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    DSA - a german Fantasy RPG, started 1985, played until 1993
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    CoC - the old times classic game. Love the German books, collect them
    EarthAD - PI Games, a nice rules light game. Played it until I found BRP
    Savage Worlds Shaintar - Fantasy Setting, only played a few sessions
    Savage Worlds Necropolis - had quite fun with this, but felt it is a Table Top Battle Game, not an RGP

    Did the BRP conversion rules for 2300AD as this seems my rules system I will settle with. :) Finally found it, my EABA.
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    Revolution D100: 'Derelict Earth', 'Dresden Files', 'Airship Daedalus'
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  1. Allright, let's start with my topic of love. Over the last 20 years or so I thought I'got it'., but the new BRP rule book lost me. The topic? "Volley Fire". OK, I get this. Skill > 100% I get more attacks, also modern weapons can get more attacks, probably by using the "Volley Fire" rule. Just as I thought, this Spot rule is my friend. Let's have a look at the Weapons tables: RF ? OK, this is new, 'Rate of Fire'. Isn't that just a duplication of 'Attacks'? Hmmm, OK, if I'm correct, then both values should the same ... let's look at the 'rock' entry of the Primitive weapons table: Yeah, nah. I'm lost. I'm even more lost, if I look at automatic weapons. @Jason D: do you have any insight you can offer here, please?
  2. I think available new technology might help creating great titles and beautiful books by fans. DTP has never been so easy and accessible, and by looking at fan made productions for the Genesys system, a lot of descent looking material can be created. Maybe it would help if Chaosium creates some 'layout files' for fans together with some free-to-use artwork to boost this concept. It works for Genesys, for Free League YZE and also for the Cypher System. I also understand that artwork is expensive and layout files (Adobe, Word) are a pain to create to be usable for everybody. I think I'm just looking at options here to boost interest in the product. Saying that, the current version of BRP (1.02) is really enjoyable and readable. Thank you all to make this happen (Fans & Chaosium)!
  3. Because you still would use it mostly as a slashing weapon in combat and only in certain situations as a thrusting weapon. Depends on how your enemy is armoured. Also, the Broadsword was around in the 6th century, while the Longsword was invented in the 11th century. Context. You are pulling weapons from different backgrounds together without context. While it is true there 6th century weapons were still around in the 11th century, this is also context - and yes, you might see not a lot of difference between the two weapons on paper; and the weapon table reflects this. If anything, the weapon table is wrong in the regard to handedness: the Longsword was used double-handed, the Broadsword was used single-handed. In regards to slung shields: have you ever tried to fight with a sword or staff while having something strapped to your back?! It is nearly impossible to win a fight, so I would rule that any character with a passive load attached to their body will have a Difficult time when resolving actions. And this is not a house rule, this is RAW (as I can hand out modifiers as a GM as I see fit). Here, again, context is key. Yes, you can use a slung shield to protect your back or side, but you cannot actively fight effectively. Same as you cannot use a long- / broad sword in a confined environment AKA room or corridor. This is where you need to use a spear or short sword. If you are talking about real world simulation, then please do not forget context - without it, every discussion is pointless. RAW or not. Dwarfs: maybe in your world this is how you see it, in my world Dwarfs are just little critters who live in the gardens - and they are weak but cruel. Not everybody loves Tolkien-style fantasy. If the rules as written do not reflect the ideas you have in mind, then you need to change them - but you cannot blame an open-ended rule system for not reflecting them out of the box. As long as the rule system is in itself consistent, then it is sound. It might not be to your taste, though. In general: I don't think that most of the weapon issues you address are an actual problem in a game, but that depends of course on you gaming style. The issues you raise are valid points, but they are not unique to BRP: a lot of other systems went down the rabbit hole of distinguishing weapons to a granular detail, and they all fail IMHO. In the end it is actually a problem of the HitPoint system, but that is a completely different can of worms (why does a character who is overweight and eats unhealthy have more hit points than an average healthy, agile person?). In the end the rule system is there to provide a baseline and to add some consistency in a game that everybody agrees on. It does not matter if it is not perfect, as the imperfectness is also valid for the opposition. This way is balances itself, but only if the GM uses the same rules for both sides.
