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    Cut my teeth on West End Games d6 Star Wars back in '93. After that, my second ever roleplaying game was Call of Cthulhu.
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  1. I wanted to thank everyone for their replies. I have now ordered the Runequest Glorantha slipcase, glorantha sourcebook, quickstart, and guide to glorantha sets. I have a great deal of reading to do, but I'm very excited to dive whole hog into this glorious world. Thank you all for your help!
  2. I'm really glad someone else asked this. I just started my glorantha collection and was looking into these 4 books in particular. Any chance one might still be available?
  3. My god, i should have known the level of answers i would get but honestly, I'm blown away. I knew i was in the the right place haha. As an aside, if i were to try and "sell" my group on playing runequest glorantha, what adventure do you all think would be the best to cut out teeth on?
  4. Awesome. I'm planning on running my pulp heroes through some of the main campaigns, but im also writing some historical scenarios (ala orient express' "living handouts") and am toying with one set during the second serpent person empire of valusia. I was hoping to use Cthulhu Dark Ages to helo mirror the Kull era (looking at magic world too) and i figured pulp cthulhu might help.
  5. Good evening (at least where i am haha). I wanted some advice on where to begin with the over all mythology of Glorantha. I know the most basics of basics, and being a "student" of mythology (or i was in my by gone college years), i'm fascinated with the concepts of this world. Outside of the game rulebooks (an investment i may make, but i'd have to sell my group on it first) which would be the better place to begin, the mammoth Guide to Glorantha, or the Glorantha Sourcebook? Thank you all in advance!
  6. It works great, but man, that Reign of Terror sheet is gorgeous haha. As an aside, is there a plan to eventually add pulp talents appropriate to the other eras, such as reign of terror and dark ages?
  7. My abilities with pdf leave more than a little to be desired, so i'm here asking, has anyone made Pulp versions (higher HP max, talents, etc) of the different eras, i.e. modern, dark ages, reign of terror?
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