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  1. A great news Spanish runequesters ...! But maybe not good at all. Edge Entertainment has published an amazing edition of CoC, one of the best in the world in the visual aspect probably. But the problem is that they have concentrated on taking only these luxury editions, and in the 8 years that we have been since the manual appeared (from the 6th edition, the 2004 edition of Chaosium) they have only released this one and four books more (1920s Investigator's Companion, Masions of Madness, Masks of Nyarlathotep, and a few months ago Tatters of the King). All in the same line of quality, which is the cause of these years (years, I reiterate!) Since they announce and the time goes by very slowly... In Spain any new book of the english language world can take six months (or less), a year, two years is already excessive ... But not five years. Ok, as I say, these editions are wonderful, but they are a collection edition rather than playing games, and it seems that the publisher is the only thing that does, promote "beautiful books" before "books to play". And there aren't alternatives. Edge E. has also announced (for years, two or three at least), that he will release the 7th of CoC, perhaps this year, but Chaosium published it a lot of years ago. Spanish fans do not understand much. You might think they do not sell enough, but the reality is the opposite: all the issues they take out are sold out. The books are resold in the internet for two, three or times their value (which is already expensive, although understandable they are). But then do not make more runs. Last year just the only one they have done, from the rulebook, and again sold out in weeks. Now you can't find a new one anymore, another time! Right now it is easier to find old copies of the 5th edition (by La factoría de las ideas), an edition not so good, not far, but still circulating. Edge E. has also published D&D 5th, and these books have been published more or less quickly, but it is that much of the issue of layout and translation was already made (imposed) by Gale Force Nine. Will they do with Runequest with the same as with Call of Cthulhu? Will they take out a RiG collector's edition ... when Chaosium is preparing a revision or a new one, half a decade later? Will we have to wait even longer to see the other books? As I say, in principle it sounds very good ... but I think that the hopes in the game of the Spanish players are going to need willpower and many points of sanity because of this unexplained editorial policy... I hope I'm wrong, and for once keep in mind that players want these books for their gaming tables, not to worship them on the shelves when we are already very old people!
  2. My deepest condolences. We are all orphans now. Descanse en paz.
  3. Thank you for all your suggestions!
  4. I'd like to develop some rules for Mass Combat and Battles. I love the RQ6/Mythras mechanics about this issue, but I rule a classic dungeon campaign with a lighter system (between BRP and the MRQ SRD) and I need some ideas. OpenQuest contains a few elegant rules, but they are in the opposite side, too simple for my campaign. Do you know a d100 mass combat system in the happy medium, lighter than Mythras but more complete than Openquest? I have read something about MRQII Empires, but I haven´t that book and I don't know if it could be bought nowdays, or if it could be worthy for this purpose (too similar than the Mythras system, perhaps?). Thank you for read me!
  5. Yes, thank you! I wanted to know if the attack avoid the armor points, but the idea of the "extra spiced" description is very interesanting, he he. Thank you!
  6. A question about the Combat in Renaissance: According to the "Targeted Attack" rule, a damage below a Major Wound "has no special effect". But if a character targeted his attack to a location without armor, (for example, the face), could not he avoid covering the general armor points, even getting a light damage?
  7. Thank you for your information! Mjollnir, that sounds very very intersanting. I'll be waiting for it. Odin bless you!
  8. Hi! I'm working in a time-traveleres scenario, and I'm looking extended rules about these two issues: - A system for various Martial Arts o similar fighting skills (karate, kung fu, boxing...) - A list of historical diseases (bunonic plague, yellow fever, tiphus, etc) I'll use specifically the Mythras rules, but all other d100 rules (MRQ, Legend, Openquest, BRP, Chaosium's RQ, Call of Cthulhu, etc.) are welcome. The BRP Golden Book contains a good section of grappling effects, but I need more detail and a specific fighting style (i.e. Greco-Roman wrestling) I know some examples of deseases from Mythic Rome (Mythras), and the core book of the spanish RPG "Aquelarre". I've been informed of some examples in "Merry England" too. Do you know a supplement book, a section of a core book, with these kind of rules? Thank you.
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