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  1. That should be fine - but include reference to the Grimoire, so people can check the original spell.
  2. Mike M

    Derelict in....Space!

    We like this idea.
  3. The Pdf with the ready made investigators is available from chaosium.com - if you purchased the book from a store, check if they are a member of Bits and Mortar (free for the store to join), as you get the PDF for free from them.
  4. Mike M

    Errata question/request

    Hi I have asked for updated PDFs to be dated for this reason - its an on going process.
  5. Please post any mistakes spotted in Shadows Over Stillwater in this thread. Many thanks
  6. Yep, byakhees stole and flew away with the pre-gen PCs PDF - we've sent some nightgaunts to retrieve the PDF pack and aim to have this on the site soon - bear with us!
  7. Mike M

    Call of Cthulhu Starter Edition

    Steve - please email any typos to me thanks. Mike
  8. Mike M

    Call of Cthulhu Starter Edition

    The Starter boxes are due land this week - we can't estimate time for customs and transport to our various warehouses as these things are outside of our control - but we hope to have the sets available from Chaosium.com before Xmas. For retail stores there will naturally be a delay (getting shipments out to distribution who then ship to the actual stores).
  9. Mike M

    Terror Australis Corrections Thread

    Many thanks to all who contributed.
  10. 1920s sheet all are 20% Listen (as per the Rulebook). Modern sheets are 25% - this is an error but it is not an issue to allow modern era PCs to have 25% base if you want to ignore the error.
  11. Okay - sounds like an Indesign thing - inserting hyphens. I'll pass this on. Thanks
  12. Hi Merudo If you can list the errors you have found, I can pass them to layout for correction. Many thanks.
  13. Yes, print files were updated with any corrections outstanding at the time.
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