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    Played my first RPG in 1977, moved to RuneQuest very quickly. Ran the Convulsion Convention 1992 to 2002 with a large Chaosium presence. I have writing credits for HQ2 Glorantha Publications, the Guide to Glorantha, notably in the Wastelands chapter and am one of the co-authors of HeroQuest Glorantha. Have run a weekly RPG club since 1989. My favourite games are HeroQuest Glorantha, Traveller (MegaTraveller engine), Torg 1ed, Exalted 2ed, Pendragon, 3:16, DramaSystem and various campaigns using HeroQuest 2. I'm currently writing the Prax book, which is turning out to be bigger than I thought.
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    I've played most, maybe all of the Chaosium era BRP based games, my favourites are: RuneQuest, Ringworld and Call of Cthulhu. Honourable mentions to Stormbringer, Elric and Future World. Dishonourable mentions to ElfQuest and SuperWorld...

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  1. The place for me to start is alway what is the combined version that needs separating. I've thought that a sorcerous dictionary is one way forward, defining in runic terms what things are. Clearly there will be synonyms, perhaps with different schools using different definitions. Within the separation technique there will also be degrees of separation. For example if we define living humanoids as Man, Spirit & Life we've a basis for not only other definitions, but can apply techniques to them: Man, Spirit & Life - clearly we can modify this with elements to get sub types other than humans (trolls, merpeople, etc) Beast, Spirit & Life - likewise fire for horses, storm for cows etc. Plant, Spirit & Life - Plants and elves, with subtypes from elements there are five possible separate spells here: Separate Spirit - Discorporation. Life is still present. Separate (Form) Rune - Looks like it might create fertility spirits. These would be handy for reanimating dead things... Separate Life, acts on anything living (I think this a costly method as no Death is involved, a "better" version would be Command Death)
  2. Yes, of course as long as there is a good story element for it. If the player wants their Hero to be the recipient of Bear Magic, that's great. I would roll to see if it happens and depending on the degree of success or failure give them a Benefit of victory or consequence of defeat. For example if the group need to climb a rock face the Bear Hero could say I use my Bearmagic to give you bear claws. If they succeed they get a Benefit of victory eg Bear Claws +3, that lasts until a roll on it fails as usual. If they had a high beast rune, I'd let them cement it to that later (1hp/per claw point or just 1hp if they used it well in the story)
  3. If you are going to Essen Spiel come and drop by the Chaosium stand I'm happy to talk HeroQuest Glorantha.
  4. It's singular so you need to choose which weapon. Given that its says 1. +10% to attack with cult weapon. 2. +20% in a cult skill other than weapon. to bring it inline with RQGs combined attack and parry skill the first one should read as 1. +10% to a cult weapon skill. This has been added as a correction to the upcoming Cults of Glorantha.
  5. There is a clan at most established oases in Prax and the Wastes, not Biggle Stone, Daka’s Creek & Pairing Stone and Horngate has 2 clans, the Paps 3 and Feverlast 2, see the Guide for specifics.There's 80 or so transient oases in the Wastes (Last 3D6 seasons), each with about 100 people (about 4 families), 19.4k in total in 1627. Contrary to popular belief, the fertility of Prax is badly damaged, not destroyed (or nothing would grow), the Oasis People represent what's left of Ernalda's power in the region. At the Dawn there were very few of them huddled round the occasional oasis (maybe a few families and yes some were Tada's people), but the source of most of their population over the centuries has been escaped slaves from various sources including neighbouring lands and Praxians themselves and other lost people.
  6. It's straight from Nomad Gods with a few slight changes and additions from TOTRM 14,15 & 16. The Burners - Spirits of Fire (RQG - The Lowfires but no Gustbran), headed by Oakfed. The Sky Gazers - the rest of the Spirits of Fire, headed by Pole Star. The Thirstless - Spirits of Water, headed by Zola Fel plus all of the Oases spirits. The Shadow People - Spirits of Darkness, headed by Dark Eater (does include Mallia only when needed to be propitiated). The Twin Stars - Themselves plus other Moon spirits (moonbroth, Redwood, Silver Deer). The spirits of Air are part of Orlanth. The Spirits of Earth are part of the Paps. For those of you without Nomad Gods: https://www.chaosium.com/nomad-gods-rule-booklet-pdf/ Jakaleel (Moon, Darkness, and Death): Sunset Society (Darkness): What self-respecting Jakaleel shaman wouldn't want to control this spirit cult... Who ever "they" are only accept men and shaman gender is often a fluid thing.
