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  1. Thanks for the details. I have the keeper book ordered and am waiting in delivery
  2. Maybe these questions are answered in the full Keeper Rulebook (mine is on order), but because I am using the Quick Start Rules, I have some questions regarding this rule that needs clarification Using the text above, I would presume that if I had 1 investigator and there are 2 cultists attacking him, the lone investigator would be outnumbered and all subsequent melee attacks on him are made with one bonus die. My question is this: If I had 2 investigators fighting Yog-Sothoth for example, would Yog-Sothoth be at disadvantage and would my investigators get the bonus die?
  3. It seems to me that they want you to purchase the physical medium as opposed to the PDF. With piracy being a concern, if you make the PDFs as difficult to read as possible you almost force people to go with the easier, nicer, color, more expensive physical books. Also they don't want you to print it yourself. perfect example is the quick start rules. The original 7th edition PDF was printer friendly. The updated 7th edition quick start rules (and every new pdf) are terrible to print at home. You'll go through three cartridges as ink before your even halfway through. So why bother printing it? For what it will cost you in ink, you can just pay chaosism for the physical book
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