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  1. Weapon tables are in the Call of Cthulhu: Keeper Rulebook.
  2. Yes, the "what your investigator knows" handouts flowed from our play test (Lynne running, with me and some friends playing) - rather than have the keeper have to give long winded descriptions (as well as everything else they have to say), the notion of simple handouts to convey the details came up in our game. I think these strike a good balance, allowing player to consume the info as they see fit, while the Keeper can focus on the plot and narrating the scenes etc.
  3. Errata: Malleus Monstrorum Updated: 23 October 2020 Errata – Malleus Monstrorum - 23 October 2020.pdf
  4. Thanks. We are correcting this in the PDF and files.
  5. Secrets of Tibet is not required for the campaign. Access to that book may broaden the information concerning Tibet for the Keeper, but is not essential. The campaign contains everything needed for running successfully.
  6. Hi, we are nearing completion and it will be out very very soon. Worth the wait!
  7. https://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/18/18744.phtml http://andrewloganmontgomery.blogspot.com/2020/07/malleus-monstrorum-2nd-edition-review.html
  8. Errata: Berlin: The Wicked City Updated: 28 September 2020 Errata – Berlin The Wicked City - 28 September 2020.pdf
  9. Errata: Alone Against the Frost Updated: 24 September 2020 Errata – Alone Against the Frost - 24 September 2020.pdf
  10. No need to close the thread - I'm sure there are others who would be happy to give their opinion on what constitutes an action in a combat round. The action rules are meant to elastic - you get to do one meaningful thing - which is meant to help narrative play and storytelling.
  11. Please see Page 102 of the Keeper Rulebook. There is a list. See The Combat Round.
  12. Those should have already been done - I'll chase this up and get a new PDF out asap.
  13. See Errata Thread for updates. The last update just updated the legal matter. I'll report back that the links need looking at - thanks.
  14. Hi Everyone (human) can initiate ONE attack per round. Everyone can 'react' to EVERY attack made against them (if they are conscious) - however, after one 'reaction' the Outnumbering rule is applied if further attacks are made on that same human character. Outnumbering - humans are outnumbered after 'reacting' once in a round. A ghoul with 3 attacks, is outnumbered after 'reacting' 3 times in a round. And so on. Initiating - attacking (melee), attempting a maneuver, shooting (firearm, bow) or throwing (knife etc.) - or do one thing else (cast a spell, move away, use a non-com
  15. Larkin's tattoo is similar to the Cult of the Bloody Tongue tattoo, but not exactly the same - it is close enough that the similarity can be seen. The Peru text should be amended to say it is more like the "flower" design.
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