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  1. Thanks ColoradoCthulhu - we are working to correct the one typo you spotted.
  2. Listen should have a base value of 20% - the Modern-day sheet 25% is an error, but my advice has always been to ignore the error on the sheet.
  3. Just to say - in 2020, we are working on: Cthulhu by Gaslight Arkham and a Guide to the Miskatonic Valley and Dreamlands thereafter. Good news may also be had concerning things like Mansions of Madness, Malleus Monstrorum, Children of Fear, and something else.......
  4. Monster art (in fact, any art) is subjective. When drawing anything, the artist must rely on their interpretation of the briefs (which, in this case are drawn from numerous sources including original text wherein they appeared) - just as a writer tries to convey their sense of the monster using words and terms understandable by humans - hence, Lovecraft using phrases like "an octopus-like head" = we use "xxx-like" because it gives us a common frame of recognition, it does not actually mean Cthulhu is an octopus. Monster art provides another form for Keepers to picture the monster in their heads and is a big help when describing said monsters to others around a gaming table. The overwhelming response to our new monster art across social media has been very positive.
  5. Errata: Masks of Nyarlathotep Update: 2 December 2019 Errata - Masks of Nyarlathotep - 2 December 2019.pdf
  6. The Curse of Seven, a new forthcoming Gaslight campaign - each chapter is inspired by different "horror" authors like M. R. James, Dickens, R. Chetwynd-Hayes, E. F. Benson, Conan Doyle, Arthur Machen, Robert Louis Stevenson, and so on.
  7. Yes, and a bunch of new scenario seeds concerning road travel.
  8. Yes, now look at the Credit Rating description within the Skills section on p103.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Credit Rating - the higher it it is, the greater your access to stuff. A high score can mean certain doors open for you automatically. It's a useful thing and provides your character with more access to useful things.
  11. Dead Light has been slightly revised to address a handful of issues in the original, it also has new art. But, you don't have to buy it unless you want to. We felt the the new edition would be more attractive if it came with another scenario. It will be a relatively low price point and still cheaper if you just purchase the PDF.
  12. Context is king. Firing into Melee Combat rule page 113. A penalty die is imposed. In the example on p115, Harvey shooting at a monster approaching him and hits. The monster attacks him on its turn, with Harvey Dodging. Harvey is forced to enter melee as the monster attacks him - on his turn he fires the gun again - but takes a penalty for multiple shots which is negated for point-blank range (he kills the monster, so he doesn't have to react to a second attack, which probably would have forced him to Dodge again or try to bash the monster with the lump of metal in his hand). Firing into melee - means you are shooting at at least two people/things already in combat against one another - your shot could hit a friendly, but it reasonable to assume a Keeper may use this rule for a person in melee who wishes to fire on their turn in the round - the rules are designed to be applied at the judgment of the Keeper. Some may wish to read the firing into melee as only being applicable when you are outside melee and firing into a melee nearby, others may broaden the interpretation. That's why context is king - apply the rule as you see fit in the context of the reality of the scene at your gaming table. In the example in the post above, the context of the situation seemed to me to warrant use of the firing into melee rule, which is negated by the point-blank range. Thus, no penalty or bonus die is actually applied. It's a judgement call here - on another day I might have said no penalty, but it was probably early in the morning when I answered....
  13. I assume you checked your spam folder, just in case? Otherwise please email your details as previously mentioned. Thanks
  14. Indeed - the dividing line between readable and authentic is sharp! And it isn't necessarily an age thing. In our books we strive to achieve both, but it is always hard to get it right - if I have to err on one side, I always try to go with readable. In some cases, we may make the player version handout as large as possible, so cursive script is easier to read, or if the handout is meant to be almost unreadable, then I'll try and include a plain text version for the Keeper, who needs to know what's been written.
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