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  1. I'm just imagining a bubble of a nice constant spritz of moisture, making everyone inside just a little wet. Only now mist as in fog does it click. The other perfect for traveling in prax or for a newting ally.
  2. I want to start a campaign, my players are all over the place and quarantine has locked them down, so no face to face. What are my options and how do I start, what's a good guide. I'm planning on running RQ 2 to Rune Quest Glorantha Hybrid. Essentially I'm cutting out alot of the RQG stuff and introducing it gradually.
  3. Anybody got any info on the cult for the guy who apothosized in Dragonpass, started a kingdom and dynasty?
  4. Call of Cthulhu has Terror Austrailia, where there is something that resembles Heroquesting.
  5. So reading about a few of the cultures in Glorantha has me considering something odd. The advancement of societies is determined by their gods the portfolios. The two most advanced societies often absorbs other cultures gods that being the Lunars and the Esrollians. This got me thinking on how societies actually function and their reliance on certain entities to maintain them. The basic unit is the Wyter, without it a village or clan ceases to be and soon dissolves into a chaotic mess. The clan then begins to tie their selves to the larger tribe and so on and so forth. Then as I was reading Griffon Mountain it hit me. The Balazarans only have the hearth, hunting and recently pig herding because that is what their gods have. The last one due to Heroquesting from Balazar him self, which is a pretty weak component as its magic functions only in the Citadels. They cant build because none of their gods are capable of doing it, and the Lunars are stuck in the one fort because of the stupid way their magic is limited, and the very land fights or doesn't support the concepts. Infact the Orlanthi nearly fall apart during the wind stop because the very concept of kingship their form of leadership was collapsing because of the absence of thier god. The Balazarans are unable to unite because Yelmalio is not really a god that represents the aspects of leadership they need. What with Balazar himself being a small Hero Cult limited to the Citadels has not been able to spread the gift of the pig farm beyond their walls. Mean while every clan maintains shrines to Brother dog and so can maintain thier dog packs. So when Arachne Solaer created the great compromise, gods and mortals established thier symbiotic relationship, the gods give the concepts of civilization while the mortals give them the energy to feed and grow on. So comments.
  6. I would love to play, as I am still a neophyte as I've only read material in the last 2years
  7. Just to explain, I'm finally starting a new campaign, I'm just using classic as it is easier to start from a session zero way, and Balazar dont have a origin table and much info to work with
  8. So I think I figured it out, but essentially the Balazar characters just replace the starting skills with the balazar skills, and go from there
  9. What is truly hilarious is that both are right and both are wrong. Illumination only turns the monstrous into monsters. There were two basic forms of illumination, Gabaji and Nysalor. Now even then it wasn't quite right. Illumination is not the end of a character morality but only the beginning. It removes some of the blinders ignorance, but it is up to the illuminate to seek greater clarity. Yes the unholy trio did create a source of bad chaos, but that was their goal. There were other untapped sources that are not poisoned.
  10. I have yet to read about an illuminate that still worships any of the corrupted chaos gods. Illumination doesn't make you a monster but does allow you to overcome the cognitive bias inherent in every one, and act with out your taboos getting in the way. It doesn't make them any more monstrous than the next, the real question is can they stay in that illuminated state.
  11. So god time runs on a similar premise of the Jeremy Bearimy time line.
  12. @soltakss not every video game has overly complicated controls (hearts of iron) or meta (warframe) in how to play. This one is very easy on players, where even the parry mechanics are generous (I suck at it in any souls game, but I'm a parry machine here), the only hard part is finding the runes, (hint they are formed from everyday objects and shadows and light) but even the puzzles are easy (but they make you feel smart).
  13. There are ample and very generous check points, so you can bulldoze through it, and the game automatically adjusts its difficulty so even the stumpiest of stumps can get through it. The game makes it seem like a challenge even though it is not.
  14. So what are peoples thoughts on it, now I haven't beat it yet, I just got to the part where her sword quest starts. So how has this game affected how you do Heroquesting. The idea of using shamans and priests to act as guides to not just keep you on track on the quest but remind you of you, to help maintain the balance of myth and ego. Too much myth the ego collapses and it absorbs you into the godtime lost forever, now just an extension of the story. Too much ego the myth shatters and the ego is overwhelmed by its human failings the quest ends and hopefully you just end up ejected from the quest.
  15. So Hellblade was on sale, and I picked it up, and not only is it a great game, it is a great story wonderfully written but everything about it just oozes what I have read about Heroquesting.
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