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  1. Ahti2

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    My deepest condolences. We are all orphans now. Descanse en paz.
  2. Ahti2

    Mass combat rules

    Thank you for all your suggestions!
  3. Ahti2

    Mass combat rules

    I'd like to develop some rules for Mass Combat and Battles. I love the RQ6/Mythras mechanics about this issue, but I rule a classic dungeon campaign with a lighter system (between BRP and the MRQ SRD) and I need some ideas. OpenQuest contains a few elegant rules, but they are in the opposite side, too simple for my campaign. Do you know a d100 mass combat system in the happy medium, lighter than Mythras but more complete than Openquest? I have read something about MRQII Empires, but I havenĀ“t that book and I don't know if it could be bought nowdays, or if it could be worthy for this purpose (too similar than the Mythras system, perhaps?). Thank you for read me!
  4. Ahti2

    Targeted Attack question

    Yes, thank you! I wanted to know if the attack avoid the armor points, but the idea of the "extra spiced" description is very interesanting, he he. Thank you!
  5. Ahti2

    Targeted Attack question

    A question about the Combat in Renaissance: According to the "Targeted Attack" rule, a damage below a Major Wound "has no special effect". But if a character targeted his attack to a location without armor, (for example, the face), could not he avoid covering the general armor points, even getting a light damage?
  6. Thank you for your information! Mjollnir, that sounds very very intersanting. I'll be waiting for it. Odin bless you!
  7. Hi! I'm working in a time-traveleres scenario, and I'm looking extended rules about these two issues: - A system for various Martial Arts o similar fighting skills (karate, kung fu, boxing...) - A list of historical diseases (bunonic plague, yellow fever, tiphus, etc) I'll use specifically the Mythras rules, but all other d100 rules (MRQ, Legend, Openquest, BRP, Chaosium's RQ, Call of Cthulhu, etc.) are welcome. The BRP Golden Book contains a good section of grappling effects, but I need more detail and a specific fighting style (i.e. Greco-Roman wrestling) I know some examples of deseases from Mythic Rome (Mythras), and the core book of the spanish RPG "Aquelarre". I've been informed of some examples in "Merry England" too. Do you know a supplement book, a section of a core book, with these kind of rules? Thank you.