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  1. So what you can do is "print" the PDF as another PDF and not include the section that has the scenario. Luckily the PDF has the scenario is in the back
  2. Well thats the thing. Even in HP lovecrafts works the Ghouls were rarely malevolent. They were kind of people.
  3. And remember the great thing about ladies loving ladies, it ant covered in the bible and produces no bastards.
  4. Swords are very very expensive compared to a shield. Plus swords don't block ranged attacks. Also the repair spell reduces HP by half lost so eventually you have to see a Smith. Broad Sword is 50L a medium shield is 14C. For hide 1L Wicker and 12L for wood. A large shield is 25C for hide, 5L wicker and 40L for wood. With zero difference for material, as in stats, hide shields are a smarter chohidein stats.
  5. Also the Dragon Newts didnt kill off the EWF, it was essentially every body out side of Dragon Pass dog piling EWF, then once the barbarians won, the barbarians deciding that sacking Dragonnewt cities was a good idea and wich sparked off the Dragon Kill War as a result. Draconic Mystism works. Attacking a Dragon Newt Nest does not.
  6. In Cults of terror they kind of alluded to different outcomes of illumination. Almost as if illumination is the first step of enlightenment. The first is the most constructive Nysalor style, accepting that chaos is a part of this world and how it interacts with the world, the problem is not with chaos perse but rather the corruption of chaos with out direction wich is of the devil. This gives you Gabaji illumination this is the selfish destructive form that if chaos and order are the same, then any desicion i male is the same as any other so I do what I want. Then there is Arkat's style of illumination, this one resulted in a broken world ruled by darkness, perhaps the best form maybe as it tries to teach iĺlumination with restriant. As the members try to police other illuminates in making sure they dont go down the path of Gabaji. What I think is the problem with illumination is that it is only a brief moment of the light going off of an epiphany and after that it takes hard directed work to keep that clarity with out making assumptions with out going down god learner and EWF paths of self destruction.
  7. With every one mentioning storm bulls forgets one thing. Not a lot of people enjoy having them around. Stormbulls are massive A plus ranked jerks. They are only barely tolerated, and that is only when a obvious chaos threat pops up, or all other methods have failed to solve a problem. So treat Stormbulls as just barely better than the cure. So when a bend of Stormbulls show up, they kill the chieftains prized horse, drink all of the booze, took a dump in the corner of the hall, impregnated your daughter and ate the prized cow, but took out a band of broo, and you still had to pay them.
  8. I like the bottom one. Is there a reason that ghouls went clive barker body mod on us for 7th edition?
  9. There is Ernalda, Chana Arroy and any other goddess of healing with life or fertility runes. You can chanel Runes to boost childhood survivability. Also ancient societies often ,especially agricultural, had lots of kids to have maintain populations. Also reading through the the core rules. Even a free farmer might not live much above poverty. After tithe a single Hide only generates 64 L a year. With a Free lifestyle thats 60L a year. That only leaves 4 L a year in profit. Vs a cotter making 32L a year after tithe for a 17L in excess. So a free farmer to maintain a middle class life style with room has to own atleast 2 hides and have it either worked by a cotter or more preferentially by Thralls/bondsmen/slaves. Then use your local cult to maintain survivability of children. So more likely a tentant farmer will also engage in some light cattle raids to boost income. Or pocket high productive years to eventually either purchase his land, or gain slaves to act as an overseer to improve lands he is renting.
  10. So I think poor is sappose to be a temporary situation that most characters will find them selves in. If they are poor due to lack of lands then the clan is sappose to expand and wage war on neighbors for an award of land and herd for service to country. Now the main remover of the number of children that nobles have is a probably a combination of contriceptive spirit magic, and violence. Most Nobles after the hier and spare are expected to be warriors of some sort. Even the hier and spare are expectedto maintain skill of arms.
  11. There is a supplement that I cant remember the name. The supplement was a 3rd party equipment manual for the 1920s. It was super extensive and had body armour and weapons and cars out the wazoo.
  12. Can we please make the ghouls look like the canine hoofed bipeds thst like to eat a corpse and not some edgelord grimdark cenobite thing. Look just because it ate Uncle Mastiveus a few months after burial does not mean it needs hooks, chains and barbs threaded throughout thier body. I saw that as more propaganda than an accurate picture. You know the tall tale that gets passed around rather than reallilty.
  13. Or... Elmal exists not as some grand hero but a loyal servant. Elmal did not go in the light bringers quest, he was stuck keeping the hall and making sure Orlanth had a throne to come home to. His is the god servants and stewards. Loyal but often forgotten till needed. The position is important but never wins honor. Yelmalio cults arrival and importance in Sartar is only because of diplomacy. What about Heortland or other Orlanthi civilizations? Would Elmal not have a place at the table then? Plus one can assume not every Orlanthi in dragon pass was ruled by Sartar or his short lived dynasty (almost a century) beyond name. Plus what about the Ducks. Dont they hate Yelm and his progeny, I could definitely see them being Elmal hold outs.
  14. So two sessions in with a new group and just finished The Haunting, taking down Mr Corbitt with a sucessful run with only one death, a result of an Impale with a .25 Derringer. Mr Corbitt him self falling to a critical roll on a 1911 Pistol, just a epic strike at the last moment with barely any life left in them.
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