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  1. Thanks, I guess it is up to me as a GM depending on what the situation is. I noticed that in OpenQuest it is: Whoever rolled the lowest in their skill test wins the opposed test. In the case of ties for both the Player wins.
  2. Question about the Opposed test rules. They indicate in Renaissance Deluxe that it both fail neither side has a success. So this raises the question of what happens if one character is trying to sneak past a guard (Perception vs. Stealth). Or have I missed something?
  3. I just don't want firearm combat to be too deadly.
  4. I bought Renaissance and the rules looks to be more or less in line with what I came up with. Except armour offers half protection against firearms.
  5. I think that given the amount of time it takes a load a weapon (4 rounds). The most shots a firearm will manage in melee is one. So bypassing armour does not seem as unbalancing. Maybe armour protection should just be reduced?
  6. Thanks I will check that out.
  7. I am setting Magic World Adventures in an old rundown world with varying levels of technology. There is magic but there are also black powder firearms. I borrowed the black powder weapons from RQ6 Firearms. I included the rules for Reload, Sneak Peak (AGLx5 or exposed), Steady weapon (+20% to hit), Take Cover, Damage weapon and Dual Firearms (-20% to hit for both to attack same rank). Also I have firearms bypass armour of the available to this setting types and make parry and dodge useless. Any thoughts. Has anyone else created rules for firearms in MW.
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