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  1. Thanks - have noted all of the above and passed for correction.
  2. We continue to update and redevelop older scenarios in balance with new material. Converting older material remains an easy option for scenarios that have not yet been updated. And vice versa 7th edition continues to be a very popular edition and is bringing new folk to Call of Cthulhu everyday of the week. It’s great to see the love for the game from old and new players alike. Thanks to you all for continuing to support Call of Cthulhu and Chaosium. Best regards and Cthulhu F’tagn!
  3. A little update on some titles: Gaslight is in development / writing. The final format (such as slipcase or not) is yet to be decided. Arkham Unveiled (locations in the Miskatonic Valley) - the first book "Arkham" is currently in writing. Sci-fi Cthulhu - is written and now sitting in the editorial development queue. As you can imagine, we are a small Cthulhu team (Lynne and I) in terms of production, so things take time. When they are ready, we'll say more. Thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm - we are working hard to get these and other titles onto your gaming tables.
  4. Gaslight - we are planning a two book set: a player book (with rules and setting) and a keeper book (with secret stuff and scenarios). This is not planned to be a boxed set (books are too large). It was mix up in terms of what may have been said previously. These will be followed by a book of more scenarios and a campaign book - The Curse of Seven. Thanks
  5. Yes 7e dreamlands is in the works
  6. It will be a while yet.
  7. Typos: Russo = Psychology 30%. Mr. Sleep = HP 15.
  8. Siren's Song in Pulp Cthulhu is a variant of the spell, specifically the version used by the villainous Scarlet Arachnid. Scarlet Arachnid's Art/Craft (Sing) is 70%.
  9. Hi Hi. As I mentioned above, the Rulebook, Handbook, and Screen pack were made using a older different method, so the backgrounds can't easily be turned off.
  10. Remove one social skill slot from the Yogi list.
  11. Thanks - we are looking into this.
  12. The plain handout texts are within the download pack for Masks - if you purchased it from Chaosium, DriveThru, or Bits & Mortar.
  13. ensure you include consequences when the PCs go about murdering people - witnesses, police, revenge, trials, jail, etc. use monsters immune more or less to firearms, make the monsters intelligent (run/disappear rather than fight, and then come back later). use cultists with Flesh Ward spell.
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