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  1. Perhaps if the creditor pays his debt (including some financial penalty), the Tax Demons will show clemency. I'm not sure. You could grab the throne then cancel your own debt. I have no idea who the Tax Demons obey in the empire, but in my opinion, some people are loyal enough to the Emperor, others are not. So the process could be a little more similar to how Khordavu gained the Princes of the Ten Tests' loyalty in the First Age.
  2. The Guide calls them taxes. Can the satraps or the emperors pay such tributes-for-protection? That would mean they are trying to buy powerful enemies, but it's not the same thing.
  3. Who is more powerful than the Emperor's temporal representative? Certainly, but in that case clan loyalties to a priest rather than to the Satrap may cause serious trouble in the Satrapy. Powerful temples like the Temple of the Reaching Moon or Hwarin Dalthippa are strategic. Their loyalty shouldn't be questionable. Both extend outside the areas controlled by Satraps. But the natives provide some of the resources needed to work the temples. Other, less powerful temples, can be managed from within a Satrapy. Non-Lunar temples can be required to pay taxes. Now, maybe the temples
  4. I doubt that the Temples of the Reaching Moon pay any tax. Then you have cases like Etyries' cult. Isn't it rather individual merchants who should pay a tax on their profits to whatever authority is able to control them? Hwarin Dalthippa's cult brings many benefits and is a sacred duty, so I don't understand how secular powers would be able to levy tax on her temples.
  5. Ok. Then the office of priest is conferred on the satrap, not by the Emperor, but by the Sylilan people. Is it necessary to convince a tributary king? In my opinion, Hwarin Dalthippa's cult should be exempted from taxes to the Provincial kings, though the Emperor may collect his cut of the tithes.
  6. I don't know how strict this would be. Why would the temple owe any tribute to the Provincial kings?
  7. Suppose the satrap is actually invested with a heavy religious burden, like this -- the Red Emperor rules Sylila, with the satrap as a representative. But otherwise the satrap is the Red Emperor. Now Hwarin Dalthippa is the Emperor's daughter. But the Red Emperor cannot be his own daughter's high priest, because she should worship him, not the other way round. So the satrap cannot either.
  8. I think there are other ways to confirm a political marriage than to set up a priesthood. The groom could assume the military command of a friendly foreign troop in the bride's kingdom, for example. But there are many cases of magical religious alliances in Glorantha so I like this suggestion.
  9. Probably better association is as hereditary temple/cult leaders. I see. The Hwarin Dalthippa cult is their main job in Sylila. I'm not sure I understand this very well. I don't think it's a major satrapal duty, but it makes sense that the relationships with the Provinces allow them to arrange marriages, though other cults are available.
  10. The Sylilan emphasis on Odayla too, makes them different, but I understand that they have the same marriage customs. The satrap is not a native from Sylila but he is able to form alliances with royal dynasties in the Provinces. It's true King Pharandros was not really a typical Tarshite. Their families may be more like rich merchants than traditional Orlanthi nobles.
  11. If as in Orlanthi culture land is held by virtue of the upper echelon's agreement, then Sylila and the Provinces cannot work together very well.
  12. On p319, in the box on the Errio-unit, they are said to be related by marriage with barbarian ruling houses from the Provinces. Don't such marriages come with gifts of lands or something? If the Errio-unit marry Provincial noble daughters, they may take them home in Sylila, but they may also receive lands in the Provinces and own them. The reverse would also apply. Now Sylila is not really owned by the Errio-unit clan. They rule it with the Emperor's agreement.
  13. I like Pocharngo's cult striving towards perfection. Maybe you mean like alchemists? I'm not sure it is consistent with the deity though. Yes it is not clear how chaos may (randomly or not) manifest itself in places where it's building up. There is also Thed's Chaos Spawn spell. I suppose that the buildup may be of Primal chaos, which is rather energetic than material. But then again, Wakboth being buried in the place had an effect. It reminds me that Time was created by Arachne Solara's eating Kajabor. So Primal chaos is, in a way, ever flowing through the web of G
  14. Yes it does. Chaos worshippers have access to it. I agree. I mean it's a very basic form of chaos, unlike most others. So I graded it as much simpler-minded.
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