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  1. Flee is meant to mean to leave the combat scene - but again - context! The example you give sounds a bit gamey to me (you go hit him and move away and then I'll shoot), which doesn't take account of what the opponent/s are doing. Combat rolls do not equate to a single 'punch' - each roll is equivalent to a series of blows/parries/feints/positioning. So, in my game, your example probably wouldn't be allowed - however, if the context of the actions seemed to make sense in a particular scene, then I might go with it. But, fleeing combat means that - you flee combat (not take a step out and then step back in next round).
  2. Your comments have been passed on to the web team.
  3. P113 - yes, we do say you cannot fight back against a firearms attack (Point-Blank Range). I was getting ahead of myself in my example - the maneuver can't be used in reaction, but can be done on the opponent's turn against the gun wielder. But, as I also say, context. I see no reason why a Keeper can't allow a maneuver reaction to a point-blank shot if it makes narrative sense in the context of the situation, if they feel its warranted and moves the story on. But it would be an exception to the rule.
  4. It's in there. Done. For both monsters and gods.
  5. The Pulp Talents were designed, like the archetypes, to be generic across all eras - they work in any era. For Down Darker Trails, we added a few new ones as that setting can be VERY pulp if desired. But for Reign, it was felt the standard talents covered the bases. We assess each setting/era on its own merits, and if necessary may from time to time add in a new talent, but that will be a rarity. The whole point of Pulp Cthulhu is that you can use it for anything with minimal to no additions.
  6. You have to apply context - "what is actually happening" - with the Keeper being the arbiter of what is reasonable in the given situation. The rules are meant to be flexible to cope with numerous possibilities.
  7. The Pulp Cthulhu sheet was designed to be generic for use with any setting - but of course feel free to create era specific ones if the general Pulp sheet vibe is detracting.
  8. Ok - on your action in combat, if you have a handgun in hand, you could fire (point-blank), your opponent's reaction is stand and take it, dive for cover, or try a maneuver to wrestle the gun away/grab it. On your opponent's action in that round - they attack you with a knife or fist etc, you cannot fire back as "fight back" option (as you can only fire on your action) - but you could fight back, using the gun as cosh, or dodge as normal.
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telecommunications_in_India#The_beginning https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_the_telephone
  10. Hi, yes. It's in final editorial before heading into layout. We should be releasing the campaign in a few months time.
  11. Yes thanks - we caught that when that page was highlighted.
  12. Thanks MandilarasM This is a weird one - I rechecked the master/original text and there are no mistakes in that paragraph. So it seems the missing letters occurred when the txt was transferred/converted to InDesign for layout. We'll get the corrections input. If you do notice any other missing letters or typos, please post them here.
  13. The base spell creates one bolt. You may choose to create a deeper magic version where multiple bolts are created.
  14. It's coming, but not for a while yet.
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