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  1. Unlike Dungeons and Dragons simple paradigm of go into dungeon kill monsters, and a host additional premade adventures to run, Runequest is a bit harder. How do you run and design adventures and scenarios for runequesy
  2. He was from a neighboring kingdom and was enslaved by the Praxians at a young age, joined thier culture and was initiated into thier secrets. That is far different from Kevin Cosner.
  3. Just did the customer response to Drivethru for a POD and got it, now I wait.
  4. I found this in a Google search to make emojis. There is also a black earth and a rhombus.
  5. What rune is this?
  6. I wouldn't fight a freaking Dino, I would throw a befuddle on it and move on. Looking at raw stats in Runequest is almost folly, it fails to take into consideration spirit magic, spirits, runes and passions. The combination of the above radically alters the game.
  7. Color commentary, encouragement, and clarifications if I go way out side interpitation, ie let's drink cool aid before the reticulans arrive cause I read 50 shades of grey, and that was a prophesy I think.
  8. So I have no idea who the börk the Pelandan are, there are the Pelorians of the Peloria region, but then again my point of reference is the Gloranthan Sourcebook. At least I know who Sheng Selaris is from Prince of Sartar.
  9. Okay who and what of this book, I had to dive in and review the Glorantha Source Book's Red Line History for context. So again it was written by Valare Addi during the Zero Wane, must of been hard with the Carmanians being bigger dinks than the at the time oppressed Dara Hapan, tiny violin,. She wrote this book by doing the Lunar version of Hero Questing called Traveling and Journeying, this is an important distinction later as it relates to the God Time shenanigans they pull off later. Also the damn thing is incomplete, because Greg never finished it. Also it doesn't use the Dara Happan spelling. It uses the Pelandan system of spelling because reasons. Those reasons are thanks to our old buddy Sheng Selaris, isn't he grand. More specifically the Lunar empire got reamed in the 4th and 3rd Wane, and had a phase of restoration in the 5th. So quick guide Pelandan to Dara Hapan UlEria = Uleria Turos= Lodril History, or what happend for some context. The book originally came out in the First Wane in a shorter version called "Travel and Journey of Addi". In the Second Wane the Red Goddess isn't as important during the second wane edition because she's more of a guide, literacy the book spreads in the Lunar Empire from the Priests and Nobility to the middle class, this causes conservative elements of the Dara Happan to restrict access to sacred rights only to Dendara Cult aka Yelm's Wife, how ever later the Dara Happan elements of the Lunar Empire lose importance because by the Fourth Wane, when Sheng Selaris was being a massive headache. So by the Fifth Wane after his defeat, the Entekos cult start to take more power from the strictly Dendara priestesses. Also this isn't the only version of the book ,because of course it isn't Greg, just the 5th Wane edition, but we only get this one cause though because Sheng Selaris was being the best Sheng Selaris and ruined every thing. Soon the book it self. Boy Howdy, pray for me.
  10. The what? That's what I am planning to do. And plan to do, unfortunately all my Standford Library stuff is on a phone, and the stupid virus has left me unable to head to the print shop to make a hard back to relax in the comfy chair with some tea. Well onward and inward to this self inflicted madness, and wierd conversations at work. They can get a taste, after all I suffered thier sports news and Tiger King excitement.
  11. I just need to pick up glorious crescent and revealed myths, but I do have the lunar handbook, plus the glorantha sourcebook and guide.
  12. Entekos is the Goddess of Virtue, Atmospheric Air and Right Air. So that means she dwelt in the middle air and not the sky. Then there is Dendara, a planet, who is Yelms wife, just his wife. How ever Entekos is also the planet, but is not the wife, only a servant. then it goes on how they may had been two separate gods, or they may had been one God but split due to Dara Hapan shenanigans. How ever Entekos or Dendara can be used in godess rights because she is a Dara Hapan godess and she can do other rights for other Pelandan godesses, because Dara Hapan emperors said no foreigners can hold any sort of government or religious office, because Dara Hapan. Okay, first half page was a dozy now only 93 more pages. So this requires some understanding of Dara Hapan culture, because this is wow, I haven't even gotten to the meat of this.
  13. So what other background do we need. I am definitely going to need a notepad and sticky notes at least. And some flamewars if this reads like any religous texts I have tackled before.
  14. So off the bat this thing is named after the Empress Goddess Entekos and is pre Dara Hapa mythology. It was written by Valarie Addi, Sanct and Viatora. For context Valarie Addi is the Lunar Empires top Heroe Questers, and figured out how to Greg the God Plane. Except the Lunars dont call Heroe Questing that. They call it Travelling and Journeying. That distinction becomes important later. This is probably the easiest part of the read.
  15. So the person who helped create Chronomancy has a holy text. Unfortunately it is not written with the more common names, or from what We can call a God Learner Perspective. So let's read and try to bang out a understanding of what this is.
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