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  2. The characters own the hotel - they have given up their lives to rebuild and open it (per the PC backgrounds) - the ones who don't own it could run away - but by then, there's plenty to prevent them (zombies and the like). The workmen knock through to the gate. Also the zombies appear there - a clue to the fact something is down there. Also a possessed PC/NPC may attempt to clear through to the gate - opening the way (and making the gate obvious to all). The bones - are a long shot - see Events (page 29) - which suggests a vision of Schiegl being taken to the tree - a clue that his remains are by the same tree. The scenario, like the ones in the book are presented as one shots, and this scenario is apocalyptic in its scope - chaos and hell are unleashed.
  3. Mike M

    Masks of Nyarlathotep - Errors Thread

    Many thanks to those who spotted errors. I can confirm that multiple professional proof readers were paid to error spot. Unfortunately with works of this size things do get missed. We constantly seek and work with different proof readers in an ongoing attempt to make our books as error free as possible. We invite people to send in errors, which we then address in the PDF and print (or reprints) on an ogoing basis, and we are grateful for everyones contributions.
  4. Yes, as I thought, the rulebook does not have layers that can be turned on and off - it used an older template. Newer books use a different template that allows the bakcgrounds to be turned off. Apologies.
  5. I believe its not possible to turn off the background layer in the Rulebook at this time - I will check and ask if there's something that can be done.
  6. Mike M

    Just how big is Massachusetts, anyway?

    The scenario does state that he is tired before setting out. Sometimes, tired people just need some time and space alone in a motel room.
  7. Mike M

    Fatigue Effects (going without sleep)

    Fatigue is quite dependent on the story - we left such matters to individual Keepers, who can choose to impose penalty die, increase difficulties of rolls and so on. In the main, if you feel that you need to check for fatigue, then a straight CON roll does the trick (this can be adjusted to Hard, given the particular circumstances). If passed, then all is ok for a while, then call for another CON roll if the PCs fail to rest up. If failed, then penalties/difficulty increase can be used. Of course, should combat/something ensure, you have to make a judgement call - does adrenalin kick in and revive the PC for the fight? If so, then imediately after the fight, I'd say the PC collapses (no roll) and is out for X hours. X being the Keeper's decison (the player pushed the PC to their limit).
  8. Mike M

    Masks of Nyarlathotep - Errors Thread

    Yes, they only work using the (free) Adobe Reader or full Acrobat programme, due to the autocalc. We advise using Adobe Reader.
  9. Please post any typos/errors spotted in the new (5th edtion) edition of Masks of Nyarlathotep. We will review posts on an ongoing basis, making necessary corrections to PDF files and for future reprints Many thanks
  10. Mike M

    7th Edition Errata and Revisions

    Yes, those two need to be input in to the PDF - I've sent a reminder to get this done as soon as possible.
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  12. Mike M

    Artillery Question

    P59 Rulebook. Arillery, in general, does not require specialization - however, specialization is noted if the Keeper feels it is warranted.
  13. Mike M

    Dreamlands For 7th edition

    and... Dreamlands and... Gaslight - there are only so many hours in the day (I'm working on a spell to move to a pocket dimension where time does not exist).
  14. Mike M

    7th Edition Errata and Revisions

    The errata stated in the thread is updated to the PDFs.
  15. Mike M

    7th Edition Errata and Revisions

    Hi Please see the top post in this forum - which details any errata for various Call of Cthulhu books, including the Rulebook. The PDFs available - depending from where you purchase the books from (Chaosium.com, DriveThru, Bits and Mortar) - are updated with the errata (which in the main corrects typos but also clarifies/corrects wording on a few rules too).