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    DSA - a german Fantasy RPG, started 1985, played until 1993
    2300AD - my first Sci-Fi RPG. Played it a long time
    CoC - the old times classic game. Love the German books, collect them
    EarthAD - PI Games, a nice rules light game. Played it until I found BRP
    Savage Worlds Shaintar - Fantasy Setting, only played a few sessions
    Savage Worlds Necropolis - had quite fun with this, but felt it is a Table Top Battle Game, not an RGP

    Did the BRP conversion rules for 2300AD as this seems my rules system I will settle with. :) Finally found it, my EABA.
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    Revolution D100: 'Derelict Earth', 'Dresden Files', 'Airship Daedalus'
    Former: BRP, Aftermath Setting, Darwins World Setting, Earth AD
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    Revolutionary Thinker, Conspiracy Theorist, Believer in advanced Ancient Civilisations, maybe Aliens. Supporter of alternative thinking.

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  1. How do I do X in Revolution d100?

    I could always lodge a RD100 online session and explain some rules, if you like/need. Or you could come up to the Sunny Coast to play a one shot with the group.
  2. How do I do X in Revolution d100?

    That's how I do it when players want a kind of Advantage/Disadvantage system for RD100. For a permanent Consequence I would allow the characer a free Stunt, though, so it makes it worth taking the (-). See my signature, I uploaded two PDFs for RD100 , one with house rules.
  3. Suggest a change or correction

    One more suggestion: The Chapters are sometimes a bit long and might benefit from adding a 'sub table of content' in front of the chapter. That way it won't clutter the Table of Contents on page 1. As an example, The Combat Chapter might add some sub Table: Basic Combat p.83 Advanced Combat p89 - Life Points p.91 - Opening Move p.92 If that would be too long, which I can understand, maybe add an indesx of all the tables in the book? Range and Distance p.90 Opening Move p.92 Attack Resolution p.98 Close Combat Situational Modifiers p. 99 Ranged Combat Situational Modifiers p. 102 Damage to Consequence Conversion p.108 etc ... Or maybe put that table list on a wonderfully designed paper bookmark (or two), so it actually has more than one use.

    No, the data disc was damaged and only a small portion of it was recovered. Not all info about the planets could be recovered, so you get to read what's there.

    All a matter of context. I could see calling Earth a water planet and Mars a Desert World. Both is not correct, but sufficient to describe it and give it some character. All you need to do is to flesh it out as you need it in your context. If you add too much detail, you'll end up with a book describing one continent on one planet - boring and not the goal of the product, I would say.
  6. Implementing Advantages / Feats / Edges

    Just added a few files to the Downloads section: My house rules, a Revolution D100 Cheat Sheet with a rules summary, and a character sheet for Basic/Narrative Combat. See the link in my signature.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Here's a character sheet omitting all fields for the Advanced Combat rules of the genuine RD100 Character Sheet. Good if you use only the Basic/Narrative Combat in your games and need that extra bit of real-estate on the paper. The Sheet itself was derived from the original one, only minor changes in Layout have been done.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Ideas for Supernatural Powers, Character Qualities (Advantage system) and Character Death in Basic/Narrative Conflicts. No core rules are changed, all rules simply show how to use the flexibility of the RD100 system.
  9. Revolution D100 - Cheat Sheet

    Version 1.0.0


    Quick Reference sheet and rules summary for the Revolution D100 system.
  10. Suggest a change or correction

    oh, now I see it. Thanks for the clarification.
  11. Suggest a change or correction

    Hi Rosen, yes, we are all talking about the same thing. And if it is a human character attacking a different size being, the rule is correct. What we suggest is taking into account if the attacker is not human sized but larger, attacking a large target. For example a troll against a hydra. Then the correct attacker and defender size values have to be used.
  12. Suggest a change or correction

    Ah, now I get it - I'm with you. Yes, to make it a generic rule, it should be the difference between the attacker and the target - and not defaulting to size 'Medium'. Rosen? Is that an error to incorporate?
  13. Well, a player came up with the question if there is an Edge mechanism as you would find in Savage Worlds or other games. I gave it a short thought and quickly came up with the following idea: just make it a 'Recurring' or 'Permanent Consequence' that can be invoked once per Conflict or once per Session, depending on how powerful it is. It was a very easy approach and did not change any rules at all. An other idea would have been to make the Advantage a Stunt to be used with a Skill. But I think it all depends on the type of Dis-/Advantage one tries to implement. A 'Deadeye' advantage would be best simulated by declaring it a Stunt, but 'Easily Distracted' or 'Access to powerful Politicians' sounds like a Consequence to me. I love the system. 8-)

    Love the artwork. I am a huge fan of the 70ies and 80ies hand drawn art used for many Sci-Fi novels and covers. 'Terran Trade Authority' someone?

    Will the book include a full setting? I like what I see and read, and probably will use it in my settings - but if it comes with one included, I might draw some ideas from that, too.