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  1. I would be down to play some RQ. My schedule changes week to week, but would love the opportunity to play, and I'm now on the right side of the world.
  2. Pendragon is one of the best fantasy RPGs available as mentioned by every one who has played it. With 6th edition coming down the pipe line there is often a point of contention that gets brought up. That is "what if I don't want to play a Knight?" 4th edition from what I could see had many options. Saxons, Irish pagans, Picts, Magicians, and of course Ladies. 5th edition had Knights and Ladies. It alluded to possible magicians but no published material ever came about. So what will 6th Edition bring. Ready we know that Passions and traits are being over.hauled. and a possible magic system for players that's more than "magic" spooky fingers. So what do you hope for?
  3. Like the Pankor Jackhammer bureaucracy and pure human stupidity killed an amazing firearm.
  4. Reading the grand grimoire and the spell doesn't mention how much paut is brewed, only that 1 oz gives 1mp.
  5. So my spouse and I are watching Bridgerton, and I just seeing huge elements to build a Ladies Campaign.
  6. Also mention of the RQGMG and the Equipment Guide
  7. yeah, technically any stat can be a dump stat depending on your build. That said, Int is such component of skill bonuses, and for idea rolls to get characters back on track of the adventure. Int is such a great stat.
  8. Remember that if you want to cast big sorcery and not be as limited by free int, you can inscribe the spell in a tome or other.object and infuse it with POW so that each point increases intensity with out impacting required Free Int, so if you inscribe a object with 5 POW you have 5 free points of Intensity to play with that your not constrained by free int. So you can cast a 20 intensity spell but only counts as 15 as far as free int is concerned. And you can cast the spell through.the object with out having to memorize it.
  9. So I was looking at the article on wikipedia on Reed Boats, and there is a link to the Natives of Lake Titicaca who live and base their lives around reeds. They build elaborate Reed Boats and floating Islands made of reeds. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reed_boat Such a fascinating subject, I often thought of Ducks living on elevated platforms with just reed bundles with goods strapped to them, these Reed wonders make me want rethink of the presentation of the Ducks. Perhaps a combination of the two groups. With Floating Humakti Temples, that are constantly moving due to the need to counter the undead of Delecti.
  10. couldn't the limitations of free int be overcome by engaging in coven casting, each caster remembers enough of the spell to assist in the casting by focusing on their portion this would allow the casting of huge spells, much like how the Sartar Magical unions and lunar colleges function, an extension of Temple Magic.
  11. So Im going to be running a game for my partner. Who never grew up playing these games like I did, but I played DnD and Starwars d6, not call of Cthulhu. Im more comfortable building a game for RQ or Pendragon, but spouse pointed at CoC. So any one got some guidance, and alternate methods of developing characters ie increasing attributes. Really want to run a great game, or some great adventures.
  12. The Empire is North East, past the Copper Mountains on the other side of the Carmenel Pass, seasonal caravans trek through past the Towers of Nobleswatch. The Towers form a bastion, that first guarded the Empire of Irwan during the previous fey incursion. The Empire is only the current incarnation of the known world, like a great tide the Fey come and go, each time devouring the old world returning it to chaos. Often the calcified remains of the Fey dot the land leaving behind sleeping horrors. The Empire does have hope, for at its heart is the Grand Cathedral. It stood tall from the last cycle. Now priests study in its hallowed halls, some can hear the call of the Choirs of Light. For the Choirs sing from on high blessing talismans to be gifted by chosen friars to carry the sacred songs. (Demons of Light are bonded to them, this is how "sacred magic" works, the demons provide the magic, while the priest fuels the magic)
  13. To me trippy any thing goes is less Tolkien and more other stuff. Glorantha is very trippy. Okay so why not work on expanding Southern Reaches. We have this empire, now the question comes where is the Empire. Now Instead of a lozenge or a round world, the world is more like a tapestry or islands of order floating on the sea of otherness. Champions of Light/Law are dont just rule a new town but pull this new section of wilderness from the raw material of the multiverse expanding the world.
  14. Honestly, I was thinking of using MW for a Kings of War RPG, divide the various spells amongst the allegiances. But how would a trippy fantasy work?
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