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    I started in 1985 with red box D&D, then AD&D1 and since 1989 BRP in its many forms who has become my preferred system. Among the various BRP games I have a soft spot for Stormbringer (any and all editions) with which I run incredibly fun campaigns in the 1990s and early 2000s.
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    BRP homebrewed Lankhmar-ish setting (with bits of the Classic Fantasy mono)
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    In real life I am an academic. A linguist by training. I am married with 3 children.

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  1. A POD version of Magic World without the most glaring typos that plagued the print version would be very nice - BTW I think the PDF already rectifies some of the typos.
  2. Finally, Jackals arrived at my place after a failed preorder via Amazon and other shipping vicissitudes. The little book is lovely as the other Osprey books and the game inside seems really excellent. I jumped quickly to reading the Clash System and I like it immensely. It modernizes in intelligent ways the venerable d100 system, while remaining recognizably tied to its RQ/BRP roots (via Open Quest mostly, but I think I have spotted direct nods to BRP). I'm still reading but almost everything seems excellent. The only thing that could be better is the character sheet. It's ok, but f
  3. No. Unfortunately there are no news/ rumors about an English version.
  4. The BRP ruleset for Fantasy Ground has been updated and it is now functional again. It works nicely on Unity. There's an unofficial RQG character sheet that you can find on the FG fora. It works but nothing to write home about. You can still purchase all the monsters and spells for RQ3 under the BRP name. In conclusion, with a bit of work you can run RQG and use the resources that in many cases port 1:1. However, for my game I have decided to go for Roll20, mostly because of the cost of the FG ultimate licence.
  5. Oooh! Looking forward to seeing old CoC books coming back to life as POD! PS And speaking of reprints, don't forget Worlds of Wonder...
  6. Another option consistent with the rules would be to say that non engaged characters cannot intercept each other during the movement phase. Everyone goes where they want. At best you can engage at the endpoint of movement. B will reach Q, but G can be there as well and depending on the circumstances act with a better strike rank. I guess that if you are playing theater of the mind (no minis, no map)this could be a more attractive option than figuring out intercept points. Of course you can still intercept movement that takes more than one round.
  7. Makes perfect sense. Yes, I was assuming G was not engaged.
  8. I'm preparing to run combat in RQG and I'd appreciate practical advice from people actually running the game and reports of what you do at your table. Please, abstain from whining about the rules. In RQG (and RQ2) movement of non engaged characters precedes combat resolution (as opposed to RQ3 where movement and combat happen together in SR order in the Action Phase). As I understand the rules, in RQG movement of non engaged characters is simultaneous and you don't really use SR in that movement phase. So, I was wondering about a situation that might come up in combat when the parti
  9. https://titam-france.fr/jeux-de-role/hawkmoon/
  10. So, the Esrolian is going to be a male noble, a discreet guy used to play the role of trusted back-up of the matriarchs (this is how the player describes him) I still have to talk to the fourth guy... (As you can see I'm not really in a hurry, given that I have several games going on in parallel righ now... 🤪)
  11. I've noticed that RQ:G rules become much clearer when I actually read them. 🤣 Rather than half-reading them, half-remembering a mix of rules from RQ2, RQ3 and the BGB. Jokes aside. There are a few passages that could be clearer but nothing dramatic. Actually, I think this issue has been blown way out of proportion, especially on another well known rpg forum on the net, where some users have created a sort of mythology around that. I like compact expositions of the rules and I look forward to the forthcoming Starter Set for having my go-to booklet to use at the table for reference on
  12. Thanks Diana! That's helpful. And yes, the scenario does contain a lot of advice. The party will comprise 4 newly generated characters. They include: A Humakti Duck (I think this PC must know Deveval or even be a relative...) A Lankhor Mhy Sage from Sartar (so I guess he will be interested in investigating the nature and history of the ghostly phenomenon) An Esrolian of still undecided gender and profession - possibly a merchantess or Earth priestess A fourth character yet to decide...
  13. Actually, we did a session 0 of character generation. Great fun, but we have not started the scenario yet. So, the request for advice is still valid.
  14. What the title says. My players stay away from thread, please. I'm running it as a (kinda) one shot on roll20.
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