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    I started in 1985 with red box D&D, then AD&D1 and since 1989 BRP in its many forms who has become my preferred system. Among the various BRP games I have a soft spot for Stormbringer (any and all editions) with which I run incredibly fun campaigns in the 1990s and early 2000s.
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  1. Good to see people doing something with this license! I really look forward to this.
  2. I love the Dreaming Stone! So, I'd love to see it redeveloped/ expanded for 7th edition.
  3. Just in case you were in doubt, our Roll 20 Stormbringer games continues. They characters stayed one week in Hrolford where they started to rebuild the destitute and desperate village and save it from the encroaching Dinner of Dust. For that I used a variant of Revolution d100 conflict rules (outdebating the Vilmirian Inquisition was a high point of the conflict!). They also summoned a hand-demon for Nadjana who had lost her hand due to a major wound. After a week Avan Astran grew impatient. They left for Doom Point, which they reached after 4 days on the backs of their trusty ponies. (continues in the next post - with spoilers)
  4. Oh, knowledgeable noble sirs and ladies, I'm thinking of going back to Pendragon soon-ish... I've got the 4th edition of the game - the big softcover with Celtic magic etc. and several supplements for 3e and 4e. I also have the GPC for 5e, which seems mostly useable with 4e and bits of the Boy King for chargen. Should I upgrade to the 5th edition? What am I missing? What are the differences between 5.0 (Arthouse), 5.1 (Nocturnal) and 5.2 (Nocturnal/ Chaosium)? They have different covers, but apart from that? Is a 6th edition coming out anytime soon? Your humble squire, Smiorgan Baldhead,
  5. Afternoon Stormbringer session today. The adventurers started their journey with Duke Avan Astran. I am running an "enhanced" version of the scenario "Stolen Moments" from "Perils of the Young Kingdoms". So some SPOILERS ahead... GRAVE SPOILERS, BEWARE! Inspired by dreams and old manuscripts as well as by the prospect of holding a fief on behalf of the Duke they departed from Old Hrolmar riding stout Weeping Waste ponies provided by the duke. Actually, Saran Sheik the Black Abbot and Morgainen the devotee of Hionhurn were on a little cart as they are heavily wounded - same for Nadjana who lost her right hand to the Frog Demon. As they left behind the immediate interior of Hrolmar they signs of the drought became apparent on the dusty roads of Vilmir. First stop Hrolford a hamlet on the border of the Duchy of Jadmar, which the characters hope to hold as ducal administrators once they help the Duke recovering the "Melnibonean treasure" hidden at Doom Point. As they approached Hrolford they were ambushed by Dervil's gang of desperate peasants. Despite 2 rounds of surprise Dervil's crew proved desperately ineffective. Khaleb T'aarna, the Pantangian outcast, was unhorsed but managed to parry critically Dervil's shortsword and then attacked again critically with his demon falchion. At the end of round three the would be bandits had lost their chief and another member, while a third laid unconscious only because Zergan Four-Pigeons - the Purple Towner sailor - was too kind-hearted and had opted for a non-lethal attack. The Duke ordered the unlucky fellows to surrender. And the survivor saw it as a better prospect than being slaughtered by the adventurers. Desperate because of drought, famine and injustice from the King and Church, they had heard that in Rignariom, on Ilmiora's border, Estele Regardus - a girl of humble birth and pure heart - was preaching the penance of the corrupt Church and calling the poor to disobedience in the name of True Law. Inspired by these stories they had created their own insurrectionist group nominally allegied to her cause, but actually not doing much beyond petty banditry. When our heroes entered the village of Hrolford a small crowd gathered around them, voicing contrasting sentiments. The Duke was hesitant, but Marlissa of Sequaloris delivered a great speech, promising a new era of prosperity (and Chaos?) to the village. They plan to stay one or two weeks in Hrolford as their wound heal. Those who are not wounded will be busy with agricultural works (and demon summoning in the crypt below the chapel of Law!). Bu the Duke won't let them stay for long as he has Doom Point constantly on his mind, dreaming of the mysterious treasure and of the red-rosy light.
  6. I am doing Soloquest (Scorpion Hall) with RQG iconics. They are more survivable than RQ2 characters but not MUCH so! They look like superheroes compared to a fresh RQ2 characters but they are still very vulnerable. When the scorp critted Harmast was suddenly a goner, despite his high sword skill.
  7. The Stormbringer game on Roll20 keeps going. Last night it was a side quest with just one of the players. I improvised the session using the Old Hrolmar gazeteer. It's a great resource for NPCS, plots and places! Criticals, fumbles and a successful call for divine intervention made the rest!
  8. Session 7 was a short one. A lot of talking in the Ducal Palace of Hrolmar, visiting a shrine of Arkyn, summoning Undines. The players surprised me by asking the Duke a fief as reward for accompanying him in his adventure. Avan Astran said yes! Now, they are the appointed lords of Hrolford - a starving hamlet on the border between the duchy of Hrolmar and the duchy of Jadmar. If they manage to save it from the drought of the ever expanding Dinner of Dust, they will earn the Duke's gratitude. NOTE: According to the "Atlas of the Young Kingdoms" Hrolford is supposed to be a small town, but I'm going by the original Stormbringer map and Hrolford is most conveniently not represented and happens to be a hamlet and sit exactly on the road from Old Hrolmar to Doom Point.
