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  1. But have you actually run the scenarios? and if so how much work was it (other than the generator).
  2. So who out there has actually converted Heroquest adventures like the Colymar Campaign, the Pavis GTA adventures and the coming Storm campaign. Given that HeroQuest has no stat blocks how much work do you have to put in? Did you use resources like the Mythras character generator or wing it? Was it worth it in the end? Or did you just use the supplements for flavour? Did you use the HeroQuest cult writeups and RQ them? Enquiring minds would like to know...
  3. This really depends on how much work you want to put in. There are loads of excellent starter scenarios for HW/HQ, but far fewer for RQ if you don't want to head back to the RQ2 era. With the Mythras Encounter Generator http://skoll.xyz/mythras_eg/ it should be much easier in theory. Ripe for conversion in Barbarian Adventures (Sartar rising 1) is These Women Need Help by Bruce Ferrie : ... ... Basically it allows you to use the introductory scenes to get you players to travel around Sartar. My group ended up in Apple Lane as part of this. The relationships built between the healers and the players establishes some excellent background for future scenarios. @Ian Cooper's is another good one for HeroQuest, it is however a stay at home clan based scenario, with a long timescale and may not be so suited for RQ.
  4. I've sent up a flare to alert the admins. Hopefully it will subside and is not too serious.
  5. Putting aside the taint of Mongoose on the Second Age, it's possible that someone could submit a cool a manuscript to Chaosium that hit the canon spot and wowed them. The problem is that there are few writers and most are tied up at the end of the Third Age. With the Guide's publication it's easier to run historical games where you want. I suspect that a new version of the Second Age is ripe for fanzines. Or a setup like the Whitewall Wiki, where like minded people can get together and do their own version. As @Jeff said, there's not going to be a reprint of the Mongoose stuff, but that shouldn't stop you doing your own thing or sending him an outline of your marvellous 10 volume epic set there.
  6. The Lightbringers only became part of the Praxian pantheon after the missionaries arrived. Waha had foretold of this and the first action was the transfer of the Air spirits that Waha had befriended to Orlanth for safekeeping (there is no Air related spirit society amongst the Praxians - it's Orlanth). A high proportion of Praxians followed Lightbringer gods at this time as a result of this contact and this remained so until they started repopulating the Wastes and went beyond the Pairing Stones / Hero Fin influence line (As a point of reference, I'm not using Little Brother, he's Orlanth Adventurous to the Praxians).
  7. Thanks @joerg, this is a huge amount of info to digest, it may take some time.
  8. @Joerg, these are just my nascent ideas. At the moment I've just reached a new part of the Praxian history section, where Sheng's Empire, Praxians are fighting against him, Praxians are fighting with him and the Pol Joni arrive in Prax. So I'm currently looking at the whole overview. Some of the stuff doesn't make sense at the moment, but your comments are certainly helpful. Yes they are a Praxian tribe. Cults of Prax establishes this and lists their Waha and Eiritha cult makeup in appendix C. The Guide says I'm looking at the route to acceptance, clearly it was gradual. But I think Derik discovered a secret to help them. He clearly discovered Jaldon's secret and uses that to ally him to the Pol-joni, but I think he has another link. One of the other areas that I'm looking at is that first age Prax was much more thelyan than it is now, and there's likely an Orlanth link to it.
  9. I have recently reread Pavis Rises, overall it's an interesting campaign. There's a couple of ideas that I've lifted as they were good. But for me other campaigns give better value. I cut my GM teeth on the original griffin mountain, so I'm very biased.
  10. As a HeroQuest narrator, this example fails the credibility test. One of the core parts is the credibility test. A death god doing the farming gods chores, my players would laugh. That aside as others say - drop it, now back to MRQ products...
  11. I think he did more than this, hence his statue. Derik had to accomplish a number of important steps not done since the formation of the Zebra tribe. He had to prove that he could live under the Covenant, not just that, but be part of it to get the blessing of Eiritha. I think to do this he proved he was the Pure Horse Founder, and did this by returning to the green age and siring a colt on a horse priestess from the Paps. This is powerful hero questing that changes the fabric of the world. In order for horses to be accepted at Paps there must be a horse priestess there as part of setup. Clearly not part of Eiritha's family, but likely through another avenue. My current thinking is that the link is through Sun Daughter (who is Lightfore), with a mashup of stuff from Sheng's time (the same time) - Lightfore is also Karzant the Sun Horse and also Elmal. Derik clearly found some important information / secrets somewhere - Barbarian Town is as good a place as any for this. I believe he used the town as the nucleus for his rituals and creation of the Pol Joni tribe. You can likely see the Paps from here.
  12. The other Praxian tribes likely call it Stinking horse enclosure, home of cheating Horse Founder who hides behind walls. This roughly translates to Barbarian town in Tradetalk. Lots of Praxian nuances are lost in translation.
  13. One of the important things to bear in mind with these places is the timescale. Only events in the current and last generation will be really important. The rest are vague hand me downs. The lunar occupation period is coming to an end so there are likely changes in population, and local events.
  14. Only Dara Happa Stirs stands out as anything worthwhile.
  15. Confusingly it's not just called Barbarian Town and Exile Stead, but Exile Town and Exilestead as well. Here's some context for Barbarian Town It's only 10 miles or so from the edge of Prax, so that wall has been essential to survive raiding. Pink is the Devil's Marsh, Brown Orani's Mistake (no grazing), orange Morokanth Ancestral Grazing (Close to the Goddess), Monkey Ruins are purple, Yellow Sacred Ground. Pavis GtA says it's effectively a Pol Joni Town: This means that although the Pol Joni are a Praxian tribe, they also graze in the Verge, outside of Prax. Sandy said in the Digest 16 Nov 1993, part 1 Other sources are in the Dragon Pass Gazetteer, Anaxial's Rooster says there are baboons here as well.