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    Longtime RPG enthusiast, have had plenty of d100 products sitting on the shelves, just now making a determined effort to get them onto my table.

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  1. Been a while, I believe, since physical copies of the BGB have been available for purchase, and... who knows how long since there was an actual release for the system. Is BRP effectively a dead system?
  2. I have been wanting to do exactly the same thing, but I always get hung up on this detail or that (especially magic systems). Honestly, I'm thinking one should just grab a few of the weirder magic books (some old Judges Guild stuff, plus Wonders and Wickedness, Theorems and Thaumaturgy, etc.) and just port them over under something akin to the BRP Wizardry rules.
  3. I sounded like a bit of a dick there, but I really do feel that, having seen what Call of Cthulhu 7th has achieved (plus with the release of the BRP SRD), Chaosium could really eat up their fair share of the fantasy RPG market if they pushed the old-school/DIY RPG angle. I mean, there's a ton of third party DCC RPG stuff being produced, and Goodman STILL manages to sell a buttload of their own stuff. Chaosium has the lineage, they've got the quality systems, and now they've obviously gotten the exposure (2nd on Roll20 is huge). I dunno. I'd buy a new fantasy line; especially if it had the vibe and looked like it was going to receive support in the form of high quality modules.
  4. If they want it to succeed, they need to continue to support and beef up the BRP SRD, hire some quality artists like Poag, Gary Chalk, etc. and put out some quality, well organized, nicely laid out products with that old-school flair. Plenty of guys in the OSR would be up for producing stuff under the OGL, and BRP could certainly claim its rightful place amongst the titans of the old-school movement. Also, with Call of Cthulhu being the second most played game on Roll20, there are plenty of potential converts that could be lured away from 5E that are already familiar with the d100 system. The customers are out there, Chaosium just needs to improve their marketing game.
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