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  1. Item found on corpse of Troll...bottle of Tums. 😛
  2. My secondary element is Fire, oops.
  3. I figured that's why I added the above info. I rolled a 17 for STR then added +2 for the Air Rune being my primary rune...was this correct? (and +1 to CHA for my Movement Rune being secondary?) Truthfully this is the best Adventurer I've ever rolled up. I played way back in the early 80's and my first adventurer was so abysmal I called him Wyvern the Wimp (I'd been allowed to play a dragon newt).
  4. 19 STR + 14 SIZ = 33 total or +1d6 Damage bonus to start then add one step +2d6. I think I did that right. I forgot to mention it also adds 10% to Shield use. So my Adventurer (Yahir; a Light Cavalry Warrior with Initiate Orlanth Adventurous, Sartarite, has Broadsword 100% and Medium Shield 70%) ends up with Broadsword 110%, Medium Shield 80%, and +2d6 damage bonus. He also has an heirloom black enameled bronze ring with "Shield" and 2 point matrix. Which he got from the sack of the City of Wonders. (Still reading the rules so I don't really know what that means but it sounds cool 🙂 ) [I am us
  5. I would agree with your assessment...except blowing everything on one shot in combat is a good way to end up dead. Adventurers in RQ:G don't seem to be incompetent, anything but in my opinion. Also one of the rules of gunfights...tracers work both ways. You shoot a bolt of lightning you just made yourself the biggest target on the battlefield.
  6. I didn't know you could use them against spirits. I am reading the rules right now. I am trying to understand the philosophy behind the apparent weakness of Lightning vs other spells.
  7. But if I take "Strength" I get what for 2 full minutes. My PC gets +10% to hit and +2d6 added to normal damage. 10% added to agility rolls for 2 minutes. Etc. And his POW recharges. With Lightning I have to wait for my next Holy Day to recharge my RP for a single shot at (for a starting Adventurer) 3d6. That honestly doesn't seem like a great use of a God's resources.
  8. One Rune point gets me a single lightning stroke for 1d6 damage? Or do I have 15 minutes of 1d6 damage? I realize the effects are instant, but does the ability to shoot lightning last for 15 minutes?
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