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  1. Escape from Innsmouth is in the pile of books I have on my desk - meaning that it is scheduled for me to work on this year....
  2. Hi One of the things I've been meaning to do, and which kept escaping me, was to produce a PDF of all of the Masks handouts in plain text as a Keeper reference. A number of the handouts are purposefully difficult to read (due to the in-game writer) - the worst of these already had a plain text version provided within the Masks book - but I though having the lot could be useful for Keepers. I'm happy to say that this is now done - and we will be adding this file - "Masks of Nyarlathotep plain text handouts" - to the download pack for Masks at Chaosium.com, Drivethru, and Bits & Mo
  3. Hi Simon I'm in the UK (and I manage the Call of Cthulhu line). The combination of Bexit and Covid has caused issues in shipping the books to our UK warehouse. We have worked / are working to address this as best as we can. We am to have the books in the UK very soon. As noted, we have zero control over boarder checks, shipping times, and so on. Clearly, we want the books available in the UK as soon as possible. Best regards
  4. Errata: Cthulhu Dark Ages Updated: 18 January 2021 Errata – Cthulhu Dark Ages - 18 Jan 2021.pdf
  5. Hi - The Dare is published by Sentinel Hill Press, so I'd suggest dropping the company an email regarding this - although Bret does occasionally pop up on here.
  6. As already noted above, new guidelines for the Repository are in process.
  7. Please, let's avoid diverging off into something else, and keep on topic. Thanks
  8. P42 - defaults the standard/lowest value for ease. As detailed in the ability, the damage may vary (3D6) - the stat line directs to the full write up above. P54 - this again is the default value per spells, as the book suggests, you can adjust this to suit your preference/plot. Attacks - is the province of the Keeper to decide whether a monster uses one of its multiple attacks to fight or instead cast a spell. Again, plot and circumstance may determine - each monster with human and above INT is not necessarily a fighting machine, and will act in accordance to their own agenda. Humans
  9. Thanks Fred - the PDF will be updated soon.
  10. Thanks ! Our Australian team must have failed their Spot Hidden rolls! We'll get that fixed and updated into the PDF as soon as we can.
  11. Each character in combat is rolling against their own skill (there is no difficulty level other than their Regular skill value) - if they succeed in the roll, their result (whether a Regular, Hard, Extreme success) is then compared to their opponent's roll - to see who achieved the best* success (and thereby won that combat turn). Thus: Sam attacks Bill. Sam has Brawl 80%. Sam has Brawl 60%. Sam has a higher DEX than Bill. Round 1 Sam's turn - he acts first due to his higher DEX - rolls 65%, a Regular success. Bill reacts by fighting back, rolling 70%, a fail. Sam wins and
  12. Hi Combat is an opposed skill test - see page 90 of the Rulebook. Difficulty of the roll is set by each opponent (i.e their roll outcome). As noted in the text, opposed rolls work differently to normal skill rolls (where an opponent's skill, such as Listen, can be used to set the difficulty of the roll). See page 103 for opposed rolls in combat for melee. Firearms do not use an opposed roll - see page 112 - where difficulty is set by range, and where other modifiers might apply (page 113). Spell casting (page 177) - first requires a casting roll (if this is failed, the
  13. The project is, like a number of others, in the development queue.
  14. Sacrifice, spend, burn, delete, remove, invest - all mean the same thing with magic points. Magic cannot be permanently used up - unless it specifically says "permanently lost" in the text (which it 99.9% never does, as magic points always come back). You will note that where POW is lost, the text should say whether it is a permanent loss (usually is) or if the POW can be restored and at what rate. With POW, if the text does not say you can regain it, the default is permanent loss.
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