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    Been at it for decades, still love fantasy most of all but play all genres which is why I am such a big fan of designed-character, universal systems like BRP.
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    Active in a pen-n-paper Rolemaster group at present, considering the idea of GM'ing RuneQuest 6 (great system!) in Glorantha or Newhon.
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    Black Canyon City, Arizona
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    I am an easy-going, fun player who can help with GM'ing now and then if desired.

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  1. I am on the cusp of committing to launching (what I believe will be) a multi-year campaign and I am looking for a system that can 1) handle any genre and 2) be scalable from gritty realism up to cinematic (though not necessarily SUPER hero levels) of combat and action. You might think it odd for me to be doing so but I have narrowed down my choices to either RuneQuest 6 or HERO System. Blurbs about RuneQuest 6 claim that it can handle even cinematic styles of play but how true is that? What mechanism allows it to scale that way? At first glance, at least, it appears to be rather realistic and deadly without much else. What am I missing?
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