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    Played my first RPG in 1977, moved to RuneQuest very quickly. Ran the Convulsion Convention 1992 to 2002 with a large Chaosium presence. I have writing credits for HQ2 Glorantha Publications, the Guide to Glorantha, notably in the Wastelands chapter and am one of the co-authors of HeroQuest Glorantha, and credits in RQG. Have run a weekly RPG club since 1989. My favourite games are HeroQuest Glorantha, Traveller (MegaTraveller engine), Torg 1ed, Exalted 2ed, Pendragon, 3:16, DramaSystem and various campaigns using HeroQuest 2. I'm slowly writing a Prax book, which is turning out to be more complex than I thought.
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    RQG Apple Lane
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    Northolt, Greater London, UK.
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    I've two accounts on BRPcentral. This is my fan account, my work account is @scotty. I've played most, maybe all of the Chaosium era BRP based games, my favourites are: RuneQuest, Ringworld and Call of Cthulhu. I also enjoyed Stormbringer, Elric and Future World, less so ElfQuest and SuperWorld...

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  1. Likewise. It was so terrible to use, that we moved to Zoom, which under the same circumstances has worked with no issues.
  2. Thanks for posting this. It's been driving me mad for a while now. I only use Chrome for Roll20. Likewise, this is a really helpful thread. I personally have learned loads of new things to try.
  3. The same can be said for other magical practices. A Sartarite would say "I'm calling in the clouds, Thunderbolt that guy", a praxian "Use heal on his leg, cast protection on me", a Lhankor Mhy initiate would say "I will perform Logical Clarity, I will Identify the Otherworld Entity" No one is going to say "cast Rune / Spirit / Sorcery magics. Of all the groups, a Lhankor Mhy cultist is the most likely to use the defined term Sorcery. A Sartarite would just describe Lhankor Mhy magic as just that "Can you use your Lhankor Mhy magics to help us here". Sartarites aren't bothered by sorcery except when used by the enemy or cultures they fear. "Those Lunars are using their ungodly magics again, The God Learners used evil magic" Aeolians (orlanthi) use it alongside Orlanth worship, so it's clearly not an issue. See https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/catalogue/websites/facebook/runequest-on-facebook/ https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/catalogue/websites/facebook/runequest-on-facebook-july-2021-highlights-2/
  4. Have you tried to make a priest adventurer? Although it can be done, it's not easy and the results make you a poor example of the priesthood. For starters, you need to have a POW of 20, so you can spend two points to get to the five rune points required (and stay at 18). That assumes that the game is balanced and it clearly isn't. I think you mean cultural sorcery rules, each culture that uses sorcery is going to have experts that work in different ways.
  5. IIRC, they both juggled their RW so it was higher than their best spell, which was about 40%. One was a Lunar cultist, so we used Irrippi Ontor as the basis (in the 2019 Cult's Preview), for Read/Write New Pelorian +20%.
  6. Sorcery spells fall under the Magic category, they start at zero (00) and as a zero point skill, can have no category bonus added until at least 1% (per page 163). They can be increased by training, research, and experience, with the easiest way to learn a new one from from a teacher per page 389. The initial training gives D6% and I also allow 3%(not d6-1 or 2% per page 416). My players cast their magic at any opportunity for the chance of an experience check. They also realised that there is a skill bottleneck with read and write, which can't be increase by experience. It's easy to have your spells capped by your R/W not keeping up with your seasonal experience ticks (3% experience vs 2% training or 1% research). Both sorcerers spent every season in R/W training, fortunately training requires no experience roll. With the right money and timing you can reach 100% R/W in 50 seasons!
  7. I've a drop in you can try, it covers, the spirit magic (as no sorcerer would waste free INT on it) and rune magic sections either real world cut and paste or digital: Fo fancy work: Sorcery drop in.psd
  8. My interpretation comes from a player, playing a Lunar sorcerer. We quickly realised that an apprentice style occupation was needed as becoming a full sorcerer wasn't possible from the start. We looked at HQG for some guidelines too - believing Mage to be a full sorcerer. Until any official rules appear, whatever you decide should work at your table. We were pretty happy with that. FYI, the lores that were picked were Spell Lore and Lunar Lore in place of (school/cult lore).
  9. As with many above, mostly none. However I still use the Treasure Factor system from Classic RQ, dividing all monetary values by 10 (per the RQG conversion rules) or even 100. I wrote a simple Twine interface to do most of the boring stuff. For RQG, the crystal section is in the GM screen pack. Using the jewellery / gem descriptions changes the treasure perception. Players, when told that it's excellent jewellery or often consider gifting it, or with a flawed gemstone throwing it or giving it away.
