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  1. Hello, Does the term Militia suit this module, unless it means something different in the setting? When I read the title I am thinking the standard Earth model of this unit. But the book seems to portray them as full time police. Unless I missed something! Not a real problem, it was just putting me in a different mindset as to the PC’s being full time farmers etc and part time police/military, training once a week/month and called up in emergencies.

  2. Hi, I am just going to throw this in the pot, for those who may be interested, or have the book and had forgotten.

    Thieves Guild #5, has a comprehensive set of shield rules that tack onto the Thieves Guild rules.

    covers 7 different types. 7 different construction materials, including bronze. Combat techniques. Even turning angle.

    Sorry for the interruption and carry on.

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  3. Hello,

    I was looking to be able to supply some more detail to the events in the generator. Its a great system, but would have been better with some explanation of what these events are about.

    I did a internet search, but could not find anything.

    Is there a history book that explains what the Feint to the Sea Campaign,  or the Building Wall Battle is for example. Just a brief description,  maybe something that could be put together for the Jonstown Compendium, I imagine they events are all on record there.


  4. I have not been able to do more than skim the book, but I just read the blog page and I have a small request if not done already.

    My group size is one - player. We are both novices to the setting. I have one request of the developer’s, and that is some npc sidekick children with some background, to fill in the gap of a normal party. I only ask this (as I could do it myself, but not as good), as the writer’s know the setting and could set up friendships and animosity’s. I am sure other gm’s could find a use for them also, maybe in the same situation or with only 2 players (not sure what the default group size is expected to be). Totally understand if not possible, but just thought to put it out there. Maybe just take some from the play test and give some advancement notes so they can grow also.


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  5. Sometimes play test notes are a great addition in this hobby. Spring board for side-ways thinking. I loved reading, Dying Earth material by Ian Thompson, as he always included notes from play tests, to give a different perspective on how an event could play out.

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  6. Hi, I am in Australia, I would like to get the pod/PDF combo (assuming such), but I don’t want the pod shipping (assuming it’s US printed?) until after this virus thing settles down. I already have other gaming books coming from over seas and one appears lost.

    Is there a solution?


  7. But sort of asks the question, if it’s not clear then published work could have system faults if designers are interpreting the rules in different ways. It should be crystal clear from the get go, for my 2d. Or we travel down a rabbit hole of inconsistencies- potentially.

  8. My bother and I used to write wargaming rules, and our major design philosophy was examples for everything, even the most basic rule, so it’s totally clear. So many games that I have read that just fail to do this. For example, Nights Black Agents Solo ops, has a fairly basic rule system, with few examples. I queried a rule recently, and it turned out I had it wrong, with another person also having a incorrect but different take, all for the sake of one sentence example that should have been included.

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  9. On 5/17/2020 at 2:08 PM, Vile said:

    I have moved to initiative order simply based on DEX in all games I run these days. I don't even bother rolling-off for ties, characters with the same DEX just act simultaneously.

    You can also add to that the Intelligence stat. How quick you can think under stress, analyse your opponents tactics, weak spots. So many gamers think it’s all about speed, but it’s only part of the equation.

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