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  1. BUT - just the summer and fall scenarios would make me very pleased and willing to part with cash. Maybe a more realistic request? And it would be GREAT to be able to run all four as s campaign   

    Its such an evocative period - endless woods, scalping, tomahawks, muskets, stupid regular infantry in their tricorn hats and flamboyant colours standing in rows to be mown down, British and French learning guerilla tactics from the locals and ranging/running the woods....the future of the USA determined by the debt the Brits got into to win it.. 


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  2. Hi,

    Any info about the other two scenarios mentioned as follow ups to the excellent Breaking of Spring and Depths of Winter? 

    Just wanted to pass on to the author that these are much appreciated and more would be even better! The four would make a great campaign - could be put together into one package with half a dozen extra encounters and well ... what a campaign!!

    Anyway - anybody who hasn't picked these up yet - they're great!


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  3. I think he meant he likes it for its differences from standard fantasy which is usually medieval. And the rich, interesting background rooted in so much history - but anyway - back on topic - I know adventures only sell to games masters but every time I've run K&C a few more players have bought the main rule book and maybe go on to run themselves.....

    I was a little disappointed to find out that Clockwork of Orange was to be the Cthulhu variant. 

    So is there no more support planned for C&C? Seems a shame for such a brilliant game...





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  4. Just wondering if there is any more support (i.e. Adventures, campaigns. K&C) for the "pure" Clockwork & Chivalry planned? 

    I get a bit fed up with omnipresent cthuloid manifestations in role playing. Frankly it is sometimes a bit too cheap and easy imo....

    Anyway, I love the refreshing depth and complexity of C&Chiv and would love more adventures/campaigns to run. 

    Anything coming.....?




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  5. 18 hours ago, Ade said:

    Jeff, contact Ken/Peter using their messenger via the website and let them know what's happened

    Thanks - looking at the C&C website there is no link so maybe I just navigated to drivethru - none the less the fact that they have not mentioned 2nd ed on their site  meant that I did not know know to search for it. 

    I have messaged on their website before with no response or result. I know they are busy producing things I like but I don't generally spend time on forums - prefer to read/play games. I rely on their website for up to date info on what they are doing. So can someone pls prod them to keep this rather useful, if a bit old fashioned, interface up to date. 

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