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  1. I think it matters for two reasons, one if you are fighting with spears on the charge, your lance can break on odd damage. Also if you run into a named NPC such as a Saxon, Pict thane or Chief or a enemy knight damage is important for ransom reasons.
  2. As far as LGBTQ, historically you married someone not out of love but to continue the line. Who you loved was something else. The other was a responsibility. Knock it out the way, then pursue the fun. Honestly, I would love to see the Ladies fully developed, especially with magic options. While on one hand I get the idea of the pursuit of inclusivity. I also firmly believe that it kind of detracts from the key concepts of emulating the genre and the point. KAP is explicitly set in a different culture, a culture that is very alien to ours. It is one that sees violence as a viable soluti
  3. Some people on RPG.net have commented on how there needs some clarification on tests with scores greater than 20, how in one spot it says 20+x score. But yeah, the female knight threw me off, I mean we all allow it, but with the understanding that in the context of Arthurian legend its not a thing. I say keep the gendered roles, but expand on the Lady "class", it helps maintain the "alien" culture of the setting.
  4. so here is a few questions, what to do when changing Occupations. One of my players started as a Herder but due to experience rolls and great role play has managed to become the top hunter in the party and on his way to becoming an Initiate in the Found Child Cult, we are using a fusion of 2nd Edition and Role-playing in Glorantha for my Balazar Campaign. So the idea im tossing around is, that during Sacred Time people have an opertunity to change thier role in society and the way they generate income. The other question is, characters generally only start with a guaranteed points in 3 eleme
  5. I think Wyters, sacrifice and temples should have more involved in Heroquesting. According to Rich, when Jareel sabotaged Starbrows attempt at the Light bringer quest, she didn't just cost the quest, but a lot of components, valuable magic and other things not easily replaced.
  6. My players are in Virginia, but I'm not, I just use majority time zone.
  7. The key issue is there is not a lot of developed tools specifically to jump right into runequest. I bought fantasy grounds but I'm struggling to learn to use it, mostly from I work nearly 11 hours a day.
  8. Just a reminder, this is the box set that damn near killed the company. So I can understand the great hesitancy to reprint it in all its glory.
  9. I'm running a hybrid of 2nd edition/Glorantha, set in Balazar starting in 1605. We play online on discord at around 9pm on Fridays.
  10. They are plucked from the ripened fruit depending on the tree they descend from.
  11. In my glorantha elves are born of seeds, and are planted never born alive. Elves don't so much die of old age, but stop moving and become rooted trees. Dryads grow from dryad saplings but if they need to move can cast the animate war tree on thier tree and pilot it like a magic mecha.
  12. Unlike Dungeons and Dragons simple paradigm of go into dungeon kill monsters, and a host additional premade adventures to run, Runequest is a bit harder. How do you run and design adventures and scenarios for runequesy
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