and Michal to make it easier. And there are three Davids: David Scott, David Larkins, and David Naylor. Not to mention all the Js: Jeff, Jason, Jim, Jamie, Julia and John.
  10. Many thanks to the 2200 people who downloaded a 'Pay-What-You-Want' copy of the RuneQuest Glorantha Bestiary over the past seven days and made a donation to Australian bushfire relief. Based on messages and feedback from supporters of this initiative, we estimate more than USD$20,000 has been raised for the Australian fire-fighting and recovery effort! We thought a collection of fantastical creatures was an appropriate choice for this fundraiser, as the bushfires' devastating effect on Australia's unique wildlife is heartbreaking. In fires that have burned more than 24 million acres so far, more than one billion Australia animals have perished. Yet surviving the fires is only the first part of an uncertain future. Fundraising efforts will help look after wildlife while the land recovers. If you would still like to support Australian bushfire relief efforts, a list of worthy causes is here. #weareallus
  11. Our friends at Petersen Games are launching Glorantha: The Gods War 2 on January 20 at Kickstarter. Designed by game design legend Sandy Petersen and set in Greg Stafford's mythic cult universe of Glorantha, setting of the RuneQuest RPG, The Gods War is a fast moving strategy game set in a universe on the brink of disaster. In The Gods War, you take the part of powerful elemental factions, battling to determine the fate of the cosmos. The Gods War 2 Kickstarter adds exciting new expansions, and enables newcomers to purchase the original game. Check out a preview of the campaign here. And if you'd like to be notified when the campaign goes live, sign up to their newsletter here!
  12. Moderator Hat: yes Moderator Hat: @Fábio Silva, yes. You'll find tribe here is from a great swathe of beliefs and backgrounds and places, but very welcoming.
  13. Emphatic start to this review of the Smoking Ruin... (pretty emphatic end to the review too) "There is a line on the dust jacket of the Guide to Glorantha that reads; 'Glorantha is the technicolor cure for bland, pseudo-medieval generic fantasy.' Normally when you read something like this, you can be forgiven for thinking it is self-aggrandizing, pretentious crap. Not in this case. If you have any doubts, all you need do is look at exhibit A, The Smoking Ruin & Other Stories. Seriously. You can open to any random page and find proof that--yes Toto--you aren't in Thedas, or Middle-earth, or Faerûn any more." — Andrew Logan Montgomery, review of The Smoking Ruin https://andrewloganmontgomery.blogspot.com/2020/01/there-is-line-on-dust-jacket-of-guide.html
  14. Many thanks to the almost 2000 people so far who have downloaded THE GLORANTHA BESTIARY and made a donation to Australian bushfire relief. This book (normally $19.99) will be 'pay-what-you-want' until Sunday Jan 12. Rather than pay us for it, there are links on the product page at DriveThruRPG where you can instead make a donation to the Australian fire-fighting and recovery effort, including animal welfare initiatives. Surviving the fires is only the first part of an uncertain future for Australia's unique wildlife. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/247725/RuneQuest--Glorantha-Bestiary
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