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  1. That is up to the creators. They set the price (which could be free or "pay what you want") and the format.
  2. We're getting close to launch—just a few final things to get in place. The Miskatonic Repository will commence with six Chaosium Art packs, full of art you are free to use in your creations, and five new and original Call of Cthulhu scenarios by community creators: the first of many! https://www.tabletopgaming.co.uk/board-games/news/call-of-cthulhu-will-soon-let-fans-sell-their-own-creations-for-the
  3. Petersen's Abominations mistake

    Please report in the Petersen's Abominations - Errors Thread:
  4. Just two days left in the poll for 'Most Anticipated RPGs of 2018'. If you're excited about RQG, please head on over to EN World and give it one of your votes while you can!
  5. In the latest Kickstarter up for 13th Age Glorantha, Rob says "I'm not making timing promises but we're getting close". We're now laying out the last chapter, Chapter 8: Adventures—after that comes the credits, appendices and the covers. When we've got the first version of the full PDF available for people, the plan is to turn on BackerKit fully to allow people to manage pledges and add books and other items. Go to the Kickstarter update for more details, including some layout spreads from Chapter 6: HeroQuests.
  6. Date of fall of New Pavis

    Another excerpt highlighting the plight of the hapless Grantlanders once Sor Eel departs the scene: .. while momentous events wracked Dragon Pass and the Holy County throughout 1624, tensions continued to simmer in Lunar Prax. The farmers of the Cradle Valley once again enjoyed a bumper harvest, but Governor Halcyon’s insatiable appetite to enrich himself was continually vexed by his superiors’ relentless demands for men, beasts, equipment and slaves, all needed for the Reaching Moon Temple project in Dragon Pass. The nomad incursions grew ever more bold. Late in Sea season, Duke Raus sought an audience with Count Invictus on his way back from Pavis. He bitterly recounted that when he told the Governor nomads were now riding with impunity through his lands, Halcyon var Enkorth said he no longer had any troops to spare for such an unimportant, far-flung outpost, suggesting if Raus was unhappy he should go hire mercenaries of his own! In frustration, the Duke dispatched a delegation of landholders led by his daughter Lady Jezra to Furthest to beg for relief from Tatius the Bright. His family fortune all but gone, in the meantime Raus had no choice but to offer the deeds to Ronegarth as collateral for Yelmalio Templar mercenaries, and place several treasured items in the Sun Dome vaults as further surety...
  7. Date of fall of New Pavis

    More from The Great Winter & Time of Two Counts: ...as life along the River of Cradles slowly returned to normal [after the Great Winter], out on the plains the Animal Nomads began to bring their herds back to their traditional grazing lands. Though the Armistice of Prax forbade attacks on settled territory, Sor Eel’s abrupt departure with most of the Lunar garrison during the Great Winter tempted increasing numbers of nomad bands to raid along the borders. Vega Goldbreath increased patrols and vigilance in Sun County, so most of the raiders tried their luck in Pavis County or better still the Grantlands, where the Lunar forces were spread the thinnest. An increased reliance on mercenaries backfired, when Halcyon var Enkorth reneged on paying them what they thought their due. Even before the Great Winter the Grantlanders had led a precarious existence, and since then suffered at the hands of the governor’s pitiless tax gatherers. The Longspear Slayers and Sir Holburn’s Axe brothers simply took to plundering themselves, forcing Duke Raus and other leading landholders in the Grantlands to raise money of their own to pay them off. The Sun Domers knew from their Yelmalio kin among the nomads that the tribes were becoming restive. Years of overweening arrogance by the Sables and their repulsive leader, the Great Khan Inire the Red, was sure to one day come to a head now there wasn’t the same Lunar force to back up their pretensions. While Vega Goldbreath’s policy was increased vigilance on the borders, to safeguard the Sun Dome’s interests Belvani began making regular visits to the Paps, bringing the elders gifts of gold, grain and salt. On one such visit, he brought a pure white calf...
  8. No idea how it got closed, but there is a toggle to "lock/unlock" available to site moderators. I have reopened the poll (and then I voted!)
  9. Date of fall of New Pavis

    *GM Note: The resourceful Halcyon cunningly switched clothes with a flunky just before the assault, and it was actually the luckless double’s head that got paraded around afterwards, not his. Halcyon managed to flee the city and eventually make his way back to the Empire, along with Marusa. Rumor has it they were also both among the very few Lunar survivors of the Dragonrise.
  10. Date of fall of New Pavis

    Here's an excerpt from the timeline in the (as-yet unpublished) "The Great Winter and the Time of Two Counts" - 1624 - Duke Raus sends a Grantlands delegation led by his daughter to Furthest to complain about Governor Halcyon. [Sea] Melo Yelo brings Invictus to the Painted Wall; they return with Daga’s jar now permanently sealed. [Earth] Laertes Coatilon is forced into retirement, Melo Yelo is sent to Pent Ridge. [Dark] The Second Battle of Moonbroth. Count Invictus is killed. Belvani immediately declares himself the new count, announces an alliance with Argrath and the resumption of Sun Dragon worship. [Storm] Golden Wyrm destroys the Watchdog of Corflu before the walls of Pavis. [Storm] New Pavis falls to Jaldon’s nomad horde following a short siege. Rurik Runespear leads Suntown assault on Lunar HQ and personally kills Halcyon var Enkorth. [Storm] Rurik enacts the Three Blows of Anger, killing the Pavis Light Captain Xendar to reclaim Rana Goldenhair as his wife. [Storm] Duke Raus and his entourage escape downriver from the nomads. Ronegarth is razed; Grantlands settlers flee or are taken as slaves by the raiders. [Storm] Belvani refused entry to the Sun Dome. Gaumata incinerated by Daystar, Belvani’s high priest, during the standoff. [Storm] Vega Goldbreath proclaimed Countess. Belvani sets up rival court in the Old Sun Dome. [Storm] - 1625 - Argrath’s invading army is repulsed by the Lunar College of Magic in Sartar; Daystar and the Sun Dragon contingent are utterly destroyed. [Sea]
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