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    I've only been playing RPGs for 5 years at this point. Not terribly impressive, but I've been a huge fan since a close friend introduced them to me. I've taken the mantle as GM for most games I've been a part of since since that seems like the hardest role to fill. I've run Call of Cthulhu, Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons 5e, and I've been a part of several indie games
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    Pathfinder & Starfinder
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    I'm a very laid back guy that doesn't take much seriously.
  1. Camping

    Camping - Matthew House Era - Any Start - In Media Res The scenario is about a group of long time friends/family (1-6 players plus 2 NPCs) that go on a yearly camping trip in the dense woods off the coast of the Atlantic. The group has had this tradition for years and it’s a chance to not only get away from their regular lives, but also to catch up and see everyone that has moved away. The first day is dull, but it gives the players a chance to role play out their relationships with one another and the NPCs. At night though, when all the players are around the campfire, an NPC thinks they see something off in the woods and goes to investigate. After a few minutes, they do not return. If the players go to investigate, they find nothing as well. Perceptive investigators see carvings in the trees and footprints leading in all sorts of directions, but find nothing. On the second day, the party will eventually come to the conclusion that they are lost and cannot leave the forest. When night approaches, the other NPC will vanish. Players will see robbed figures in the distance, but can never reach them. With proper light, players can see that the trees around them seem almost alive and any animal are shy and deformed nightmares. The third day comes and the sun will not rise. A dark circle now hangs in the sky that is outlined in red flames. The woods are living at this point. The only place the players will encounter is a large cave that seems to be waiting for them. Inside the cave they will find a cavernous expanse that has a single stone bridge leading to an altar. Robed figures are performing a ritual and the darkness beneath them seems to be responding to it. It is up the the players now to either witness the awakening of a dark god or attempt to the thwart these otherworldly beings from completing their sinister plot.