  10. Welcome! What a great question. Perhaps @Jeff might have some pointers for you.
  11. I'm sure it does, but only filled with PC adventurers who believe it has plenty to offer over everything else.
  12. One of the underlying truths of Glorantha is that worship can't be refused. This is how heroes become gods. Akat himself can't be contacted as the paths to Statham Well have been deliberately lost. These other Arkats are portions of him that have been worshipped in different ways by different groups. For example, the trolls vernerate Arkat as the one who taught them the secrets of the humans (including sorcery). This aspect eventually returns magic useful to worshippers and finally it taps into the core being of Arkat as a HeroQuestor and he returns as a troll. So this is either Arkat the Destroyer or Chaosbane, or could be both. Arkat the Chaos monster is clearly a corruption, that was either worshipped as that aspect (as Gbaji) or just well meaning people worshipping a mask of arkat as Nysalor, that was being corrupted (for example) by the cult leader.So this is likely the Deceiver. As for the other three, ene could be liberator, Saviour and Chaosbane (all together), but as they all happen in Ralios, they are likely to be local variations. Finally, they all actually return. I don't think they are heroforms, but actually Arkats. One of the traditional marks of being a deity is bilocation, and if anyone is the personification of that, it's Arkat. On another track, don't confuse the iconography of Arkat with the returning Arkats. They don't have to be the same thing.
  13. I'd base it on the standard requirements for a rune priest, obviously changing some requirements (page 276). I believe it's much harder to start as a sorcerer. Be an initiate member of the cult school / whatever it's called, in good standing with the temple priests hierarchy and possess at least one mastered Rune affinity shared with the deity school with a rating of at least 90%, and either a Loyalty (temple school) or a Devotion (deity) Loyalty (Master) Passion of at least 50%. Possess at least 5 Rune points dedicated to the god School spells at 90%. Have a POW of 18 or higher. Have a skill of at least 50% in Worship (deity) meditate and in four cult school skills. Have a vacancy at the temple school as determined by the gamemaster. Now looking at the Priest occupation, you can only be one if you fulfil the requirements, otherwise you are an assistant (not quite) priest. So creating an apprentice sorcerer would be the obvious solution. Note that there's no real relationship between occupation priest and rune priest. so just use the philosopher occupation as is: Three spells (you can buy more) Occupational Skills: Read/Write (any) +50%, (Sorcery spell) +10%, Orate +25%, Lore (any) +30%, (Sorcery spell) +20%, Library Use +10%, (Sorcery spell) +10%, Lore (any) +10%, Meditate +20%. add on the priest extras: Standard of Living: Noble. Base Income: Variable (depends on temple’s school's resources but most priests sorceroers have at least five hides of land). Favored Passions: Loyalty (school) or Loyalty (Master) Ransom: 1000 L.
  14. There is a general QuestWorlds group, and Ian posts from his personal account as Chaosium isn't his day job. Crossposting from Facebook isn't possible, likewise wading through the non-linear way FB orders messages searching for Ian's posts is time consuming. Copying a thread is messy and always needs editing (I've only blanked names): But here are the last few, so you are up to date.: 2 July. Just an update, I'm still plugging away at the examples. I may share some samples this weekend. (he didn't) 20 June. Greg Stafford wrote a lot of HeroQuest 1e, and today I’m summoning his energy as I try to power my way through the remaining parts of the QuestWorlds Core Book, it’s successor. 6 June. I've just added an example to QuestWorlds Core Book based, loosely, on this scene from The Black Pirate: https://youtu.be/wwa2578IxkM Now Mythbusters have tested this out and proven that you can't do it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MythBusters_(2007_season)... And this is in a sense at the heart of credibility tests and resistance in QuestWorlds. Sure, in the real world it can't be done, but in the swashbuckling genre it can, and the hero makes it look fairly easy. When we think about resistance in QW it's genre that matters. 30 May. I'm not going to have no examples that use combat. (In fact some folks have said understanding how that works is one thing they definitely want to see). But today I wrote an assured contest example that uses combat. Hoping you will like that concept, showing folks that combat can be treated as 'assured' just like anything else. 19 May. So the proposal for the 'degrees' issue is now here: https://github.com/.../less_degrees/docs/QuestWorlds.pdf In essence: * Uses degrees only in the context of an outcome * Uses modifier (bonus or penalty) elsewhere or just the value Not sure it is perfect yet, but better. --- If you want to contribute, join GitHub.
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