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  1. Thanks - we are looking into this.
  2. The plain handout texts are within the download pack for Masks - if you purchased it from Chaosium, DriveThru, or Bits & Mortar.
  3. ensure you include consequences when the PCs go about murdering people - witnesses, police, revenge, trials, jail, etc. use monsters immune more or less to firearms, make the monsters intelligent (run/disappear rather than fight, and then come back later). use cultists with Flesh Ward spell.
  4. Hi - I've checked, and the dotted lines indicate Faubourgs - a French term approximating suburb (now banlieue)- thus the suburbs of Paris.
  5. We do have a companion book in the works, but it's some time off as it's still in writing.
  6. Hi, 2 - this is a layout-formatting issue, the "Í5" should read "x5" 3 - note that if a flintlock pistol scores an Extreme success (impales), it's damage enough to deal a mortal wound or death in most cases. There are also game balance considerations, including the fact they are temperamental weapons. 1 - I'm double checking on this. Thanks
  7. Thanks for spotting the three errors mentioned. The will be corrected and also added to the errata document. We do use professional proofreaders, as you would see in the books' credits. But, sometimes, they are unable to catch everything, so we are grateful to those who let us know where errors still exist, allowing us to update files accordingly.
  8. Not that I am aware of. There are similar things, as you might expect in a Gaslight story - seances, spooky things, as so on. Plus eldritch horrors a plenty.
  9. Hi - before we can release the Curse of Seven, we want to release the new edition of Cthulhu by Gaslight, which is currently in writing and development.
  10. Keep a look out.... somethings coming.
  11. There is also taking a 1920s adventure and just running it in the time period you want. Pretty much all of the Mansions of Madness scenarios can be tracked into the modern day with minimal effort.
  12. Chaosium has published modern campaigns, the most notable was At Your Door.
  13. Ok, I'm interested to know if anyone has created additional bouts of madness - so far, I haven't seen any posted as ideas, but I may have missed some?
  14. There's 200 phobias and manias in the Rulebook. You want more?
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