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  1. Rulebook - Mind Exchange - cost should say: Cost: variable magic points; 1D3 Sanity points. Rulebook & Grimoire - Gates, Table XIV - Azathoth should say: 105 (21).
  2. The latest Rulebook includes modern-day play.
  3. Well said. Encouraging and helping those new to RPGs and Chaosium games in particular is a good thing. Let's all get behind that and promote a positive and friendly forum for all, new and old.
  4. Let's not do this. Despite my rule (as King of RPGs) that everyone play how I want, I understand that everyone wants (unbelievably) to play things their own way. ; ). Seriously, we all do things a little different from time to time, so let's play and write nice, please. In terms of Dreamlands scenarios - you already have Sense of the Slight of Hand Man, and the Dreamlands book - reworking one the Dreamlands scenarios sounds a easy way forward. Alternatively, The Dreaming Stone (OOP) offers a full campaign. We are working on a new edition of Dreamlands, and a score of new dream scenarios, but I'm afraid they are not ready yet, so don't help you at this time. One idea is to pick a scenario you like, and transpose into the Dreamlands. The plan you have looks great - go with it!
  5. They are available on the website - both classic and pulp flavors for Down Darker Trails - see the bottom of this page: https://www.chaosium.com/cthulhu-character-sheets/
  6. Having spent 2 years, on and off, working on the latest edition, Chaosium has no plan to rework or add to the campaign. We believe we have published the definitive edition. Thanks.
  7. Having used Book 3 to run games at various RPG stores, I've been manhandling it during play and when reading it in preparation for games. I often bend the pages back when running too. And, have to say, the book is holding up really well despite being a softcover - no pages falling out, no real damage, and so on. In my line of work I tend to be hard on books, as I use them to play.
  8. Hi - a reprint of Dead Light is one the way.
  9. That should be fine - but include reference to the Grimoire, so people can check the original spell.
  10. The Pdf with the ready made investigators is available from chaosium.com - if you purchased the book from a store, check if they are a member of Bits and Mortar (free for the store to join), as you get the PDF for free from them.
  11. Hi I have asked for updated PDFs to be dated for this reason - its an on going process.
  12. Please post any mistakes spotted in Shadows Over Stillwater in this thread. Many thanks
  13. Yep, byakhees stole and flew away with the pre-gen PCs PDF - we've sent some nightgaunts to retrieve the PDF pack and aim to have this on the site soon - bear with us!
  14. Steve - please email any typos to me thanks. Mike
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