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    DSA - a german Fantasy RPG, started 1985, played until 1993
    2300AD - my first Sci-Fi RPG. Played it a long time
    CoC - the old times classic game. Love the German books, collect them
    EarthAD - PI Games, a nice rules light game. Played it until I found BRP
    Savage Worlds Shaintar - Fantasy Setting, only played a few sessions
    Savage Worlds Necropolis - had quite fun with this, but felt it is a Table Top Battle Game, not an RGP

    Did the BRP conversion rules for 2300AD as this seems my rules system I will settle with. :) Finally found it, my EABA.
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    Revolution D100: 'Derelict Earth', 'Dresden Files', 'Airship Daedalus'
    Former: BRP, Aftermath Setting, Darwins World Setting, Earth AD
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    Sunshine Coast, Australia
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    Revolutionary Thinker, Conspiracy Theorist, Believer in advanced Ancient Civilisations, maybe Aliens. Supporter of alternative thinking.

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  1. pansophy

    Updated PDF available

    It replaced HQ2 and Fate for me, when using Basic Combat. For more crunch a la Stormbringer or 2300AD we use the Advanced Combat rules. The beauty: no re-learning of different rules all the time.
  2. pansophy

    Updated PDF available

    No rush, I hope all goes smoothly. The important bits are in, that's what really matters.
  3. TCT is good to do that, true. My regular group had no drama at all with adapting to Strike Ranks and the gradual increase of options/effects. And they love modern adventures. I think I should refrain from dropping the RD100 rules on everybody, even if I know they dislike the old BRP system or Strike Ranks. It's like pushing a round object into a square hole. 🤔🙄😁😎
  4. pansophy

    Updated PDF available

    Hi Rosen, I have some questions about the PDF: - I thought you wanted to add the detailed Chapters at the bottom of even pages, e.g. 'Basic Combat' and Advanced Combat', instead of just 'Combat' - wasn't Basic Combat supposed to be reworded to something else? I might be wrong, but wanted to raise these before a possible reprint ...
  5. You might be right ... I only used it, because it was a one shot adventure. Not sure if I agree to all of your points, but you certainly are right in some cases. 1. Yes, you are right, it can be a hazard 2. could be, but then the 'others' always argue Power users are too mighty. Not only in RD100 but in all game systems. Might be just a preference. 3. yes, might be too crunchy and not old school for some people. But I had to get them used to the whole concept of Effects first, before I can drop the Strike Rank part on them. They simply felt overwhelmed by the options. I heard the word 'beaan counting' more than once, although I know it really comes down to SR counting in Advanced Combat most of the time. 4. A combat in RD100 most of the time comes down to deal enough damage to inflict a Major Wound. Which is OK with me and the group. Does it take long? Depends on the Armor rating of the foe (or luck, or Combat Effects). Is it faster than when stripping off Strike Ranks? No, but I did not get the impression it is slower. Overall I find the Advanced Combat fast and tactical as I like it, but I like the Basic Combat, too, when I just want to break up things a bit. Most Combats usually last two to three rounds, depending on the opposition and the amount of enemies, but most of the time on a two to one relation I never experienced a combat being longer than 5 rounds. Which is good and enjoyable. Problem is, I need to 'get the players there' first. They simply shut down their brains (new group, playing a one shot) when I tell them about Strike Ranks and costs and options and special rules. Sometimes it works well by reducing the amount of Combat Effects. But Sometimes they complain about 'why is there a difference between me Blocking an attack, or Dodging it or Parrying it?'. Yes, there is a difference, and it makes totally sense, but some people do not get their heads around it. Anyways, the system I suggest here is not something I would use for a campaign, but it is meant to be a transitional system to 'bring players' to the Advanced Combat system. For one-shots, though, it does the trick even with all the flaws you mention.
  6. Since 'Basic Combat' is more story driven, it opens up a gap for a new 'Classic Combat' system Nah, seriously, some of my players had difficulties with the Strike Rank system in RD100 (and struggled with it in RQ, too), so I came up with 'my' Classic Combat idea: remove Strike Ranks from the Advanced Combat system every character gets one action per round, characters with the Dual Wield stunt get two the first Defense is free, every other defense incurs a Penalty to the roll if using a shield, the character gets an additional free Block action you can still ready a bow and fire or ready a thrown weapon and make a ranged attack Crossbows and firearms take the number of rounds to reload use of Powers is accomplished within one round, except for heavily modified powers the Combat Exchange procedure is still in use, so you get Combat Effects to use against your enemy Wounds and Armor rules are still in play Some Combat Effects might be useless in this system, or have to be modified, e.g. Keep Distance, Regain Footing and Take Initiative. In accordance with the Basic Combat rules, I suggest to have the affected combatant to act at 5 SR lower when determining Initiative, or act at a Penalty - which ever works best for the current situation. Example: Rowan hits a Skeleton with his mace and gains a Tactical Combat Effect. He uses it to 'Keep Distance', so the Skeleton will attack Rowan 5SR later next round, or gets a Penalty for its next Re-/Action. The whole concept of this Classic Combat system is to strip the Advanced Combat system down to the bare minimum by removing the Strike Ranks. This introduces players to a more common combat system and you can gradually add the Strike Rank system, once the players are accustomed to the Combat Exchange procedure and the Combat Effects. It removes quite a bit of the tactical part, but it still feels tactical enough for most situations, but offers a huge benefit: it plays faster for one-shots, where you want the action going but players also want a more detailed combat system. Although, I must admit, I only used it once, so there is no real play-test involved. There might be some problems along the way ... What do you think?
  7. pansophy

    Updated PDF available

    All good, I was able to download the new version! Yay! Thanks, Paolo. I can see in addition to the already mentioned clarifications and errata, you added some new artwork! Much appreciated!
  8. pansophy

    Updated PDF available

    Link does not sem to work for me, file is not available. Later? I'm already in bed!😴😉
  9. pansophy

    Updated PDF available

    The requested source file could not be found. Please contact us and let us know about this error. Maybe I am too impatient... 😉
  10. true, it makes it faster. I think I still have a Database for BRP with all my NPCs in it, and the DB auto-calcs all the values. Might update that tool for RD100. But then again, I usually categorize NPC in 20%, 50% and 80% ratings, adding one or two d12 to main Skills on the fly. That gives them some variety and d12s are fun to roll anyway. More important are the Stunts and Traits a character has. And for monsters I need a good overview of on-the-fly specialities (Powers). Anyway, I disgress ....
  11. Personally I find editable PDF files good enough for my purposes. RD100 is not particularly maths-heavy, so I do not need anything more sophisticated than a printed char sheet. But that's just me and somebody else might love this
  12. pansophy

    Suggest a change or correction

    Seems very penalizing to me ... But might be an option for failed rolls to show off bad luck. I would only consider this as a story element, without any lasting consequences or penalties. Màybe only for Skill rolls when not engaged in a Contest.
  13. pansophy

    Errata for revolution d100

    P.100 shoud read thrusting instead of trusting: purely trusting weapon such as a spear.
  14. pansophy

    Suggest a change or correction

    Yep, using my printed copy, it was easy to see Enchantments are falling under Rituals - and Rituals describe to use a Skill of 50% for most situations. 😀
  15. pansophy

    Suggest a change or correction

    Also, it might be a good idea to add the default opposition skill for Enchantments in the Enchantment section. Currently I go with 50%, but I'm not sure if that is correct.