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    Started with D&D Red Box in 1983 and play regularly with my first group since then, meeting almost every weekend. Played CoC first in 1985 and RQ in 1988. Most BRP games I played are (in that order) CoC, Stormbringer/ Elric! and RQ 3. Superhero rpg have a special place in my heart (since I started to play Champions/ HERO in 1989) although I do not play them anymore.
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    Savage World of Solomon Kane (gm), Castles & Crusades (pl), Star Wars D20 (pl), D&D 5 (pl), Das Schwarze Auge 1 (pl)
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  1. Jim is dead but he lives one in his illustrations. If he was half as witty and funny as his drawings are the angels are chuckling so bad that hell is sending protests-notes to heaven for "some peace and quiet". Still, a great loss. All the best to his family and friends.
  2. Being good at what you do does not qualify you to teach it to others. Of course, you should be knowedgeable about your subject as a teacher but Einstein would probably have failed at teaching 8th graders. On the other hand, an 8th grade physics teacher would most likely be a lousy Ersatz-Einstein. 😉
  3. Yep, I ran Robinson Gruesome in a One Shot for my oldest friend (know him from before kindergarten), like me a roleplaying veteran (whe started gaming together in 1983 and are still playing in the same group as the founding members). Great adventure, great fun. He even survived and managed to kill the Big Deepie ... barely. I like the other secnarios, too, but hadn't had the chance to run them yet.
  4. You if you a follower of that excuse for a King! Hah! See you on the field of honour - you see me in my triplane coming down on you from the sky! 😉 Let the Lord be witness which powers is more potent: Papism and Magickal Trickery OR True Faith and Machinery!
  5. All we loyal Roundheads know: That Vile Traitor to Parliament of the Good Folks of England, that Ally of the Bishop of Rome who is the Representative of the Devil Himself, that Fodder for the Abyss who entertains witches and warlocks in his camp has not long to live! Defend the True Faith! All Hail to Parliament! All hail to the Republic! All hail to the Lord Protector! For England! And if you think that this Rhinish Pfalzgraf of the Palatine will give you an edge - think again! Soon Rote Kampfflieger from our Protestant allies in Germany will straf your witches
  6. Thanks, Peter, for sharing the situation with us fans in such a straight-forward and honest to God-fashion. It is really appreciated! (I just speak on behalf of everybody here - and whoever objects to that can see me on the field of honour, 5.30 in the morning, your choice of weapons!) Please realted our (see above!) best wishes to Ken and we all hope that he will be all right or better really soon. Speaking about being a Luddite - I can alsolutely realte to that. Only difference is that I have never been very tech-savy. Anyhow, I really hope that you will find another person (u
  7. Yes, makes sense. So - all together now: GET WELL SOON! (not just because we love your games 😉)
  8. Yes, that is what I was hoping for - some kind of "hanging in there, still need some time" kinda message. I don't care too much about the webpage and don't care at all about this social-media mania of "And now I am about to type in a new paragraph for my newest adven .. upps .. telephone"-up-to-dateterinism. Quality needs time. But I was really hoping to see the last part of the Clockwork & Chivalry campaign in print. And I totally agree with the Flintlock series! Great stuff! Especially the two adventures about the French-and-Indian-War. But I also like the "Iirish reavers"
  9. No homepage, Fracebook not up-to-date - if "nothing happens here" isn't the thing that is to-date ... Really, any news? I'd hate to see C&W dead and buries, not only because of Renaissance and Clockwork & Chivalry but I am also quite fond of OneDice. So, if Resurrection is the plan then I am really looking forward to the Reckoning! 😉
  10. Well, that is the case because at that point of time Berlin was not for children ... 😉 But if you are interested in other films to get you into the Berlin Zeitgeist of that era I would recommend: Dr. Mabuse der Spieler (Dr. Mabuse the Gambler) - silent movie by Fritz Lang from 1922 about a criminal mastermind who wants to bring down civilization and erecting an Empire of Crime instead Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse (The Testament of Dr. Mabuse) - a talkie by Fritz Lang from 1933 and a sequel. The good doctor lost his bid for world dominance in the first part and was places in an i
  11. I find these weapons HIGHLY INTIMIDATING! 😱 Great pieces!
  12. Well then: What's the France on the moon news?
  13. Well, when your first and middle-names are John Matthew then I expect nothing less! 😁
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