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    I started in 1985 with red box D&D, then AD&D1 and since 1989 BRP in its many forms who has become my preferred system. Among the various BRP games I have a soft spot for Stormbringer (any and all editions) with which I run incredibly fun campaigns in the 1990s and early 2000s. I've also always liked RuneQuest a lot and I'm currently in love with the latest edition. And yes, I also play/ run Call of Cthulhu with gusto. So, pretty much everything Chaosium.
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    Rune Quest Glorantha - I'm running a short campaign in Apple Lane and the Colymar lands of Sartar, loosely based on the excellent GM's screen pack and various Jonstown Compendium materials. I have recently finished a Stormbringer mini-campaign which expanded on the excellent 'Stolen Moments' scenario, from Perils of the Young Kingdoms.
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    Southern Switzerland
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    In real life I am an academic. A linguist by training. I am married with 3 children.

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  1. Gaumata's vision is great. I don't think this could ever be a discussion point. I would love to run it but my current game is in Sartar. Would it work in the Sun Dome County of Dragon Pass? I fear the feeling of isolation could be lost. And hazia and stuff ... Is it something feasible or I am going to regret it for the rest of my gaming life?
  2. I the dark age of BRP monographs (some may actually see it as the "golden" age, but whatever) among several valiant efforts that mostly failed to make a lasting impression on me, I think Val-du-Loup stood out as a flavorful and well grounded medieval dark fantasy setting. I would still play/ run it with gusto. Does anyone know what the author (Guy Dondlinger) is up to nowadays? Is there any remote chance of a Val du Loup revival? Either for CoC or under the BRP open license? PS The main monograph was for BRP, but some of the earlier scenarios were for CoC Dark Ages.
  3. I cannot be more hyped than that...can I? One thing I'd love to have is a blank/ fillable version of the character sheet. I think it's a great design for novice players which could be intimidated by the standard sheet.
  4. Same map as 2e, but the board is different. The map is mounted on a hard thick cardstock board, and the cosmic balance tracker to the left of the map has a different design.
  5. Never heard of anything Thomas Covenant related. I wonder how fit for an RPG adaptation the books are, but I'm intrigued. I have a strange relationship with the books. I was immediately sucked into the first book of the series but then I never managed to finish the second. I found the character of Thomas Covenant quite interesting - not necessarily likeable, being a deeply flawed individual - but interesting for sure. In contrast, I did not like the world building, which seemed pretty weak and did not really come alive.
  6. I'd say almost everything is worth having, except perhaps 2108 White Wolf, especially if you have the later and better Sailing on the Seas of Fate. Demon Magic is abslolutely worth having if only for the Velvet Circle adventure, which is great. Stormbringer 4th edition had, all in all, the strongest lineup of supplements: Rogue Mistress, Sorcerers of Pan Tang, Sea Kings of the Purple Towns and Perils of the Young Kingdoms are all very good. Perhaps I'd just tone down the excesses of Pan Tang, which can verge on the silly. I'm less of a fan of Elric! supplements, but they'r
  7. Personally, I like it. I have run part of it (the whole first book and sections of the second, integrated in a broader campaign). It has an interesting premise and lots of intriguing ideas. I would still run the whole campaign *almost* as is. It requires preparation and judgement from the GM, though, and willingness to run with the unexpected turns the story might take. In this respect some of the GM advice in it is pretty bad and railroady. Spoilerous content ahead...
  8. Wow! I did not know the map was different! I have the Avalon Hill edition, which I guess was the third.
  9. For Worlds of Wonder I have found also this post: It's clear that those things are not top priorities for Chaosium. And I cannot blame them for that with all the stuff for CoC, RQ, Pendragon and the new games in the pipeline...
  10. Worlds of Wonder - Rick Meints told me that a POD/ reprint is likely during a Q&A chat on Discord at the 1st Impromptu Con. No time frame. As for Magic World, I can quote this post: Rick Meints is answering "yes" to the question: "Any chance of a POD version?". Usually, Chaosium does not announce products in advance with precise dates. Reprints/ PODs even less.
  11. In a sense, BRP has never been healthier: We have Call of Cthulhu and Rune Quest going strong... We have several BRP games in the pipeline: Pendragon 6th edition Rivers of London Lords of the Middle Sea Mythic Iceland 2nd edition We are probably/ possibly going to see print on demand versions of older titles, such as... Worlds of Wonder Superworld Magic World BRP Big Gold Book (These is based on my recollections of chats / social media posts so I might be wrong). We have the SRD... We do not have an in print edition o
  12. Slipcase will be mine! @Jason DWill it be branded RuneQuest or just Mythic Iceland?
  13. I've played SoloQuest (Scorpion Hall) using RQG rules and the pregenerated characters. While the RQG pregens are a bit more powerful than the mid-range RQ2 characters assumed by the solo, the adventure remains very challenging and even deadly. Yes, it was THAT brutal. It's easy to convert on the fly.
  14. I love that's a game that (apparently) doesn't have a point to prove. It's old school because it's based on a 1978 rules engine, not because it wants to be this or that flavor of old school game. It's immersive because it's fueled by the authors' passion for Glorantha, not because "let's create an immersive experience, etc.". It's neither designed from scratch to create the perfect true Gloranthan game, nor a deliberate nostalgia fest of RQ2 Praxian memories. Finally, despite its gorgeous production values it will never be a "mainstream" game. Maybe that's why it sometimes manages to dis
  15. Cool. I was planning to participate. How does it work this time? Is it on Discord? And I also have the other question... When does it end? Does it go down to the crazy weirdness of the late chapters of Argrath's saga? And is Argrath's saga "reliable", for that matter? Will we see lunar "bombardiers" escorting the Crimson Bat... and Sheng Seleris commanding the armies of a mutated inhuman Lunar Empire? I guess it won't go down to the post-Hero Wars kings, though... Even if I gladly would play in a post-illiteracy game with scholars trying to piece together what happened during the Hero W
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