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  1. Enlightened Magic uses 4 elements (Air, Earth, Fire, & Water), the sorcery rules are also slightly changed to be more elegant and functional. In addition, EM contains a significantly modified (and at least from my PoV improved) version of the unpublished Alchemy rules I wrote for Nephilim, also converted to 4 elements.
  2. Very much so, True Blood was also a major inspiration for ATVW.
  3. No so much so, but I do have a section in the storytelling chapter about running paranormal romance (as well as ones about running noir & war stories).
  4. My goal in creating the setting was supernatural noir. I created it as an urban fantasy setting which owes more to some of the relatively recent urban fantasy literature, like the Harry Dresden novels, Robin McKinley's Sunshine, and Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake vampire hunter novels. It's a setting where the supernatural was mostly secret until a few years ago, then there was a terrible war, and now there's a fragile post-war peace as well as new dangers, and everyone has secrets from the war.
  5. I specifically designed After the Vampire Wars as an urban fantasy setting which included Seers & Enlightened Sorcerers & Alchemists (from Enlightened Magic), as well as vampires (with new rules for old powerful vampires), three sorts of sort of shape-shifters, psychics, fae, and half-fae (and everything but the fae are possible options for PCs.)
  6. I just saw this post after looking for info about After The Vampire Wars, and am pleased to see that the reason it's not yet in general release is that Chaosium is making sure it looks even better. I'm really proud of that book and would happily write a Vampire Wars Companion for it if there's interest.
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