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  1. Most of the time its a failed illumination or atleast before the mind reassembles into a a working state. Spirit journeys could be taken to shore up mental stability, or allow a new frame work to assse.ble
  2. But it is ignorance and preconceptions, by the very nature of these beings representing how reality exists, and with no fellow human pov to reflect off it is a tramatic experience. Think of cthulhu mythos skill as a change of framework and religion. As your pov changes so drastically from the norm you are by all normal reckoning insane.
  3. We have HP Lovecraft and his Mythos but have not seen RPGs based or inspired by other writers. So for a CoC hack I present you Goosebumps and Other Nightmares based on the wrtings of R.L. Stine, where you play as children dealing with horror investigation. Of course there should be one for Steven King, Steven King and of course Clive Barker.
  4. The thing is it happens all the time. Confront any body with a piece of information or technology and you get madness and violence. Ask any one who went through the satanic panic, or just global warning.the horror is not these are reality shattering horrors but that we as a species can not handle reality and rather wallow in our preconceptions and ignorance. That is what terrifies me, that we are as bad as I hope we are not.
  5. Most of the races are not that mysterious, they want land, resources, and propagate thier race. Remember cthulhu is not a god, but the starspawn high priest/pope thing.
  6. The thing is, thats wjat we are doing now, vast changes every 10 to 20 years.
  7. Sorry but had to go to work. Anyway, type truth is that as humanity advances their tolerance for bizzare facets of reality shifts that eventually man does go away but not through extinction but by becoming one of the mythos races, changed and warped by their technology and understanding of the underlying reality.
  8. In classic call of cthulhu we are told that the universe is cruel and has no place for people. That to know the truth would break you and that you could not know. What if that were false, not the inhospitible nature, thats true. Lets take the elder things and the star spawns war. To a 1920s investigators it is a confusing mess of unexplainable things. In a hundred years people have entangled matter at the quantom level, and theorize living machines, and are currently developing means of wich we can bend space. So you have a guy who traveled back to the 1920s and tries to explain stem cells and crspr gene editing, how the shagoth rebellion occured because of malware on a tractor.
  9. The names and places during character generation can be just that, just names the character has heard, only the ones pertaining to the character need to be elaberated on. Playing the game and taking your destiny is where you will know.
  10. Fantastic looking product, that is packed with goodies just one question. There is a blurb that it comes with a FAQ called Rune Fixes and I can not for the life of me find it. Was this something that was not packed or a misprint on the cover, because I checked the website downloads, its not there, searched the forums, only mention is a blurb on the Runequest questions thread. Hate to receive a incomplete product but this might be something to look into correcting on the gm screen cover and item descrition.
  11. Remember that most magic requires a focus and replenishing rune magic requires worship. Plus having a shaman around with a crap ton of disembodied spirits to act as guards spirits or a Wizard there to just tap the tar out of some one. At least in old Runequest an unfocused spell takes 2 rounds of concentration to cast, any body that mean mugs ya for 12 seconds is getting a beating.
  12. Slavery might be more enticing than you might think for those to be enslaved. They don't die, they get fed and for non nobles this is more of a change of boss than any thing plus some are able too if skilled buy their freedom or earn it
  13. Doesn't pure metals drain pow or make it hard to cast. Sounds like a way to make life hard,
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