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  1. I am returning to Glorantha after many years. Due to the lack of shelf space, I now get everything in pdf. I used to have (from a sketchy memory) Avalon Hill's rules, The City of Pavis softback book, Griffin Mountain softback book, Avalon Hill Gods Box (possibly two), Avalon Hill Trolls Box. I think I had elves and dwarves boxes too. I had a load of magazine publications, Apples Lane and Snake Pipe Hollow adventures. I had some mongoose pdfs about the age before my favourite age with the Lunar Empire. I want to get back into Glorantha, but am a bit bewildered at what I need to get. The bits I liked were the Evil Lunar Empire. I liked Prax and Dragon Pass. I loved the Trolls. I was keen on Elves and Dwarves and Dragonewts. I liked the Pavis city and Griffin Mountain books. I want everything in pdf. I want the basic new current rule system, and some things to get me back to the Gloranthan setting I loved. Simpler rules suits me fine. It is the setting that counts. I am a member of DriveThruRPG (due to my Paranoia and Traveller fix). What do I need? What is the Guide to Glorantha pdf? What do you actually get in it?
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