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    Played my first RPG in 1977, moved to RuneQuest very quickly. Ran the Convulsion Convention 1992 to 2002 with a large Chaosium presence. I have writing credits for HQ2 Glorantha Publications, the Guide to Glorantha, notably in the Wastelands chapter and am one of the co-authors of HeroQuest Glorantha. Have run a weekly RPG club since 1989. My favourite games are HeroQuest Glorantha, Traveller (MegaTraveller engine), Torg 1ed, Exalted 2ed, Pendragon, 3:16, DramaSystem and various campaigns using HeroQuest 2. I'm currently writing the Prax book, which is turning out to be bigger than I thought.
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    Under the Raging Storm RQG - Prax Playtest
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    Acton, Greater London, UK.
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    I've played most, maybe all of the Chaosium era BRP based games, my favourites are: RuneQuest, Ringworld and Call of Cthulhu. Honourable mentions to Stormbringer, Elric and Future World. Dishonourable mentions to ElfQuest and SuperWorld...

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  1. David Scott

    Humakt Initiates and 'free' Bladesharp 4

    There’s nothing stopping a Humakti adventurer starting with bladesharp 4 with one point remaining to spend on something else. It’s not in addition, the other cults that teach free magic don’t work like that.
  2. Hi David, you mentioned a few weeks ago in Greenwich Park that the runes are all available as vector files - can you let me have copies of them please?


    1. David Scott

      David Scott

      I don’t have the originals anymore (svgs), but they are all in the font in my font software in theory I might be able to export them as individual glyph files. 

    2. PhilHibbs


      Don't worry, that's more or less what I've been doing in Inkscape. I just thought from what you said that you had the files.

    3. David Scott

      David Scott

      I’ll have a look in my backups

  3. I just realised that was the list of things that you group didn’t want to play. Are you set on an RQ/BRP game? If not I can recommend an 1930s Black & White style Flash Gordon style (captain proton style voyager as well) SciFi game using HeroQuest. Better still, original Future World to run traveller adventures. I ran Death Station and Chamax Plague (GDW double adventures) using future world.
  4. And a Steve Austin mashup would be good especially if she replaces Jaime Sommers,
  5. David Scott

    Lunar assassins sent to kill Argrath.

    I'm interested in how you get round the lunar duck bounty - "no we're ducks in the pay of the empire, we're not the outlaw ducks really, we're on a secret mission for the empire, of course I can't tell you about it, can we go now." Fantasy time - I'd like to see a montage of the group as a @Quackatoa piece done ninja turtle style but ducks, sort of the Coders as badass ducks 🙂 (with apologies to the original artists)
  6. David Scott

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    I just want to flag that the Praxian Sun Dome is not full of Praxians, The Praxian Yelmalio cult is based out in the Wastes and is much larger than the sun dome itself. It’s interesting that both cultures dislike foreigners, which may be due in part to an uptake of Praxians historically and their occasional rule. Perhaps @MOB could speculate.
  7. David Scott

    Yelmalian Independence?

    I'd say the section in the Homelands on page 108 pretty much answers it: self-sufficient would answer that for me, and not Orlanthi but Heorling culture/yelmalio - so completely autonomous and have their own cult customs. Other sun domes - Yes as this is the one the others look to. (avoiding pointing you at stuff you might not have)
  8. David Scott

    RQG Coupon Stacking

    I'd talk to @Rick Meints about that rick@chaosium.com
  9. David Scott

    RQG Coupon Stacking

    Spreading and stacking aren't relevant as neither are mentioned on the RQ PDF page. Final Difference to Pay = Full cost - (RQ coupon*) + (Bestiary coupon*) + (GM Screen coupon*) * if you were sent a coupon from your PDF purchase from Chaosium prior to the books being published. Could @Rick Meints or @MOB correct me if I have misinterpreted. COMPLETELY MADE UP EXAMPLES - I DO NOT KNOW THE REAL COSTS: you pay £60 + P&P = £120 for the slipcase set - £20 RQ coupon - £20 Bestiary coupon - £20 GM Screen coupon or you pay £100 + P&P = £120 for the slipcase set - £20 RQ coupon plus you would get the two pdfs you don't have for free)
  10. David Scott

    RQG Coupon Stacking

    Yes! From the bottom of : https://www.chaosium.com/runequest-roleplaying-in-glorantha-pdf/
  11. David Scott

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    From Cults of Prax I alway though that the Kuschile Horse archery skill gave it away, and that everyone else was mounted.
  12. David Scott

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    If on the web in some form, it's likely part of a discussion and info from copyright work can be quoted for those purposes. If based on published works, it's derivative and so therefore can't be published without the permission of the owner, or in another way by licence. Being on the web, doesn't make it free or in most cases even legal. Just look at scribd and 4chan.
  13. David Scott

    Donandar. Comments appreciated.

    I imagine it's like Polari. Used by theatricals, etc, I used to listen to it on a radio series called round the horne. It's a cryptodialect like cockney rhyming slang. If you're offended by Bilingsgate, don't read on https://blog.oxforddictionaries.com/2015/01/14/polari/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8yEH8TZUsk I'd suggest it's a crypto dialect of Tradetalk.
  14. David Scott

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    The problem here is the Sun Dome in Prax is seen as the norm. They were invited in from afar and are unmounted. I'm sure elsewhere its different.
  15. David Scott

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    from within Yelmalio as well, Rurik Runespear himself has had the Vision of the Many Suns (11L p159), along with Monrogh Lantern: