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  1. Videopete

    Before I buy 7th edition

    So it took two things for me to make the jump. One was the fantastic Seth Skorkowski 9 part review, that goes very much into the weeds and depth for me to make that decision and the fact that I know that there is a Korean Call of Cthulhu edition I can get for my wife.
  2. Videopete

    Before I buy 7th edition

    How did the most rules light system become crunchy?
  3. Videopete

    Before I buy 7th edition

    So Im looking at the 7th edition and have yet to make the plunge and Im curious about how it is different. From what I gather is that the rules are essentailly the same and the revolutionary upgrades and math reductions are... that all the math is still there its just been moved to character creation and done before the game and conveniently recorded. Oh and the book and art is gorgeous i have noticed that.
  4. Videopete

    First Time Players and Keeper's Recap

    We had a huge amount of fun. While some ask why I had them rolling dice for every check, the reason was simple. I was teaching them the rules, and learning them my self. As an aside, the remark about Gary Gygax, there are huge differences between Gygax the GM, and Gygax the businessman. Tomb of Horrors is not a true Gygaxian adventure, but rather a response to critisisms and self parody 0f TSR's offerings of dungeons, and the Adventure was never meant to be run on your regular characters, but rather in a more tournament setting and on a stack of pregens, it was a test of the player. From people who played at his home table, he treated the rules as suggestions and if a player had an idea they could try it out. Gygax the business man who had merch to sling, was a character who wanted you to play rules as written and buy the new books, and adventurers. Any who tonight ended at the house, they have a few names, but decided to skip a majority of the investigation and dive straight into the basement. The session ended as they brought the flashlight onto the pallet, and cut to credits. They cant wait for next session.
  5. So there comes a time when a boy makes that transition from adolescents to maturity. Pretty sure today is not that day, the wife thinks I can be quite childish, but as C.S. Lewis said, "When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up." That said, I did take a grand step, and in doing so I ran my first game of Call of Cthulhu. Long had a copy of 6th Edition sat on my book shelf. I originally learned from the 5th edition, but no one wanted to play it at the tender age of 16. So I waited... and I finally played. So I brought in these new players, most never having played a RPG. Others were use to playing games such as that famous game. So as I looked over their characters two had rolled more classical, one a literal Hobo, the other the mob enforcer. The other two rolled up a Doctor and a Parapsychologist. Deciding not to do a "and you all meet in a inn" They were all associates of Dr. Armitage of Miskatonic University. The adventure was the vernerable "The Haunting", a pretty basic adventure that the players should be able to survive. The operative word is should. As no adventure survives first contact with a player, the game turned into a fiasco from the word go. As any fan of the Cohen Brothers can tell you, what followed surprised no one, but astounded all involved. The players decided to check on the prior occupents of the Old Corbit house, the Macario Family. First they failed to convince the Clerk at the desk to allow them to see the Mr and Mrs Macario, as they failed their Psychology rolls, to prove their credentials, as none have a doctorate in their field but rather are still students. So they decide to break in. The drifter and the Criminal attempted to break in, first by failing to hop a simple wall by alerting the local guard dogs, and proceeding to be thrashed, except one made it over. Luckily for the drifter the dog was well trained and merly growled at him once he was pulled down. The Criminal startled two patients playing a game of spirited bagmitten, and was then overcome by a loss of words trying to convince an arriving nurse, that he was not a patient. So he failed to notice the quick prick of barbituates. The two students, then attempted to break in by the loading docks, and bribed two teamsters to give them some clothes to sneak in. These clothes were for patients. They even found the criminal drooling on him self, and after an attempt to sober him up quickly with sternly applied slap failed, they agreed it would be a better choice to leave him be, and come to on his own. It was at this time the drifter went in, and to the surprise of all at the table, self admitted to the facility. He then failed his psychology roll, where I warned him prior that, a small failure would show he was lying, and a massive failure would cause a diagnosis far worse than what he intended. He failed spectacularly well. So off to the ward for those of a more serious persuasion, outfitted with a new jacket. Then the two students nearly broke into the records room, till they alerted a nurse, and the syringe happy staff dosed the two of them, when they accosted her. The first one to wake up was parapsychologist and the drifter. They realized it was darn close to midnight once the drugs wore off, and decided it would be easier to convince the doctor that they were quite fine in the morning. The medical student explained what had happened, to the guard, to which the security felt that he was better served by being the local constables issue. The criminal, now freshly sober needed to get a bead on the situation, decided he needed to get out of the nut house, so he decided to snatch doctors jacket and merilly jaunt out. The doctor he tried to relieve of their coat, turned out to have been a rather stout fellow, who repayed the criminal with a thrashing. Journeying out to the court yard and a quick hop over the wall, he sprinted to the car they had parked, a rather expensive luxury Buick. So first base chance drive to peel out of the sanitarium and the criminal rammed a brick pillar, the second attempt knocked the statue of the founder of the sanitarium onto the car. Putting the criminal in rather dire straights. Luckily this is a medical facility and they were looking for him, so he survived. The next morning, a great many bribes were payed, and explanations explained, and they walked out over grand poorer, but 20 dollars richer. We called it a end to that session, and will pick up next time a week after the botched break in of the sanitarium.
  6. Videopete

