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  1. Thank you for doing mine already!
  2. Hmmm... online I'm known as Halfbat (as I'm sure you can see) but am also known as "Tim" and "Dad" in real life. I'm currently producing RuneQuest OGL supplements for Sceaptune Games, but have been a whole range of jobs from printing through to secretary through to website-builder through to... it just goes on. I'm a fan of the BRP-derived rulesets (well, obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be here! ). Play? I have no idea when I first played RuneQuest. It was a saddle-stitched book, without any 2nd edition addenda and was probably around 1978. I'd been roleplaying for about 3-4 years(?) prior to that with both Traveller and the original D&D supplement to Chainmail (that is, with the "fight as 4men+1" approach). I stopped using D&D or C&S for Fantasy games from then onwards. I've played a lot of homebrew RQ since, perhaps mostly a version that could be called v2.5, and also a fair amount of CoC and even Ringworld (I was a Niven fan). The list of other things I've played is ludicrous and boring;). Claims to fame? Don't really know. I think I had the first box of Trollpak in the UK (according to Chaosium at the time, anyway) and wrote the White Dwarf review for it. I've been acknowledged as a playtester and contributor in the front of several wargames rules (wow!:eek:). And people seem to like my GMing style at conventions, often coming back for more. Have fun!
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