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    Started with D&D Red Box in 1983 and play regularly with my first group since then, meeting almost every weekend. Played CoC first in 1985 and RQ in 1988. Most BRP games I played are (in that order) CoC, Stormbringer/ Elric! and RQ 3. Superhero rpg have a special place in my heart (since I started to play Champions/ HERO in 1989) although I do not play them anymore.
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    Savage World of Solomon Kane (gm), Realms of Cthulhu (gm), Castles & Crusades (pl), Star Wars D20 (pl)
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  1. Great minis but, alas, all my other miniatures are in the 25/28mm scale. And as Valyar said - painting can be a pain and all my maps wouldn't be to scale either.
  2. I'd rather pay for the priviledge to watch paint dry ... Actual Play Videos = Monumental Waste of Time (goes for all systems)
  3. Infernality gets creepier every day.
  4. No, it is BLASPHEMY! Burn the heretic I say! And I implore each and any good Puritan Catholic to join me in my rightful couse or action to say Nay! and put the sinner on the stake! This is so wrong for King and Commonwealth alike.
  5. Very nice indeed! I am sure as hell getting the box when it hits the shops faster than I can say Nyarlothop ... Nylarthopop ... HASTUR!
  6. Same here. Let the drums roll! A scenario from the French perspective would also be very welcome - but only after the "Heat of the Summer".
  7. Teaching is an immensely difficult skill that only the most sophisticated members of any society, current or historical, could even dream of meddling in. Only the cream of this elite could really teach and accomplish all the astonishing feats and wonders we gratefully and full of awe associate with the almost magical art of teaching. Yes, I am a teacher in real life. Why do you ask?
  8. Nobody is forcing anybody to like everything all the time.. Nor would I assume too much before anybody has said anything. Why shouldn't a female player think like a Gloranthan woman about Orlanth? Either "Well, but he does protect us all from Chaos" or "What an effing jerk! I stick with Barbester Gor!" or something in between. And then: It is a myth in a GAME! And nobody (as far as I understand even in the game myth) thinks that Orlanth did something moraly outshining. Basically, he was a God-Jerk On Parade. But a god. Our God. Mighty and Strong. And he defends us against Chaos and stuff! Nuff said.
  9. Hi Peter,

    thanks for the PDF!

    Cheers! Thorsten

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      Sure thing, I'm heading out to work now, but I'll send them later tonight or tomorrow. :)

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      Der Rote Baron

      Super! 👍 :) Thanks a million!


  10. Curious title for a Superhero Supplement. Agony and extasy are not really the emotions that pop up in my mind when someone says "superher rpg". Care to elaborate for curious me what that is all about? BTW: POD on Lulu is already possible - just ordered mine.
  11. Way to go, Chaosium! Nice price, everything you need, including dice, in a box. That's the way to get new people into the roleplaying hobby. Even the advertising text ist great (bold by me): "Players take on the role of investigators of mysteries, uncovering dark secrets, encountering strange monsters, and thwarting sinister cults. Together, you and your friends create and develop a story in which each of your characters plays a leading role, which could be foiling some dastardly plot or stopping horrors from beyond space and time! Roleplaying gaming is a social pastime. Everyone works together in a team, each playing an investigator character. One player runs the game—the Keeper of Arcane Lore—who referees the game and presents the story and adventure plots to the other players. Think of it a bit like acting in a drama, but where there isn’t a script. Dice and the rules of the game determine the success or failure for your character’s actions—all while you are propelled into dramatic and nerve-tingling situations! The emphasis is on having fun." That is, in easy and accessible language, what roleplaying is all about: A make-believe-pastime with friends (and dice). No beating around the bush, no "let me explain the arcane mistery of role-playing" that only makes people go "Woot?" My congrats and: IÄÄH! Cthulhu Ftagn!
  12. Nope, I am the equivalent of a Yinzer. And if I come to the US (quite regularly actually) yinz fahnd me dahntahn aht or uptahn in Oaklan'. Love the burgh!
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