  4. Removing the amount of Combat skills for not so combat heavy games, using only: Brawl, Melee, Firearms, Heavy Weapons & Throw. Then, simplify Damage done by weapons: 1-handed: 1d6; 2-handed 1d8; Firearms 1d10; Heavy Weapons 1d12. I know, this does not necessarily make a Grenade Launcher more deadly than a Revolver, but might still potentially kill a character. In using those house rules, we are not trying to simulate combat to the very detail, but want to make it survivable to progress the story while still keeping the tension. The Healing rules are tough as they are written already, so characters might survive a round of combat, but definitely will not stay in it for long.
  5. Hey Trentin, The Artillery Skills listed in the book got me confused years ago. I think the intention was to simply list the Skill in that table as 'Artillery' as there is (as mentioned in that section) some overlap with 'Heavy Weapons'. If you want to really stick to the way they use Skills in the Firearms section, you should look at the 'Artillery Weapon Classes' on page 179 - those are the 'real' Skill specialisations and also list the weapons they apply to. Looking at my 'annotated' version of the old BRP book, this is what I came up with. Hope it helps!
  6. Usually shields are worn slung over the arm/shoulder or back when not being used actively in combat. I think that sentence in the rule book is pretty clear. Dwarfs: they are examples and stats in your setting might be different. Feel free to change them. I personally think my Xenomorphs vary greatly from the ones in the rule book, too, so I do just that. So far no police showed up at my door to tell me different. Weapons: context is key, as always. There was a two handed Warhammer and also a one handed version. People have mixed up Warhammers, Maces, and Mauls so many times in the past, it is now pointless to come up with different stats for them. Personally, I use only categories for weapons: one handed, two handed, pole weapons and staffs. Each category has a damage value - and thatโ€™s it. Whereโ€™s the point in differentiating 1d6+1 from 1d6 anyway?! Thatโ€™s a relict of the past and does not add much to a weapon at all. Qualities on the other hand distinguish them, so add the different special damages accordingly, and maybe a penetration effect, too. Or go crazy and make attacks for one weapon Easy against a certain kind of armour. BRP is a toolbox - not a one and all game system. Use it accordingly.
  7. That's my math for percentile calculations anyways ... ๐Ÿ˜„
  8. If you really want to go full-in on those rules, then here is my take on it. Essential Read (in suggested reading order): Weapon Length (p.156), Close Combat (p.145), Closing (p.145) (START) The longer weapon (1) attacks first - or (2) the longer weapon decides to keep the shorter weapon at bay and makes an Attack roll. 1) then the shorter weapon attacks, while the longer weapon user can defend DIFFICULT. Next: (3) 2) then the shorter weapon needs to Parry or Dodge. If successful, the shorter weapon closes in and can attack; go to (1). If unsuccessful, the shorter weapon is kept at bay and cannot do anything this round to close-in to the long weapon user. Go to The START. 3) Normal combat rules, the long weapon now acts at normal DEX rank (still being at a disadvantage: Parry is DIFFICULT, can only either Attack, Parry or Dodge). Depends ... If you use the 5m per unit suggestion from page 21, then yes. But the same section also reads 'An average rate of movement in combat is 3 meters (yards) per unit'. So, Combat movement is only 30m. Decide which you like and when to use which - and be consistent about it. Nope. Each wound can only be tried to be healed once (p.41) - under system notes: 'Only one attempt may be made per wound.' Looks like it. Bleeding out is serious, as you only have one attempt to heal each wound. Depending on how many wounds your character received, this might be a one or nothing chance ... let's hope there is a good healer around, otherwise it is time for some new character ... Well, not quite. Each round your character has the chance of stopping the bleeding by making a Stamina roll. But that's all he gets. He might be using those Power Points for re-rolls, though, if you have that optional rule in place.
