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  1. This talk of the meta plot; where do you find these future event nuggets. For example, I would not like to start playing and then read about some plot event that I had missed that could have been really good. Windstop and other events named for example. Not saying I would feel constrained to use them, but handy to get a feel for possible events without player intervention. Are they buried in different books, or collected somewhere? Thanks
  2. Weekly Symbaroum game, although I did start reading the new Runequest rules book when I learned about this exercise and thought it could be fun to do something in Glorantha and then I saw the pre-made PC’. My head started to swim looking at all those stats and abilities and powers. My enthusiasm waned at the learning curve.
  3. I introduced this last week at the table after the great insights here and my players face lit up. He started looking over his characters (he has 3 - fighter, thief and wizard, he plays whichever is core to a scene but mostly the wizard - remember it’s Symbaroum), to see what could be evolved.
  4. Thanks all, I needed the last suggestion to really fix my understanding. Clear consice, what a great forum...
  5. So, a secret identity ability. That is no longer relevant.
  6. What happens in HQ when an ability becomes obsolete? What can a player do with the points invested? thanks.
  7. Yea, the Tekumel Foundation seems to keep it tight.
  8. Thanks. My purchase is from the mother ship so to speak. But I don't know what changes to look for so maybe its as BWP says - it is the latest version just missing the annotation to show it. Where do I find RuneFixes please?
  9. When is the main rule book PDF going to be updated? I saw a physical book that was 2nd printing with a version number something like 1.02 My PDF download from the store still comes in as First Printing
  10. It’s the wording with the implied effect I was thinking about. Are you showing the chance of scoring such a hit by rating? Sorry high school drop out here! A starting character with 20 for example in a ability is -6’d and the term Impaired. So now they have dropped to 14 ability. A veteran with 2M2 (42) is ‘impaired with -6’ and 16M, does not have the same percentages impact and terminology wise does not sound the same. Roughly they should be suffering a -11 or -12 to get the feel of impaired. Just spit balling.
  11. The systems default values don’t change. Is this odd? A starting character is going to feel Impaired a lot more than a veteran. With our recent combat at the climax of a adventure with only starting level characters (as I have been holding off rewarding XP waiting on the SRD and what it may have clarified), a player was -6’d early on and this became a big deal. But if they were more experienced maybe not so much. Would it not be better to have some floating amount of Consequences. Just as Base Value Difficulty is supposed to increase with session time (again waiting on the SRD to see if this is changed as I have read veteran system gamers saying they don’t like it). Or has someone house ruled this already? Thanks
  12. David, your post reads like you are rolling against the difficulty number. I thought the gm rolls against the difficulty and the 2 outcomes cross-referenced? But if that is the case what was the success level outcome of the gm's roll?
  13. I hope there is some examples of Flaws. I dont think I am doing them right. I got the impression that they are the Resistance or Difficulty rating against witch the player is rolling a suitable ability. Is that correct? Or They are an abiluty like any other and the gm still sets a difficulty level to roll against?
  14. Major yes to the examples and not the short story stuff in HQG. But multiple examples and then some more. I have playtested a few board games and war games etc and the one problem between the developer who is imbedded in the system and knows what he is reading without really reading it and a noob trying to interpret what is going on.
  15. So I could go with the idea that even with a player defeat, I can still rule it’s a victory but just not the sort of outcome the players may have had at the start. Maybe some important gear is damaged in the melee etc. Need to come up with interesting complications.
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