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  1. Der Rote Baron

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    Holy Cow, Batman! I only said that I LIKE THE SETTING! And the system (Elric! more than Stormbringer) is also not half bad (hope that is not misunderstood again). But please ya'll: Calm down. Sturmbringer and Melnibone├Ęan society has as much to do with British Imperialism, the War on Drugs and Nazi ideology as Uncle Scrooge has with capitalism, D&D dungeon adventures with real world spelunking and Queen (the band) with monarchy. And just to make sure that I leave no misunderstanding whatsoever: I am NOT really a baron! My hair is red though ...­čśÄ
  2. Der Rote Baron

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    What is there not to love about a Sword & Sorcery-Setting sporting depraved slave-holding drug-abusing ├╝ber-humanoids who lost their empire, a world at the very brink of doom and damnation and heroes summoning demons and binding them into wepons and armor to lay waste to their enmies? Hark! I think I hear the lamentation of someone's better half! ­čśł
  3. Der Rote Baron

    17th century Paris

    Very interested indeed!
  4. Der Rote Baron

    K&C Omnibus 1 for Clockwork & Chivalry Back in Print!

    Going over the top, really, aren't we?!? HOW are the pcs going to have a chance to survive FRANCE? Couldn't you rewrtite it to make the whole campaign a little bit more survivable and less fantastic like going straight to hell and wrestle Satan till he says "Uncle!" twice or somesuch?
  5. Der Rote Baron

    K&C Omnibus 1 for Clockwork & Chivalry Back in Print!

    Good news, Doctor Doomed!
  6. Der Rote Baron

    K&C Omnibus 1 for Clockwork & Chivalry Back in Print!

    The only and already anticipated answer to this is a quote from the Human Torch: FLAME ON !
  7. Der Rote Baron

    K&C Omnibus 1 for Clockwork & Chivalry Back in Print!

    BY THE POWER OF THE DARK LORD I HEREBY RESURRECT THIS THREAD! Okay, done. Anything new about the last part of the Kingdom & Commonwealth Campaign, Doom? (Looky here at all them shiny clinking ÔéČuro coins ... ain't they PRETTY and SHINY? You know you WANT them, dontcha?)
  8. Der Rote Baron


  9. Der Rote Baron

    Reign of Terror is out in PDF

    I am very much looking forwarg to see this one in print! Same with "Down Darker Trails".
  10. Der Rote Baron

    Any Clockwork & Chivalry (not mythos) in the pipeline??

    Anything new about Omnibus III. The money is here in the kitty and ready for your taking. Just saying (jinglejingle!).
  11. Der Rote Baron

    New Edition of WFRP Coming

    I guess you are right. I generally don't like this mocking of other people's names but, out of obvious reasons, I am more sensitive when it comes to German names.
  12. Der Rote Baron

    New Edition of WFRP Coming

    It is actually the same difference because "Drumpf" probably means the same as "Trumpf" = trump. Spelling differs and the area his ancestor's family came from is not really good at pronouncing the "d" and the "t" all that differently. BTW, I don't really care for the John Oliver campaign at all - his pounding on the the oh-so-funny-sounding originally name of the Trump-family had for this German a rather unpleasant connotations: "Hey, look, what a stupid sounding name. Like all German names! Sounds like a cow passing wind! Hahahaha!" Not his exact words, mind you, but it was basically the hit-the-Krauts-hit-em-harder-stupid-Jerries-and-their-names-BS. He should try that with any other ethnic background in the US and we could see Mr Oliver running for the hills. No, my Chaosknight is Tonald Trumpf, Khorne's Krimson Karnage Killer from the Northern Wastes with his battle-cry: "Make Chaos Great Again!" Join him and his confederacy of flag.waving beastmen at their tea party in the forest surrounding Nuln near the old statue of General Ro Bertili, the infamous Tilean Renegade! BTW: "Donald" is a Celtic name meaning "ruler of the world" or "mighty ruler" - makes you think, eh ...?
  13. Der Rote Baron

    New Edition of WFRP Coming

    Warhammer 1st edition Rulebook has a very good section on the world - Empire and beyond. You also find some generic maps of temples, villages etc. If you don't want to spend a lot of money that is the book to buy. And you get The Oldenhaller Contract, a nice introductory adventure set in Nuln. Sigmar's Heirs for 2nd Edition is the sourcebook for the Empire. So if you want to game within the Empire that is the book to go. I found all the other setting books (MIddenheim, Marieenburg and the guide to Bretonnia) also worth my while. If you need mare information about religion and chaos Realms of Chaos and Realms of Religion (hope that's the title, only have the German translation of that book) are helpful. The Liber Chaotica is a terrific read of the book of the same name that is actually part of the world - like the Warhammer's Necronomicon. If you really want to understand Chaos that is the (very expensive) way to do it (fetched TOP-ÔéČuros, I paid aover 200 for my used edition; may get it now for 70-90 with a little luck).
  14. Der Rote Baron

    New Edition of WFRP Coming

    What do you mean with "setting education"? Background of the world? For campaigns nothing beats the classic: The Enemy within. For that you'll need Shadows over B├Âgenhafen, Death on the Reik, Power Behind the Throne,Something Rotten in Kiselev and Empire in Flames or an internet alternative: The Empire at War. I can only comment on B├Âgenhafen and Death because that is as far as I got gming the campaign (we we at it for two years or so). It all starts with a curious conspiracy, continues with a (in feel, not tentacles) Cthuloesc adventure in B├Âgenhafen (the adventure might end with the whole city in flames!) and goes on with Reik, one of the best sandboxes I have ever gmed. After that I ran out of steam but Power behind teh Throne is also very good. Kislev is - so I have heard - more of a sidetrack and may not be necessary to really finish the campaign. Empire in Flames is a little railroady - the reason why some WH-authors came up with The Empire At War. Don't buy the Doomstones-campaign if you don't want to play basically an AD&D-dungeon romp. The Restless Dead is a very linear "go from A to B and see what happens in between"-adventure. But not bad. 2nd Edition I have only played as a .. well .. player. So I can only tell you about the adventures from a limited perspective. The Paths of the Damned is a very linear trilogy. Our gm wasn't always prepared to the best of his capabilities, so I guess I got a limited "best of"-encounters treatment but it was just "follow the red line and do stuff when you are supposed to do it". Probably not a total loss but not something you will have glowing memories of. The Thousand Thrones is quite epic - about the second coming of Sigmar himself. Our gm (a different one) said that he had a hard time to handle all the names and personas and plot-twists - and he is a real-life judge presiding over quite complicated economic cases and knows his files! We did not finish it (because we think we killed Sigmar ...) but it sure wasn't bad at all. But seems like a lot of work.
  15. Der Rote Baron

    New Edition of WFRP Coming

    Not at all.