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    Played my first RPG in 1977, moved to RuneQuest very quickly. Ran the Convulsion Convention 1992 to 2002 with a large Chaosium presence. I have writing credits for HQ2 Glorantha Publications, the Guide to Glorantha, notably in the Wastelands chapter and am one of the co-authors of HeroQuest Glorantha. Have run a weekly RPG club since 1989. My favourite games are HeroQuest Glorantha, Traveller (MegaTraveller engine), Torg 1ed, Exalted 2ed, Pendragon, 3:16, DramaSystem and various campaigns using HeroQuest 2. I'm currently writing the Prax book, which is turning out to be bigger than I thought.
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    Under the Raging Storm RQG - Prax Playtest
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    I've played most, maybe all of the Chaosium era BRP based games, my favourites are: RuneQuest, Ringworld and Call of Cthulhu. Honourable mentions to Stormbringer, Elric and Future World. Dishonourable mentions to ElfQuest and SuperWorld...

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  1. David Scott

    The Trauma of the Dragonkill War

    But none of these are 500 years ago: Potato Famine: 1845 American civil war: 1865 battle of Amselfeld/Kosovo: 1389 The site of the battle 600 years later was chosen for the then serbian president's rousing speech, which I personally believe was more to do with good political stage management than an actual historic basis. I don't think you can use the battle of Kosovo as a basis of memory comparison to the dragonkill then to the genocide and wars resulting from the breakup of Yugoslavia. My ancestry from the region dating from the 1850s gives me no traits...
  2. David Scott

    The Trauma of the Dragonkill War

    If the current date is 1627 and the Dragonkill took place in 1120, that’s just over 500 years ago. Given that a generation is considered 20-25 years, this is a best 20 generations ago. I don’t think your analogies work over this timescale. The reminder of the cataclysm to sartarites is IMO based on the cross line still visible, no one went in for roughly 200 years. Fear Dragons come from the dragonrise not this event.
  3. David Scott

    Under the Raging Storm

    I forgot I had these, Paper Wars was an excellent product. I don’t know Simon’s alias on here, I wonder if he still has them on sale?
  4. David Scott

    Under the Raging Storm

    That’s the adventure isn’t it. Sorcerous death magic, issaries merchants, local tribal guards, lightbringer cultists, trade!
  5. David Scott

    Pavis County, Prax and the Zola Fel 1622-1627?

    There are two reasons for this - It's based on the destruction of homelands. Prax and the Wastes weren't depopulated by the Dragons although clearly Praxians died (but Praxians always die or get to go home) and in RQG Praxians can't get Fear Dragons from the 1625 Events table, although everyone else can (Lunar Tarshites more so).
  6. David Scott

    Under the Raging Storm

    You are correct and they are planing stopovers. Sables present other problems - more desirable than mules 🙂
  7. David Scott

    Under the Raging Storm

    My latest adventure is underway with adventurers created in the first week. Last night the adventurers met up with their prospective employer in Geos at Swenstown. Aerison Clackminder is wanting to run a mule train across the wastes to a far off land called Kralorela. So far a centaur has signed up as captain of the guard. His friend who is some kind of Lunar death sorcerer will be his right hand man. Another Issaries cultist has come in as shareholder in the venture and fortunately a Praxian on a high llama has turned up to be the "local guide". They've set up market in the remains of the lunar section of Swenstown and hired some guards using the well known technique of show us how you fight! The centaur easily took on all three and the sorcerer was no slouch with a two-handed spear. After much planning using the sorcerer's writing skills they've decided to take 50 mules with them. Aerision is going to have to leave them at Swenstown to go and get more mules! The trip will last at least a season. So first stop Pavis for some more guards, top up supplies then decide what the detail of the travel plan is - what can go wrong. (My main concern is that I have only 9 mules in my figure collection, I can use my 19 horses but that still leaves me 22 short!).
  8. David Scott

    Pavis County, Prax and the Zola Fel 1622-1627?

    1625 Dragonrise. OMG a giant dragon ate the New Lunar temple flew around a bit a then settle down again. All orlanthi settlers in Prax have flashbacks to the Dragonkill, most Praxians were happy not to be there. Some remember the dragon spirit in the Wastes that is sometimes encountered, the locals call it Grokka, and it calls itself All Eyes Open But One. Story hook. Argrath takes his Praxian army into Dragon Pass with Jaldon at the head, doing what they love best - raiding. The praxians return to normal, bickering and raiding, going to Dragon pass in wave after wave. Returning with loot and slaves. 1626-1627 More of the same. The future: Jaldon is always a bad Paps Khan and always heads to Dragon Pass to raid, Roneer the Hue continues in his role of second husband to Egajia. This has two functions, it stops the genocidal backlash against the loyal Sable phratries and maintains Egajia's stable rule. Jaldon however actually dies at some point before 1628, he doesn't come back. Save him for recovery in some mad LBQ in the future. He remains in the Great Herd with his own Herd Guard, separate from Waha's. Egajia Chewer of Flesh dies in 1629 after 57 years as Most Respected Elder she was only 97. Her career started in 1572 when her predecessor Norta-Ia Bison-mother passed on to the Great Herd ending the Bison time. Norta-Ia had disastrously managed the Praxian presence on the Pavis city council causing the Praxians to be expelled (after an attempted coup). The Song of the Elders continued with the young Morokanth Grandmother Egajia being called by Eiritha as the 49th. She personally negotiated the Armistice of Prax, which ceded control over the lands along the River of Cradles to the Lunar Empire in exchange for promises to stay away from the holy places in Prax. She broke the Armistice when Jaldon returned. Finally she went to the Great Herd and the whispering song of the Earth Mothers continued: … Sesna, Impala, Haria, High Llama, Nansech, Sable, Joria, Zebra, Karataan, Bison, Yara-Tek, Morokanth Urtung, Impala, Fa-Na-Anho, High Llama, Tereldrya, Sable, Han-Gar, Ostrich, Itrah, Bison, Nemmiyoung, Morokanth Norateen, Impala, Roy-Na, High Llama, Mara-Tek, Sable, Hara Noyalda, Bolo, Suhamee, Bison, Fora-Daar, Morokanth Katenia, Impala, Noymee, High Llama, Janyten, Sable, Teto-Tha, Rhino, Norta-Ia, Bison, Egajia, Morokanth Who will be called from the Impala, we listen now, tell us grandmother. Story hook
  9. As far as I'm aware there aren't any at the moment. It's company that produces games not the US government. I know at least four games companies where the main owners are in the 40s-50s age group. Some of them likely run the companies that produce product for you. Thankfully they are producing interesting product. English is clearly not your first language, so biting the hand that feeds you is a phrase to explore. You don't seem understand the milestones in the gaming industry. There are two big ones, Gen Con in the US and Essen in Europe. Other countries have their own event such as UK games expo here and Dragonmeet to a lesser extent. RQG is coming out for Gen Con where it will have a huge audience, all the right media will be there. Tens of thousands of people. https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/7558-that-chaosium-seminar-from-chimériades/?tab=comments#comment-105629 Most companies aim for these milestone events where actual people can hold and play real games. Quickstart games are not teasers, they are a great way of finding out if you like something without the financial commitment. You've clearly not played it. It's a complete game in itself. It's not designed for anything else and it's free! I suspect a large number of people here have enjoyed this adventure, I did. It clearly worked in your case.
  10. David Scott

