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  1. To clarify a previous response. If my character has bound a spirit, and I want to use some spirit magic known by that spirit, I have two options: 1) Cast the spell using my character's POW, and using his MPs 2) Have the spirit cast the spell, using the POW and MPs of the spirit. Is this correct? If so, and in the case of the latter, does my character need to cast a Control spell and then release the spirit in order to do this, or can it cast the spell while bound? Also, would this be classed as my character's action for the round, or can the spirit cast the spell ind
  2. This is a great addition to the JC - I particularly liked the section on living in the Rubble. The scenarios are great, ideal for a single evenings play, with plenty of potential for extended play. Look forward to seeing more in this series
  3. In the Between Adventures chapter, the rules state "At the end of each season, an adventurer can select up to four occupational skills and cult skills to get an experience check." I assume that's a total of 4 skills from both occupational skills and cult skills, and not 4 of each? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the replies all, very helpful. I've not really run much content set during Dark Season in Sartar, but that's all about to change 👍
  5. I've seen the rules regarding exposure to cold weather, and I'm wondering whether it's realistic for the players to wear armour at the same time as wearing cold weather clothing, or is it more appropriately a choice between the two. If a PC were to wear both, is it reasonable to say that metal armour would reduce the effectiveness of cold weather clothing? Thanks
  6. If we've already bought the pdf is there any mechanism for getting the printed book and just paying the difference? Thanks
  7. Can I also say just how much I love the cover artwork of this book. In fact, the quality of artwork in the RiG books in general has been outstanding, hat's off to you guys for this.
  8. What's not canon about it any more? Won't change my game of course, but I am curious
  9. If I fail to make a spirit magic roll, there are no direct consequences i.e. I dont spend any magic points or rune points as a result of the failure. Therefore, given that I can keep trying, does that mean I can auto-cast any spirit magic spell or rune magic spell outside of melee rounds? Or does the "Reattempting ability rolls" rule kick in, and if I fail the roll I can only try again at a penalty, or after a certain period of time has elapsed? So far I've played it as auto-casting, but it always felt slight odd to me hence the question
  10. Awesome, thank you. I've also just realised there's a ton of stuff in the HQ rulebooks (old and new) on this - I obviously should have looked in there, but I'm too RuneQuest focused these days and just didn't think of it. 🤦‍♂️
  11. Thanks for such comprehensive answers, much appreciated
  12. Is there a list anywhere of the basic attributes of a heroquest? For example, I'm trying to find out When you exit a heroquest, you can only bring out what you took in, correct? So if I want to gain a magic sword, I would take a sword in, and through successful heroquesting it would gain magical properties? Does everyone who takes part in a heroquest gain something from that heroquest, or is just the person who is following the role of the specific god who is the subject of the heroquest who then gains the benefit? If something happens to you on a heroquest, for example you l
  13. It's fairly pointless trying to convert characters from HQ to RQ, as their is no direct equivalence. Many of the later books, such as Kingdom of Heroes, don't even give stats to the HQ characters as HQ is more about resistance levels and the pass/fail cycle than actual stats. Instead, if you want to see how a high level character appears in RuneQuest, take a look at the stats for Leika Black Spear or Asborn Thriceborn in the Adventure book of the GM Screen pack. That should give you an idea of the scale you're looking at, the rest is just creative effort on your part.
  14. How is the Humakti going to "shred" the spirit anyway? Using TrueSword? No problem, I'll pop back in 15 minutes when you're done.
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