    Maximum POW

    I get what you are saying, but after reading 2nd edition and first edition, Its something that has always been Additions have counted as a single die. But hey it's your game. BUT, it also makes it so that races with very big additions are not inherently a plain better option. Even though they are. But not ridiculously so.
  7. Videopete

    Maximum POW

    nope, the +6 and +12 both count as a single die, heck +100 is a single die. Its any addition counts as one die. That said it does say both maxroll +dice=species maximum. And Maxroll+Miniroll=Species Maximum. So yeah FAQ/Errata This quick.
  8. Videopete

    The Sea Cave

    OSR means Old School Renaissance, it began during the decline of popularity of D&D 4e, and was bumped up by usage of OGL of 3.5 D&D to create Retro Clones of AD&D and BECMI D&D. This fostered an interest in the games of yester year. Back in the 2010-2015 there were multitudes of these clones running around. Most Notably OSRIC, Basic Fantasy, Labrynth Lord. But it also lead to developments of games that maintain that old school flavor, ala Dungeon Crawl Classics. Such a shame that Chaosium did not get their crap together in time to really shine on that initial jump. What I gather though is that the hobby waxes and wanes, It has surges of popularity then a pop. The huge issue is the mass extinction of the brick and mortar stores. At least of the classic variety. That may have more to do with, lax customer service, and general hygiene and approachability of the staff, as well as a lot of our ilk who see them as watering holes, to chew the cud with other gamers and comic nerds. That and most of the ones I knew of were never in the best of locations. Some locations even started a table fee, that could be off set by instore purchases. But to answer the OSR or not to OSR question, I have to say is... Do a wink and a nod to OSR, but definitely clean up the documents and fix some of the art. Apple Lane was sold as this fabulous product, and there isn't enough art to get me into the right frame of mind, and the maps are a little hard to read. the most important is this... Chaosium, you guys make great words. The worlds you crafted are amazing. That said, while the games rules are spot on. The Covers and dear god the typography are absolutely terrible for Applelane. The Scenario it self is fine. Definitely needs a clean up and expansion for RQG. That Said, RuneQuest Glorantha, is a gorgeous book. The Bestiary needs more art though.
  9. Videopete

    Dragonewt and Telmori werewolf PC's?

    Why go with reborn dragonewt. Why not be a victim of transformation magic. Some sorcerer tore the dragon rune from your soul and replaced it with the Man Rune. As in not the physical rune but the actual Rune that instructs the universe how you are. Your Leader sent you on a quest to destroy the Rune Thief even wit the undrstanding you will be removed from the cycle, but the Nest will remain untainted.
  10. Videopete

    What's the use of a d20 in CoC (any edition)?

    more of something done in Runequest. But it is a BRP system thing. Im more familiar with 6th edition.
  11. Videopete

    What's the use of a d20 in CoC (any edition)?

    The d20 is also useful for hit locations.
  12. Videopete

    The Interior Art Needs to Change

    As some one who has consumed vast quantities of cheesecake and knows his smut and titilation. I can say that aside from onesies and twosies of more realistic art. A vast majority of the art that has nudity is so stylised and abstract that its a stretch to call it NSFW. I mean some of this kind of stuff was in my elementary school text book.
  13. Videopete

    Questions on Alchemy

    So Im looking at the rule book and it seems there are huge differences between alchemy of Classic vs RQG. In the old one you had to purchase each recipe indicidually and in the new one its less clear. The main difference is thing i get is in RQG its a percentile and then nothing as far as how it works and examples. It feels weird that the 78 version of yhe game fleshed out its alchemy more. Sp any one. Got more clarification?