    Framing the Contest

    Yes, but be aware that it's these that are at the core of the system. As a narrative system HeroQuest is much less procedural. Have a look at this example I wrote for Heroquest Glorantha, it's the same engine - there is combat in it:
  11. David Scott

    Framing the Contest

    In this example, with a complete success, his head will come off, with lesser levels you might cut his head and blood gets in his eyes. with out being specific you wont get added effects. I would also say that that example is not the best frame: GM: There's an orc attacking you what do you want to outcome to be? Player: I want to lop his head off to scare the others into routing. In the climb example it may not be an exciting part of the story to climb the small cliff, so the gm can say you succeed without a roll. Also is it a race to the top? if so player candecribe how they are going gain advantage.
  12. David Scott

    Pavis County, Prax and the Zola Fel 1622-1627?

    1624 Dark Season. Argrath arrives a Jaldon's cairn and enters with his entourage on the eve of Waha's high Holy day. The next day, Jaldon is reborn as part of the High Holy day ceremony at the Paps. Egajia Chewer of Flesh, the Most Respected Elder declares the Armistice of Prax broken. She declares Jaldon Goldentooth Paps Khan, and Eiritha curses the absent Inire the Red, the now former Paps Khan. Storm Season. Argrath & Jaldon's gathered army meets the Lunars at Moonbroth. Some survivors make it to the New Lunar Temple. Only the ghosts of the Antelope lancers return to the Hungry Plateau. The two pro-lunar sable phratries are destroyed, mostly by other Sables, all are put to the sword except uninitiated children. This also begins the purge of Seven mothers cultists from all other tribes. The Pol-joni move back into the Sable Ancestral lands. Pavis is besieged (see King of Sartar). Argrath is King of Pavis. The city council reconvenes, they were alway in charge. There are Praxians once again the city council at Argrath's request. There's likely a hole in the wall of new pavis, flintnail cultists are all over it. As before they are as damaged as you want. The slaughter in the Grantlands begins quickly after the liberation of pavis. Everyone is killed, every building is burnt. The Armistice of Prax is over. Who escapes is a story hook. Pavis county is under Argrath's protection, the nomads know better than to raid there.
  13. David Scott

    Pavis County, Prax and the Zola Fel 1622-1627?

    It's likely that oakfed was released by a Burner shaman in order to melt the snow and ice to get to the grazing below or to help in a rescue. Story hook. The cold generated by the mythical interplay naturally freed her from the Winter Ruins. Part of the return to normality would be a khan meeting her as Waha did. Story hook. Most clans have at least a single season within Prax as part of their migration pattern, not being able to cross the river would have caused much disruption their pattern of life. Likewise those with the Paps in their pattern at this time would be disrupted, blessings missed, etc. Nearly all the clans headed over the river into the wastes. Those that stayed, like some the sable phratries relied on other magics to help them. Only the oasis folk and the Most Respected Elder's clan would be in the paps, perhaps with another guest clan. it's likely that the Paps Khan and Storm Khan were out fighting chaos. Story hook. Some clans that left late attempted the dangerous route Through Vultures Country. Story hook. A few Pol-Joni clans also went into the Wastes. Story hook.
  14. David Scott

    Pavis County, Prax and the Zola Fel 1622-1627?

    IMO it doesn't. To the Praxians currently alive, the Great Darkess returns to Prax. Clearly not the actual The Great Darkess but enough that their survival skills kick in. Yes the Sun is in the sky, but it's not warm enough the melt the ice - One half think it's Yelmalio, the other half likely don't care. Ernalda goes to sleep and her daughters. The Orlanth followers loose their powers as their god abandons them, etc.
  15. David Scott

    Pavis County, Prax and the Zola Fel 1622-1627?

    I Yes, I was doing it from memory: 1621 Windsday/Death Week/Dark Season, the windstop starts. 1622 In Earth season, disorder week, Earth day, Air and Sky HeroQuesters return to Pairing Stone, Orlanth’s ring does not reappear, but three new stars instead. It's not until the Battle of Pennel Ford that Orlanth is truly free. I'll see if I can find my chronology rather than just doing it from memory