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  1. The game room will start operating at 10am on both Saturday and Sunday. The registration desk will open at 9am on Saturday.
  2. This convention is focused on Fairytales, folklore and fantasy. Here is the website: Faerie Escape Atlanta | Faerie Escape Atlanta The website has been updated with an events schedule. The con is June 15-17(Fri-Sun). The event on Friday evening is free and open to the public; no entry fee and no convention badge required. I'll be in charge of gaming for the con. I'll bring a bunch of board games and card games. You are welcome to bring your own games. I'll also run a tabletop RPG on Sunday from 11am to 3pm. I'll use a system called Fudge and it will be a fairytale-based scenario. I'll provide dice. The Marketplace(i.e. dealer's room) and the gaming room are open to the public for the entire convention. You do not need to purchase a convention badge to enter either one of them. Of course, you will need a badge to enter any of the other rooms. Even if you just want to do some shopping or play games it will be a chance to see some great faerie costumes in the hallways. Ted
  3. I have the Big Gold Book and Coc 6th edition. I have only a little bit of experience with Chaosium's systems(but lots of experience with other systems). There are no stats or guidelines for creating Mighty Children in CEoTC. How would you do it? What are their abilities?
  4. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not but I'm not the one who posted that particular statement.
  5. Okay, this is a long thread and I did not read it through. Hoprfully, I am not repeating what someone else might have brought up. This thread is a good opportunity to inform you about the Committee for the Advancement of Role-Playing Games. This is a private, non-profit group that started out as an effort to counteract the negative claims made about RPGs back in the 1980's. There have not been many such claims in recent years so most of our activity has gone to a more academic research about RPGs as a hobby and cultural phenomenon. Anytime you hear of such negative claims please contact the Chair or one of the Regional Directors and let them know about it. There are a lot of forums and we can't monitor all of them so direct contact would be appreciated. You can find out the contact info here: www.car-pga.org I should also point out that CAR-PGa has a googlegroup and we also publish a newsletter( which can be had in paper or electronic form).
  6. I'm thinking about using psychic abilities for some NPCs. What are your thoughts on the stuff in the Big Gold Book? I also have Delta Green: Countdown which also has some psi stuff. What are your thoughts on that material?
  7. I'm planning on running the abovementioned game and I've borrowed CoC 6th Ed from a friend just to get critter stats and some spells. I realize that the Knowledge(Blasphemous Lore) skill from BGB is meant to be a generic Mythos Lore skill. Does it make any sense to have both that skill and Knowledge(occult) in the aformentioned game? If not, why not? If yes, then what is (or should be) the difference between the two?
  8. Well, I ran all the micro-adventures except for Bank Heist and Footsteps in the Dark. The players seemed to enjoy them well enough. And, it's always good when you can give two hawt girls their first experience with tabletop RPGs. Really, I think that inducting hawt girls into the hobby should be much higher on everyone's list of priorities.
  9. So, I plan to run these little buggers at Sci Fi Summer Con in about a week; got some questions. Lost Temple of Garthoon by Troy Wilhelmson Why does Jonan the elf have both biped and quadriped movement ratings? Escape From Earthport by Sarah Newton I get the joke about "Cola Station" since the station is a hollow cylinder but what's the joke behind "planers" and the "Custodian" ? Dwelling of the Ancients by Nick Middleton What is the structure supposed to have been before the big disaster? Is the side view supposed to be showing me the three stairways that are also shown in map #1?
  10. TLS

    Zombie King

    Well, I could not get that group together. The personal schedules could not be rectified(dang-blasted work getting in the way of gaming). So, I plan to run it at Sci Fi Summer Con in June. It will be my first time GMing any kind of Chaosium RPG. I also plan to run all those mini-scenarios from the free BRP quick-start thing that is on the Chaosium website. If any of you live in the Atlanta area come to the con and play in my Zombie King game.
  11. Next question: I already looked in the skill section and the armor section. Maybe I overlooked it but is there anything in the "Vitruvian Man" book that tells me if armor penulties will reduce a skill below the base skill? Which page?
  12. Wow! An answer from one of the writers. That's cool. Hopefully, you will continue to read this thread. What was the thinking behind the "personality" part of chargen? And how, in your mind, does it mesh with the variable game levels? What was the intention there?
  13. Umm...wait...INT x 10 free points? What's that? Did I overlook some major part of character generation? I know about the "personality" skill points. I know about the skill points to be spent on profession skills based on normal, heroic, epic and superhuman games. I don't remember seeing anything about INT x 10.
  14. Hello?....Bueller..Bueller.....Bueller?
  15. The book addresses the idea of campaign power level. It has a sliding scale: normal, heroic, epic and superhuman. You get a greater number of skill points, the higher you go. Okay, no problem. Understood. There is also a "personality" section of character creation that seems to indicate it should be used for...well...heroic characters. How are these two elements of the rules supposed to mesh? If I try to do a normal level game but let them take the "personality" option, is it still really a normal level game? Your thoughts on this? Leaving aside the "personality" section, do you differentiate the campaign levels in some way other than just more skill points? Are there optional rules you would use? Homebrew rules?
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