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  1. There are ample and very generous check points, so you can bulldoze through it, and the game automatically adjusts its difficulty so even the stumpiest of stumps can get through it. The game makes it seem like a challenge even though it is not.
  2. So what are peoples thoughts on it, now I haven't beat it yet, I just got to the part where her sword quest starts. So how has this game affected how you do Heroquesting. The idea of using shamans and priests to act as guides to not just keep you on track on the quest but remind you of you, to help maintain the balance of myth and ego. Too much myth the ego collapses and it absorbs you into the godtime lost forever, now just an extension of the story. Too much ego the myth shatters and the ego is overwhelmed by its human failings the quest ends and hopefully you just end up ejected from the quest.
  3. So Hellblade was on sale, and I picked it up, and not only is it a great game, it is a great story wonderfully written but everything about it just oozes what I have read about Heroquesting.
  4. First of all parents spend their Kids future money all the time. Where do you think the money for college went. And moving fund from liquid assets to land and cattle is an investment.
  5. Start by paying for training and gain nobility the old fashioned way. Buy a wife and some extra hides from an impoverished noble. But I have a feeling 2K Lunar ain't much. A cow is only 20L, so it's only about 100 cows, or the equivalent of 5 hides. Enough for the land but not enough for the supporting staff and facilities. So buy a hide, get a spouse, and set some aside for the ransom.
  6. This kinda drives a desire to see some Lunar source books written. To play as a Lunar in the heart of the empire. The problem, I started with the core runequest book 1st edition being on sale on drive thru and was working my way through the classics, and only the Glorantha Source Book to start breaking down the opaque nature of the setting. Before I could only see the Lunars as moon worshiping Roman's. For the longest time, I had no idea that the Lunars were also Solars too. When I read King of Sartar though, it also seemed the the Grand Flaw in his resurrection is also causing more and more chaos to seep through each mask. That is until Sheng Seleris awesome return.
  7. Man Glorantha changed the way I imagined elementals, from rock monsters, to just graboid waves moving through the ground. Maybe on the spirit plane they might look like the pictures.
  8. I thought there was talk of methods of gaining new runes. That the base runes are just that, the foundation a character is built.
  9. Who or what is the Emperor. Also is it me or does each time he dies, he comes back worse than before.
  10. Just got to the section on the actual list of units on the Forces available... no idea what the Magic Factor, Melee or Missile Factor means. That said I know that Jareel could just destroy the Red Emperor according to the book.
  11. There is also a spell that awakens beasts and gives them speech. Can't see why a small herd of rhinos that got it. Claiming to be chunky unicorns.
  12. Don't forget Granny Keeneye
  13. Yeah Armies is insanely good, but really deep obsessive dive into the lore, it is comparable to the the Glorantha Source Book, but the other stuff in the JC are just as important. I'm a busy guy and generating NPCs and adventures takes a lot of time.
  14. Okay, been busy IRL. So had the missus roll up her character. Now on the ignite spell, for Balazarans the spell only works as long as their sacred Hearth fire is intact, and only women can have it. For lithic weapons, well limit them to the ones mentioned in Griffon Mountain, and weapons lose additional health equal to the AP of any armor plus they lose 1 HP after each use (parry, attack or single task) Considering the disposable nature of Stone Tools, this makes sense, and any Metal Tools and Weapons possessed extremely valuable. Stone Weapons only cost a fifth of their metal type, but most Balazarans make their own any way. Dragon Newts don't have any of these issues. So why don't the Elder Races have these problems, because they have their own magic. New craft skill Stone Knapping base 10%. Allows construction of stone tools and Weapons.
  15. The rules state that you can bond cha/3 spirits. The rules state how to bind them. Then kinda shrugs its shoulders when as far as what can I do with this cool thing. I get it, imagination and stuff, but I dont have 6 editions, with fanzines and a experienced GM to run me throught the ropes, so the rules vagueness and assumptions are kind of annoying. The basic frame work of the game is solid. But once I start trying to get it to do the funky things its famous for it becomes difficult. Only once i read the NPC profiles in the GM Pack that the game hints that you can use bound spirits as additional MP and CHA for learning spirit magic and then release it and command it to do cool spirit stuff. Guess what none of that is in the core book under magi, spirit magic or spirits chapter. The only defined thing was that it states is that you get an obediant animal comanion and a thing you can command once if you dont habe the propper command spell to put it back for crystal. This is my problem, the game hints core assumptions of the game in supplementary material, rather than say this is the basics of what you can do with it.
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