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    DSA - a german Fantasy RPG, started 1985, played until 1993
    2300AD - my first Sci-Fi RPG. Played it a long time
    CoC - the old times classic game. Love the German books, collect them
    EarthAD - PI Games, a nice rules light game. Played it until I found BRP
    Savage Worlds Shaintar - Fantasy Setting, only played a few sessions
    Savage Worlds Necropolis - had quite fun with this, but felt it is a Table Top Battle Game, not an RGP

    Did the BRP conversion rules for 2300AD as this seems my rules system I will settle with. :) Finally found it, my EABA.
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    Revolution D100: 'Derelict Earth', 'Dresden Files', 'Airship Daedalus'
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  1. Anything Mecha and Red Moon Rising would be great! Our group plays modern and sci-fi settings, so that would fit in neatly as a one-shot or mini campaign.
  2. Fair enough, thats what these forums are there for: to get the remaining questions answered. 😉
  3. Hey Rosen, that is actually a nice short overview about the Powers for Basic Combat. Wow, I like that! Why not inclut it to the next review of the book? This rule set is getting better and better - thumbs up! @Tanaka: I think the Basic Combat rules are written very tight and there is a lot of information in these lines, that can easily missed. It took me a while to fully embrace the rules - not because they are written in a bad way, but the terminology, amount of information and 'naturally loose' feeling of Basic Combat is something I really needed a 'fresh mind' for, to 'get' it. I think I read the whole chapter of 'Adventuring' and 'Basic Combat' four times now, but when flipping through these chapters, I still find bits and pieces I missed before. Since I consider RD100 a rules medium system, I think it is normal needing time to get used to it. I can remember reading the BRP BGB over and over again, at least 10 times completely, before I considered myself knowing every rule - or at least knowing if it exists and where I would find it. It is just a matter of repetition and time, which I'm willing to commit to it. This is a solid foundation of rules as far as I am concerned.
  4. Ah, back to the Computer Tools we are? Yes, I did two tools, below are the threads: The thing is, the first one is no longer available on my Cloud Server. I have it somewhere and will have to make it available again. I think my Dropbox account still works, so I'll dump the most recent version there. That way the chroniclers of the Interwebs can store it .... It is based on the BGB, not Magic World. You might be able to use it for that, though. Is anybody still using it? As I said, if Chaosium brings out a new BGB version (or a substantial BRP Essentials), I'll edit the tool to get it running again. For all the tinkerers: it is written in Python and can easily adjusted to your needs (well, you need to know Pythen, though).
  5. A reason why we still stick to the Basic Combat rules (which I think are not basic at all). It makes more sense to get the 'normal' Conflicts running smoothly and embrace all the different possibilities. Fortunately our group has a lot of experience with narrative games (Cypher System, FATE, HeroQuest 2, Fantaji, Fudge), so the transition was not too hard at all. And reading all these other books about 'how to play the game' really helped a lot to thing outside the box. @Rosen: when you are doing a revised edition of the RD100 book (as a hardcover, of course ), maybe you think about renaming 'Basic Combat' to 'Narrative Combat'? IMHO this is a better fitting title, as the current Basic Combat does not have anything in common with the Advanced Combat rules. This way somebody who is not interested in the narrative side of combat knows he can simply skip that chapter without missing any rules - and the other way round. Also, a bit more advise or a separate chapter for the Powers and how to use them in Narrative Combat would be great. Currently it is not easy to decipher if a rule in the Powers section is relevant for Narrative Combat at all. Not that it is unusable, but it could be easier to have a better separation between the two. Or maybe use different colors? I don't know But now, get back to work on that Kickstarter!