  9. Not everything can be measured in money. As you say, you are new to this forum. It might be new to you that most of the forum people here were supporting BRP even during times, when Chaosium was not putting out products for a long time and RuneQuest was out of print. People stepped in, created content, Monographs and supplements for free. Just to keep the game system alive and breathing. Nobody ever asked for money in this forum - it is, was and always will be a labour of love. This community helped to keep the system alive and kicking during not so golden times, and everybody seems to be simply excited that Chaosium actually got out a new updated version of the BRP book, even if they always said it there will not be a new version and it is not financially beneficial. I'm not sure how who convinced them to do this, but I am very glad that person actually pulled it off. I think what you are now seeing is just a 'thank you' and everybody just wants the best possible version of the print product - because there might not be another chance to get it right for a long time. If Chaosium will show some gratification towards the people who stepped in to post errata, then more power to them. If they don't, then I won't hold it against them, because I still get a better product in the end; which is all that counts.
  10. Only some streamlining / rewriting of some sections of the text, nothing major. The Auto Fire rule has changed for the better, now giving flat bonuses for full-auto and burst fire (+40% ; +20%). Other than that, I have not spotted any rule changes so far. The CoC 7th edition rules have not been incorporated. In short: the BGB is still valid as it is and no dramatic changes have been added. If you are happy with the old hardcover, the new colour-book does not add much to justify buying the new edition. I know I will, but for different reasons. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  11. I can confirm, after printing out the 'System' section as a test at 100%, the text in tables is rather unpleasant to read at the table. It is a tad too tiny and too condensed and opting for a different one would greatly improve the value of the product. So far, the table text issue stopped me from printing further sections of the PDF as they would be unusable in real-life situations anyway (and I would need to break out a digital copy anyway). But since this is a known issue and it seems to be rectified in a future update of the PDF, I do not stress too much about it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyway, this is excellent work - thanks to all the people who are involved!
  12. Isn't that the default in the BGB (new DTRPG download or Hardcover book) ? From the Attack & Defense Matrix, Footnote: 'If the parrying weapon or shield is destroyed during the parry attempt, roll the attacking weapon's normal damage and subtract the points of damage used in destroying the parrying weapon or shield. The remainder is damage which penetrates the parry attempt to damage the defender (armor still protects). If the attacking weapon is destroyed during a successful attack, damage is still inflicted on the defender but the weapon is broken at that moment.'
  13. Maybe it would be worth (or an option) to scan a good copy of the RQ3 Core Rulebook and make it available as PDF. It still costs money to create it, but it would end some discussions ๐Ÿ˜† - not trying to offend anybody, it is just a matter of fact that this topic comes up every now and then. IMHO this would be a good compromise to please the fan base without throwing too much money at it. I've seen really good PDF scans of 1980ies products from PIGames.net, for example, and once printed out they look as good as the original (minus the binding, sure).
  14. Well, I think you just created about 6 boxes of optional rules. Why not create a document ant upload it to the BRP downloads file section? ๐Ÿ˜„ BRP is a toolkit for everybody to tinker with. I do not think it is meant to encompass all the rules from all different publications, as I personally would want to see the changed combat options from CoC 7th edition & 'CoC Dark Ages' in it. It can impossibly satisfy everybody. ๐Ÿ˜‰ You could create an add-on for the SRD, though, and expand on that.
  15. just allow the same rule for these weapons, too. Don't forget that fencing weapons (e.g. rapiers & parrying dagger ) have not been used in the same era as shields and swords. Fantasy games tend to mix up different weapons and eras and put them all together. I would love to see the weapons table separated into different time eras to make a clear statement when adventurers can use which weapon.
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