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    I started in 1985 with red box D&D, then AD&D1 and since 1989 BRP in its many forms who has become my preferred system. Among the various BRP games I have a soft spot for Stormbringer (any and all editions) with which I run incredibly fun campaigns in the 1990s and early 2000s.
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    BRP homebrewed Lankhmar-ish setting (with bits of the Classic Fantasy mono)
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    Southern Switzerland
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    In real life I am an academic. A linguist by training. I am married with 3 children.
  1. Started a new version of a very old campaign

    Freyda Nikorn! Oh, memories! That was a great classic campaign!
  2. Mournblade starter set is mine!

    I wanted to buy it, mostly for pure collectible value, but it was sadly "épuisé".
  3. Mournblade starter set is mine!

    I've found this interersting blog entry. Note that the author is another Smiorgan. Not me. http://www.departmentv.net/2016/06/rpg-first-look-mournblade/
  4. Pushing rolls offers a narratively meaningful universal answer to the old question "How many times can I attempt skill x?". I like the fact that it is a narrative rather than simulationist device and that you do not have to think what an attempt means for each skill and situation. It fits Stormbringer because when you overdo things and fail the Lords of Chaos, or perhaps Balo, take a little revenge on you. I do not think it fits the more simulationist spirit of RQ3 or RQ6, though. Penalty dice can be a fun substitute of -20% for multiple parries. And you can say that a buckler ignores the first penalty, a medium shield the first two. Rolling many dice is fun and feels chaotic but it blurs the readability of success chances that do not correspond anymore to a percentile dice roll. With the right game mood this can be a feature: when things get confused or supernatural entities intervene the outcomes become less transparent. That's why I feel it fits Stormbringer (and obviously a horror game like CoC) but not necessarily another kind of BRP game.
  5. It seems to me that two substantial rules innovations of CoC7 are - Pushing rolls - Bonus and penalty dice Would you use them in another d100 / BRP game? I think they both could be used to add more drama and chaos to a Stormbringer game. Especially if you use the older versions of the game (editions 1-4) which are quite rules light, do not have many modifiers, levels of success, and have generally lower skill %. In contrast, I would not use them in a RQ3 game.

    RPG rulebooks are getting way too long for me! WHFRP1 was 368 pages with a ton of setting info and a scenario. By the way, even with the extensive setting info it contains, I would have preferred my CoC 7 Keeper's book 1/3 shorter than it is. It's a wordy book.
  7. Sorcerers of Pan Tang

    When I saw that the Chaosium logo on the thread I naively thought that there was some official news about Stormbringer. What? Are they reprinting Sorcerers of Pan-Tang?? Alas, that was not the case.
  8. Chronicles of Future Earth

    Great idea.
  9. It was one of the most promising settings for the BRP BGB. Did anyone get to play it? What did you do with it? Did you adapt it to your homebrew campaign or played it RAW?

    This setting reminds me of the Terran Trade Authority books that I absolutely loved when I was a kid. Spacewreck (Catastrofi Spaziali, in the Italian translation), in particular, used to scare the heck outta me. I'd stare for hours at the terrific art. The setting and incidents would make terrific rpg material. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terran_Trade_Authority Am I the only one who fondly remembers that stuff? Smiorgan PS Sadly, I don't have the books anymore.
  11. New RQ Design Note #18 - New Logo

    I must say that I do not like the new logo very much. It's fat and caramel-like. It reminds me of the D&D3/d20 era and a little bit of the RQ Mongoose era. That said this is not very important to me. Judging from the RQ Quickstart, the rules are truly excellent, and I will certainly NOT be deterred from buying the new edition by a so-so logo.
  12. Organic Skill Trees

    Revolution. That is the way to go if you want skill trees. More complex / variable trees really become an headache, at least for me.
  13. RQG QuickStart - Parry questions

    Lovely, it looks they have picked up the old Stormbringer rule. Sorry, I obviously cannot answer as I'll have to wait July 1 for the
  14. YOUR PURSE OR YOUR LIFE! Robyn Hode is here.

    Downloaded! Looks like the best version of Merrie England!