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  1. Aprewett

    The Limits of Magic

    This is a common thread by new players to the setting and I am surprised that there is surprise. I asked a similar question, not having any prior setting knowledge. Definitely a gap to fill, like creature power levels.
  2. Aprewett

    Change log for updated PDF's

    +1, Please, as I will need to go through the printed book and make corrections, or is there some page by page reference already outthere. This is very important, I am not grumbling, I was just hoping to start something soon and would like to update my book. Thank you
  3. Aprewett

    So many errors and contradictions

    Oh boy, 4 pages. As I am in a similar position to the thread starter and had hopes to start soon, maybe it will have to wait. I am time poor and really dont want to go through the process of writting all through my book when some errata doc comes out - again. Heroquest was the same. Dont mean to whine, just cant seem to find that open door to get into Glorantha, and the gaming cue is backing up. I wonder how refunds work, do I pay the freight? I know its hopefully going to be fixed, just really not sure I could be bothered. I think the suggestion of putting the game in the hands of new players is great. Anyway coming in at the end of a dead thread.
  4. Aprewett

    Feedback on new improvement proposals sought

    Not having played yet, but what does the ability bloat start to look like? One of the reasons I dont like the d20 style of game. The players post encounter groan that they had some ability that would have made life easier but it was buried.
  5. Aprewett

    Bring Out Your Dead

    Maybe you have nailed the sub conscious bug I had when reading them.
  6. Aprewett

    Bring Out Your Dead

    I was confused by the table on pg63 initially. Being used to similar tables from Harn, it did take me scribbling on the page to make it clearer. Eg, attacker or action instigating party along the top and defender or reciever on the side. As is there is no clear divide. Then the row and column names needed to show instigating side or reciever side winning or loosing. I know its easy for old hands, but initially I thought it was a typo to have the same words on each half, made know sense. Or do it like Harn and colour code it better, instead of lines across. My 2d.
  7. Aprewett

    New pavis big rubble books

    So some perspective from a noob to the whole setting/rules of this world, who's introduction was via HQG, who is also yet to play either. Magic was the first big stumbling block. Comments in published books, that its everywhere and everyone can do it, the little covered in the HQG book, left me with little grasp of its potiential. From research and help this turns out to be a hurdle for others coming at the setting from HQ. So my plan changes to having to now play RQ to get a better understanding of the way it is supposed to work (if you accept that even RQ is just one interpretation of the setting). Very interesting what Mr Cooper says about Borderlands. Buying lots of books and research, Borderlands was signposted as the go to starting spot for a campaign. I had now idea that it would not be a good fit for HQ (being new to both rules and setting). You really need to do a document to hightlight all this and make sure noobs like me get the best experience out of the box, to get them to stay. Still never played but my focus drifed to Sun County as our introduction to HQG, but maybe that is a bad fit also? My hold off on starting was recent threads where I got to post similar comments and got the impression that the devs where listening and soon, just around the corner we would get a intro HQG scenario/campaign. One where maybe some of my suggestions might work, from older posts, or others more skilled could give us that intro experience. Anyway, I wait in the wings, dropping the name Glorantha at the gaming table every now and then. FYI, my gaming table is 1-2-1, both time poor gamers. My player definitely needs a easy intro as he does not read fiction, so I cant give him background homework to help get us started. That was my current stumbling block with Sun County, playing a local and being able to explain the world and culture to him in digestable sizes across the gaming table.
  8. Aprewett


    Ok, from a new person into the setting, who has been slowly buying up titles like Sartar Rising books, does this mean they are not so much canon ? How do I find out what books contradict? Just in case later on I stumble on a problem.
  9. Aprewett

    Eleven Lights question on ability types

    True Oracle, but I was just following on from the conversation in this thread. From a new to the setting player - needs an shortcut - NPtS.
  10. Aprewett

    Eleven Lights question on ability types

    Could the new bestiary have a HQ section?
  11. Aprewett

    New HQ products?

    The Two Headed Serpent for HQ, that would be great. Then it really will be a 2 header....
  12. Aprewett

    New HQ products?

    Hopefully the company will throw its considerable resources to a intro HQG product with fun char gen to help a player come up with keywords and abilities. From a total beginner to the setting perspective.
  13. Aprewett

    Eleven Lights question on ability types

    Exactly I feel I have to read RQ before I can play HQ, I dont have the time for that.
  14. Aprewett

    New HQ products?

    Is the Big Rubble HQ book still on the table?
  15. Aprewett

    Eleven Lights question on ability types

    This is exactly the question I had. As looking to inspiration from RQ, not that HQ is the same and I have not looked to much at the RQ system, but if you were going to put creatures toughness into HQ, to get a fell for how tough they could be. Looking at converting Sun County, so how tough is a Broo or Pumpkinhead. I know it is all based of the fiction, but a base power would be good, to better portray them.