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  1. Call of Cthulhu publisher Chaosium is part of the Melbourne International Games Week 'Big Games Night In', next Sunday October 4th, offering free demo games and an actual play experience live on Twitch TV. "With Melbourne International Games Week expanding its focus to include tabletop gaming, we're excited to be taking part this year. Although Chaosium is a US company, we have a significant staff presence in Melbourne - seven of our team (including me!)", said Chaosium vice president Michael O'Brien. MIGW celebrates the power of digital connection, creativity and the strength of M
  2. Sorry, the Jonstown Compendium is not a site for fiction collections, even ones for a good cause.
  3. Mike Mason's 'Making Monsters' interview, streamed yesterday at Virtual TableTopGamingLive is now available to view on YouTube: And, as announced in that interview, next month's issue of Tabletop Gaming Magazine (Oct 23rd) features a new exclusive Call of Cthulhu scenario by Mike Mason, Bibliophobia: something stirs in the dark corners of the library, and you won't want to incur any late fees here...
  4. MIKE MASON, Chaosium's creative director for Call of Cthulhu, is Making Monsters at Tabletop Gaming Live this weekend. At 5PM BST on Saturday September 26 Mike will be on the Main Stage of this online event to discuss making monsters, orchestrating horror in roleplaying, and an upcoming exclusive in Tabletop Gaming magazine. https://www.chaosium.com/blogmike-mason-is-making-monsters-at-tabletop-gaming-live-saturday-sept-26
  5. https://www.chaosium.com/blogheres-what-call-of-cthulhu-fans-are-saying-about-masks-of-nyarlathotep Masks of Nyarlathotep is available now from Chaosium: — 666 page Hardback Slipcase edition — Leatherette edition (currently $50 off!). — Both come with PDF included. — Also available in PDF from DriveThruRPG. Download the FREE 96 page Masks of Nyarlathotep Handouts Pack from the Chaosium itch.io page.
  6. Yes, he is an Esrolian (ex)eunuch (long story), Chalana Arroy Healer, and fearless vampire killer. The iron rapier is used exclusively on undead, as is the lead cross. The python is his allied spirit.
  7. We're playing through The Coming Storm / The Eleven Lights. Although this excellent campaign was written for HeroQuest Questworlds Glorantha, it plays well with RuneQuest as well.
  8. Invitations to Adventure Seven ready-to-play adventures for RuneQuest! Set in the mythic fantasy world of Glorantha, The Pegasus Plateau & Other Stories features seven complete ready-to-play adventures, taking you from ghoul-haunted catacombs, into mystic ruins, across the arid deserts of Prax, and up to the rocky pinnacle of the Pegasus Plateau! Suitable for new and veteran gamemasters and players, each adventure spotlights a unique aspect or area of Dragon Pass. They can be used as introductions to Glorantha or as part of existing campaigns. https://www.chaosium.com/the
  9. Who Knows What Happens... Behind Closed Doors Mansions of Madness Vol. 1 contains five scenarios for use with the Call of Cthulhu Starter Set or the 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu: Keeper Rulebook. It includes two fully updated and revised classics, along with three brand new adventures, and all can be played as standalone adventures, used as sidetracks for ongoing campaigns, or strung together to form a mini-campaign spanning the 1920s. Suitable for up to six players and their Keeper, each scenario should take between one and three sessions to play through, and are an ideal next step fo
  10. The journey of the HeroQuest trademark – left to lapse by Milton Bradley, picked up Greg Stafford for his (completely different) tabletop RPG, and returning to the fondly-remembered board game of old some twenty years later – is something of a heroquest in itself. I discussed the history of this famous mark with EN World's Egg Embry: https://www.enworld.org/threads/hasbros-heroquest-and-chaosium’s-role-in-the-board-game’s-return.674860
  11. If you previously bought the HQG pdf from Chaosium.com and want to upgrade to the physical product, you can get in touch with Dustin via the customerservice@chaosium.com email. The current price of the PDF is $7.49, and that is the amount you would receive off the hardcover if you purchase it now. Note that the hardcover is only available in UK, EU, and AUS warehouses.
  12. MEDIA RELEASE: For immediate release Ann Arbor, MI. 22 September 2020 Moon Design Publications has announced the formal transfer of ownership of the HeroQuest trademark to Hasbro. Moon Design's HeroQuest tabletop roleplaying game line, published by Chaosium, will be rebranded as "Questworlds". "We know that the old Milton Bradley HeroQuest board game has many devoted fans who would love to see it back in print once again. The transfer of the HeroQuest trademark to Hasbro is a significant step towards that becoming a reality," said Chaosium head of licensing, Michael O'Brien.
  13. A free download on itch.io! – THE WHISPERING RUINS by Jason Durall and Jeff Richard is a RuneQuest:Roleplaying in Glorantha encounter location for your adventurers, or could be fleshed out as the setting of an entire adventure. https://chaosium.itch.io/the-whispering-ruins For this, and plenty of other interesting Chaosium content, check our itch.io https://chaosium.itch.io
  14. Please note, as of September 2020 Chaosium is discontinuing our Small Publisher Limited License licensing option. Instead, our community content programs on DriveThruRPG now serve as the means for independent creators and small publishers to create and release their own material for our game systems. Details about how these programs operate are available at the links below. Our current community content programs are: The Miskatonic Repository (Call of Cthulhu) The Jonstown Compendium (Roleplaying in Greg Stafford's world of Glorantha, including content for RuneQuest, Questworl
  15. “How Does One Describe Something Supposedly Indescribable?” RPG Writers and Keepers Mark Morrison, Becca Scott, Amanda Hamon, and Mike Mason take on that question in our 'Describing the Indescribable - Keeping Your Monsters Fresh' panel from PAX Online:
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