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  2. Many thanks. All monster stats are being reviewed currently as part of the process of updating the new monster book, and any changes or amendments will be funneled into the Rulebook at a later stage. Some of these differences are academic (3D6 x5 - the average is 50-55 when not spitting the difference). Some are a difference of opinion - Horse - SIZ - is (6D6+12)x5 = average of 165. We shall review your comments as part of our process in reviewing such statistics. Thanks again.
  3. Colonial era supplement is in the hands of Sixty Stone Press, a licensee.
  4. I think this thread has served its purpose. We always read with delight differing views on things, helping us to be informed of differing opinions. Many thanks. Time to move on now.
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  6. Hi, yes its moving forward - it should soon be heading into layout.
  7. How long is a piece of string? Play time of scenarios varies by Keeper and group - I see scenarios that I would run in one or two sessions being talked about on forums as taking some groups 8 or more sessions. In my view, I could run this over 2 two sessions, but equally could condense timing to a convention single slot. I'm sure some groups could take 3-4 sessions.
  8. Hi, Just to say that Chaosium will be at NecronomiCon Providence in a couple of weeks and hope to see some of you there! We'll have our booth, with copies of Berlin: The Wicked City and the special The Shadow Over Providence, as well as plenty of other Cthulhu goodness. We have some Call of Cthulhu panels - on historical settings, and favourite scenarios on the Saturday and Sunday. Paul Fricker, Christopher Smith Adair, Oscar Rios, Jon Hook, Lynne Hardy, Matthew Sanderson, Scott Dorward, myself, and many more authors and artists will be about and happy to chat, not forgetting Sean Branney and Andrew Leman of the HP Lovecraft Historical Society! You can also meet Nick Nacario, Call of Cthulhu layout wizard, and James Lowder, Chaosium's executive editor and fiction sorcerer! And games! Loads of Call of Cthulhu on offer by Chaosium authors and the good folk of the Cult of Chaos, plus Extra Life charity games and a full run of Gatsby and the Great Race! So, if you're town, please drop by the Chaosium booth in the Omni trade hall, and say hi. We'd love to see you. F'taghn for now! Mike Mason
  9. This thread is no longer about the original post and has moved into other territories, which may be explored elsewhere than this thread.
  10. Gateways to Terror is 3 short-play introductory scenarios. The cover is designed with introduction in mind to a more general audience. For core books, we aiming for more like the Berlin cover moving forwards. Art is subjective and some folk like what some others do not. Here's a sneak peak at one small element of the forthcoming Dreamlands cover.
  11. The cover art for Gateways for Terror is by Chris Huth. It is three introductory scenarios that have been used to demonstrate Call of Cthulhu at conventions, the key feature being that they are all designed to be played in a one to two hour time slot, and are ready to play with pre-made investigators with minimal set up time (other than reading them over first before running them). The cover art shows three investigators running away from some nameless horror.
  12. The short answer is yes. I do suggest you pick up the Call of Cthulhu Starter Set (across the 4 scenarios in that set, combat is not the only solution, and in most cases is the wrong solution). Also Doors to Darkness, Reign of Terror, Petersen's Abominations, Nameless Horrors. Doors to Darkness and the Starter Set are specifically geared to newer players and Keepers. Combat is a valid solution sometimes, but isn't the only solution - most scenarios written the last few years understand that, and provide advice or suggestions on a range of solutions. Ultimately, it's down to the players to decide how they deal with the situation they uncover. Older scenarios tend to be more focused on combat as the only solution, but even these can be tweaked to allow different outcomes. Also, remember, there are many monsters who are unaffected by bullets.
  13. The rules are by necessity an abstraction. Also, no one stands still in a chaotic combat situation - it isn't clinical - we tend to lose that when looking at static miniatures on floor plans, or marks on paper. People move around quickly, getting nearer and further away, moving left and right, deceasing and increasing their height. The point blank rule for shotguns/rifles applies because of this, in part. How you choose to read a specific situation at your table is up to you, however. Just make sure you apply the same to bad guys too, then all's fair.
  14. Short answer is yes at some point.
  15. Gugs and Moon-beasts both have converted 7e stats in Cthulhu Through The Ages (as well as Zoogs). The new Dreamlands 7e, when released, will also have the spiders.
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