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  1. Thanks all - we have all those now.
  2. It's one minute per magic point, so the casting time should say: 1 minute. A deeper version may shorten this time, say to 1 round round per magic point.
  3. Many thanks - I have updated the errata for the Scenario Booklet from the Keeper Screen Pack to include a note about Blackwater Handout 6 - and included the full text of the handout for those that require it. Please see errata thread.
  4. Locking this thread as those involved have made their points, and it is now descending into something else.
  5. To be honest, we already mostly say in a scenario's introduction what its level is and so on. This rating came with the Does Loves Forgive? book, so we thought we'd leave it in and see whether it was of use.
  6. The game possesses two means to deal with this: a) adjust difficulty of player roll based on skill of opponent, which is given priority in the rules as it streamlines play, with a single roll being made by the player. b) make an opposed roll, with both player and Keeper making rolls and comparing the results. Apply bonus/penalty dice if necessary. Option B is available to use wherever the Keeper feels it works best, and it does even the playing field where high skill values come into play.
  7. Not really, the players should ideally be the ones making skill rolls - i.e Stealth rolls to avoid detection. Monster skills tend to highlight particular traits, or where a skill is significant, and much depends on the type of monster in terms of their narrative capabilities. See page 28 of Volume 1 about monster skills - and gives guidance on physical and common skills and average ranges.
  8. Monsters have pertinent skills listed in their entries.
  9. Thanks - we'll check that out.
  10. It's in the development queue.
  11. Page 252 – col 2 – Ahtu – change “AL-Mo-zz” to “AH-too”
  12. Yes its a mistake that is being fixed in the PDF and for reprints.
  13. Hi., yes., that's correct - this is getting fixed and the pre-gen PCs will be added to the download.
  14. Yes, I purposely left that out, as I was inclining Pharol to be a unique entity that 'could' be killed.
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