  6. Secret Sci-Fi project? Yes! I'm in!
  7. OK, so here's my take on the situation. I would use the 'Powers as a Freeform Trait' option. Give the Player character a Trait like 'Werecreature'. The player can use this Trait with any task that he can argue is plausible. Example possible uses: Melee Combat, Perception, Intimidation. When the player decides to change into the werecreature form, he has to run a Parallel Conflict against an Opposition of 15 (with a Skill of 50%). The Recource Point Pool for the Player is his (WIL + CON)/2. This Parallel Conflict is active as long as the player is in werecreature form. Once the Conflict is solved, he changes back. Every time the player uses the 'Werecreature' Trait in combination with a Skill, he also has to Roll for Effect in the Parallel Conflict, using his 'Concentration(Werecreature)' Skill/Trait. This represents the characters effort to keep the beast at bay and stay in control. Once the Parallel Conflict ends (and the player changes back to his human form), one of the following outcomes are possible: the player lost the Conflict: he adds a negative Consequence to his character, e.g. 'severe headaches', 'blood on my hands and clothes', 'no recollection of last night'. The character lost control of the beast and it went wild, roaming freely to satisfy its needs. the player won the Conflict: if the character already has a negative Condition connected to the werecreature, he reduces the severity by one (crossing off one '-' bracket). In case the character does not have an existing Condition, he just kept the beast under his control - this time - and nothing else happened. Remember, losing 11 or more points in a Conflict adds a Recurring condition, regardless if you won the Conflict or not. Also, adding a second sign to an existing Condition might warrant it to be changed to a Recurring Condition, too. Feel free to reword the newly established Recurring Condition to something more suitable. Once the character has 5 negative Recurring Conditions, the beast inside takes over and the player lost his character to the dark side. Basically, this process shows the struggle between using the werebeast's powers to enhance some rolls, and the possibility of losing the character to its nature in the long term. Since the Conditions are temporary (one time use) in the beginning, it is easy to keep the beast at bay at that stage. But once the character accumulated Recurring Conditions, the situation gets more and more dire. Using the Powers in the RD100 book as Freeform Traits opens up a lot to role-playing. Our group likes to play more narrative and that is why we used the Advanced Combat rules only once. We stick to the Basic Combat rules all the time, as it allows for freeform role-playing, fancy moves and quick resolution. Combat is a fun aspect in our games, but it does not dominate them.
  8. I prefer hardcover, as they open nicely and stay flat on the table. If a book is not a softcover, I usually print it out myself on 100gsm paper and do a Japanese Bookbinding to it. Not too interested in soft cover books, as they tend to fall apart after heavy usage.
  9. Next thing you will tell us is there will be a 'Baltic Crusaders' setting book! (I rolled successfully high on my Crystal Ball Skill).
  10. Oh? Hm, I could have sworn I read it somewhere. But maybe it always was that one rule reference I referred to. Thanks for clearing that up, though!
  11. ... but I know it is in there. OK, here's my problem: I am looking for the rule in the RD100 book, where it states that the Defender in a Conflict can opt to regain 1d6 Resolution Points, if he gets an Advantage. I know it is in there somewhere, but I cannot find it. All I can see is the reference to it in the Basic Combat rules on page 86. Could anybody tell me on which page the actual rule is, please?
  12. LOL, nice one! Just opened the site an will buy it withing the next minutes.
  13. I am in the lucky position to have a new established RPG group. We started as a Tabletop Wargaming group, and then I announced a one-shot Horror RPG. We played the introductory game from 'Dark Matter', but used the Cypher System. Now we are playing a monthly game of Dresden Files (with the Cypher System), but I am about to change that to RD100. Not because I want to, but because of the players. They more or less ignore all the 'Abilities' (rules) the Cypher System offers - and play it more free-style. And free-style is better (smoother) handled with RD100, IMHO. Also, I think I can emulate the DresdenVerse better with any BRP game, than with a rigid class-based system. This is where the BRP system shines most: you have Skills, Attributes and a Power system. That's it. Everything can be incorporated into these three parts. But that was always my opinion anyways. Get the dice rolling!
  14. I agree, I do not need high color full flavor RPG books. The content is much more important. But: they are more lovely to look at and sometimes the visuals they create transfer the setting better. Much better. Same reason why some people do not like the 'Manga' style of the new D&D (no, please I used this just as an example, not to pick on the system). Or the Cyberpunk v3 with 'Doll Art'. @Mankcam: yes, HQ2 & BGB was my thing, too. RD100 just combined the two and I can mix and match now to suit the setting or gaming style much better. Or our mood of the day. Anyways, I'm curious what will come next from Chaosium (but I don't hold my breath. ).
  15. Well, not even the wording has changed in most parts. Which would be OK, if Chaosium actually would have corrected misspellings and cleared up some badly explained rules. Even some examples are reprinted wrong over and over again - SIZE Chart anyone? But hey, maybe the gods are with them and they incorporate the errata in the new RuneQuest books. Maybe the gods shell out some color, too, so more than the front cover can be printed in it. I can see how black&white works for CoC, but RuneQuest went all fancy with 'The Guide' etc. If they want to keep in line with that, it would certainly attract a lot more people. I just hope the new RuneQuest rule book will be more than a cut&paste job. Even if I will never buy it, but for the sake of the loyal fans. My hopes for new and fully supported settings made by Chaosium are nil, and from past experience I rather look for that somewhere else. It is a shame Alephtar Games had to pull all these nice setting books supporting BRP and consider it a huge loss for the system. I hope they reappear soon for their new RD100.