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    Played my first RPG in 1977, moved to RuneQuest very quickly. Ran the Convulsion Convention 1992 to 2002 with a large Chaosium presence. I have writing credits for HQ2 Glorantha Publications, the Guide to Glorantha, notably in the Wastelands chapter and am one of the co-authors of HeroQuest Glorantha, and credits in RQG. Have run a weekly RPG club since 1989. My favourite games are HeroQuest Glorantha, Traveller (MegaTraveller engine), Torg 1ed, Exalted 2ed, Pendragon, 3:16, DramaSystem and various campaigns using HeroQuest 2. I'm slowly writing the Prax book, which is turning out to be more complex than I thought.
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    CoC 7th Ed, Doors to Darkness.
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    Acton, Greater London, UK.
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    I've played most, maybe all of the Chaosium era BRP based games, my favourites are: RuneQuest, Ringworld and Call of Cthulhu. I also enjoyed Stormbringer, Elric and Future World, less so ElfQuest and SuperWorld...

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  1. 1W2 = 1+20+20 = 41 41 / 5 = 8 and a bit, so +9 so yes. in my games, I alway get players to keep their scores as numbers without masteries. This really speeds things up.
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  4. Greg limited the number of players in his house campaign to 12. They were listed in Dragon's Pass #6 in 1980. 1. Sherman Kahn 2. Rory Root 3. Hal Moe 4. Charlie Krank 5. All Dewey 6. Ken Kaufer 7. Bill Voorhees 8. Ray Turney 9. Bruce Dresselhaus 10. Dave 11. Bill Keyes 12. Tom
  5. RuneQuest is informed by real world shamanism and Glorantha always has been. Cults of Glorantha, Form runes: I'm suggesting that you need to be exposed to the Horned Man to awaken the potential. Perhaps a God Learner learned the secret of how to awaken the potential (from the Horned Man) in others. But the potential does not give you an automatic fetch. It's a bit like illumination once you are exposed to the potential, you might become illuminated, but there's no guarantee.
  6. The bottom line is someone in who's ear the Horned Man has whispered the secrets of the universe. RQG box on page 353 I think the knowledge is along the lines that you are more than yourself and have a potential to be another "shape". In theory the Horned Man could visit you at any time from conception until near death. I'd suggest most often as a child, normally after a traumatic event (look at real life shamanic awakenings for example). I'm sure it's possible for a researcher (God Learner) to meet the Horned Man and obtain the information that way. This doesn't give you an automatic fetch, just the potential that not everyone has. Then we have the spectrum of transformation. Some will never become a shaman, their environment will stop them in some way and they will have some minor random powers. perhaps manifesting as second sight, "I see Ghosts", healing hands, any of the shaman powers really, but no real power. Some may have a fetch, but not a real one. In RQG terms perhaps with only 1 POW that is a lookout on the spirit plane (and can't increase). In the centre is "assisted" initiation - this is the version in the rules - assistant Shaman and Cult sponsored. At the other extreme, we have spontaneous initiation. At a really stressful moment (hit by lightning and near death experiences in the Real World), the Horned Man snatches you and propels you unprepared to face Bad Man - just as he did. This is the most dangerous, but likely the most rewarding. RQG follows the middle path for all of this. As you build your fetch, you need enough POW so your training ensures that. For NPCs you could use any of the other stuff I've just mentioned. One important note is that the spirit rune is not available to shaman. This form means that you are a discorporate being, details in the upcoming Cults of Glorantha. The major difference between a fetch and an allied spirit is that a fetch is actually you, you are dualistic. When a shaman then stores POW on the Heroplane, they then have a presence in three places. Is Argrath a shaman - maybe under the definition - He is the White Bull, like Harrek he obtained this external spirit/god and integrated it. Likely because he had the potential. He probably dreamed the Horned God at some point and the White Bull is anchored to his soul where a fetch would be. Shamanism is the set of techniques used to access spirits and the spirit world, so anyone who has even a glimmering of this can technically be called a shaman. Real world shaman tend to specialise in healing, divination, or psychopomping and as a result get to be called by a variety of names. Others do a mixture of work, have a look at Essie Parrish as an example, called a Dreamer and prophet. She was clearly a shaman. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Essie_Pinola_Parrish http://www.sourcememory.net/womanshaman/pomodreamers.html In many cases the shaman never calls themselves "shaman" or what ever local name for people who do this kind of work. The title is bestowed by others. Overall there are no hard rules for becoming a shaman.
