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    Played my first RPG in 1977, moved to RuneQuest very quickly. Ran the Convulsion Convention 1992 to 2002 with a large Chaosium presence. I have writing credits for HQ2 Glorantha Publications, the Guide to Glorantha, notably in the Wastelands chapter and am one of the co-authors of HeroQuest Glorantha, and credits in RQG. Have run a weekly RPG club since 1989. My favourite games are HeroQuest Glorantha, Traveller (MegaTraveller engine), Torg 1ed, Exalted 2ed, Pendragon, 3:16, DramaSystem and various campaigns using HeroQuest 2. I'm slowly writing a Prax book, which is turning out to be more complex than I thought.
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    I've two accounts on BRPcentral. This is my fan account, my work account is @scotty. I've played most, maybe all of the Chaosium era BRP based games, my favourites are: RuneQuest, Ringworld and Call of Cthulhu. I also enjoyed Stormbringer, Elric and Future World, less so ElfQuest and SuperWorld...

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  1. Herd men are omnivorous. Talking with Greg when sorting out material for Prax lead to some interesting discoveries for the morokanth to work as the other tribes in Prax, otherwise their role under the Way of Waha wouldn't work. Firstly, why would the morokanth raid and keep other's herd beasts like the other tribes? The simple answer is that they feed their raided meat to the herd men. Herd men don't do well on a solely vegetarian diet, they hair isn't as lush, they loose weight, etc. That's why you see few if any herd men in the other tribes, they are never willing to feed them meat and
  2. I think you're likely to see small/tiny animal figures on crudes shelves / in alcoves perhaps gathered around an Ernalda / Eiritha figure (think the Minoan lady with the cat on her head) with an audience of her children in various local styles: (Silla figure) (Cypriot Hellenistic and Roman terracottas) referred to as mother and father (animal type). Some may have had personal experience of the horse mother, cow mother etc and so know them by their names. Have a look at some animal mythologies across our world. You'll often find the animals with very simple names,
  3. Use this Discord Link to join: https://discord.gg/Y4QNRX97
  4. Try this: http://13thage.org/index.php/tabletop-aids/711-13th-age-glorantha-character-sheet-fillable-pdf or the Direct link: http://13thage.org/index.php?option=com_attachments&task=download&id=401
  5. Different Worlds #1 was 1979! I'd forgotten that piece of William Church art:
  6. The most recent publication is in the Cult Compendium (2002) originally in Tales #3 (1990). See here: https://www.chaosium.com/cult-compendium-pdf/ The most up to date info is in Heortling Mythology (2010), Appendix C, Orlanthi Heroes and Hero Cults, Page 178 An updated version should be in something like the Sartar pack (what ever form it's in), there's also a Geo's in Jonstown...
  7. Oops, just spotted this. The Thunder Brothers are a common subcult of Orlanth, so it's likely that's where you can learn the spell. There are likely loads of regional subcults / hero cults where you can learn odd magics. So there are loads of specific summoning spells. There is also guidance for making up your own Rune spells on pages 348-349.
  8. This is what we use: As a rune spell is 200 L / POW and variable magic is times the Level plus the previous levels. So a 2pt spirit binding is (1 x 200 L) + (2 x 200 ) = 600 L plus the cost of the item, plus the quality of crafting. A 3pt binding plus say 2pts of conditions = (1 x 200 L) + (2 x 200 ) + (3 x 200 L) + (4 x 200 ) x (5 x200) = 3000 L in a clack (1C). plus casting Matrix Creation (20L) Works well in my games.
  9. Wow! It likely doesn't need worshipping, it just attracts the right kind of spirits. Metal is very appropriate for many shaman. Many of their outfits are covered in iron or other pieces of metal. This article covers a lot of metal cover shaman outfits: http://www.3worlds.co.uk/Articles/Coat-of-Power.pdf Yakut shaman with metal front piece
  10. These are too small to be the tools of a shaman, as well as missing the most important items: Drum, rattle, maybe a fan, maybe something to burn things in. A shaman's tools - stones, animal parts, plant parts, etc, tend to be larger so they are visible to the other participants and easier to handle when in a trance. I'm not discounting that a shaman would have these on their person, just not as tools. I would say the same for sorcerers. We don't really know what items Glorantha sorcerers need as tools, but as literacy is important, writing tools, inscribed items, magic matrixes, etc seem
  11. These are actually the items that some Runes and Passions would be based around. Most of these items have no cost: a tiny figure of their god. Free from the temple. Made by an initiate who likes clay and paint (Devotion Orlanth) tiny charms to ward off chaos. Is actually a piece of stone worn smooth by the river glued to a bit of broken lunar jewellery. (Hate Chaos) the protective charm their mum gave them against Mallia. A hag stone found years ago by a family member (reminds you of your mum - Love Family) some kind of fertility symbols to aid in meeting membe
  12. My question would be, who's adventurer doesn't carry a tiny figure of their god, tiny charms to ward off chaos, the protective charm their mum gave them against Mallia and some kind of fertility symbols to aid in meeting members of the opposite sex? If you like this kind of stuff, my go to book (amongst others) is Amulets: Sacred Charms of Power and Protection (ISBN 1594770255) by Sheila Paine. It's got glossy photos.
  13. I would say these are universally found across Glorantha, just varying in material types.
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