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  1. I like Pocharngo's cult striving towards perfection. Maybe you mean like alchemists? I'm not sure it is consistent with the deity though. Yes it is not clear how chaos may (randomly or not) manifest itself in places where it's building up. There is also Thed's Chaos Spawn spell. I suppose that the buildup may be of Primal chaos, which is rather energetic than material. But then again, Wakboth being buried in the place had an effect. It reminds me that Time was created by Arachne Solara's eating Kajabor. So Primal chaos is, in a way, ever flowing through the web of Glorantha in a domesticated form.
  2. Yes it does. Chaos worshippers have access to it. I agree. I mean it's a very basic form of chaos, unlike most others. So I graded it as much simpler-minded.
  3. Thank you for your answers. I told myself that maybe Chaos features sprout from something deeper than Pocharngo's mutations. It's difficult to tell Chaos horrors apart. Their cults too. In my opinion the general physical destruction caused by Pocharngo is far more primal than Chaos features. But this doesn't agree with the psychology of Chaos, where Primal Chaos is the basest form.
  4. Hi I'd like to know if the mutations caused by Pocharngo are related to Primal Chaos, which should imply some magical properties or maybe some danger when handling them.
  5. My sources say that Dehore is at the top of the hierarchy of the Dehori, but that genealogical connections are not very strict in the Darkness. Some beings have to be difficult to classify.
  6. Isn't he chosen among one of many competing families after Sheng Seleris's empire? Some may have connections with the former Red Emperor's family. I think he reigned for about 200 years or more.
  7. I wonder how their put up with the birth of Time after all the God-given orders their ancestors followed.
  8. This might be why the name has changed. Why not the laws of some Germanic tribes of the late Roman Empire? Weren't constitutions mostly an urban evolution?
  9. Is Jonat a fully-fledged war god? Other animal gods are mentioned, including the Black Bear and Bakan the Boar. Aren't the Lightbringers found in Jonatela too? There was a story in Anaxial's Roster telling of how these gods turned to animal forms to escape the knights. How does the cult of Talor fit into this barbarian pantheon?
  10. Right. This is different from what the Seshnegi did at the Dawn. Zzaburi then knew better than to meddle with the cults of the gods which were widespread and supported the royalty. Is it the same Illumination as Nysalor's Illumination?
  11. The contradictions between the theistic and sorcerous worldviews were not an obstacle to the God Learners, though, who did exactly that.
  12. The runes are inspired from Germanic culture. Did the Theyalans (and other First Council members) know of them at the Dawn?
  13. Humans who live on the shore don't understand the merfolk as anything but an Elder Race. Like the other Elder Races, they are closer to their element than humans can ever be.
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