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  1. The problem wast that the God Learners lost or failed. The problem was they were very successful but didnt have a complete understanding. Everything they did worked, they were just kind of sloppy with thier experiments or failed to forsee an unknown variable. The God Learners still exist just not as a giant civilization, Aragrath, Arkat, and Sartar were very educated in God Learner methadology. Think of them as the scientists of Glorantha, and those works were the big Manhattan Project.
  2. Amongst the Oranthi I would limit literacy amongst urban and noble Satarites under the sway of the Sartar dynasty, until the Lunar invasion. The reason being Sartar did develop a program to facilitate education and literacy.
  3. This was WEG starwars, when jedis sucked until they didnt. Most of the time we didnt mean to kill the cannon characters its just when ever they showed up the GM would start rolling very very badly, and we would roll many exploding dice and 6s.
  4. Honestly I always treated metaplot as one varient of how things can go down. Kind of a "no fate but what we make" suggestion. I dont think we even think we played a cannon star wars campaign. I cant tell how many times we killed Skywalker on purpose or even accidentlty or just failed at being a bothan spy. Eventaully our GM either stoped including famous events or played in whaf I called the broken galaxy, where every one lost and the entire galaxy balkanized.
  5. Remember that its not just weight but carryability aka awkwardness. Like backpacking with a 50lb backpack is not too hard bit trying to walkaround with a 50LB desk or chair is weird and clumbsy so is more encumbering.
  6. Something hit me, while looking at my books, I have 3 source books Down Darker Trails, Keepers Handbook, and Pulp Cthulhu. Each set in a different "era" wich changes the theme of the game or tone. Pulp is in the 30s amd gives investigators that two fisted oppertunity when fighting the horrors to survive, before being swollowed by the inevitability of WW2. DDT focuses more on a expansive unknown inhospitible wilderness where all that lies before you is desolation and doom. 1920s you hope to seek answers in books only to succeed in buying mere moments if you win, at the cost of your soul. These are what I have found, the source book that has the brightest hope is in Terror Austrailis what with the Dreamtime of the Aborigines maybe offering a means to battle the eldritch horors if only we can stop the destruction of thier culture and let they can find new stories.
  7. As much as I enjoyed so far what I watched so far, my watching is constantly getting restarted, I found the current demonizingnof HP Lovecraft to be irksome. To claim his views were not common of its day is disengenuous as the man was a product of his environment and nature. He was raised in a time peak of thenaccepance of eugenics and some 8f the worst atrocities committed in the USA, he was very much thenclassic WASP. But most important was the untreated crippleling anxiety. HP Lovecraft was a man tormented by mental health issues that not only enriched his writing but unfortunately also fueled his more unpleasant opinions. Like a good author he used his fears in this case seafood and people turned it into some thrilling tales. His views softened overtime as he came out of his shell and maybe had cancer not ravaged him might have had an opportunity to retract his statements. If you dig into 1920s history and social norms you will realize it was not just HP Lovecraft but humanity as a whole who had some questionable traits, and pretty sure ifmwe dragged outnevery ones private thoughts they would find some issues. That said lets celebrate his contributions to litiature and remember that HP Lovecraft was not a monster just a man with problems who was around a time when racist grand parents were dealing with their racist grand parents.
  8. Honestly just swap out the beast rune for shamans this will help make them alien compared to the rest of the village, which is what they are. The core book has some gaps as far as rules and the runes we see right now is only the beginning, i have a feeling that as the game grows we will get more runes and how to add or swap runes in the characters soul. Also we dont have rules for enlightenment/illumination wich im thinking will remove the one rune runs counter to another ie death and life, movement and stasis so on and so forth.
  9. I think they dropped the ball in not maling it clear but there is only one rule book. The Keepers Rule Book is the core rule book. It has all the core rules and everything needed and more to play. The Investigators handbook just has expanded character options, all the 1920s background info and guidance on how to play a investigator with out being killed, by tge usual techniques. So if they do a updated release dont call it the keepers rule book, call it the Core Rule Book, as that also slowed down my acquisition.
  10. What about runequest fiction, instead of conan as he is a historical figure.
  11. Wasnt the Great White Space more like the Webway from 40k, ie a artificial plane outside spacetime to facilitate travel and extradimensional storage.
  12. Heres the thing about Call of Cthulhu. The differences in editions are mild. 7th edition is the biggest leap forward in difference in the game since 1st to 2nd edition CoC. Those changes are going from 3-18+ attributes to percentile based, clarification of chase rules, simplification of melee (material pf weapon use to matter for parry), addition of push rolls, and bonus and penalty dice with caps. Infact I use the 5th edition Dreamlands source book. Unlike Dungeons and Dragons the BRP based games have not really change all that much. They evolve gradually and changes of edition are more or less done for refinement and clarification and not to invalidate your library.
  13. The one thing that I think is interesting as I read griffin mountain, are the hints that the Balazarings cant make fire. Hearth Mother the cult that maintains the home, is the one implied to manage fire. There is a piece of equipment that can store fire or embers from the hearth. The noblility worship yelamino(sp is wrong) god of light but not yelm who has fire in his perview. That makes that altar with the trapped fire godess very important, as that can be a quest for making fire.
  14. So wanting to run a campaign but I looked everywhere but saw no mention for stone weapons, aside from clubs what else can be used.
  15. Ben Affleck was the bomb in that.
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