  9. Just a quick update on my Stormbringer online game, now into session 6. Big fight in the basement of a waterfront tavern in Old Hrolmar took the whole session. Two demons and a Mereghn assassin as opponents. Additional cinematic elements spiced things, but I won't say more because the scene is a modification of an encounter in the published scenario "Stolen Moments". We run the combat using Stormbringer's action economy RAW (see the other thread). It must be the first time I use declarations of intent in my whole career as Stormbringer GM. The combat was tense if a bit less dynamic than I had anticipated. The finale, however, was dramatic and satisfying. One important NPC got her right hand amputated, but the PCs came out of the big fight relaively unscathed. VERY MILD SPOILERS for "Stolen Moments" AHEAD The game is gaining momentum, with the players finally buying into the premise of the scenario and bonding with Duke Avan Astran and his bodyguard Nadjana. The trouble in Old Hrolmar has political underpinnings that the players and their characters start being curious about. This is good and gives more depth to the Duke's character. However, I need to have them out of the city quickly to embark in the main quest, which is largely unrelated to Vilmirian politics. If they dive into the political sideplot they risk delaying too much the AWSOME main quest and lose focus. I could either try to weave together the two plots more tighthly than the scenario suggests, or simply leave politics in the backdrop as per the published scenario.
  10. It is labeled "A Grand Campaign". That's grand (as the Irish say)! We need more grand campaigns. And the "Fall of the Children of Bronze" has a very nice Bronze Age Collapse vibe. Hope it has Shardana pirates raiding the coasts from their remote western island of Ichnusa.
  11. Hi! I'm not Chaot, but thanks if you meant my post! Yes, I guess that kind of move does not work well with the round structure as written. There is no obvious way to deal with it. Generally speaking, Stormbringer 1-4 lacks rules for many specific cases and explicitly advocates an approach where the GM makes commonsense rulings. If I were to decide right now, I'd try to make no exception to Stormbringer's round structure and roll the STR vs SIZ in the resolution phase on the following round. We don't have to assume that there is a break in continuous action between rounds.
  12. That was my first impression as well and it's wrong. When you move to engage you are in phase 3 and your opponent's attack is already gone in phase 2. What happens is that you move within melee reach and the actual exchange of blows will be in phase 2 next round. If your dex is higher you will attack first the next round. The story with missile weapons is also interesting. Round 1. Grokk of Org DEX 7 declares he is charging to engage Sharilla of the Dancing Mist DEX 18. Sharilla, who - having greater DEX - declares afterward, wisely choses to fire at him with her bow. She fires in phase 2 at DEX 13 (18-5), wounding Grokk. In phase 3 Grokk closes in. End of the round. In round 2 Grokk declares he is hitting at Sharilla with his axe. The Myrrhyn woman declares that she is dropping the bow and unsheating her barbed dagger. In phase 2, Sharilla attacks at DEX 13 with the dagger going past his failed parry and hitting Grokk badly for a major wound. Grokk staggers and falls to the ground before completing his planned charge on Sharilla. So I'd say DEX is the queen of stats also with this system...
  13. When we played Stormbringer back in the day we played fast and loose with the rules. I don't think we ever played it RAW. We almost immediately added stuff from RuneQuest and CoC upon habits that were formed by playing Basic D&D. When we switched to Elric! we started to play a little bit closer to the actual rules. Now, in a different age of the world I have greater appreciaction for clear rulesets that can be played and enjoyed as written. So, I set to look at the anatomy of a round in Stormbringer (1-4), which is significantly different than the one found in Elric!/ Stormbringer 5. Here is what I was able to distill from the close reading of the rules. It seems quite interesting and playable. I'm interested in learning whether it matches your own reading of the rules and how you actually play the game. More than anything I'm interested in checking something that is not written in the rules but seems clearly implied and necessary to make them work. Namely, that there is no move followed by attack in the same round: if you engage as a result of your movement you attack in the next resolution phase, i.e. the following round. This is completely different than Elric! STORMBRINGER ACTION ECONOMY DISTILLED FROM THE RULES A round is about 12 seconds if you really want to measure it. 1. Declaration of intent Method 1: GM and players alternate Method 2: reverse DEX order. 2. Resolution of Missiles and Melee In DEX order -5 DEX if you draw/change weapon or perform a similar simple action before melee 3. Movement of non-engaged figures and appearance of conjured elementals and demons Full movement is nominally 30 m in normally chaotic melee conditions (obstacles, people, weapons in hand). If running freely in an empty field up to double this figure. Narratively, full movement corresponds to «You can move to any desired location on the battle scene, but maybe less if commonsense suggests otherwise» (cf. Stormbringer p. 36). If you were engaged and disengaged (by dodging or defeating your enemy) in phase 2, then you may move half your normal movement. If you did anything else apart from moving around (e.g. picking up a dropped weapon) you may move half your normal movement. Demons and elementals appear at this time and do not move. The most important implication of these rules: if you engage as a result of your movement you attack in the next resolution phase, i.e. the following round.
  14. Talked to the players after the session. Very nice chat on what was liked and what was disliked. Everyone is still onboard for wreaking havoc in the Young Kingdoms. Yay!
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