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    I have been playing various systems since 1983. Also did some translations for D&D, Traveller, MERP and, especially, RuneQuest 3 and 6, into German.
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    RuneQuest, Call of Cthulhu, TRAVELLER, Warhammer 2nd ed. and MIDGARD (a major German Fantasy RPG)
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    Cologne, Germany
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    Mythras, Call of Cthulhu, MIDGARD
  1. Magister Ludi

    Runequest 6 in German

    I'm afraid the booklet "Adventures in Meeros" as it is to be called only contains translations of two adventures already available in English, i.e. "Meeros Falling" from the Games Master's Pack and "Sarinyas Curse".
  2. Magister Ludi

    Daredevil combat style

    I think the confusion comes from the fact that Evade is used both for a skill and a combat action. The German RuneQuest wll amend that by using different terms.