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  1. I has named my oriental mastermind, Hei for Black and Lu for Path to. Path to black onr who lives in secrecy. But I admit my Mandarin is sorely lacking. If my memory serve me well Yu is for jade a symbol for immortalitie not bad.
  2. I will probably use the red herrings to teach my player the difference between call of cthulhu 1920/pulp horror and 1950/atomic horror. More outer-space creature than extra-dimemsional one, more mad scientist than sorcerer and more weird science than sorcery, I can use your method to change my players perception of the games. Hei Lu Oriental Mastermind
  3. Hum Mi-Go interesting, I dont believe I has not a alien invasion in my atomic Cthulhu thanks for this idea. Here my Lex Luthor like PC Basil Boroff is a Hungarian-American business magnate,[businessman, inventor, philanthropist, political activist, and author who is of Hungarian-Jewish ancestry and holds dual citizenship (Hungary and the United States). He is also a famous scientist known for the first organ-cloning from Chimpanzee. He also has done considerable service to the computer science community and is one of the top-expert in artificial intelligence, He work presently at New-Innsmooth in a top-secret project for the US governement. Here the tribal chief for the ghoul communauty. Jacob is a ghoul and his help his species by procurate them cadaver flesh. Officialy a mortician he arrange funerals and generaly take care of the dead in the period between death and entombmemt. He is a pillard of the communauties and his well liked by the New Innsmouth inhabitants.
  4. I like the idea to represent Innsmouth in different times. In my city i have a mad scientist/industrialist like Lex Luthor, a new Esoteric Order of Dagon who seem like the Shreiner to dodge the suspicion of authorities, a ghoul communauties, the Crimson Ghost organisation of industrial spy and the Innsmouth NET a criminal like organisation who the purpose are to be the scapegoat for all the criminal action of he EOD. Also its funny to thing that the mascot of the city is a black lagoon like creature. Hei Lu Oriental Mastermind
  5. The original town of Innsmouth is described as being in a horrendous state of decay, with many of the buildings rotting, and on the point of collapse. My Innsmouth 1950 is not the same, it is a mix between Oak Ridge and Portsmouth USA. the United States federal government chose the area as a site for developing new submarines for the NAVY when the war ended, the Innsmouth shipyard became the Navy's center for submarine design and development. In 1953, Albacore revolutionized submarine design around the world with its teardrop hull and round cross-section and the first nuclear-powered submarine built at the base, was launched in 1957. The Admiral Harriman Nelson liked the area for several reasons. Its relatively low population and bad reputation made acquisition affordable, yet the area was accessible by both highway and rail, and utilities such as water and electricity were readily available. The location and low population also helped keep the town relatively isolated, though the population of the settlement grew from about 3,000 in 1950 to about 75,000 by 1955. The architecture firm Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM) was contracted to provide a layout for the town and house designs SOM Partner John O. Merrill moved to New Hampshire to take charge of designing the secret buildings at Innsmouth. He directed the creation of a town, which soon had 300 miles (480 km) of roads, 55 miles (89 km) of railroad track, ten schools, seven theaters, 17 restaurants and cafeterias, and 13 supermarkets. A library with 9,400 books, a symphony orchestra, sporting facilities, church services for 17 denominations, and a Fuller Brush Company salesman served the new city and its 75,000 residents No civilian airport was built, however, for security reasons, apartments, and dormitories, many made from cenesto (bonded cement and asbestos) panels, were quickly erected. Streets were laid out in the manner of a "planned community". But what it is the horror in this. Firts not only this city is a military research center it is also a social experiment. In the pretense of security the citizen of Innsmouth must have on their belonging a security disc. These disc serve three purposes. One: it serves of electronic money like a credit card. With this the overseer of the city know how much each citizen has money and where and how they use-it. With this is theorytically impossible to take bribes or create a crime syndicate because the money illegally won is immediately know from the authorities. Two: Normals citizen are not capable to enter in building and navy quarter devoted to top secret research. Three: Unknow from the citizen the identity disc can also be use by the city overseer like a localisation beacon. Paranoia and scientific oppression ia also a form of horror. I choose Admiral Nelson from Voyage to the bottom from the sea for two reason. One in his biographie he has contributed greatly to buid the first nuclear-powered submarine the Nautilus. Also in one of the episode of the tv series, he and the equipage of the seaview captured in a Pacifific island a deep-one like creature. This creatute escaped when the Seaview was attackeb by a behemoth like monster (Dagon). I am sure the communauty has also think what a 50 Cthulhu will be like. I am curious about your suggestion. Hei Lu Oriental Mastermind
    I like-it very much! I think using-it with my GW edition of Stormbringer. With this I will not be difficult to introduce new monsters to my players. Thank you! for this impressive work.
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