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    I started in 1985 with red box D&D, then AD&D1 and since 1989 BRP in its many forms who has become my preferred system. Among the various BRP games I have a soft spot for Stormbringer (any and all editions) with which I run incredibly fun campaigns in the 1990s and early 2000s.
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    BRP homebrewed Lankhmar-ish setting (with bits of the Classic Fantasy mono)
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    In real life I am an academic. A linguist by training. I am married with 3 children.
  1. Congrats! This is beautiful! Leaving ballistic trajectories aside...this use of visuals is very modern on one side, yet it is somehow very true to the spirit of an old ruleset such as Rune Quest. I guess new players can relate with it and yet appreciate that this is the latest improvement of a 1978 ruleset...
  2. Some thoughts after a first read

    Well, I think we largely agree, in fact. And, to be clear: I do like 13A quite a bit. It's a really fun game for experienced players and DMs.
  3. Are we there?

    I may be completely wrong and I do not presume to know how Chaosium are thinking , but if I were Chaosium I would not announce RQG until 13G has been out in print for a week or two. My basic reasoning would be that each Gloranthan rpg deserves its moment in the spotlight. But again, I might be completely wrong.
  4. Some thoughts after a first read

    I have not read 13G -- yet, but I'm thinking about perhaps getting it, but I have played 13A in its standard setting. I can understand the original poster's disappointment about the lack of out of combat crunch. But it had to be expected from 13A. In short, 13A is the bastard son of D&D4. Mechanically and thematically 4E is the single biggest influence on the game. Like its predecessor, 13A is a game about telling heroic action stories through vivid and dynamic battle scenes. If you read D&D4's Dungeon Master's Guide 2, you'll find these things very nicely stated (btw Robin D. Laws was one of the authors!). In contrast with its ancestor, it throws away the battle grid, but it also throws away whatever little out of combat crunch D&D4 had, putting icons, backgrounds and unique things in its place. D&D4 had a (not very good) system for out of combat contests (skill challenges). 13A has nothing in its place. Zilch, nada. Maybe if one wants more structure out of combat should create a HeroQuest-13G Hybrid of some sort. Or better port in the excellent contest Rules of Revolution d100. It should not be too difficult to create a d20 version of them. Very interested in seeing how 13G gets used.
  5. 32 years ago... (#IWD2018)

    I hope you get to do a new of edition of this little game. A worthy companion for Stormbringer and a great game in itself for simple escapist adventure.
  6. Bright Shadows

    I have to pick it up again and have a look at it. One good thing I remember is that it builds upon the Elric! Chaosium sourcebook adding more detail. There are no major inconsistencies between the two books, starting from the map. So you don't have to choose which version of Melniboné you will use and can use details from both sourcebooks. As far as I can remember it does a good job in making the Dragon Isle gameable and outlining a few campaign ideas. Binding of my hardcover copy is atrocious, as the previous poster said. However, when Mongoose stopped their own silly binding plant they re-did most of their titles as softcovers and the softcovers were fine. I have both Elric and Hawkmoon as softcovers and they are reasonably nice and without issues. Looking online I see that also Bright Shadows has two versions. So, be sure to buy the paperback and NOT the faulty hardcover.
  7. RQ:G character sheets - too much art?

    Good that there will be both. ☺️ (My post was about clean sheet not being a grognard thing, but I let the matter rest ☺️).
  8. RQ:G character sheets - too much art?

    My printer likes the clean sheet. And yes yes comments here are made only by a non representative bunch of old grognards as you have often reminded us. This may well be true, but for instance the D&D5 sheet is quite clean. Probably D&D5 is a game played only by a bunch of old farts. 🤔
  9. Chronicles of Future Earth

    AFAIK Loz said that Sarah Newton now has other plans for the Future Earth universe.
  10. Resurrecting RuneQuest (Black Gate)

    And let me say that during Mongoose's tenure of RuneQuest we were inflicted art even worse than the darkest AH days.
  11. Resurrecting RuneQuest (Black Gate)

    Walktapus and Jack O'Bear picture is so surreal ... just look at the shoes of the Walktapus. Epic. This is the stuff of legends. I'll never part from my treasured copy of Daughters.
  12. Started a new version of a very old campaign

    Freyda Nikorn! Oh, memories! That was a great classic campaign!
  13. Mournblade starter set is mine!

    I wanted to buy it, mostly for pure collectible value, but it was sadly "épuisé".
  14. Mournblade starter set is mine!

    I've found this interersting blog entry. Note that the author is another Smiorgan. Not me. http://www.departmentv.net/2016/06/rpg-first-look-mournblade/
  15. Pushing rolls offers a narratively meaningful universal answer to the old question "How many times can I attempt skill x?". I like the fact that it is a narrative rather than simulationist device and that you do not have to think what an attempt means for each skill and situation. It fits Stormbringer because when you overdo things and fail the Lords of Chaos, or perhaps Balo, take a little revenge on you. I do not think it fits the more simulationist spirit of RQ3 or RQ6, though. Penalty dice can be a fun substitute of -20% for multiple parries. And you can say that a buckler ignores the first penalty, a medium shield the first two. Rolling many dice is fun and feels chaotic but it blurs the readability of success chances that do not correspond anymore to a percentile dice roll. With the right game mood this can be a feature: when things get confused or supernatural entities intervene the outcomes become less transparent. That's why I feel it fits Stormbringer (and obviously a horror game like CoC) but not necessarily another kind of BRP game.