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    I started in 1985 with red box D&D, then AD&D1 and since 1989 BRP in its many forms who has become my preferred system. Among the various BRP games I have a soft spot for Stormbringer (any and all editions) with which I run incredibly fun campaigns in the 1990s and early 2000s.
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    BRP homebrewed Lankhmar-ish setting (with bits of the Classic Fantasy mono)
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    Southern Switzerland
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    In real life I am an academic. A linguist by training. I am married with 3 children.

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  1. Meet you in the Velvet Circle, Larry.
  2. That sounds interesting. Take your time
  3. I'd buy it in a heartbeat. A marriage of Crypts & Things and Open Quest with an old school Stormbringeresque flavor. Newt, any chance of such a thing seeing the light of the day? Or the pale light of my feverish crypt dreams?
  4. Great resource! Thanks for sharing. Now I want to play some MW!
  5. Exactly. BTW, Chaosium's stance on MW has been made clear in many many posts on these forums. Here's a summary: 1. They will not continue to develop MW products as they have other priorities (CoC, RQG, etc.) 2. They continue to sell MW PDFs and physical books (apparently the original print run is far from exhausted). 3. They will not make MW OGL (that would pretty much make BRP OGL!). 4. They are ready to license third party MW publications and give permission for fanmade products. I find it pretty clear and understandable.
  6. Oh the joy of a RQ boxed set!
  7. By the way, I'm going to run this scenario very soon... using Stormbringer 4th edition rules (with lots of houserules from previous and subsequent editions).
  8. Yes it is definitely worth for the vast amount setting specific stuff, including playable races, specific allegiance rules, creatures, npcs and starting scenarios. Rules wise, in Elric! you get the demon magic that was cut out of MW. But if you have Advanced Sorcery for MW you have all the demon summoning rules in Elric! and more. And typographically Elric! is a much nicier book than Magic World.
  9. Never heard of a longer version of that scenario.
  10. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/203486/Madness--Other-Colours In case you don't know, this Mythras adventure is a Stormbringer scenario with the serials filed off. If I remember correctly it was originally an Elric! convention scenario by Loz. It is quite obvious to re-locate it back to the young Kingdoms. You just need the name of a famous stealer of magic, the isle where he lived and the name of the tribe of bestial humanoids who moved there after his demise... Rules-wise, it will work like a charm with Mongoose Elric for MRQ2 (given that the system is basically the same). Elric for MRQ1 would also play converting on the fly. For other editions it requires a bit of conversion, but nothing really daunting.
  11. Rogue Mistress is epic. Definitely to get. It is a great campaign across the multiverse. It has a few issues: 1) it lacks a good hook (invent anything and it will be better than the one provided), 2) It is very deadly, 3) The jump from plane to plane is a bit railroady (but true to Moorock's novels). That said, the campaign is very, very good. The individual chapters are very imaginative and the overall narrative epic in scope. If you have Stealer of Souls, you should get Black Sword. The two form a two part epic campaign across the Northern Continent. It is very good. Written by Ken Rolston. Perils of the Young Kingdoms is also a very good supplement. A collection of short scenarios, some are OK, some are excellent. None is bad. Sea Kings of the Purple Towns is also worth getting. Beasically, most Stormbringer supplement are good to very good, with the possible exception of White Wolf (which is kind of bland) and Octogon of Chaos (third party supplement, with good ideas but a little too old school).
  12. Hi, Here is a very basic deckplan I did when I was running Rogue Mistress. Captions are partly in Italian. It's provided as is, with no warranty of suitability to any purpose. Best, Smiorgan rogue_mistress.PDF
  13. Thank you for all the joy you gave me weaver of myths! Today a piece of the boy I was goes with you beyond the mists. "At the water's edge now is a black barge, and upon it four ladies in black. When they see the king, they shriek and weep. "Put me on the barge," commands the king. The women crowd around him, and one takes his head on her lap. "Ah my brother, you have tarried". (Greg Stafford, The Great Pendragon Campaign, Year 565). REX QUONDAM REXQUE FUTURUS Heartfelt condolences to Greg's family and those who loved him. He was a great gift to many of us.
  14. Sorry. I'm not interested in FATE. The BRP supplement was very good and I was intrigued when they announced it as a RQ6 supplement.
  15. European shipping also seems both pricey and bizarrely priced. The postage to Switzerland from UK warehouse is $35.34 , which looks about two times what I use to pay for similarly big packages. On the other hand shipping to nearby Northern Italy is $ 22, still very pricey but less unheard of. Usually the rates from UK to Italy and Switzerland are more similar.
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