  7. Helpwoman is Earth Witch, Helpwoman in this context is a Spirit society. Likewise the Twin Stars in this context is the spirit society not the spirit cult. When the Lunars arrived in 1608, they brought with them sable riders from the Hungry Plateau who were a lost phratry of the sable tribe. They had a lunarised version of native spirit society that had shamans called the Twin Stars. The native version was called the Hidden Ancestor with no shamans. Contact between the two societies led to the shaman path being discovered/adopted by the native society, but not the lunarisation (so no lunar spirits, just the same local moon spirits). This led to the Hidden When the lunar rule collapsed in Prax, the two conservative Sable phratries and to a lesser extent the neutral one led the genocidal attack on the two pro-lunar ones. Both phratries no longer exist as a result. Those who refused to give up their lunar ways were slain, those who did really had to prove themselves or die. The uninitiated and children were adopted into the other phratries. By 1627 the Twin Stars is now the name of the Hidden Ancestor as the ancestor isn't hidden and the shaman of the society now call the spirits the Twin Stars. The Seven Mothers wasn't completely eliminated either and still has a presence in all the tribes as the Moon Rune is just as common is Prax as it's always been. The Seven Mothers is part of the Twin Stars society in the sable tribe, it also has shamans. In the other tribes it's not as clear as this and the Seven Mothers is independent although many members worship the Twin Stars too.
  8. Here's a new version. I mistakenly published a screenshot not an exported jpeg. I've also added a notes section.
  9. Here is an update to 1627 and RQG and the Gods of Glorantha book that's in preparation. It's a first pass and is missing the membership numbers:
  10. Most of this is covered in the upcoming Gods book. I'm involved with it so any changes are not in isolation to my previous praxian work. The chart has changed, but remains basically the same. For Eiritha, just change Paps societies to subservient cults, change shaman path today be shamans. Spirit cults can also be subservient to gods. Please note that the Cults of Glorantha book is not out yet so the full picture isn't available. In the Eiritha cult writeup there is no restriction on Initiates, Herd Sisters or Herd Priestesses being shaman. This is deliberate. Now realise that Helpwoman is the Praxian name for Earth Witch. Earth Witch is the shaman path. Earth Witch was Eiritha's midwife, she reached deep into the Earth into the Goddess's Dream and pulled Waha from Eiritha into the world to save it. She still does this every year as part of Waha's High Holy day when heroquesting khans return from Eiritha's Womb after being buried at the sacred birth spot for a year and a day (you need to have an Earth Witch as an ally to do this!) Jakaleel is a single cult / society which has other societies as associated / sub cults. The Twin Stars are in RQG a spirit cult and so can have their own shamans. Lunar Deer is an alternate name for sable antelope, Silver Deer are a native Praxian spirit: In RQG terms it's a local spirit or at a stretch a spirit cult that provides either the spirit magic - Movement or a single rune spell. The loonies aka The Red School of Masks: The society doesn't exist in Prax in 1627. The major lunar teaching elements got eaten at the Dragonrise, the Praxian elements are either dead or subsumed into other secret societies. The really mad ones are roaming the Wastes with a cloud of lost moon and Praxian spirits [story hook] or dead [boring], but most joined Argrath and are now part of the White Bull society / entourage. Please bear in mind that there were likely only ever about 30 of them.
  11. If you want to get involved message me @Scotty or email david@chaosium.com with Great Hall in the subject.
  12. It's a fan resource, add some notes at the bottom explaining your choices. It doesn't have to be complete, you can even become a volunteer with a login and keep it up to date on the site.
  13. https://www.chaosium.com/paladin-core-rulebook-pdf/ https://www.chaosium.com/paladin-adventures-pdf/ It says on the product pages:
  14. Looking at DTRPG, it generally talks about creating new stuff. So if you have something that you've previously written and update it to RQG, give it a new cover add some more value to it with some of your art, change it's name you're probably okay. Personally I would then add the "portions of this product were published in XXX in (date)" for clarity. As @MOB said Have a look through those to see what kind of stuff they have (links above) As for conversions to a new version, DTRPG says: It's the lifting of large sections of text which are likely to cause the problem. Aside from the Guidelines of the JC, DTRPG have their own helpful pages: https://support.drivethrurpg.com/hc/en-us/categories/201257283-Community-Content-Programs
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