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  1. By Lynne Hardy, Call of Cthulhu associate editor and author of The Children of Fear: A 1920s Campaign Across Asia. First Things First It may sound obvious, but read through the whole book to get a good idea of what’s going on before you try to run it. This campaign has quite a few moving parts, and having an idea of the overarching plot and major characters gives you a baseline from which to develop your game. During this reading, I suggest having a notebook beside you (or whatever equipment you usually use to make notes) so that you can jot down
  2. THE LAST LIGHT HEROQUEST The Last Light heroquest emulates Yelmalio’s grim and tenacious survival in the Greater Darkness, and is only performed at times of the gravest existential peril. The Last Light has helped Sun County endure various trials and torments during the terrible Solitude of Testing period (1200 – 1575). The heroquest was last performed in the reign of Count Skindilli Longlegs (1439-1458), of whom the Light List says, “drove away Daga and made slaves of the Storm Bull men.” Although an entire community can take part, the lead participant must have completed
  3. *Formerly known as Cathea Silverhair (see 'The Raid on Yelorna' scenario in RQ Classic's Big Rubble: The Deadly City), somehow in her adventures this Yelornan came into possession of a fabled ancient treasure, a so-called “Yelmalio Helm”. After attaining Star Maiden rank she took to wearing the magnificent helmet, hence her new nickname, “Goldenhelm.” The helmet is fashioned from pure gold and is engraved with solar symbols. Its faceplate depicts a handsome bearded man (Yelmalio himself); as this is somewhat incongruous on a unicorn virgin, Cathea tends to keep the visor open. The Yelmali
  4. THE LAST LIGHT HEROQUEST AND AN UNEXPECTED ALLY In Sea Season the spring melt in the Rockwoods normally brings the Zola Fel back to full flow. In the year of the Great Winter though, the river had slowed to little more than a fitful trickle. The Sun Domers hoped the Zola Fel was ready to forgive them for their attack on the Cradle, but it proved impossible even to commence the River Ritual in the few stagnant pools that remained. With no prospect of a new harvest, the new high priest Gaumata called the Yelmalio cult leadership and community to announce a desperate measure. He fo
  5. By Lynne Hardy, Call of Cthulhu associate editor and author of The Children of Fear: A 1920s Campaign Across Asia. So, you’ve taken the plunge and got hold of a copy of The Children of Fear... Firstly: thank you! Secondly: it’s quite a hefty campaign, and if you’ve not tackled something this size before, you might be feeling a little bit daunted right now. Or you might not! Either way, the point of this five-part series is to take you through some steps to get yourself ready for diving into this whopping great adventure; steps that can also be applied to any other large ca
  6. THE CHILDREN OF FEAR - our new campaign is out now in full color hardcover! Developed over four years of meticulous research, consultations, and playtesting, The Children of Fear is Lynne Hardy's epic, multi-part campaign for Call of Cthulhu. The scenarios within explore myths and legends of Central Asia and Northern India. USD$52.99, includes PDF. https://www.chaosium.com/the-children-of-fear-hardcover What the Critics Say: "Unreservedly recommended... a gem and an instant classic." (Paul St John Mackintosh) "This is another campaign you are going to want... Loaded with
  7. UNENDING WINTER When the Lunar Governor Sor Eel was recalled to Dragon Pass early in the new year (1622)*, most of the hungry army went with him. While this would mean less mouths to feed in Prax, before leaving Sor Eel's soldiers requisitioned all the food they could lay their hands on. Count Solanthos rebuffed Sor Eel’s attempts at a levy in Sun County, but most of Pavis County and virtually all of the Grantlands were picked clean by the departing Lunar troops, causing great privation and suffering. Down the length of the River of Cradles cold and hungry refugees from the coun
  8. Here John Wick talks about some upcoming content for the 7th Sea RPG, as well as what work goes into balancing and organising the 7th Sea line. James Coquillat is the interviewer for our 'Chaosium Interviews' series.
  9. Later on, during the Time of Two Counts, a traditional regiment of right-handed hoplites commanded by Countess Vega faces up against their heterodox left-handed hoplite opposition, led by anti/Count Belvani. This clash, which happens near Angle Fort in the Big Rubble, is first time the two rival counts and their forces come into direct and bloody conflict with each other, Templar against Templar.
  10. Come the end of the year and things only go from bad to catastrophically worse for the Sun Domers in the Great Winter... TERRORS AT SACRED TIME Worse was to come. During Sacred Time, the customary rituals to renew the world utterly failed. Perimides the Chaste, the aged high priest, collapsed at the Sun Dome's High Altar, spilling the sacred libation. He was carried away, raving about a red-clad seductress. As the shocked celebrants went to symbolically awaken the high earth priestess, Penta Goldbreath, they found she could not be roused. Meanwhile, a creeping rot spre
  11. It wouldn't take too much tinkering to make it a brilliant Cthulhu Dark Ages scenario too.
  12. Forgot to add: And meanwhile, on the river a strange sea-monster, its breath like a poisonous cold mist, wreaked havoc. To the Count’s vexation, the Great Ballista at Harpoon was useless, lacking arrows to slay it – these had all been expended in the Cradle debacle! (Even Sor Eel’s soldiers couldn’t kill the monster. It eventually it made its way upriver to the Rubble, where it is said to have disappeared into the Puzzle Canal.)
  13. HORRORS OF THE WINDSTOP With the Windstop other terrors came to Sun County. Fertility blessings failed as animals and children began to die in the womb, gravely endangering their mothers as well. Out of the Great Bog came swarms of locusts, both normal-sized and giant. With them came gangs of ravenous wild trollkin, some even riding the huge flying insects. They swept through the farmlands, stripping all the vegetation in their path. In their wake came a plague of famished traskars and cliff toads, driven from their usual lairs by hunger. Even more disturbingly, chaos
  14. When Whitewall fell to the Lunars, the god Orlanth was fettered in the Underworld and the Great Winter began. I've put together some notes on how the people of Sun County in Prax fared in this terrible time, what they did to survive, and the efforts they made to end the Windstop. nb Everywhere within a radius of 250 miles of Whitewall was affected by this unprecedented calamity. Literally all the other peoples in that circle would have their own stories of this terrible time to tell, if they survived that is. The Great Winter began in Dark Season 1621, when incredible events in far-off He
  15. BTW, it is on this mission to the Paps that Belvani first learns of the White Bull Society and its enigmatic leader Argrath. He establishes a secret line of contact.
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