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  1. "The Black Pharaoh", a scene from Masks of Nyarlathotep (1984), new art by Andrey Fetisov. BTW, you can color it in yourself in Call of Cthulhu - The Coloring Book:
  3. Here's some more art we recently shared with the 13th Age in Glorantha Kickstarter backers. Consulting our Thanatar Catechism, we're told that priests of Atyar are known as Horns. The acolyte of Atyar is by Rich Longmore. She's wielding at least one magic-blasting head, and will be accompanied by several spot-illo Thanatari heads! Meanwhile, Storm Bull lowers his own horns to charge the horns of Chaos. This Eternal Battle rune by Kalin Kadiev will be in the Storm Bull berserker section of the classes chapter. Kalin is doing a bunch of other illuminated runes, most of which are appearing in the heroquest gifts section of chapter 3. More art in future updates!
  4. A nice cab sav I think. No, someone noticed the player boards have an Elder Sign on them:
  5. At least one poster made their Spot Hidden roll when we posted this playtesting pic on the Chaosium FB page:
  6. A new backer update - all the work that's recently been going on beneath the surface getting Khan of Khans ready for printing, and more... While rather mundane in nature, much like the tinkering labors of the Dwarves of Dwarf Run, it all advances us towards the finish line.
  7. Here's the latest RuneQuest Design Note from Jeff, this time discussing the "initiate trap" and RQG's solution:
  8. Sharing some new art from our 13th Age in Glorantha project:
  9. Sharing some new art from our 13th Age in Glorantha project:
  10. Things are coming together and we'll have a major update for everyone out in the next day or so.
  11. The Metal Dice Kickstarter closed at $283,207 USD raised from 2,723 backers. A great result - congratulations to our friends and partners Q-Workshop for such a well-run campaign! And thanks Cthulhu Mythos fans! Coupled with the unconnected Elder Dice Kickstarter that closed on March 29 with $261K, that means in the last 6 weeks more than *half a million dollars* ($545,092 to be precise) has been pledged for fancy Cthulhu dice. And given dice are for playing games with, that's got to be good news for Mythos-related publishers and people who play their games.
  12. Coming up to the last two hours; just under $280K. Check out the special Sunken Dice ($200K) stretch goal - they are like that.
  13. Jeff gave a brief hint about the new rules for Hero characters in this Design Note: "Heroes gain an increasing presence in the otherworld, which becomes a tremendous source of power, but also requires that the hero be worshiped to maintain it (that worship can be regular or propitiatory). A hero can return from the dead, and can gain other abilities such as unaging as a result of heroquest gifts. Heroes no longer need to be "super-skilled" - their "Hero Soul" and heroquest gifts enables them to do remarkable things, even if their actual skills are in the range of a Rune Lord or Priest." (And signed off by saying that too will likely be the subject of a future design note).
  14. Although all the evidence is against them, the Morokanth do assert it was the humans that cheated, not them.
  15. With just 24 hours left and surging past $250K, here's a quick look at everything on offer in the Call of Cthulhu Metal Dice Kickstarter: