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    Started with D&D Red Box in 1983 and play regularly with my first group since then, meeting almost every weekend. Played CoC first in 1985 and RQ in 1988. Most BRP games I played are (in that order) CoC, Stormbringer/ Elric! and RQ 3. Superhero rpg have a special place in my heart (since I started to play Champions/ HERO in 1989) although I do not play them anymore.
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  1. But be warned: There are some severe (in my opinion) errors in Babylon Berlin. Vulgo: The main plot with the Trotskist conspiracy does not make any sense! At the time of the movie there was no 4th International and Trotzski hasn't been ousted from the Soviet Union to Turkey. And if that were so: I have never seen a movie that gave political and moral support to the Moscow Show Trials of 1936-38! Hey, there really WAS a cosnpiracy! So, which state hasn't have the right to defend against a coup de etat/ putsch? And the main female actor, part-time secretary, part-time prostitute from the lowest rung of the working-class who finally becomes the first feamle police detective in the homicide department is ... let's say the whole thing is not very believable (na dhas almost nothing to do with the character from the books). If you want a very good alternative try "Mordkommision Berlin 1" (Homicide Department Berlin 1) - very good story, great actors, and a great view of the Ringvereine (criminal organizatons that organised along the line of legal clubs) of Berlin. Unfortunately (just checked) Amazon does not cary it - neither in the US bor in the UK. You could order it a at bargaining price at amazon. de in Germny, though - no subtitles or dubbing though. To bad - you Anglos are really missing out on that one!
  2. Berlin, 1920s = leatherette option available. Anything less would be blaspheme! 😉 But with a cover like that I will also opt for the regulat version. This here is one damn mighty fine cover all right! Or auf Deutsch ein super Titelbild!
  3. "Hey, I am just your friendly neighborhood Cthulhu-Man - AND I WANT TO EAT YOUR SOUL!"
  4. Since Cthulhu normally does not use hit locations (and introducing them - for monsters, too - makes the game more complicated I would either just add some AP to the vest (+2 for the helmet so that the total is 14) or I would "tarslate" armor the Stormbringer-way: 1D12 (for the vest) plus 1D6-1 (0-5) for the helmet = 1-17 points of armor.
  5. Obviously, the Stars are still not right... too bad, so sad.
  6. Great minis but, alas, all my other miniatures are in the 25/28mm scale. And as Valyar said - painting can be a pain and all my maps wouldn't be to scale either.
  7. I'd rather pay for the priviledge to watch paint dry ... Actual Play Videos = Monumental Waste of Time (goes for all systems)
  8. Infernality gets creepier every day.
  9. No, it is BLASPHEMY! Burn the heretic I say! And I implore each and any good Puritan Catholic to join me in my rightful couse or action to say Nay! and put the sinner on the stake! This is so wrong for King and Commonwealth alike.
  10. Very nice indeed! I am sure as hell getting the box when it hits the shops faster than I can say Nyarlothop ... Nylarthopop ... HASTUR!
  11. Same here. Let the drums roll! A scenario from the French perspective would also be very welcome - but only after the "Heat of the Summer".
  12. Teaching is an immensely difficult skill that only the most sophisticated members of any society, current or historical, could even dream of meddling in. Only the cream of this elite could really teach and accomplish all the astonishing feats and wonders we gratefully and full of awe associate with the almost magical art of teaching. Yes, I am a teacher in real life. Why do you ask?
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