  7. Also bear in mind there maybe a naming system - like the Scottish naming system (which is dying out), which even has a built in exception system. I'm named David, but should be a John after my paternal grandfather, instead I'm named for a maternal great uncle who died in WWII (as that's an allowed exception). To illustrate to naming variety, My grandfather John was called Jock (it's diminutive in Scotland, Jack in England). So overall just because someone should be a particular name, doesn't mean they are actually called by it in the end.
  8. It was probably Warhamster.by Sandy Petersen in Tales 12. https://www.shopontheborderlands.co.uk/product/tales-reaching-moon-issue-12/ search in this site for more info.
  9. By 1980, Greg had moved on to a different version of sorcery, not a bolt on to RQ2, but whole standalone version of RQ called Arcane Lords. Of course it was never published. The manuscript (if that's the right word) lived in a brown folder and was by no means complete. It was a mixture of typed, handwritten and annotated pages from RQ2, about 236 of them. Lots of detail on the Malkoni caste structure, society and history. Only a small amount of detail on actual sorcery, other than each spell had a casting % modified by a casting bonus (based on CON, INT, POW and DEX) and that there were lesser arcane and arcane spells, and ceremonial magic. Battle magic wasn't used by Wizards. There are no spell lists, although there was a section for them. In my opinion they could have been lifted for RQ3 when this project was abandoned. There were references to it in WF #8(1980) & #11(1981): spells cost Power had a base chance and cost INT in some way. No runes either. There were arcane skills - Multispell, Spell Stacking, Spell Storing/Release, Extension. Likely others as well. Overall this looks like the origin of RQ3 Sorcery.
  10. Apprenticeship. That’s the traditional way that smithing works in the real world. Either a family business (I’ve three Generations of smiths back in my family) or talk your way into the job. Go somewhere where there is a lot or need of iron and you will find the work.the real issue with iron in my mind is that ultimately it needs magic to stop its negative magical effects, so an apprenticeship will have a cult /school / shrine associated with it. Remembering my metal work teacher, he was pretty good with casting, hammering and shaping a range of metals, so I can imagine iron work is closely related to bronze work. Softer metals like copper were easier, but he never used gold or silver as it was too fiddly (he was our lodger at home so I was exposed to a lot of different metalworking).
  11. No, I used the SRD - "Archmage Engine". My advice is generate some characters using the SRD and then fight them against some monsters. Also helpful are: https://burnafterrunningrpg.com/2018/10/16/gringles-pawnshop-a-13th-age-glorantha-one-shot-adventure/ http://13thage.org/index.php/escalation-zine/693-escalation-special-skyfall-a-13g-adventure
  12. Bolas - yes Lasso, no Pole lasso - yes, but not really a weapon. Mongolian herders are a good example of this with the Urga. See the film with the same name for cool urga action. Alternatively see it from the goPro strapped to the Urga: https://www.uclmal.com/hermione-spriggs alternative music version 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NG8lzTQGHw The rules were in Different Worlds #22, July 1982, Eight New Weapons for RuneQuest by Paul Cardwell, Jr. https://www.diffworlds.com/different_worlds.htm sadly this is is sold out, but others are still on sale.
  13. From discussions with Jeff for Malia in Prax, Mallia has Death & Darkness when propitiated and the Chaos Rune for When Broos worship her. For HQG disease spirits, it's clear to me that her diseases fall into three rune categories: Death, the attribute reducing diseases, not Chaotic (they kill you). Darkness, the minor ailments, not Chaotic (don't normally kill you). Chaos, Plague, Chaotic. You can propitiate the first two, but not the last, which is the goal of all good HeroQuesting Mallia initiates. Like Peter's analogy to protection money to gangsters, that doesn't make you a gangster, no one propitiates Malia with the intent of accessing her magics, that's called joking up. Mallia's three special Rune spells are unique to her: ALTER SPIRIT OF DISEASE (Chaos) CARRY (DISEASE) (Darkness or Chaos) CAUSE (DISEASE) (Death or Chaos)
  14. It says in the boxed text on the Magic Rune on page 382: Your interpretation may of course vary, the presence of the rune in the spell lists in addition to the above quote indicates to me it is mastered.
  15. In games it's always magic points that have been the limiting problem. Players (in my groups) always avoid this if possible. Running out of MPs always means head for cover and recoup.
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